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2002 Ford Taurus-No air coming through dashboard vents and right passenger side vent

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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2002 Ford Taurus-No air coming through dashboard vents and right passenger side vent

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[email protected] I have a 1997 buick lesabre which has climate control where the passenger can separately adjust the air conditioning on the right side. Recently, the air coming out of the driver side vents is not cold enough, even with the temperature control set at 65 degrees. I don't think the problem is with the compressor or evaporator because the air coming from the passenger side vents is ice cold on demand. Is there a mechanism or computer that controls this? Or is it possible one of the ve

Yes it is called the blend door, you either have a sticking blend door or the actuator motor for the door is defective and does not completely shut off the heater core. The pass side has it's own blend door. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

2004 Accord - Air conditioner blows cold only on the passenger side vent in the center. Meaning that there are two vents in the middle of the car and the one on the right (passenger side) blows cold and the one right next to it (on the left) blows hot. Please help. Thank you, Jason

... 2004 Honda Accord

2000 Ford Taurus: With heavy rain, water leaks into cabin filter holder, down air vent, and onto passenger side floor. This just started happening this spring. Are there drain holes somewhere I should check? Any other suggestions?

If you can remove the plastic "cowl" section(s) at the base of the windshield and clear out any debris.sticks,dirt,acorns,mud,etc. THEN run a garden hose where the rain normally would run down and "flush"the drainage paths at each end by each fender. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

The Ac is blowing cold air out the driver's side of the 1999 Buick PA, but was blowing HOT air out of the right two vents. This car ha dual zone settings. The passenger side was set to cold also. Never seen this before. Later it stopped blowing HOT air, and was more like regular outside vent.

The actuator motor is bad and needs to be replaced for the right side. ... 1999 Buick Park Avenue

A/C ususally works fine, but occasionally, while it is on and running fine, I will start getting hot air from the passenger-side vents on the dash. That is, the vent close to the passenger door and the right-side one of the two in the center of the dash. This could go on for hours (on a long trip), but usually if the car is off for an hour or so the A/C works fine again. This has happened about 4-5 times in last two months. Any ideas?

The blend door is probably stuck on the passenger side. Common problem but not an easy DIY job.there are also two different valving setups for the HVAC due to the Driver/Passenger controls. One of these could be malfunctioning. ... 2000 Lincoln LS

When running the A/C on my Buick Lesabre, cold air only comes out of the passenger side of the dash vents. Warm air comes out of the drivers side. The car does NOT have the dual control climate system. It seems something may be blocked under the dash, keeping the cold air to the right side of the car. Any ideas?

The most common cause in these cars is low refrigerant charge (R134A refrigerant). The safest and proper way is to have the system leak tested and the AC pressures tested with gauges. That said many people buy the precharged cans of refrigerant that ... 2001 Buick LeSabre

1996 plymouth voyager the a/c on the driver side work fine but the 2 vents on the passenger side blow hot air, where is located the control valve under the dashboard?

... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

My 2007 Mountaineer has dual temperature controls. For the past week while driving to work, the air conditioner is running and is blowing cool air from all vents in the front seats then all of a sudden, the passenger side air vents start blowing warm air (like the heater was turned) while the drivers side vents continue to blow cool air. What is causing the difference in air temperature from the drivers side to the passenger side when the air conditioner is running?

... 2007 Mercury Mountaineer

Vehicle: 2004 chevy silverado problem: when i run the a/c, the drivers side vents work fine but the passenger side vents will not blow anything but HOT air. I did recently wire a couple of aftermarket horns but that was very simple and only required me to splice into a horn wire and run power directly from the battery and all went right into it's own relay.

As long as you did not have to go into the dash to splice those wires, I would say that you have either a Tempreture door that is Broken, or the actuator that controls the passenger side temp. door is bad. Most likely cause will be the actuator, be ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I have a 1999 Ford Taurus Gl with an a/c problem. the a/c compressor comes on, the a/c low side hose is cold, the fan blower works but has only warm air. The a/c low side has moisture and cold, not warm or cool. The a/c has enough freon, how can I check the operation of the heater/ ac box under dash? Seems like the separator door is not working, therefore, no cold air is directed to the dash vents. what do you think?

I do feel you have answered your own question here ,their is something wrong with a flap here thats for sure its not closing ,but the problem here is i have no experiance of this american vehicle to be able to say the flap is here and this is wrong w ... Ford Taurus

When I make turns tothe left, several things happen. First there is a noticeable drop in the pressure of the air coming out of my air vents(this is while my AC is running), and then there is an odd noise. It is a hissy kind of a squeal, and the sound of running water. Accompanying the noise, which originates in the passenger dashboard area, there is fluid leaking onto the floorboards on the passenger side of the car. One of my coworkers who usd to work on cars said it might be my heater core.

1st you need to identify the fluid in the floor board, is it antifreeze, water, oil?? 2nd is the leak there without turning the steering wheel? (more than likely). If the fluid is antifreeze, then yes it could be your heater core, the entire dash wil ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

I was wondering what the deal is with my A/C. When I turn it on the right side passenger two vents blow cold air and the driver left two vents blow what seams to be just air from outside. Not to sure where to start checking problems. Thank you for any help offered.

This sounds like a problem in the blend door actuater.check under the right side of dash for loose or un-connected vacuum hose. this is a job best handled by a certified a/c tech.hope this helps, not an expensive job Thanks Ray if you need more help ... 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the automatic climate control option. Within the last few weeks, I have noticed cold air seeping under the passenger side dashboard, near the blower mechanism. It seems that the faster you drive, the more air comes in. I checked the heater operation and found that it does blow hot air out of the floor vent at the same time, so the climate control is operating correctly. Could there be a poor seal around the blower assembly. Any help would be appreci

It could be a poor seal but I've never seen it. What you could have is\015\012a fresh air door not closing properly. Fresh air door/recirculation\015\012same thing. ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2007 Acura TL is having an air conditioning issue... The air is coming out cold from the two vents on the driver's side, but the air coming out of the passenger's side vents is very warm. The air on the passenger's side does not change in temp regardless of the temp the climate control is set at. I have tried the dual setting, the individual side setting, turning just the a/c on with and without the recirculation option. My TL has the navigation system--if this provides any relevence to the p

Navigation has no relevence at all. but what does is the vent system in the dash.there is a flap inside the vents under the dash it sounds like it is not moving on the passengers side. ... 2007 Acura TL Sedan New Cars

2008 ford taurus. AC on but blows hot air on passenger side

... 2008 Ford Taurus

Please describe your 2000 eldorado cold air only from passenger vents hot air on driver side problem the ac only blows cold air from passenger side hot air driver side

... 2000 Cadillac Eldorado

1997 olds regency a/c malfunction. when a/c is switched on, only hot air comes out from the passenger side (only) dash vents, all other vents have cold air. the manual override switch for the passenger air temp does not override it , the rotary switch on the pass. door armrest was set to hot, but i turned it back to cold setting, but still no cold air from pass. side dash vents ............about 10 days ago i noticed the outdoor temperature readout on the dash would flash

It sounds like a defective temp door actuator. It is behind the glovebox. You should be able to unhook the rod from it and move it manually. Run the engine with the glove box out and move the temp control to see if the actuators move. ... Oldsmobile Regency

Air Vents have a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with dashboard air vent problems. No air is comming through the dashboard air vents, It comes through the floor vents nor matter what setting I use on the controls. The side vents by the front doors have air. I can see the vacuum motors attempting to move the doors, but nothing happens, No vents air, no defrost, although the control for temperature of the air mixture worls OK.

I had the same problem and read through different forms and when I went under the hood - the vacuum line actually disconnected - put it back on and everything works great - thanks so much for your help ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 1999 Toyota Solara (with a heater core?) leaking antifreeze under the driver side rug. Initially, there was a gurgling sound that moved from the right side of the dashboard to the left and then down under the center of the vehicle. This happening in the morning with a cold engine. That was the only time I heard that sound. Four days later there was an odor coming out the air vents, some antifreeze under the rug, and a puddle of antifreeze under the car - under the center of the car fro

Absolutely. the clean up is needed to remove possible mold. this is needed also to prevent further odor in the future as well. heater core replacement procedures will usually run 3 to 5 hours at the most, depending ... 1999 Toyota Camry Solara

2007 vw eos has hot air blowing out passenger side and ac blowing out driver side. Replaced water pump etc. switched left and right vent temp sensors and problem stayed the same. What could this be? Heater core hoses are three degrees apart so I ruled that out

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I have a 2003 ford Explorer with a dual air system. when the ac is on my two driver side ac vents are not as cold as the passenger vents. would this be a fuse or vacuum line and if it is a fuse which one would it be? thanks for the help.


Just replaced fan blower motor on ac, only passenger side vents blow cold air and stronger than the drivers side. it only works on high speed and it will also change fan speed while driving without changing the control. i changed the control panel last year. I need help this is the second new blower that i have put on this car. the reason for this second one is water was in it, i guess someone didn't do something right??? water was pouring in the floor board too...

The water problem is a drain hose is plugged up.should be a hose hanging down for moisture to drain out from under the evapoator. try running a small plastic tube up it and see if it will clear it. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

With AC on only the driver receives cool air. The passenger side receives hot air from the dashboard vents. The car was spent the summer stored in the Arizona heat. When started the headlights would not turn off, the windows would not go down and the AC/heat problem. After 15 minutes or so the headlights worked properly as did the windows. I bought a new battery just because it was time (6 years) for a new one. Still have the problem.

There's a possibility that the AC vents are jammed. Try to expose the system behind the dashboard and if nothing else works try to loose them by hand. Then lubricate the moving parts and also your mate could enjoy the cool. ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

My AC and heat will only blow out of my defrost vent and will not switch to vent on my 2000 GMC Sierra also when on outside air whin and tick under dashboard on passenger side

Check the actuator motor under the dash,you may not be able to reach it,there is one under the dash on the bottom of the blower box,this is not the one,this one is the temp door actuator,you need to find the directional door actuator,follow the click ... 1997 GMC Jimmy
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