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Ford transit 2.0 tddi turning over but no ignition

\015 Engine turns over\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Ford transit 2.0 tddi turning over but no ignition

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Hi my ford transit starts fine but when i stop and take the ignition key out to turn it iff it just keeps running. the lights go off but van still runs with ignition lights on.

... Ford Cars & Trucks

Glow plug light goes out as soon as i turn the ignition on, have new glow plugs but still does the same.. could you help me with this. I have ford transit 2002, 2lt diesel engine

Thats how it should work...the glow plugs on those engines dont really help cold starts they are fitted to clean up the emmisons from cold starts as it stops the tree huggers from complaining to much..... ... Ford Transit Connect

I have ford transit 1997 i lost keys broke ignition put direct live to diesel pump hearing the click sound but my starter motor wont work when i try to turn black box can you help please i do not want an immobiliser again i want to bodge it just to start thanks

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Ford transit one key is turning ignition on but van is not working

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96 ford Windstar turns over but wont start,also turning ignition to the start point i have to re-grip ignition once again to turn vehicle over normally,i just turn key once it clicks then starts.it's seems that i'm over turning the ignition to start the vehicle.i also have a immobilizer in the van and just wondering why the van wont start. Is it possible that the linkage or tumbler is gone in the steering column,is it possible that it's telling the vehicle not to start. Another Question i have

I have worked on a similar problem with one of these vans. You either have spark or fuel issues if the engine turns over. I would say jugging by that it will start after long cranks that it might be fuel related and you should have the v ... 1996 Ford Windstar

Ford transit ignition barrel how to change an ignition barrel on a 1996 ford transit

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I have a 2001 ford windstar and having problems with the tail lights not always turning on, rear wipers,rear defroster the same and when I turn off the high beams sometimes the head lights turn off . When I turn off the car the left or right parking light stays on I have to turn the ignition to turn on the power the turn off to make them go out. Was wondering what is causing this.I also was told when I brought my van In to have an ignition put in that they couldn't roger the key

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1997 Ford Taurus ignition switch was jammed and would not turn. Wiggled the steering wheel and it turned. It wont start the engine but all of the dash lights are on. It turns very freely. Took off the ignition tumbler and it seems fine nothing broke. The plastic shaft that moves when the key is rotated moves in both directions with no pressure. I suspect the ignition switch is broken.

The ignition switch is located under the dash at the bottom of the steering column.suspect a fault in the linkage connecting tumbler to switch. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

1989 Ford F-150 Pickup The key will not start the truck, when I turn the key it does not engage the ignition switch. The key turns as it should but does not return from start unless I turn it manually. The rod going from the key to the ignition switch moves to the left before it goes down. I replaced both the key knob and the ignition switch and did not fix the problem. Is there an exploded view of the steering column and detailed description of how to repair?

Sounds as if the rod itself is getting stuck and simply remove the lower panel to expose the entire steering column and work the key to see if you are able to discover the issue that is causing it to not return ... 1989 Ford F 150

Have a 1990 Ford Bronco 5.8L 351. Replaced Ignition control module on the steering column and it ran for a few minutes. Tried to restart, but would not turn over. Had power to fuel pump, P/W, P/L, blower motor, headlights, hazards. No turn signals, stereo power. Replaced relays to fuel pump, EEC. Would not turn over. Tested all fuses, rechecked wiring to ignition module. Now, no P/W, stereo, turn signals, instrument panel, fuel pump or blower motor. When I tried to turn over, it sounded like a f

Ok i havea 1990 ford bronco and it runs forabout 5min and the it shuts off ... 1990 Ford Bronco

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer. When I turn the ignition key it clicks but the engine does nothing. After turning the ignition on sefveral times the engine then turns over and starts with its full force, like nothings wrong. Sometimes the car starts on the first try but usually it requires turning the key several times. Thank you for any remedies/suggestions

Sounds like the starter is bad. Next time it does it hit the starter a few times with a hammer, if it starts right away replace the starter. ... 2004 Ford Expedition

95 ford f 250 suprduty was broken into steering lock broken ignition wouldnt turn replaced ignition now hard to turn will give power but wont engage starter

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I have a 93 Ford Ranger (2.3L 4cyl 5spd manual) and the key lock cylinder is going bad, meaning the key sticks & then won't turn the ignition for 2-4 tries, but then if I turn the ignition switch towards me, to accessories position, I can unlock the steering wheel & the kry turns over...for now!....my brother told me that on his old Chevy, he could tighten this O-ring looking part around the key lock cylinder itself, with a pair of channel locks & that tightened his up... Can you do the same wit

You will need a new lock cyl. which is best purchased from ford, the tumblers are the culpret in your situation, you shouldn't need to remove the steering wheel the cyl can be removed after taking the trim bessels off, also if yours has the big black ... Ford Ranger

1987 Ford Tempo cylinder,automatic,key will not turn in ignition. I have tried to turn the steering wheel & turn the key,did not work.Steering wheel is locked.I did replace the ignition box a while back but did not have any starting problems after that until this happened.

Most likely your key is worn to much. Try another key for that car first. If that is'nt it, then its likely the key cylinder is bad ... 1987 Ford Tempo

I have a 2000 Ford Focus that the key won't turn. In order to remove the ignition cylinder, the key needs to be turned to the accessory position. If the cylinder is frozen and the key won't turn, how do you get it out so it can be replaced? Does it have to be drilled or is there an easier solution? I'm looking for instructions on how to remove a FROZEN ignition cylinder so I can do it myself!

This could take some patience but it will work. Get some glass cleaner in a spray can. Spray liberally into the lock cylinder. Then using a small hammer or something with a little weight apply turing pressure lightly while tapping the key. Remember l ... Ford Focus

2003 ford f350 with the V10 gas engine Engine died while going down the highway and now won't start (engine doesn't turn over). When the ignition is turned to "on" we don't here the fuel pump priming and I was ondering if the it could be the inertia switch that turns off the fuel pump in an accident (I've had them malfunction on older fords) but I don't know where it is located on this truck. Also, where is the fuel pump on this truck, is it internal or external to the tank?

Ummm that could very well be the fuel pump... you want to check the fuel pump fuse and also the solenoid thay do go out but most likely the fuel pump has gone out one way to check and see if its the fuel problem is to spray some carb cleaner in the a ... 2003 Ford F350 Super Duty DRW SuperCab

2002 FORD EXCURSION ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS: On Monday, June 8, 2009 I stopped by my local FORD dealership to find a solution to yet another electrical problem. The front windshield wipers would NOT turn OFF, return to the rest position or stop, no intermittent functions available, and they would not turn OFF even when the ignition was turned off. The fuse had to be removed to stop the wiper motor operation. The dealership said that the wiper motor was bad and needed to be replaced. Upon leaving the

... 2002 Ford Excursion

I have a 1993 ford explorer, every time i turn the ke to the run position, it blows the ignition 60amp maxi fuse under the hood. The first time this happened, I replaced the fuse and the SUV ran fine for a day or so. After i drove over a fairly lage bump the fuse blew again. Now the fuse blows everytime the key is turned on. I've replaced the fuse about 15 times, checking different components on the ignition system (unpluging coil pack, ignition module, and other accessories that get power when

I'm no expert but when you turn key to run position, this turns the fuel pump on if the pump is faulty i would think it would blow the fuse also. Or its your theory a short in the ignition system wiring. ... 1993 Ford Explorer Limited

I have a 2004 Ford F250 diesel w/170k miles. recently on 2 occasions the truck has seemingly run out of gas with 1/4 tank of gas still in it. Put 5 gallons in and all was well. Now, it ran out of gas at 3/4 full. I noticed that even though the tank was 3/4 full the gas gauge with the ignition on indicated 1/8th of a tank. I put 5 gallons back in and it then registard full and when i turned the ignition back on it said full. It still won't start. I can turn the ignition off and on 5 times and tha

File pump ... 2004 Ford F250

I have a 1996 Ford F-150 with a 4.9L v6-300 engine, when i turn on the ignition, i can hear the fuel pump turn on but it's not turning on. First time i turned it on, it drove for a bit but then it turned off, i tried turning it on again but it wouldn't start. I left it alone for an hour or so and it turned off, but after 5 minutes it turned off and now it doesn't want to start at all. I can still hear the fuel pump turn on but it's just not starting. What can be causing this? Can it be the fuel

... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

1999 ford expedition; intermittent- blower remains on after ignition is turned off. with ignition off, if i then turn temperature control to off blower shuts off and will not come back on. Also, intermittently, while driving a beeping alert tone near headlight switch although there are no illuminated lights on dash

That light may be related to the issue you have. locate the blower motor relay it's under the dash. replace that. there is one other issue that may be causing it. there is a resister block mounted on the duct work for the heat/ac near the fan. i ... 1999 Ford Expedition

Have a 2000 Ford F350 Titon V-8 5.4L that will not turn over. Ignition lights on, strong battery, today had starter rebuilt and it's the same thing again.I can jump the starter but the ignition will not turn it on.Can you help? Thanks, Jack

Check ur starter solenoid located near the battery on the fire wall! ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

1988 Ford F-150 will turn over but not start. Engine continues to turn over with the key out. Have replaced battery, starter, starter silonoid, ignition switch, ignition cylindar. Any ideas.

Engine should not continue to turn over when key is out sounds like the key switch the wrong one or you have wired it wrong ... 1988 Ford F 150

Have a problem with ignition switch on 2004 Ford territory.after starting engine key will not return automatically to run positionyou have to turn back manually.ford says this is acommon problem to repair you haveto have a new steering column fitted cost $1994 plus labour .apparently a switch is faulty behind the ignition barrell but these cannot be purchased separately.if you wanted to be ripped off and get fixed aparrently Ford cannot supply the new column because of an internal issue .

Hi. I am a Locksmith and i have come up with a brilliant way of fixing this problem so it will never happen again. Dont even have to take the steering column off the car. I can come to your car (Melbourne Metro Only) and fix the problem for $400 and ... Cars & Trucks
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