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I got a check light that came on and i dont know what it means

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

If it's the check engine light, then no one will know what it means till you have the engine computer scanned with a code reader to get the trouble codes.

If the light comes on when engine is running, it means the computer has detected a fault in it's engine management. It will turn on the light and set a trouble code for the fault in its memory. A technician will use the trouble code to diagnose and fix the problem. Depending on the problem, sometimes it's simple, sometimes more complex.
If your car is a '96 or newer model, Autozone (and maybe other parts stores) will do an engine computer scan for free. Cars built before '96 use a different diagnostics program, but code readers for any year car are available and relatively inexpensive at any parts store or at outlets like Walmart. Good luck.
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POWER LIGHT The check engine light came on in my 2000 Kia Sportage. It just went over 100,000 miles so I thought it might be a sensor/reading problem, since it went off a day or so later & continues to run GREAT. Yesterday, while on a 3 hour trip, the check engine light again came on & the POWER light came on. I have never had this light come on before, ever. Did not even know it was in the panel. We got to our motel & I parked it. Can anyone tell me what this means & what I need to do?

There is a button on the right side of the dash if your looking at the steering wheel.\015\012Push the button again and should turn off the power light.\015\012\015\012This is an option for climbing hills or when you need a little m ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I got a check light that came on and i dont know what it means

If it's the check engine light, then no one will know what it means till you have the engine computer scanned with a code reader to get the trouble codes.If the light comes on when engine is running, it means the computer has detected a fault ... Cars & Trucks

I have this 02 lincoln ls and we just changed the motor in it and took it down the road for the first time and a light in the dash came on said check transmision and i got home shut the car off started it back up and then it didn't say it. I took it down the road again and it did the same thing and then the check engine light came on so i took it back home and plugged a handheld scanner in and got a code p0795 and it read accross the bottom (press ctrl sol. C malfunction) so i dont know if it wo

Check the neutralising switch (park neutral switch) there is an ignition wire that sould connect to the switch.. If you have loss of power that can be a likely case.. everything runs fine,, then just clear the code and see if it happens again.. ... Lincoln LS

We just got a 1998 ford escort, automatic with 106,000 mi on it. two weeks passed and the check engine light came on. It was the tps, it was changed n no change. The car turns on after third try, jumps at 20mph, and once in a while turns off at a light.when you put foot on accelerator, the motor seems like it stays accelerated. throttle cable seems too loose but dont know how to tighten it.took apart throttle body cleaned it out, no change, dont know what else to do. can you help!

Did you reset the computer because if you don't the computer does'nt reconize the new sensor and it will run as if you did'nt even replace it.You can reset it with a scan tool,or take the ground cable off battery for 30 seconds or pull the ECM fuse t ... 1998 Ford Escort

Missing out My 97 cavalier just started acting out. It is not shifting when supposed to and it is idling at 1 even when no gas is applied. The car is starting to shake quite bad also. I checked the oil and all the fliuds seem to be ok but I don't know if this is a transmission problem or what. This morning my check engine light came on as well as the light that says ets off. What does this mean?? Please help!! My 97 cavelier is doing the same thing. It is not shaling yet. But, I got up to go to

Sounds like it has a vacuum leak(small hose,something simple)but to be sure stop by advance or auto zone and they will perform a free CODE CHECK,that should identify the problem quickly.as far as the transmissio ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

2006 pontiac g6 second cylinder misfired.. check engine light came on got the code says the cylinder misfired. always get the oil changed when its needed we dont beat on the car. Were told a possibility of a worn wire or spark plug any ideas. We had it cleared the check engine light drove it approx. 50 miles turned it off the car sat got into it 5-6 hours later the check engine light came back on. Car has 53,000 miles on it

The p0302 code gives u a place to start u can have perfect maintainance with ur car but parts wear out ,go bad,or get damaged-- misfire in cylinder 2 can b a spark plug,a bad wire ,injector starting to clog -start with checking the plug and wire ... 2006 Pontiac G6

I own a 97 caviler. its been a great car so far untill now. For the past week my low collent light kept comeing on and off threw out the day and when that happens my check gagues light comes on and my tack stops working. Today the car started and ran fine untill it stoped dead on the road but got it started and i got to where i wanted to go. all my lights on the dash came on but the check engin light. After checking all the fuses none were gone nor was loose. Now my daytime lights dont work at

If you have located what sounds like the problem, only you can determine how bad it is-I have opened harnesses that had damage done to them, and spliced, one-by-one new wiring to repair damaged sections, you just have to take your time. If you like ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Here is the problem when i start my car 1999 vw passat 2.8 v6 the check engine light turns on then when i try to asselerate the engine, it goes up to 1500 rpm and 2000 rpm it goes up and down, then if i step on the gas it passes the 2000 rpm but it goes up very slow and it does not pass more than 4000 rpm. ok i put a scanner and i got code p1545 but i dont know what it means can you help me please.

I researched this & you need to replace the throttle body gasket & get the throttle body re-calibrated. Seems to be dealer only. Also, the t.p.s. (throttle position sensor) could be bad. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Code p1529 the check engie light came on and it read code p1529 dont know what that means. can someone help

Hi Any code starting with "p" refers to powertrain ie gearbox/final drive and the 1529 code refers to a signal error from a SCAIR solenoid in the Vtec series engines. Not your saturday morning side of the road repair I'm afraid. ... 1999 Honda Accord

I have a 2007 Equinox check engine light came on i scaned and got code p0036 and code p0054. I put a new denso oxygen sensor in ahead of the converter next to the engine,check engine light still on. I cleared the codes started the car 3 or 4 times and the light came back on,with the same codes.The car dont have quite 16.000 miles yet. Thank's kim.

That car is under warranty for emmision failuare, it a federal law, also you changed wrong sensor poo36 and poo54 mean o2 sensor after the cat-converter is no good not the first one by engine, replace the one after cat and problem will be fixed. goo ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

Vcs light Hi- i have a camary 2007 and my vcs light came on and the check engine light and the skid tired came on all at once. Do you know the reason for that? The last time I took my car to toyota was in Oct. 2011 because the vcs light came on and got my coils fix. Do I need new coils again? please help

... 2007 Toyota Camry

My service engine light came on a few days ago i thought it was the tank cap that wasnt seal completly like it should be i try that and the check engine continue im afraid it could be something serious its my daily drive so ive been using it with the service engine light on. i dont know what i can do. ive just change engine oil a month ago so its new the only problem that i have is that has a oil drop but its a little drop it so little that doesnt even reflects on oil level. i dont know if s

Your vehicle may still be under warranty. Call your local dealer and provide your VIN#, warranty is 60months/60,000 mile powertrain warranty, 96months/80,000 mile emissions warranty. I strongly recommend contacting the dealer before your vehicle hits ... Nissan 350Z

Just got a 1991 Toyota 4runner v6 5 speed went down and got a new rotor cap and wires and plugs but when changed all of them 3 days later my check eng light came on the plugs were gaped at 32 and that I know of all were not bumped or dropped as to change the gap but not to say that they weren't had a helper too , any how would the check light come on if there is a bad plug or what could be the issue here? also while driving on the freeway as I shift from 2 gear and up (while IN gear its a sti

To answer the first problem you need to check it for codes. To do this you need to jump TE1 and E1 terminals in the diagnositic plug then turn the key on. The check engine light will flash trouble codes. Let me know what codes you get and ill tell ... 1991 Toyota 4Runner

My check your engine light came on and I had checked out and told me i needed a new cadillac converter. So that was replaced. So when i got my van back the ligth was not there anymore. As driving the light came on again. What could the problem be know?

First of all you probably didn;t need the cataltic convertor But you do have something wrong likely a sensor when the mil eg. engine light comes on you need to get the code information diagnous the troble Take it to the auto parts store most of them ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

My check engine light came on and when I had someone at Jiffy Lube hook it up to the device that checks the car's computer it came up with the code of PO7000. Does anyone know what that means or how expensive it will be to fix? My car is having trouble when it is in Drive. So far if its in 3rd gear it is fine, but I know I shouldn't let this go one.

P0700 Transmission Control System Malfunction - cost will depend on the problem. ... 2006 Suzuki Forenza

Need help w/2004 mazda 3 hatchback dash board check light. Looks like the mazda emblem with exclamation, displayed just above the check engine light. It came on while driving, and engine suddenly died, then re-started on own. What does check light mean? Do I have bad fuel line, bad fuel or bad fuel pump? It got very cold last night and thought maybe there is some H2O in the fuel or line. Thanks R

... 2004 Mazda 3

I have a 1997 chevy blazer with check engine light on, speedometer and rpm not working and gas gage stays at 1/2 tank. First it was just the check engine light on. Got a tune-up, checked the computer on truck for problems, had wires traced for possible shorts. Check engine went off for couple hrs while mechanics checked out car. It came back on while I drove it home. I called mechanics and they don't know what the problem is. Since then, the speedometer, rpm, and gas guage stopped working. I cha

It sounds like you have a lose or bad body ground!!! ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Problem with a 2006 ford focus My battery light cam on the other day and i brought it to autozone. Checked the battery and it was bad. Got a new battery put in and checked it again. The battery and altenator worked fine. Went to start it up the next day and it starts fine but within 5 seconds the battery light comes on. The automatic locks went off three times by themselves. I brought it back to autozone but the battery and altenator check out just fine! I dont know whats wrong with the damn thi

... 2006 Ford Focus

2006 suzuki XL-7 my battery light is on I just replaced for a new one and still is on when I drive for about 5 minutes after that time the light got off but everyday when I start the car the light comes on can you tell me the problem please. I dont have problems to start the engine and I took the car to check and the battery is ok and the alternator too so I dont know please tell me what could be the problem tanks for your help.

Check the alternator belt. it should be tight enough to prevent slippage ... Suzuki XL7

My 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback (automatic) was broken into last night. They got into the passenger door but nothing is taken or visible wrong, however my check engine light comes on and stays on when I try to start it or turn the key to 2nd (when the lights on dash come up). And the gear stays locked... I dont hear the car do the little rev noise it should when you turn the key ( Hope im xplaining that well). that noise is gone. I dont know what they did. My alarm and radio and lights all wo

B******s! It could be that when they broke they tried to get your car going and they triggered the immobiliser and this may need to be reset. On the other hand with many automatics you can only remove the ignition key once the transmission is in 'p ... 1991 Honda Civic

My check engine light was on for the intake sensor i changed that out and the light went off. I went to the smog place and they said my computer wasnt ready and need to drive it 20-50 miles depending on the vehicle. i did that and my check engine light never came back on does that mean i should pass now? i dont wanna spend another 20$ for them to tell me the same thing again

Take it to autozone and have it scaned to c if its ready. they do for free ... Chevrolet S 10

97 pontiac bonneville dash lights dont work all the time i dont know because they have only came on 2 times scents i got the car and the fog lights dont work either

... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

My check engine light came on yesterday in my 2001 dodge neon .. apparently there is two codes appearing under the spedometer and i dont kno what they mean p1684 and p0171 ??? dont kno what they mean and cant find meanings for these codes ... any help would be apprichiated

P1684=The battery has been disconnected within the last 50 startsP0171=System Too Lean Bank 1,this is an oxygen sensor ... 2001 Dodge Neon

My check engine light came on my car about a year ago and I got a code - P0497 Evap Emission purge flow fault. I had my check engine light reset. It has now come back on again. Do you think it's the same issue, because I never checked it out the first time? What does that code mean?

You have to pull the codes, do not guess, waaaaay too expensive...THe purge system bleeds tank fumes into the intake system, for clean burning.... Something (was at least) is worng, pull the codes and proceed. ... 2004 Honda Accord

I have a 2001 Lexus rx 300 with a check engine light on with code P0301 cylinder 1 misfire. The spark plugs and ignition coils were already replaced. I swapped fuel injectors with known good cylinder and still have same code. Compression check was done and found cylinder 1 to be a bit low. Had the cylinder head sent to machine shop and came back tested fine. Tested electrical signals to fuel injector and got good pulsewidth signal. Checked for spark and got good spark. Don't know what else to do

... 2000 Lexus RX 300
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