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Round red light on instrument panel for a 1999 BMW m3 what does it mean?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Round red light on instrument panel for a 1999 BMW m3 what does it mean?

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Guages malfunctioning I have a 1998 318i and today all guages on instrument panel have stopped working. Car still starts & drives but the indicator on the fuel guage, speedometer, rev counter & energy control are pointing to 0, and engine coolant guage's needle has fallen to the right of the red on the dial. A fan seems to be on somewhere inside the dashboard even when car is switched off. Also earlier the ABS light & warning light for ASC & DSC comes on & stays on. Help!!

This problem maybe solved a couple ways. The first, (and cheapest) is check all your fuses. BMW's sometimes have multiple fuse boxes. In the dashboard behind the clove compartment, under the driver's side or passenger's side dash( near your knees or ... 1998 BMW 3 Series

I have a pt cruiser, the instrument panel has stopped working. If i disconnect the battery and re-connect it the panel starts working (but soon goes blank again). I have had the instrument panel checked and there does not seem to be a problem with it, so I think that may be a red herring, I have also noticed that the internal lights do not come on when the door is open, if the instrument panel is not on, the internal lights do work when switched on manually.

The PCM is not a computer chip, it is the Powertrain Control module (engine computer). What needs to be done is a code reader needs to be connected to the diagnostic link of the vehicle, and checked for fault codes relating ... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Instrument panel hi... i just bought a 1997 mr2. whenever i take it a little faster than normal road speed... an orange light comes on in my instrument panel that looks like a transmission.... however, whenever i check the gauges before i start the engine... there are two different transmission lights... one is in red with i think a plywheel attached... while the one that comes on is an orange light with without the plywheel pic... what does it indicate?

These Lights are Telling you that the Transmission and FlyWheel are Either Damaged or are Getting Hot Or Both. I would get the Tranny and Flywheel Checked out before it gets Worse. This could result in a Tranny Rebuild or a New Flywheel. Please Rate ... 1994 Toyota MR2

I don't have Tail Lights (Red) nor front running lights (Amber), Instrument Panel lights, including the dimmer switch, and liscense plate and back-up lights. However, I do have Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Headlights, Interior Lights (Dome Front and Back and Both Door Lights. I checked the fuse panel inside the driver's door and found a 15 Amp fuse that says: Tail, Illumination light. I took the fuse out and checked it on a meter and it was good. However, I changed out the old fuse with a

Hi there, have you tried the radio fuse and lighter fuse as when tail lights and dash lights wont work it is normally one of those. ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

On my BMW 318, sometimes when the indicators are operated, the audible clicking and the light on the instrument panel does not operate. On other occasions the audible and instrument panel lights will not switch off no matter what I do with the stalk The outside bulbs all work perfectly

Not clear on what the 'stalk' is - can you take it in for a check at the shop so to generate a 'code' - ask you local parts house. Advance Auto will run a code check for you - get the code - and take that to your local BMW service center or get bac ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

My instrument panel lights stay on when I shut off my truck, and even after I get out. All the doors seem to be closed tightly. Right before this started happening the little red battery light would come on and stay on when I turned off the truck. I haven't lost power yet, but it hasn't been left like that (with the panel lights on) for more than about a 1/2 hour.

Wonderful thing that cluster is! They are defective. Take it to your dealer and they should change it. Its a recall from GM. ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

I have no Running Lights in both the front (Amber), or the back Tail Lights (Red), no liscense plate lights, back-up lights or instrument panel lights. I do have Brake Lights, turn signals, headlights,and interior lights, door and roof, both front and back. I looked in the fuse box and it showed a 15 Amp fuse for "Tail, Illumination Light" The fuse checked out good, but I replaced it. Still no Running Lights, or the others listed above. Other than that 15Amp fuse, what is the common t

1st check the fuses-----then the globes-----check all the fuses some have multiple tasks if you have a test light ,youcan test to see if thre is power on one or both sidesof the fuses with the lightswitch on.if thre is no power there the swich is the ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Instrument panel needles goes nuts back and forth then stop sometimes all at once, sometimes only one or two. all or most of the lights on instrument panel come on like ABS, BRAKE, BATTERY, ENGINE STAYS ON. The RPM needle was pegged and blocking the red plastic gear indicator and preventing me from shifting from park to drive, until I forced it and now the indicator is detached. The needles still go crazy, so can't tell how fast, how much gas, etc. brake fluid levels were low, everytime I added

Same thing happens with my 2000 windstar, if you could take the instrument panel out, and unscrew the the back of the instrument panel that covers the circuit board and clean the circuit with a brush, pure bristle brush is best 'coz they're stiff and ... 1999 Ford Windstar

Red lamps in instrument panel are failing, hard to read bmw 525i

... 2002 BMW 5 Series

A red light ''saying '' stop is going off every once in a while. Another red l?mp on the right hand side of the instrument panel is lighting up at the same time together with beep. I don't have the manual at hand it it's getting quite nervous about it. Can sb help me ? The model is a peugeot partner year 2005

2005?? sorry dealer only encrypted software ... 2005 Peugeot 405

2007 Ford Fusion Instrument Lights off When I turn on my headlights switch, the instrument panel and radio panel goes dark. Does this mean something like a burned headlight or fuse?

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1993 S500-yellow light started flashing on the instrument panel. Round circle with 3 dots on both sides, between the ABS and Brake on the instrument panel

That light is your warning light for the brake pads. One of the brake pad sensors is starting to touch the rotor causing the light to come on or flash. Have the brakes checked. You will probably be needing to replace the brakes and the sensors. ... 1993 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

I have a 2005 BMW X3 which I purchased in March 2008 when it had only 30K miles on it. Just this past week the Exterior Light Warning icon lit up on the instrument panel. The manual states the warning light is an indicator that at least one of the exterior lights is not working. However, I cannot find any exterior light that is not working, brake lights or other. Is this some indication of another problem, or a false warning?

Hi the sensers work of voltage drop so my first question would be have you replaced any bulbs on your car they may have a different ampere rating which will give the senser a reading thats out of its tolerance setting and the light will come on or ha ... 2000 BMW 3 Series

1991 BMW 525i I have no tail lights or instrument panel lighting??

... 1991 BMW 5 Series

I have a 1996 Lexus LS400 and my is that when car is on and i put my foot on the brake pedal, after 2 seconds of holding brake to put car in gear a light comes on that tells me that a rear light is out. This is not true, all lights are working fine and there are no bulbs burned out either. Please let me know what this means and how to get rid of light on instrument panel. This is really annoying me. Thanks

Short in wires harness and maybe the switch wires so if you know how to use a multimeter properly that you can check this out yourself the wires connectors. does your car tell which rear light is out if so then check them there first. ... 1996 Lexus LS 400

No instrument panel lights come on. bmw 325i, 2003

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My check engine light stays on, my instrument panel dings while driving the vehicle, the gauges drop to 0 and back up again, it switches back and forth from unknown driver to driver 1 repeatedly, abs light and brake lights come on, loses track of fuel level range - sometimes just showing 3 dashes. . . all while driving my 2004 gmc envoy

For quirky things like that, I' look first at your ignition switch (common problem). Not the switch the key goes into, but it' located under the steering wheel column cover, on the bottom (black). Did your key get stuck in the ignition too at som ... 2004 GMC Envoy

Blinking lights the lights for the doors and break light on the instrument panel will come on randomly. what does this mean?

Check the wiring harness for your instrument panel. You may have a loose connection or a loose ground. ... 1990 Honda Accord

I have a fully loaded Trofeo. The dash lights won't work and it doesn't appear to be any fuses. The headlights have the auto sensing for darkness and auto on and I believe the instrument panel lights are the same. By that I mean that they won't come on until the outside light conditions are dark. Wlhat may be causing this?

To the left of the panel there is a little button that will move vertically. push that all the way up, just before it clicks (the click will turn all interior lights on). If that doesn't work there is a fuse in the glove compartment. i don't have my ... 1992 Oldsmobile Toronado

What does it mean when the emissions light comes on in your instrument panel? the emissions light came on tonight while driving home I checked my gas cap to make sure it was closed tight and made sure that the button my gear shift came back up also I turned my car off and restarted it the light was still on

It could be emission related- the gas cap may be on tight but how about when you filled up before?And the cap can actually be bad - meaning it allows to much fuel vapour to escape. Your cap actually has to pass a pressure test during a drive-clean i ... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

What do the instrument panel lights each mean? onthe far left bottom corner had a orange light come on with a picture of a car and it looked like it was showing something on the rear end lights- could not find anything in the maanual about it so was wondering what it was for

... 1997 Toyota Camry

Have a 2004 V70 .It started after work today and I drove to the store. I came out and I couldn't get it to open with the remote . I used the key in the driver side door to open it. The car starts but 3 seconds later the instrument panel lights shut off, the gas gauge drops to zero, the A/C stops but the fan works, the power windows don't work, no signals or brake lights and the doors won't unlock from the drivers armrest. The red dash light indicating the alarm being engaged is still flashing. A

It sounds like your alarm is getting triggered and causing the car to go into the 'immobilizer' condition. Look in the manual for a way to disable the alarm temporarily until you can get to a dealler.\015\012\015\012Check this ... 2004 Volvo V70

Instrument panel light, looks like tire pressure light. what doesmthe light mean

If its the tire pressure light which looks sort of like this ( ! ) with a squiggly line under it, one or more of your tires either has too much air in it or not enough ... 2006 Toyota Highlander

What does the check engine light on the right side of the instrument panel mean? When you put the key in the start position, if that check engine light IS NOT ON, the car will not start. But if when you turn the key to the start position and the light is on the cars starts and runs fine. Any suggestions. Was told I would have to take it to a dealer and have the ECM re-set.

It does sound like a problem with the power supply to the ECM. When the "Check Engine" light comes on it means that the ECM is powered up and working. If the light doesn't come on it usually means that the ECM isn't being turned on by the ignition sw ... 2001 Oldsmobile Alero
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