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Jeep commander 08 won't start, no dashboard lights or dinging sounds.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Jeep commander 08 won't start, no dashboard lights or dinging sounds.

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06 jeep commander wont crank. No interior lights, no headlights, and when I put the key into the start position to crank it nothing happens. No clicking or sounds that make me think it is trying to turn over

Check your battery cables. Remove them and clean the contacts, if the ends are replacements take them apart and clean. Use a wire brush or sand paper. Make sure you remove the negative first and reinstall it last. Also check the battery and fuse link ... 2006 Jeep Commander

2007 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD. Glow plug light comes on when starting cold engine, then you will hear "ding" warning sound and the glow plug red light flashes continuously during the drive. Jeep replaced glow plug no 3 yesterday. This morning, same thing happened as before - light does not go off once engine is running. Jeep explained the problem might be water dripping on the glow plug - could be cracked cilinder head. Does this sound like a reasonable explanation? What can cause the glow plug to

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1999 subaru forrester 5 speed manual wont start sat over night go to start dashboard lights on without key in ignition - lights are oil light battery light ABS light had a slight buzzing sound but no more won't start

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Battery is fully charged lights come on but power to dash and turning the key wont turn the engine over. not clicks no sound car intidacator lights come on along with the ding ding when the door is open. key will lock and unlock but wont start the car at all!

Probably your security system or the safety interlock. If the security light is not on, try giggling the shifter or starting in neutral. \015\012Please see my tip at ... Dodge Charger

The key light comes on, on the dashboard of my jeep cherokee limited edition and car wont start. It cuts out

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My 2006 Jeep commander wont start. It is doing all kinds of funny stuff. When I try to start it all the dash lights start flashing and wont do any thing and the battery is fully charged. What could it be?

Try cleaning the battery post and the cables. if problem continues have battery checked ... 2006 Jeep Commander

Hi There, I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty 3.7L with a 5-speed manual transmisson . It was running fine and now it wont start. When I turn the key, I dont get any response. I have power to all my lights on the dashboard, but if I attempt to turn anything else on, the light will start flickering. I had a friend attempt to jump start my vehicle and we were able to get the engine to turn over but not idle. It will not idle even when the other car revs. If I step on the gas and maintain pressure on the ga

Could be the battery still or it could be your battery head isnt contacting well. wen your rev the battery is good for some time and later thesame problem then i think your alternator isnt charging your battery which kills battery life span. try all ... 2003 Jeep Liberty

I have started to hear a ding sound in my 2004 Cooper, with no warning light on the dashboard screen. I realize it makes that ding sound every time I push the brakes while driving. Does anyone have an idea what this sound could be trying to tell me?

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1997 Pontiac Bonneville security light on, wont start till light gos out. Just makes a electrical contact sound but wont start till light gos out. Help Please!

You are seeing the beginning signs of a failing antitheft system. There are 3 parts to this system. The smart key, the ignition lock cylinder that reads the smart key, and the Theft Deterrent Module. (TDM) If any of these three parts are failing, you ... 1997 Pontiac Bonneville

My jeep commander wont start all interior lights and extra functions but wont start

To every one here Jeep has a problem with the positive battery Cable, check battery first then replace cable with new one, the Jeep Commander is the best thing ever it will run forever and take a beating and keep on running ... 2007 Jeep Commander Rocky Mountain

My 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0L does not start up. When I put the in the ignition nothing happens except the radio the lights and the dashboard will light up but the engine will not make a sound or an attempt at starting.

It could be the nutral safty switch it happed to mine try tgoing undr the turck and wiring a push buttin switch but first put a schru driver it the contacs if it turns over then thats your soultion ... 1992 Jeep Cherokee Briarwood

I have a mercury sable 2001 and it was running fine.. The out of no where I went to start the car and it would not start and not even crank. When I open the car the interior lights turn on and the dinging sound when the key is in the ignition turns on when the door is open .. The power windows and radio and dashboard light do not turn on I bought a new battery hoping that would fix it but it did not .. I've heard it could be the iginition switch or starter any ideas?

Very likely its the starter solenoid ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I have a 2006 jeep commander, V-8, 5.7L, hemi.....it has 58k miles on it and a few days ago, the vehicle was parked and the lights starts blinking. When i tried to start it up, it wont turn over. I jumped the battery and it started right up. I drove it around and then parked it, attempt to start it up again...to no avail...I jumped it again and then disconnect the negative termanal and the vehicle died out. Pls help

Don't pull the negative terminal off the battery to test the alternator. That was old school and can not be done anymore. It can damage the cars electrical system.It sounds like your battery is junk but you need to run diagnostics on your charging sy ... 2006 Jeep Commander

2004 jeep liberty wont start. I started it up drove to coffee shop and then went to leave coffee shop- turned ignition and nothing, not even clicking. The dashboard lights come on and radio works but nothing in terms of implying it is going to start....Whats wrong?

... 2004 Jeep Liberty

2006 jeep grand cherokee has no electical power at all. unlocked the car, got in turned the key, the dashboard lights flashed an then everything went dead. Won't start, no lights, not a sound!!!! And 2 days ago my airbag lights would flash a couple of times and then it quit. What kind of electrical problem is this and how much am i looking at in repairs?

I'd begin by getting a volt meter and checking actual battery voltage, then clean the terminals and inside of cable ends. Use the meter to check power in main fuses in power distribution center as well. If that does not help,check power into and out ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler

I have a 2008 Jeep Commander and it won't start. All lights etc. work just wont start. Tried removing positive from battery to reset it but didn't work. Wondering if car starter in fob could have anything to do with it?

... 2008 Jeep Commander

Wont start Hi I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland will not start or crank over. The dome lights are dim and if the keys are in the ignition and the door is open it will ding. Is it just my battery or could it be something else. Thanks, Sarah

I had a similar problem with my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It turned out that the battery posts and cables were corroded. I cleaned them up and it solved the problem immediately. Something to check on before you spend the money on a new battery any ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My car wouldn't start so I got a boost. It happened a second time and I got a boost. Now it wont even start with a boost. The dashboard lights up, but it does not make a sound when the key is turn to the on position. I brought a new battery still nothing. Is the problem the key needs re-programed?

May be you need a tool to solve it and you can find some good ones in diyobd2.fr ... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

The lights and will come on and the ding, ding from the key being in the ignition too but the car wont start dont even make a sound when i turn the key

Check for loose or corroded battery terminals. If thats OK, there may be a problem with the starter itself. ... 1995 Ford Taurus

1994 Mazda 929, wont start. Car was operational but not started for about 6-7 months. It had a new battery installed previously. Tried to Jump it, but the battery is charged. When key is in ignition, there are no lights on the dashboard or ding of open door to indicate the juice from the battery is getting to the car. Is there a fuse that needs to be replaced? What else should I check?

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. If you have no lights inside, you are not getting power. Clean the terminals and the battery post. Take them off and scrub them with a metal brush. Make sure when you put them back that they are tig ... 1994 Mazda 929

I started my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo this morning and there was a popping noise- as I drove sounded like a popcorn machine in engine. Was told it might be altenator belt by friend- now transmission light is on and will start but wont turn over. Is the motor blown?

No Not Blown SOUNDS as if it JUMPED TIMING and is need of Timing Chain & Gears.90% SURE of this ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2007 Jeep Commander would not start - all dashboard lights flashed - error code said transmission over heat and then said parking assist system. would not start when attempted to jump it off. What could be the issue?

The computer will not allow the vehicle to start because transmission is overheating and it will damage it. ... 2008 Jeep Commander

Jeep commander, it hesitates and all the dashboard lights ding while driving at 50 miles an hour. Jeep dealer can't locate problem.

Not sure here as this vehicle i havent worked on yet ,the older ones yes but i would say that the computer has packed up or its on its way out ,expensive job if it is i would advise trading it in and let the dealer sort the expensive problem out .Jus ... 2006 Jeep Commander

1990 acura, when it gets hot outside, the check engine light comes on and wont let me start my car. Happens after about 12 hrs of sitting outside. Starts fine in the morning on my way to work, but then when i get off, the check engine light is on, and it wont let me start the car. At all other times the car runs just fine. Starter is working well with engine sounding like going to start but doesnt. At times if i let the key in ignition, the light will go off, and then i can start the car

Unfortunately anything could be causing your check engine light to come one. You'll actually need to have it towed to autozone or someplace like that to have the car scanned to determine what is causing the issue ... 1990 Acura Integra Hatchback
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