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Oil light flashes after driving for a while - Cars & Trucks

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First check that the oil level is appropriate. If the level is in the proper notch in the dipstick, you might have serious problems. Oil is heavy when cold, and produces acceptable pressure. When the oil warms up, it is less dense, and its ability to produce pressure is reduced. If during normal warm up and driving, the pressure drops below what is acceptable for the engine, the oil pressure light will come on, warning you that major engine damage is impending. Stop driving the car, and take it to a shop for inspection.
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When driving my 2005 Toyota Corolla, the oil light starts flashing and eventually stays on. The car is making noise... vibration? ... but it doesn't sound good. Then it stalls. I start it up after a few minutes, it's okay, then repeat: oil light flashes, then the oil light stays on, the car gets loud, steering wheel is shaky, then the car stalls. Checked the oil and it's full. Brought it to a mechanic, and they changed the engine's air filter and spark plugs, and said I wouldn't have any m

... 2005 Toyota Corolla S

Oil light, when i drive my 94 buick lesabre once the car warms up and i start to drive it the oil light starts to flash on and off but the car has oil in it does anyone know what might be causing this

There is the possibility the oil sending unit might be bad, but it is more likely that the oil preasure drops to a dangerous level when the engine is warm and the oil thins out. It would be advisable to take it to a shop and have them check the oil p ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

Oil light flashes after driving for a while - Cars & Trucks

First check that the oil level is appropriate. If the level is in the proper notch in the dipstick, you might have serious problems. Oil is heavy when cold, and produces acceptable pressure. When the oil warms up, it is less dense, and its ability to ... Cars & Trucks

Hey there, my car is Nissan pulsar 1996 model Hatch, I have a problem with the oil gauge light flashing all the time while I am driving it the oil has been changed, the car is in a very good conditio

Check oil level should be at full mark on the oil dip stick.wait until engine set for good 30 minutes to hour so you can get true reading when check oil level.if oil level okay.check oil pressure should be 50 - 64 psi @3000 rpm. if oil pressure okay ... Cars & Trucks

Vw beetle 2001 2.0 ltr engine. the other day after around a 30 min journey the temp red light started to flash so i stopped the car at home......checked water and oil...water seemed low so i topped up left car then the next day had to drive car for another 30 minute journy every 5 mins i had to stop as the red temp light kept flashing telling me the car was over heating the water was also spilling out from somewhere a kinda redish watery color under the water tank.... i finaly got the car home a

Hands on job iam afraid,could be anything from a housing to a core plug and everything inbetween,call a mobile mechanic and in 20 secs he will diagnose the problem ... 2001 Volkswagen Beetle

My 92 accord ex has 202k miles and after it gets warmed up the oil light flickers dimly at a sudden stop or idle. it does die sometimes. if i keep driving it the light becomes fully bright and flashes on and off. i was told this could be my oil pump. but by soo many more people was told my car isnt old enough for to need one. my oil pressure sensor isnt leaking. i dont know what to do. this is a car i have to use 24/7 help?!

... 1992 Honda Accord

OIL LIGHT I have a 2001 Sable. The car runs fine ( no indicators) but when I finish driving and put the car in park, the oil light flashes in bursts. I check the oil level and it is fine.

Have someone check the actual oil pressure with a mechanical gauge immediately. You may have an internal problem. This will also verify if you just need a new pressure sending unit.good luck! hope this helps you. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

I own a ae92 corolla seca with the 4afc i was driving and the oil light comes on flashing what could this mean i added oil and it is still doing the same thing i think the car needs a tune as it has a flat spot would this cause the oil light to flash any help appreciated

Sir when the oil light flashes that’s not a good thing epically if you have a flat spot of it running take it to a shop and have them do a mechanical oil pressure test on the motor Should be minimum shop time 1 hour. Now it is not going t ... 2004 Toyota 4Runner

My oil light on my 1999 Volkswagon Passat keeps beeping and flashing constantly. There's plenty of oil and the oil pressure has been checked and is perfect. Even had the sensor replaced thinking it was just a broken sensor, but that wasn't the problem cause the light is still beeping and flashing ever 20-30 seconds while driving! I'm going crazy cause I don't want to be ripped off by being told it's something that it's now! The car only has 57,000 miles. Please give me any advice you may have..

I also had the same problem with my golf, only to discover that the dipstick was cut short that really mesleads the oil level is enough but not.Check or buy new dipstick set and drain engine oil and fill new one. ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

Warning lights My car is a golf gti, turbo. when i start the car, the oil engine symbol keeps coming up , it says ''oil engine workshop!'' when i drive, then it keeps saying STOP. i have put more engine oil in twice now over the last two days, but still keeps flashing when i drive and makes a beeping noise three times everytime the sign comes up?? please can you advise me what i need to do???

Either you have a lubrication problem or a bad oil pressure sender. You need to have it scanned for DTC and do an oil pressure test before you seize your engine. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

Battery light, ABS light, and Oil light flashes on and off when driving the car. Dash lights,front marker lights, and tail lights will not come on until the car is warmed up.

... 2002 Ford Escape

I waited too long to get my oil changed, and while at a red light, my 1999 Pontiac Grand Am started to vibrate back and forth and continued until I parked. When I tried to start the car eight hours later, the vibrations were worse. I took the car in for an oil change, and now the vibrations are only bad when I first go into drive and when I apply the brakes. My service engine light is flashing and there is a horrible smell coming from my exhaust.

Was your Pontiac real low on oil, or it just had been a long time since it was changed? I don't think putting off the oil change was the problem, unless you had little or no oil in the engine.\015\012Bring it to a parts store to see why the check en ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2004 Pontiac Grand am. Driving lastnight, oil pressure light came on, car died while driving and battery light flashed. Car wasnt making any noise, not overheating, drove normal then just died. What could be wrong with it?

The ECM it will kill power to the injectors if you have zero oil pressure, but even if there is only 4 psi, the car will not run. Actually, it's probably a good idea, because if oil pressure drops\015\012below 4 PSI it will kill the engine (which is ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

Have you ever heard of the engine oil reservoir being full and the dipstick reading empty? I just bought an old 1985 toyota pickup truck and it was fine until I had my oil changed. After driving for a week the engine oil light came on and it ended up taking 2 quarts of oil to show a reading on the oil dipstick. After driving it for a week it flashed slightly and when I went to check it again, the oil reservoir is full but I cannot get a reading at all on the dip stick. This seems very strang

When your car is low on oil, there is a sensor (sometimes called a switch, as well) that will light up an indicator inside the car to inform you of the low oil level. In some cases, checking the dipstick will show that there is actually oil present, ... Toyota Pickup

My car is shaking when I turn on the engine and the light is flashing check engine. I find this quite odd since I got all the maintenance done on the car. (had an oil change, got all the repairs done from the recalls) I've only been driving it for a week and I made sure that I haven't driven it past 10,000 miles until it needs oil. I added oil today but yet it it still making a lot of noise. I'm terrified that I've ruined my car and have to buy a new engine which I just did a few

... Hyundai Motor 2000 Tiburon

Golf GTI unused for 1 month ,starter motor problems. I had the starter motor fixed and on the foist run out @ 30 miles the oil light started flashing. I hade checked the oil levels before I had left and it was on max. I put in l litre of Oil to be on the safe side yet on our return jounre the light came on again, intermittently and for different periiods of time, The car feels fine when driving. Waht could be causing the warning light. I have lost my manual.

First don't overfill sump it can do as much damage as low oil. The problem could be a defective sender unit or a short along the cable whch carries that signal. The worst it can be is worn engine parts in which case you should take it to a workshop. ... 1996 Volkswagen GTI

1999 hyundai excel oil light flashing and sometimes staying on new oil filter put in no signs of problems with oil or water driving along going up a hill car just shuts off. unusual smell no metal in oil or problems with water after this?? very confusing with buzzing near dash when trying to turn car over

Look for the oil pressure switch,and see if it has oil coming out of it,it may,or may not have oil coming out of it,for it to be the problem,but if it is bad,the oil light would do this,and the car would shut off,seeing that this is a safety feature ... Hyundai Excel

When I got the car, Starting it, I have to hold the gas down or it won't start. WHen I drive more than 15 miles at a time, the oil light flashes and beeps for days. (it's very annoying) Almost annoying enough to drive the car off of the road into a brick wall. (if I could even drive it right now) The headlights have never been very bright, i've had it for about three or four months. I was driving it home from work one day, when I noticed a power shortage, the radio keep going on and off as I was

Sounds like your cars alternator is bad. The injectors in the motor along with everything else (including the cars computer) needs a steady stream of power in order to function. The injectors work through magnets that open and close ports thus use el ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

My overdrive light starts flashing as soon as I put my car in drive and the check engine light has come back on, but not when I initially start the vehicle(the overdrive light). I had some work done on my car on Thursday to the fuel injection system. Prior to that I did not have this problem, but did have other problems after I got my oil changed almost two weeks ago. Took the vehicle to O'reilly's to have them check the codes since the check engine light was on. Was told codes PO316, PO201 and

... 2003 Mazda Tribute

Hi, i have a vw 2007 gli, the check engine light has rmained on since i was in for an oil change when i keft the check engine light was on. i called the dealer and was imformed that as long as the light isnt flashing it is ok, and would not hurt the car to continue driving there ar times that the car runs very fast and it shakes and loses power.

Take it back to the dealer they meset up if uoy keep driving with the light on you will cose damage to the ingine or computor and it will void the waranty if you have any left. ... 2007 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 Sedan

My car cuts off an my oil pressure and charge system warning light flashes on my dashboard. Every diagnostic I have had done(3 total) comes back good, but the car still cuts off after driving for about fifteen minutes but immediately turns right back on when I turn the key. Passes smog drives nicely just will turn off especially if I accelerate and have to decelerate after high speeds(like driving on a freeway) has a new voltage regulator, engine coil, engine control switch and control module. F

... 1983 Lincoln Mark VI

While driving it looses power. Will stop car and put in park. Get out and check basics Oil etc and ok. Restart car no problem. Put in drive wont go. Put in reverse will go. Stop, put in park. Put in drive will go. The D4 light on dashboard flashes on and off.

Sounds like there's a transmission problem there. Maybe try a transmission flush and fill to see if that solves the problem for about $100. If that doesn't solve the problem a transmission rebuild is probably the way to go to fix the problem.\0 ... 1995 Honda Accord

I have a 99 Chevy Suburban and the service engine light will not come off at all I went to get it checked and replaced all upper and lower streams and its still a problem now after I did all the repairs it came right back on after driving 10 miles now the code is saying 6 misfire I noticed that the wire was burnt so I replaced that now it's shaking and driving funny and the service engine soon light flashes while I drive I have only had this truck for 3 months and I did brakes oil change and tun

Coils,module,wires,plugs, ... Cars & Trucks

My idiot light came on in my 1994 camry showing low on oil. I put oil in because the car was low on oil and now the light stays on. I had kept the car garaged only driving it on my road weekly and now I want to drive the car everyday. We took the car approx 5 miles and the light came on indicating low on oil. I put the oil in the car and the light stays on. What can this mean?

Oil pressure sensors are one of the least reliable devices in our cars; to be sure you have no problem with your oil pump you should have the oil pressure checked by a shop but having replaced a half-dozen of these over the years, I'd probably just b ... 1994 Toyota Camry

Hi there, I have a 96 jetta gl. I was driving to work to day and all of a sudden the car died. It turns over really slow and the battery is less than 4 years old . Could the fuel filter be pluged or the battery no good? The radio and the alarm works great so i think the battery is ok and the oil light was flashing when i was driving and the car died. Thank you!! Ben

Slow cranking of the engine by the starter indicates low battery voltage, did the battery light come on in the dash? ... 1996 Volkswagen Jetta
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