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Rebuilt top end of my kohler k301 can get it to run at an idel but not high speed cleaned carb

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Rebuilt top end of my kohler k301 can get it to run at an idel but not high speed cleaned carb

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Jet ski hey guys i have a 97 sea doo xp 787. carbs cleaned new top end including jugs 150 psi compression. runs good till ya hit high speed of the carbs then shuts down sometimes will restart others it seems locked up n wait 5- 10 fires up.

Too rich, adjust thehigh idle screw ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

1992 yamaha fzr 600. Just bought it. Total newbie. Bike runs like a champ, with a few minor concerns i was hoping to get answered. 1st, it idles HIGH! Like 3000rpms+. They said the carbs were recently cleaned, and the idle wasnt set back properly. Possible? Also, no low beam, turn signals or rear tail light. High beams and brake lights work fine? Bad fuse(s)? What should i expect to pay for repairs? Id hate to get ripped off! Never a good way to start a new hobby! Thanks for all your help.

Sounds like you have an automatic choke problem. The choke mechanism sends more fuel to the carburetors when you just kick it over and then as the engine gets warm the choke (fuel enrichment) goes away as its unneeded. They may have cleaned and rebu ... Cars & Trucks

Where is the blower motor located in a 1999 Camaro? How much of this car do I need to disassemble to get to it? My 87 Buick GN was easy,under the hood on top of the blower box, Three screws and the electrical connector, 10 mins, done. Is this gona be one of those deals requiring pulling the engine and removing the rear license plate to get this done? It does not run on any speed setting. I don't think that there is a resistor on the ''High'' fan speed position. Thanks for any help. Robert

If I remember right,the right, front,inner fender has to come out,and then you will see it.Not to bad to remove,clips,and screws,and pull it out,just enough to get to the blower motor.Then the process is pretty much down hill,just removing screws fro ... 1999 Chevrolet Camaro

1976 Gran Torino motorcraft 2150 2bbl carb. Starts and runs ok at high revs but as choke eases off and revs decrease, engine stalls. Fuel pump OK. Float levels and choke pull off OK. No obvious vacuum leaks. Carby cleaned and jets/needle & seat OK. Feels like runs out of fuel as after stalling, need to pump gas to get to restart. Idle air control valve is small plastic type on air cleaner but has no connecting hoses to/from it??? Has never been connected and used to run OK?? Got me stumped. Any

Are you sure your idle ports ( size of pinhole) in carb aren't plugged with something? What happens if it starts to die, and you give it a quick squirt of WD-40 , down throat of carb? ... Ford LTD

I have a sandrail with a 1971 type 1 1600 cc stock engine with a single weber carb. When running at high RPM, the engine misses and I don't get the high RPM power I used to have. I just replaced the boots on intake and got the engine in working order after having been out of service for two years. The engine was rebuilt about 4 years ago and has only had 100-200 miles put on it. I've replaced the gasoline and fuel filter as well as pulled the plugs and cleaned and regapped them. The plugs were

Thank you keeping all us updated.that the problem is solved.congratulation.thanks. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I have an 84 ford f150 4wd 351 foru barrel carb im getting 5.5 mpg on a good day i do not run it at high speeds mainly in the mountains and around town at times no gas leaks i can find any suggestions

Unfortunately, old ford trucks **** gas. However, you can check your emissions controls. A stuck valve or switch can drastically change your efficiency. Make sure you have a clean air filter, check your timing, and carburetor settings. ... 1984 Ford F 150

My jeep makes a repetitive noise at high speeds. At first I thought it was due to the fact that I was running late and didnt have time to let it warm up. I live in New England so it get's very cold over night but even after letting my car warm up for quite some time it continues to make this repetitive almost clicking noise that seems to be coming from the rear end of my Jeep while accelerating on the highway. Has anyone else had this problem or perhaps experiences with jeeps and can help me out

I haven't done a whole lot of work on jeeps but a rear end is a rear end never the less. the first thing i would check is to see if your pinion isn't tight enuf if it is not it can start to clime on your other gears and make a sound like you discribe ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have a vacume leak on top of engine looks like a end of vauel stem it had plug like thing on but it come off i dont know if it needs to be pluged or if it has a vacume hose but there is no hose my car runs good at high speed but taking off its hesitates pretty good some time it will go dead when you stop.

Start by looking at each and every hose near and around the plug. You may find that one was blown off and is near the back of the engine or down at the bottom of the engine. Check everything and I am sure you will find the one that is not hooked. ... 1988 Buick Century

Hyundai h-12.4 svx 4p 112 cv 1998 7 seater,clutch pedal sticking down works ok when cold but after long run on motorway back on normal roads hard to get in gear crunching alot of time, is there cable ajustment at pedal end or is it hydrolic,could it be cylander or need bleeding,drove van back from spain no probs on motorway at top speeds only when come off and try to change gear have to put foot pedal hard to floor works sometimes but in general crunches in to gear

... Hyundai Motor 1998 Accent

My 1995 Siverado 1500 4x4 wont start. It hasn't run in 2 yrs. I put new fuel, fuel filter, cleaned the lines and took the carb apart and cleaned it. New battery. It'll start with a bit of gas in the carb, but dies shortly after. There is gas getting from the line to the carb, but not sure if its getting through the injectors. Not sure what to try next.

If it is fuel inj. check for good fuel pressure. maybe fuel pump in gas tank. ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Have a 90 Chevy 1500 with a 4.3 v6 and a 5 speed I the pickup was running fine left from work no problems then get off the interstate. And the running really rough I drove it to work the next day same thing rough idle and rough running as I make my way through town once I get on the interstate it seems to run fine but goes right back the the rough idle when I get off the interstate I have checked the distributor cap and rotor I cleaned up the build up checked all wires every thing there seems to

Did you change the plugs in it, In That old of a truck depending on the miles on ot , If i had it i would be putting on a new cap and rotor, Not trying to clean it up, Allso it could be the control mudle breaking down, If it was never change, There c ... Cars & Trucks

87-88 fiero runs but only tops out at about 30 after i get up to speed which takes a good block or two slowly. smokes a little but i think its because it has sat for 6 plus years. any tests i can run or things to replace any ideas why it wont get up to speed?

I had the same problem, maybe 25MPH top speed and difficult to start. Changed out the old gas, installed fresh high octane-problem was worse.The ignition system was faulty. Pull a High voltage wire and you should see a bright blue spark and hea ... 1988 Pontiac Fiero

This is an ongoing issue. 1999 Hyundai blower for A/c and heater. Last year removed the resistor from the top of the Blower housing. This was also advised in a recent question. Got along all winter with the Blower on High only. The blower has stopped working on High now too. Sometimes after tapping on the blower motor to get it going, I could get the blower going again (only on high) by moving the dash board speed control switch. So do we think the switch is also bad, because I replaced the blow


Engine stalled out,would not start, pour gas in carb,cranks,keeps running,until idle falls below 12to1500rpm,than stalls out again and will not crank,repeat gas or starting fluid in carb,cranks runs and sounds smooth at high rpm,until i drop rpm ,engine stalls again and will not start,so far,replace battery,tps,iac,clean carb,check fuel injec,vac lines,still no start

This truck is fuel injected, the problem sounds like a weak fuelpump, it runs when you pour gas into it until that gas runs out, the first thing is to test the fuel preasure, if the pump is weak it may run with gas poured into it but wont idle, also ... 1993 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 92 camry v6 overheating i put new thermostat, new radiator , fan is working properly you can run engine and fan speeds up to high speed when warm. you can see the guage flow hot to cooler when thermostat opens ,after 30 mins of start stop it gets hot. i pull over and open hood it cools really quick like 10 mins. then 10 mins of driveng it gets hot again.

Two things i can think of with sort of problem ,and the first one is the water pump ,these cars use a plastic impeller on a metal shaft and they come loose and spin on the drive shaft ,but when its in the engine it doesnt spin because of the resistan ... Toyota Camry

I get a PO440 code sometimes after a turnpike high speed drive I take it off with my code reader and can drive for miles without it coming on. why does it throw that code only at a high speed run

... 1989 Subaru Gl Wagon

I have a 1986 F-350 with a 460 in it. It runs strong when accelerating but rough when at a cruising speed. The vacuum line to the distributor is coming directly from the carb with no control valve in the line. Is it getting too much vacuum at cruising speed and actually running out of correct timing?

\015\012If you put on a ported outlet already then adjust the carburetor.\015\012Check them plugs and wires as well. Make sure they are doing you right. In fact a full tune up may be in order at ... 1986 Ford F 350

A few problems actually. I have an 05 Kia spectra automatic 104,000 miles that surges forward. I can be stopped and all of a sudden it jumps forward, so much that I have to hit the brakes. Also, It recently has died on me twice when stopped, it sputters and idols low, then dies. Is this a fuel pump/filter issue? My wipers work but I can't get the wiper fluid to come out. What gives? Then when I get up to high speed 60+ I hear it running high & rough sounding, like its not shifting gears, but it

With the washer Fluid I would check you fuse first. If the fuse is good it could be a bad connectionat the pum or you have a burnt out washer fluid pump. As for the Surging you could need a tune up if not done recently or servicing the timing belt. I ... 2005 Kia Spectra

I have a 1982 toyota p/u 22r. my truck started stalling and was hard starting. i determined it to be fuel orientated. i changed f/filter and after doing so i blew air through it catching whatever into a clean rag.it ran great for 10min or so and began doing the same thing. fiquring that stuff made it to the carb. i took the top of it off to see what was in bowl. i found same stuff in bowl. so i cleaned as much of the carb as possible without running to much of a risk tearing gaskets,this also he

Mcdevito75 here, Nice work, fixing your toyota, , Your old carb. had 3 hoses the new only 2, 1 of these hoses most likely goes to the egr vave, the other 2 may go thru the firewall to the heater control. Here"s what to do, follow each of these rubber ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

I have a 1995 jeep cherokee sport 4wd 4.0L with air ps/pb/cc/abs. I recently (2 weeks ago) lost all ac/heater blower speeds except high and now 2 of the wires to the ignition switch get so hot with the air/heater running on high they will start smoking. Ac still functions just cant run it with above symptom. Have tried disconnecting the aux cooling fan and unpluging the ac compressor separately and same time with no help. Additionally with the fan switch in a position that the blower motor does

Never just replace any item because someone suggested it may have failed. Before replacing anything, you need to check each item for any signs it's bad. In addition to what I mentioned, the blower motor itself can also cause a problem if it is worn o ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

95 plymouth voyger 3,8 engine vibrates under heavy accelaratioin replaced front cxels with reman then new .on help . one tire pressure to high brought pressure to spec 30 lbs . a little help. noticed toe out seems to high . havwnt been to a front end man yet . or could front end be set to low . I am a retired elect and ac specialist 78 years old . car runs to good to junk it just want it fixed . I live in a small towm rogers ville tn. the mechimacs do not get the problems that have in large town

Jack up the car and check each front tire for movement up and down and side to side. up and down is a ball joint.. side to side is a tie rod end.also remove each tire and roll it down the driveway and see how smooth it rolls. it could very we ... 1995 Plymouth Voyager

Are their drains (to allow water to run off) where the top drops down in an 01 Mustang that I can clean out. If so, where are they, how do I get to them? The back floor pan passenger side gets wet after a rain. Could there be drains that are stopped up with leaves etc that I can clean out. How do I find them?

There is usually rubber plugs in the floorpan below the carpet and you have to manually remove them. ... 2001 Ford Mustang

Car stutters like it's starving for gas. Have a few issues that I could use help on. 1. Car runs great in the morning (1 hour drive). In the afternoon on my way home (about a half hour in), it starts to bog out when I declerate and then try to get back up to speed. Feels like it is starving for fuel momentarily. 2. Only can get the car to run when there is over a half tank of gas. When we cleaned the tank out a few weeks ago, it worked below half a tank, but only for 2 fills. 3. Car has a hard t

Gas cap has no bearing,lol. Check the wiring under the battery tray. They're notorious for corroding through the wiring & cause a short to the ecm. This results in retarded timing & wierd stuff going on. Write back if you need more. Old car,l ... Dodge Dynasty

Replaced fuel pump. she run's fine coming out the gate, until i hit 50 to 60 mph. then i lose all my power until she gets back down to 30 to 35 mph. she'll keep running as long as i dont get into my pedal. someone told me to check my oil level on top of the carb. i did that. but still doe's the same thing. it's a 77 with a 4 banger. HELP!!!

Do you replace gas filter too? also check the air filter ... Triumph Tr 8
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