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1995 gas guage

\015 My gas guage only works til quarter tank. What can I do?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Change sending unit
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On the display where the numbers show how many mpg you are getting, or how many miles left until you are out of gas, part of the number lights are missing. For instance, the 8 looks like a 0, a 3 looks like a ]. It is very difficult to know what these numbers are. My gas tank guage always says it is full, so that is no help. Any easy Ideas I could try? Thanks

Hi aguamom\015\012im dave\015\012\015\012usually the displays need to be replaced as whole unit and i doubt it would be worth the expense.\015\012\015\012as for the guage if you can access your fuel sending unit on top o ... Audi TT

Regarding my 1999 Winstar, I have a problem with the instrument panel going crazy every now and then. The odometer pegs back and forth from 0 to 100 mph+, the Tach locks at an rpm and will not move. Further, the gas guage quits working for a little while. This lasts anywhere from 2 minutes up to 10 minutes and then everything settles down and begins to work correctly. The check engine light never comes on during this craziness. How can I fix this problem?

... 1999 Ford Windstar

How to correct a 2000 lincoln town car fuel gauge after replacing the fuel pump?. The indicator says 0 miles distance to empty and the guage is at empty - even though the gas tank is full

... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

My 93 jeep wrangler 4 cylinder temp gauge doesnt work right. when driving the gauge reads 0 when i step on the gas the gauge moves to the right temp. i have installed a new therm. new water pump new rad.new temp sen.and the gauge still works the same. I have been told the guage is working right. need help????

Depending on how fast, this happens, could be an air lock in cooling syste, or a bad head gasket, or head. does the gauge ever go too high? can you hear gurgling in the rad, and does it ever push out coolant? ... 1993 Jeep Wrangler

Nissan 2002 frontier 4cyl all guages dropped to 0, gas, temp, rpm, speed. then truck started chocking out but continued to run until i got home. turned it off tried to restart it and it wouldnt start. next day bought a new battery and no change

... 1998 Nissan Frontier

Gas Guage The gas guage in my cobalt keeps going up and down to full and then to the level its really supposed to be. Is it really because I put in supreme plus last time I filled up because the gas station I usually fill up at ran out of regular or is it just a gas guage problem?

Sounds like a faulty sending unit... or a loose/ damaged wire.\015\012The gas doesnt touch the unit, so the gas is not the problem... only coincedence. ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

What wires to check if gas guage moved to full and guage lights no longer work? I am stripping a 1995 ford escort to make a race car, Everything was working but I must have knocked aground loose or something, because as I was moving wiring I lost the guage lights and the gas gauge went all the way past full

The gas gauge issue is the result of a defective gas tank sending unit. ... 1998 Ford Escort

Fuel guage speedometer works, voltage guage works and maybe one other one too. the gas guage is pegged right past full and almost laying horizontal. can this be fixed w/o major headaches? what are the simple things to try first? the gas tank is not full either?

Are you serious? You want to charge me for the answer but you expect my solution for free? CANCEL my Account. Now. ... 1985 GMC S-15

2002 grand cherokee. will not start. i already replaced the fuelpump, gas guage went crazy when my problem started. i could let it set for a while and it would run a little while lets say i could drive it about 20 mile and it would quit again. when gas gauge works it will run . now gas guage will not move when u turn on the ignition. computer scan shows no problems with any sensers.

I actually had one do this and it ended up needing a PCM to fix this problem . ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello 1999 chevrolet gas guage is all over the place,was on the empty mark with about 1/8 tank gas left but guage read full..Filled it up right to the brim now gauge reads empty and low warning light is on with a full tank.Any ideas before changing inners of the gas tank.Thank you

Sounds like fuel pump is good the floater may need replacing or the wire that reads the floater may be loose ... 1999 Chevrolet Venture

Gas guage my gas guage wont work on my 1989 2500 silverado ive replaced the guage sending unit and re grounded it

Have you checked to see if the guage in the dash isnt the problem ? ... 1989 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

1994 plymouth voyager speedometer and gas guage doesnt work.i just got a transmision put in it and replaced the speed sensor and still no mileage guage gas guage or speedometer working still

... 1994 Plymouth Voyager

I replaced the cheap plastic accelerator pedal, because it wore out. I must not have done that correctly, because immediately after installing the new pedal which required me to unhook a plug in wire, the gas guage stopped working. It now shows out of gas. Is there a way to check the cause of the gas guage failure?

Not related ... 2002 BMW 5 Series

I can jump start my car, but it only runs when i have my foot on the gas. It will run as long as my foot is on the gas, but as soon as I release the gas, the RPM drops to 0 and the engine shuts off and the battery meter slowly goes from 14 V to 0 V. Im trying to figure out if it is the battery, the alternator, or the voltage regulator. (it could be something else but my limited knowledge of cars gets me thinking it is one of these) any help is appreciated, what is wrong?

First thing I'd do there is charge the battery using a battery charger, then have it load tested. Nothing else in the system can be properly tested if the battery will not pass that test. Once that has been done and if the battery is bad, you have r ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fuel tank full. guage reads empty, and dash display says 0 miles to empty.

... Jeep Cars & Trucks

Gas Guage The gas guage on my 1988 Suzuki Samurai reads full when I fill the tank, then after only 35 miles it reads only !/2 full, what is the cure for this?

Its the float in the tank i have the same problem. it also does it when it gets to 1/4 and could be empty. ... 1988 Suzuki Samurai

Gas guage not working on daughter's 1997 Buick Lesabre - just replaced the fuel pump-should we have done something while the tank was off for the gas guage?

If the sensor wasn't attached to the fuel pump you may have wanted to check that before you put it back up. If the Sensor was attached to the Fuel pump then your next check is the fuses followed by testing the gauge itself. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

The gas guage and odometer on my 94 mercury cougar dont work. how hard are these problems to fix? would it be something i could possibly do mysef? because i want to learn to fix things on my car myself and it bugs me that both these things dont work. especially the gas guage.

It is not easy to remove the fuel tank, the guage is inside the fuel tank.. The sensor for the odometer is on the transfer case on the transmission. It may be better to go toprofessional. Good Luck. ... 1994 Mercury Cougar

I have a 1987 cadillac deville with apoox 85000 miles on it fuel pump went out I drop the tank and replaced the pump. I can not get a proper reading on the fuel guage (digital) I have taken the gas tank out now at least a dozen times I can not find the problem float looks fine not bent not broken, brought a used sending unit still have the same problem. Gas guage states I have 4 gallons drive a mile and it dropes to 3 gallons put 10gallons in does not regester past 4 drive a mile it dropes to 3

Your problem is definately in the fuel sending unit..thats all it can be, either that or the float arm is losing contact on the slider... thats all it can be. ... Cadillac DeVille

97 cherokee..trip meter and fuel guage both show plenty of gas..both guages go to empty..motor stops...sometimes shaking car helps...also gas tank building pressure

This is a common problem with this model jeep that should have been recalled. There is most likely short in the wiring harness that will be expensive to locate ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Gas guage and water temp gauge do not work clock works alt works oil works guages work just not gas and water temp ?????

On the rear of the instrument cluster there should be a resistor. This is how the fuel and temp guages are limited to a certain voltage decreasing the power to them so that they dont burn out. These (voltage limiters) resistors are available seperate ... 1987 Jeep Wrangler

My 2005 sunfire temperature, speedo and gas guage are not accurate. The temp guage is not working, the speedo stuck at 20 and the gas goes way past empty. Computer problen?

Could be but more like the engine computer plug is lose or corroded ... 2005 Pontiac Sunfire

I just replaced my fuel pump and sending unit on my 1989 ford bronco ii the gas guage reads empty I have a full tank of gas I also installed a chip behind the instrument cluster that controls guage what else should I look for

Did you make sure the sending unit float moved freely before placing it in the tank? Wires on correctly? ... 1989 Ford Bronco II

Defective fuel guage on a 2005 GTO.How to repair it. Gas guage reads lOne quarter empty,when gas tank is full.

What you might have to do is check the gauges with a scanner.Not all scanners have this ability.The dealerships scanner can go into your body control module and work the gauges and if they work with the scanner then you can eliminate the gauge itself ... 2004 Pontiac GTO

2005 Chevy Malibu the gas guage has stopped working. The guage will go from full to empty over and over. The gas cap light comes on and now my engine light is on constantly. How do I get this fixed for inspection? I spoke with a Chevy dealership and for them to look at the car they are going to charge $99 then the fix extimate was another $99.

Hey the reason your gas gauge is going from full to empty is that your fuel pump which is in the gas tank has a sensor that relays how much gas the tank has in it, the sensor is gone bad and will have to be replaced. And your engine light problem is ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu
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