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Engine missing when accelerating - Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check and test fuel pressure or some injector clogged.
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Engine misses when accelerating - Cars & Trucks

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Engine missing when accelerating - Cars & Trucks

Check and test fuel pressure or some injector clogged. ... Cars & Trucks

Engine misses with sudden acceleration - Expo Mitsubishi Cars & Trucks

Check ur idle air control valve makes engine fluctuate up and down and when you give car gas to go it hesitates ... Mitsubishi Expo

1997 s10 2 wheel drive truck. 4.3L v6 makes a loud noise as the car accelerates fast or under load. When running 55 I can release the gas pedal and the noise is not audible. I can put the truck in neutral at 55 and rev the engine and the noise is not audible. THe noise starts around 20 mph - ? mph The noise is instantly noticeable when depressing the gas pedal, even if the truck hasn't yet accelerated at the same pace as the gas pedal is depressed. When floored, the car seems to bog down slightl

Your noise sounds like it is power train related,If you have eliminated the engine,Since it doesn't make the noise while moving and in neutral.It sounds like a universal joint in the drive shaft.Do you notice a vibrationalong with the no ... 1997 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

My buddy has a 2000 Hyundai Elantra that has a bad drivability issue...I am a master ASE tech but have run out of ideas. The car has a p0300,302,303 codes in the PCM. the plugs and wires are new. The car will not miss if you just feather the gas pedal, but if you try and normally accelerate or hard accelerate the car has no power and the check engine light flashes (indicating a misfire condition)...if while the car is misfiring you go back to just barely touching the gas pedal the car will a

Have you checked the MAF and/or TPS sensor?. I have had the same issue before on the same kind of car and it turned out to be the MAF sensor. ... Hyundai Elantra

Engine misses under acceleration. Spark plugs have been replaced, cables have been replaced engine module has been replaced.. Each time, after about a month, same problem reappears, with "Service Engine soon" lighting up on dashboard. Car was purchased new in March 2000. "service engine soon" showed up on dashboard after a few miles, and dealer replaced computer with one taken from another car in the shop. Has there been any history of malfunctioning computers o

... 2000 Buick LeSabre

My 2000 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged was running fine but it shut off with a "check guages" warning. The gusges were fine and the car will start but it shuts off right away. The engine will stay running if it is kept at or near full throttle. As soon as the engine slows, it shuts off. There doesn't seem to be any engine miss and I was able to drive it home by making many restarts and hard accelerations. I did observe (on a long stretch of road) that the car would only go 90MPH.

Check fuel pump resister. its conector is by the batt. pump runs through it in run, not for 3 sec. when key is turned on. thats why it will start and then quit this happend to my 99 gtp ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I bought this car in Jan. of 2009 and it had 149000 miles and ran great. I changed the fuel filter in August 2009 and the car has had a problem ever since. When I accelerate it has a check engine light on the dash that will start to flash if I accelerate hard. If I just accelerate real slow It is not a problem. I also went from getting around 41 mpg to about 29 mpg. When I go to a parts store and they read the code it is saying a miss fire on cylinder 3. I have parts stores that want to sel

For one there wouldn't be air in the fuel system. If you think the fuel injectors are clogged at all then run some injector cleaner through it. If you haven't changed the plugs in wires since owning the vehicle I would do that as well.Thank you ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

Ok no more check engine light no more codes car runs good,as long as you do not turn right. yes I know it is strange but I found out when I was doing a road test that if I turn right it will start missing if I turn left I can go in circles all day full acceleration with no missing?!!!!! check engine will flick at hard right but no codes ideas? thanks for all the help

Check vaccum connections. ... GMC Savana

I have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car, when accelerating the engine is abnormally loud, almost like I'm driving a truck. It's extremely sluggish and when I let off of the acclerator theres the engine whines as the RPMS drop. Never had any of these problems when I first bought the car last year.

It might a problem with the fan clutch assy see if the fans turns freely when the engine is off or if it seems tight usually when you start the vehicle the fan is loud but then it should quiet down ... 2004 Ford Focus

Hello, I have a Peugeot 307 1.6lt 2002 model. The car has been demonstrating lagging during acceleration, rough gear change an sometimes stalls when idleing. Recently the car's diagnostics light came on an sai my catalytic converter was failing. When this light came on the steering wheel shuttered. I suspect the problem is due to my catalytic converter been blocked due to fouled spark plugs, or the association of miss firing which woul be causing the engin to lag an have rough acceleration

... 2002 Peugeot 307

I detailed the engine on my 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra, 4.6L 32v dohc. Now its missing and popping under load when accelerating in low rpm. 1000 to 2200 is real bad but is prevalent at all speeds. Misses at cruise speed. I've had the coil pack connectors off and dried them. Pulled spark plug wires and did'nt see any visable moister. Can't find or don't know where else to look. Engine lite is on too. Car ran fine until I did the detail. Don't want to spend a 100 bucks to put it on scanner unless I r

Is it possible that you crossed two of the wires at the coil pack? its not a good thing to wash engines with water now days.it could end up being expensive. go to auto zone have them scan your engine for free it will tell you what cylinder is miss fi ... 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

1997 Buick LeSabre, 54,000 miles Car does not accelerate well on highway. On a slight hill at 60 mph car slowed to 45-50 mph. With slight acceleration on highway (no hill) there is a slight sensation that the engine is missing. Air filter okay. Fuel delivery problem? Ignition problem?

Remove plugs and check for carbon tracing . if found plugs and wires will fix problem ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I have an engine miss,****,buck at about 45 mph when accelerating lightly. It runs fine if it down shifts to third gear. The car has 116k miles on it. I don't get any codes. Had it to the transmission shop, hooked up a scanner and took it for a ride - no tranny problem, it is an engine miss. So far I have installed new spark plugs (badly worn),new fuel filter (it was clogged) new air filter, cleaned throttle body and MAF sensor, checked fuel pressure at fuel rail (normal). What next???

Change plug wires next and put in some SeaFoam. This sounds like a tune up issue... just run though the paces. ... 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have FORD F-250 96 Model Truck Engine is 5.8 When I started my car early morning, Engine is running Ok but after while when the engine become warm , the power of the engine become low and when I remove my leg from accelerator engine get vibration and black smoke come out form Exhaust. Some mechanic inform me that it is Fuel Pump problem , I replaced both of them but the problem still the same, now he is asking me to replace the fuel injection lines & fuel Injectors . Please feed me back I

No, no changing fuel lines. You have a fouling injector. \015\012Too much unburned fuel smoke is white\015\012Too much brned fuel is black smoke Take it to a diesel mechanic that knows the 5,6's goodLuck Ned ... 1996 Ford F250 Crew Cab

I'm having a problem with my 1989 Toyota Celica ST with a 2 liter 3SFE engine. The engine seems to miss or stumble during acceleration or if the engine is under a load such as going up a hill. I have replaced the plugs, wires, and distributer cap. The car has approx 235,000 miles. The stumble seems to be more noticable when I first start up, but I notice it after the engine has warmed up also.

... 1989 Toyota Celica Liftback

When cold, the engine surges when first accelerating as we are going up the hill out of our driveway. the car has 119000 miles and the spark plugs have been replaced. I have always kept the maintenance up according to the manuel. It does not miss it surges and the harder I push on the gas pedal the more violent the surges become. After the 1st pull out the car doesn't surge anymore. All the filters are up to date. I am the 2nd owner and have put app 95000 miles on the car with no problems. I put

Try to check fuel pressure. ... 2003 Ford Taurus

Car misses i recently bought a 1993 buick lasaber and it misses when trying to accelerate to high speeds 40+ and i have recently have a problem with the air conditionar making the engine bog doen really bad any advice?

Replace the spark plug wires, it will most likely cure the problem. ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

Check engine light. Car misses or runs rough during initial warm up but runs smooth after motor temperature increases to normal operating range. Motor runs smooth unless you accelerate hard sometimes causing motor to hesitate or **** from misfiring prior to accelerating smooth again as RPM's increase. Plugs clean with proper gaps and no visible defects or wear with distributor or rotor.

Sounds like a vaccum line or once again tps/poss timeing off ... 1996 Honda Accord

2004 pontiac grand am replaced O2 sensor, spark plugs, plug wires and fuel pressure regulator. starts easily. idles very rough. When accelerating car runs well. When cruising on freeway with engine under light load engine misses. Any ideas what to look for? Thanks

Idle air control motor(IAC). EGR valve. And vacuum leaks to include the brake booster and if you have a plastic intake, that too. this is a start there are other things that will have the same symptoms. let me know\012Randy ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

1994 z28 Camaro started missing and check engine light came on. Replaced the opti spark, spark plugs, wires, fixed ground problem. Car runs good then just starts missing. You can accelerate and seems to get better. I have no clue. The only thing left is the coil..

... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Engine miss My 86 ford truck with a 460, manual trans, 4bbl loses power at a specific rpm. Idles fine, runs good at lower rpm, but when you try to accelerate, it will rev to a certain rpm then begins to miss, sputter and backfire. This problem surfaced all of a sudden. I have tuned it up, changed all filters, but can't shake the problem. Any ideas?

You might have an engine timing issue. Have you checked timing for your engine? ... 1986 Ford F 350

Hi, I just bought a tired Subaru Leone (1990) Station Wagon. Everything feels OK for the age of the car... but it accelerates like a boat. The engine seems great and isn't miss-firing. The clutch bites very high so I think it may be this that is the main cause of the problem. It doesn't noticeably 'slip' and it will bite enough to stall the car at low revs. Do you think it means it's time for a new clutch? Or could it be something more sinister? Many thanks

I think you`ve answered your own question.\015\012The clutch sounds as though its on its last legs.\015\012I would take it down to a local car mechanic ask him for a verdict on the clutch and anything else that needs doing.Remember you do ... Subaru Loyale

I have a 2002 Golf TDI. Whenever I hit the accelerator the headlights get dull then bright again. Sometimes they cut off but only for a split second. Other times the dash will go completely out, but again, only for a split second. The car's engine seems to be running fine though. The other night I got pulled over for a missing tail light. When I got home I kicked it out of frustration and it came back on. What's up with this car?

The tail light is a bad bulb, even though it came back on it needs to be replaced. Now for the dimming lights check the fuse panel located on top of the battery, pop the top off the fuse panel,to do this squeeze together the release tabs on either si ... 2002 Volkswagen Golf

Power Loss I had an overheating issue, I then flushed the radiator, replaced the water pump, had it checked out at the engineers and they said the radiator was A OK. I got the car back from the mechanic, where by it was quite cool and running OK, however after driving it for some time I noticed there was a drastic loss in power especially when I put my foot fully depressed on the accelerator. I then took it back to him, because after this initial loss in power the car seemed to start missing, li

I can agree with no thermostat...until the wx cools... then the cold engine will burn more gas... because it cannot warm up.\015\012Just put a175 or 180 degree thermostat in place of the existing one... and you will ROCK ... 1986 Honda Civic
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