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Horn sounds 3 times when starting - Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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No make or model of vehicle and as to if tis fitted with weekend boy racer silly car alarm remote start junk think if the later remove it then it be ok
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2003 Lincoln Town Car 1. Used to be when I locked the doors with the key fob the horn would sound briefly. Now the doors lock the horn does not sound. 2. About the same time or maybe at the same time the doors no longer locked when the car started in motion. All other door lock function still work, inside lock button, key fob, and keyless entry.

\015\012Try resetting these features,\015\012 \015\012Deactivating/activating the horn chirp feature\015\012The horn chirp feature can be turned on/off through the following ... Lincoln Town Car

Horn sounds 3 times when starting - Cars & Trucks

No make or model of vehicle and as to if tis fitted with weekend boy racer silly car alarm remote start junk think if the later remove it then it be ok ... Cars & Trucks

At 4am my malibu classic's horn started blowing like a dallas cowboy fan.. I took out the fuse and of course it stopped. I tried replacing the fuse and it started again. The horn sounded like it was down to one frequency by the time I removed the fuse. Yesterday while driving the car, I had tapped on the horn 3 times very lightly in succession at about 7pm. first time it had been activated for months except for the remote keyless lock fob. Could contact points be stuck?? How to fix and what to l

... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Car won't start, hear the starter click and thats all. batt. is good power everywhere elsel, every time i go to start it blows out the 20amp starter fuse, replaced it with a 30 amp still wont start. My son moved the car this morning about 40 feet it started fine sounded great shut it off now it wont start. He said he heard no funny sounds and had now problems. what could it be

It sounds like it may just be a coincidence, but also sounds like you need a starter. If you have a volt meter you can test it by seeing if you have voltage at the starter or pull it off and have it tested. To blow the fuse like that tells me that th ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

I have a 1996 ford ranger 2.3L. Once I put my key in the ignition, before I start the car, I get the ringing sound which lets me know my key is still in the ignition. That's normal, the not so normal part is when I start the truck and start driving the ringing sound will not stop. It stays on for the entire time I am driving the truck. It only stops when I take the key out of the ignition. Do i replace the electric module or can i cut a wire and will it go away or something else.

You can unplug the chime box - it will not affect the operation of the truck. ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2004 Jeep liberty- the 4 way flashers won't stop flashing. When the panic button on the key chain is pushed the horn starts sounding. The second time the horn turns off. When the car is started the headlights come on and start flashing. --- And of course when the car is turned off the 4 way flasshers continue to flash.

... 2004 Jeep Liberty

2000 Nissan Maxima Noise My maxima is making a weird sound like a 1920's car horn, like a rubbing sound or a mechanical rubbing, robotic almost. I already changed the Brakes, and the wheel bearing and it wasn't that. *The noise starts happening after the fan in front of the radiator starts to Vibrate a lot. *Also pressing the brake repeatedly fast will generate the noise at times, but the noise will also occur when the car is in park. *Finally it just happeneds after driving on the street wi

Sounds like a ride controll compressor if your car has air ride controll it will have a compressor \015\012check the fan for bad blades and chips also check the fan housing for missing hold downs and screws also for clearences and if loose or o ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

Daughter's 1999 Jetta; smelled burnt rubber when leaving work last week. Car ran fine. Yesterday, started squealing (sounded like belt slipping) when started. Later in day, she turned car off and sat with ac on-battery went dead, also car ran out of gas at same time. Car jumped, gas added-went to drive and has no power steering. Before I call tow truck, could it (hopefully) be lack of transmission fluid?

It sounds like the alternator belt or the alternator is going bad. The squealing sound was probably the alternator belt. the alternator belt might need to get tightened or replaced or you may need a new alternator. The alternator keeps the battery ch ... 1999 Volkswagen Jetta

The factory car alarm on our 2003 Corolla will not let the car start. Tried changing batteries on controller. Tried different controllers. It flashes lights, beeps the horn, sounds alarm at times, sometimes at a low volume but it will not let the car start. How do I disable it temporarily so that I can drive the car home?

Okay, lets first try something, go to the car and use the key to lock and then unlock the driver door, this should shut down the alarm, if it doesnt work then try pass/side door lock then unlock with the key, this should start the car, this factory a ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

My 2002 Buick Century has been running good with only minor problems.Three days ago I came out of the store and nothing happened when I went to start the car. All the dash lights and sounds went off as usual. The battery post and connectors are clean. Had the battery charged and checked at Wal Mart, they said when under a load it had 1.8 amps left over. We used a jumper wire between solinoid and battery, the car started and ran for about 3 seconds, this was tried five different times. The start

Suggest you check out the web site http://newrockies.com/ for possible solution to your vehicle. As you'll note from reading info on website....this is a common complaint.Good luck ... Buick Century

My 2001 Honda Prelude has trouble starting from time to time. Once a month or so. When this happens the Lights and radio work and do NOT dim, car doesnt even turn over theres NO Crank. I just wait a minute and try again and it starts fine. AC/Heat,radio all off when starting. Battery is new. One day my Honda factory alarm went off sounded like the horn was held down I had to unplug fuse for my alarm that was the only way it would stop, and I stopped using my USA Spec Ipod dock ( still attached t

Check to see if the tps sensor is sticking if it does stick it will not let you throtle come bach to the rest point and will not let you start unless you push the pedal to the floor and hold it turn the key ... 2001 Honda Prelude

The new starter worked only about 5 times... then it stopped working. Now if I turn the key, there is nothing... then I push started the truck and got it running.. once it was running I decided to turn the key again just to see if anything happens... this is where it didn't make any type of sound...it should have made that nasty grinding sound telling you that the car is already running, but it didnt. So even when the car is running and I turn the key it still does nothing... I figured this info

I had the exact same problem, I replaced the starter, it worked a couple more times and then nothing. I completely checked the entire starting/ignition circuit and found a problem in the clutch inhibitor relay circuit. When I jumped the relay the t ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

I started hearing a whistling sound every time I step on my brake pedal (engine on but car not in motion) and the sound gets louder the harder I step on my brakes. I performed the tests to see of my brake booster is not working as follows: First, I pumped the pedal with the truck off and the pedal did not get closer and closer to the floor with each pump. Second, I pressed and held the pedal and then started the truck.The pedal sank towards the floor only slightly. Third, I ran the engine for

Check the vacuum hose from your booster to the engine ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Will not start. no sound from starter when truning the key. if i pull the starter relay and then put it back in it usually starts, sometimes i have to do this a couple of times before it will start. i have swapped relays with the horn relay, and also ruffed up the relay tabs, but the problem comes back. the car will start for a while then not start again.

Check you battery cables. If they are a little loose or coroded this will not let your car start everytime. Look for a broken wire between the ignition and the relay. Pull the starter relay and clean the contacts. Make sure your battery is fully char ... 2002 Dodge Neon

My daughters 2004 Pontiac Sunbird with the 2.2 ocassionaly wont start. She said when this no start condition happens the car turns over but sounds funny. It idles and runs out great. I have heard it hot and cold start and it started rite up every time. Her friend that heard the car when it wouldnt start said it sounded like a timing belt issue?? Any ideas?? If it were a timing belt issue wouldnt it do it all the time? Is there any way of checking the timing belt?

It would not run good at all if it was the timing belt. In fact it probably wouldn't even start at all. It sounds more like loose bolts on the starter or the tension pully that keeps the serpentine belt tight. That one has to be replaced. ... Pontiac Sunbird

LS430 / 2005 has been Problem with the Lexus LS 430 Cars & Trucks LS430 / 2005 has been running well, yet cannot start up this morning without any warning sign, only hear the click sound, all the dash board lights are on, signal lights and emergency light are working, driver side window is not functioning yet all other passenger side windows work fine, cannot adjust steering wheel position, cannot horn or turn on head light, cannot pay CD or radio; I did jump start, but still cannot start the en

... 2005 Lexus Ls 430

When I try to start my '04 Alero, there is a minor stall and then the engine starts. The clock is beginning to reset when I start my car. And when I press the lock button on my wireless remote, MOST OF THE TIME, the horn makes a muffled sound (almost like a cough and not a honk)

I would have my battery checked out. ... 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

My daughter left the headlights on all day while she was at work, and when she came out the car wouldn't start. She tried jumping it with 2 different cars ( it has a new battery, 30 days old), but it doesn't even make a sound. We decided it was the kill switch as the remote does not operate anything, and only the brake lights and horn will work. We did try pressing the switch under the dash while the ignition was turned on, as well as pushing ti 5 times, still nothing. How can we reset this?

\015\012Check the ignition switch and the fusable link.\015\012also your fuel pump is going out. there might be a check valve in the pump that is becoming faulty.\015\012otherwise its battery problem .just r ... Honda Civic

Horn blows one time when i start up the car - Cars & Trucks

... Cars & Trucks

My car has been sitting for a long time so I put the battery on a charger, then the horn starting beeping...I put the key in the ignition, the beeping stopped...now even with the charger on "boost", the engine won't even make a sound - budge. It did start & ran a little bit yesterday...I'm wondering if there's a "security system" glitch?

Could be a bit of both ,security immobilisor can be damaged with brown out when the batteries dies so replace battery with a new one and if it still will not start then call tow truck and have it taken to dealer fro re-programming ... 1994 Lexus GS 300

Hello. I have a 2008 model VW EOS,with 30000k,have had this car since new,around 21/2 yrs old,I have 3 problems,the passenger side window does not always close fully,the roof drips on both sides next to 1/4 rear window on to ledge (VW have looked at this on a number of times) and there is rumbling sound coming from I think the tyres,the tyre pressure is correct and no wear showing on tyres,it sounds like a truck,and it starts to go away when increasing speed say up to 100k, more evident at low


I have a 2002 trailblazer ltz, I go to start the truck and it just clicks under the hood, no noise or anything. The lights on the console comes on and the radio says that's it's on but it only plays static. Also everything seems to be reset in the car like the car was saying "Driver 1" even though I had the driver 2 key and remote and also the time on the radio was reset to 12:00. Also as I'm turning the key the radio screen says "Need AMP". what do you think this could be?

Sounds like either a loose connection at the battery, or your battery has failed. Check your connections and make sure they are clean and tight, if so, then have your battery tested, and change if recommended. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

2005 GRAND AM v6 My car at times will not start. I changed the fuel filter without fixing the problem. That day I got in the car and listened for the fuel pump to sound at the turning of the ignition key. I noticed that about every tenth time the fuel pump would not sound and subsequently the car would not start. It will start when I hear the fuel pump. Will a relay do this or should I go directly to changing the fuel pump. The fuel pump has 50,000 miles on it. Thank You. Tim

When you are testing and it gets to the no start would check the pigatil at the pump for power.This way you can either condemn the fuel pump or see if it is an electrical issue of losing power intermittently. Another thing you can try is swapping a s ... 2005 Pontiac Grand Am

Have a 1992 buick lesabre with a new problem. I tried to start the car on Thurs. all lights inside, radio, ac, instrument panel lit up. there was no sound from the engine. I adjusted the gear shift and retried to start the car. It started. On friday the car started first time and then it randomely did this again. only this time it would not restart. We adjusted the gearshift, tried starting in neutral, moving the car a bit, nothing worked until it was ready to start. what's wrong with my car?

The ign lock cylinder has two tiny wires that may be going bad and not making connection. The fix is to replace the ign. lock cylinder and chip key. The starter will not turn over if they are not making contact and it may go into a shutdown mode for ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

My 1990 Cadillac Deville is running ruff. When I am driving it and pushing on the gas the car hesitates as it increases speed. At the same time in started running ruff, the car starting having problem starting up. In order to start I have to push on the gas, which I never had to before. Also every other time I start the car the seatbelt light and indicator sound would stay on. The only way to stop this from happening is to turn the car off and start again. I do not know if this problem is relat

Yes the codes are some-worth related.F32 - EGR Circuit FaultF85 - Prom ErrorVisit www.ddcsn.com/cps/rde/xbcr/ddcsn/1-mbets-04a.pdf The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system's purpo ... Cadillac DeVille
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