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Tempeture guage not working and engine fan not working

\015 I have checked fuses under the dash\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

I suggest checl ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sensor.

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Tempeture guage not working and engine fan not working

I suggest checl ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) sensor.Hope this helps; also keep in mind that your feedback \012is important and \012I`ll appreciate your time and consideration if you leave some \012testimonial comment about this answer. ... Cars & Trucks

Overheating engine 2 weeks ago, the engine cooling fan would stay running after the engine was shut off, we had to pull the 40 amp fuse to shut off the fan. after doing this for 2 days, the fan began to work properly. 1 week later the car overheated. Upon getting the car home, I replaced the temp switch (for the computer) and the temp guage sending unit.. both mounted into the thermostat housing at the left rear of the engine. I then checked the fan, and the fan worked fine on high and low when

O man! You have a major prob!!! The head is warped, will need to be machined, and the list goes on!! If you want to keep this car do consider a rebuilt engine. That is the most frugal way to solve your prob! Sorry Frankster016 ... 1999 Ford Escort

Xsara 2002 1.6, GLX. radiator fan stopped working so the engine was overheating whe travelling slow. The temperature indicator was showing in the red, then the warning light and stop sign illuminated. Sometimes the temperature indicator dropped to zero as is the guage had been switched off. Fitted a new fan and was working ok, but now, the temp guage is reading zero, the red lwarning light is on and the stop warning sign is flashing. Also the Air conditioning has stopped working. The engine is r

... 1997 Acura CL

2002 jeep grand cherokee 4.0 laredo. engine fan is not cutting off after shutting off car . now went back out this morning for work and drove the truck and the fan is not coming on now . so maybe fan relay behind pass. headlamp. or temp sensor in the block. but when it cooled down also something is not triguring the fan to come on. and my temp, guage is working in the dash. help "

... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Replaced the idler pulley on my 01 Altima, so therefore i had to raise the engine up to get to the pulley, after putting everything back together & starting the car I noticed the guages didn't work on the dash, as well as All the electrical inside the car, including the interior light's, turn signal's, heater fan, power seat's, wiper's, & engine cooling fan's. I checked all the fuses's and they are fine except for the interior fuse panel, their is No power to some of the fuses.. I'm at a total l

Check the area around the engine where you raise the motor it sounds like you may have pulled a power wire out of its location, take a good look around, ... 2001 Nissan Altima

Guages malfunctioning I have a 1998 318i and today all guages on instrument panel have stopped working. Car still starts & drives but the indicator on the fuel guage, speedometer, rev counter & energy control are pointing to 0, and engine coolant guage's needle has fallen to the right of the red on the dial. A fan seems to be on somewhere inside the dashboard even when car is switched off. Also earlier the ABS light & warning light for ASC & DSC comes on & stays on. Help!!

This problem maybe solved a couple ways. The first, (and cheapest) is check all your fuses. BMW's sometimes have multiple fuse boxes. In the dashboard behind the clove compartment, under the driver's side or passenger's side dash( near your knees or ... 1998 BMW 3 Series

Cooling Fan Trucks been running fine. Since the temp outside has heated up, my truck acts weird. Temp guage runs about halfway. Always has. But..if I run down to the market, run it get something, come out and crank back up, it doesnt want to idle and looks like the temp hand has gone up. Only last several seconds then it levels out. I left it running when I got home and noticed the cooling fan barely moving. Is this normal or should it be working harder to cool the engine?

Sounds like to me your motor in your fan is going. that is y your 4 runner ran nice and cool when its cooler outside. the hotter it is outside the harder your fan will work ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 92 camry v6 overheating i put new thermostat, new radiator , fan is working properly you can run engine and fan speeds up to high speed when warm. you can see the guage flow hot to cooler when thermostat opens ,after 30 mins of start stop it gets hot. i pull over and open hood it cools really quick like 10 mins. then 10 mins of driveng it gets hot again.

Two things i can think of with sort of problem ,and the first one is the water pump ,these cars use a plastic impeller on a metal shaft and they come loose and spin on the drive shaft ,but when its in the engine it doesnt spin because of the resistan ... Toyota Camry

I have a BMW 1988 3/1 touring. There s something really wrong with the body electrics. Right indicator switches between flicking at a normal speed and flicking really fast. the petrol indicator is not working, nor is the engine temp guage. the lights inside the driver dash display (speedometer, engine temperature, guage, petrol guage) are not working. The heater works on engine start, then stops working. Please help!!

... 1988 BMW 3 Series

Fault finding hi, this seems to be a comman fault on c200 merc, the cooling fan system, the fan is in perfect working order so there is nothing wrong with fan itself. the electronic relay pack that fits under the wheel arch as been replaced and so as the engine sensor, if you disconnect the sensor the fan will run, if you turn on ac the fan will not run,when the engine is at high temp it does not work,i do believe that the temp sensor works on resistance and not voltage sending a signal to the e

... Mercedes-Benz C200

Engine overheats sometimes while driving or sitting still.ac works and so does condenser fan. Radiator fan does not work. 1st thing i tried was replacing radiator relay switch under hood next to battery. Right when i plugged the new one in the fan started working but it seemed like it wasnt going to fast.got back on the road and engine started overheating again.got home unplugged and plugged new switch several times and fan does nothing???????

Check voltage at fan motor, sounds like fan motor has had it, that's why it was spinning slow, kinds like a starter, won't work as fast when starting to go out or not work at all, if you have voltage, replace it. ... 1991 Toyota Camry

Oil pressure guage not working. check engine light not illuminated, engine not overheating,oil up high on dipstick with engine running. drove 5 miles after guage quit working! I suspect oil pressure guage or sending unit,however I do not know where sending unit is located on engine or how to trouble it. Is my diagnosis correct and how do I check? please help

Sending unit should be in this location. This is a cheap part that likes to fail. ... 2002 Ford Mustang

I have several issues with my 99 deville. First, the main radiator fan will not work...is there a sensor or a fuse somewhere? Second, sometimes when i start is , it maks an awful noise like belts are rubbing in the engine and smoke will come out....if i shut the car off it will sometimes keep running!!! do u know what would cause that? Third, the gas guage is always flashing empty when there is gas in the car.....is this a sensor issue too? thanks, [email protected]

You have many problems give these websites atry www.alldatadiy.com and www.autozone.com if all fails stop by ... 1999 Cadillac DeVille

Temp guage does not work and fan starts when engin turned on

Defective temperture sending unit, ... 2006 Renault Clio 1.2

I have a 2000 celica gt the temperature guage is showing hot like it goes all the way up after a short drive but the engine is not over heating plenty of coolant in it and fan works could this be a sensor malfunctioning

... 2000 Toyota Celica

2000 jeep cherokee 4.0 l6 overheating has new radiator, new upper hose new tstat, new rad cap, both fans appear to work water appears to be pumping. temp will jump from about 220 to 240 as fast as the guage can move and then will come back down almost as fast usually when engine is revved for a minute or so then it overheats again

Perform a pressure test on the cooling system,it will tell you if you have a engine overheating problem.\015\012also look at your oil and see if you have water in your oil,test your exhaust pipe for signs of antifreez coming out of the engine. ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee 2WD

Instrument Cluster Issues? Odometer and Trip Meter Stopped Working. Speedometer is o.k. Also; Temp Guage seems to show only midrange, when the Engine is COLD. Driving the Car with a warm or Hot Engine and the Guage goes off scale below last reading point, LEFT. Also; Oil Temp shows only a Minimal reading when the Engine is COLD. Driving it with Hot Motor and Oil Temp nearly falls off scale...... below 60 C....Checked Collant Temp @ Hot Engine and is o.k. Thermostat seems to be working and Engi

Re-check your thermostat, it may have gone bad and stuck patially closed, keeping the coolant from flowing through the radiator. Check engine temp sensor, it possible go to bad and out of range.That sensor is the underhood high heat senso ... 1989 Audi 200

My temperature gauge is not working despite having having new one installed. Thermostat when connected fan doesnt work when engine heats but when you dosconnect thermostat fan works immediately engine turn on Fiat Brava SX JTD deisel 2001

Faulty thermostat switch ,does happen even to the best of us ,buy a new one then find thats faulty as well just buy another as they are not expensive ... Fiat 500

Engine Overheat 2002 Kia Rio engine overheats. The guage has raised up to above the H. I put the A/C on without the defrost setting and the radiator fan did not go on. The other smaller fan was on, which blows the air in the car. I figure its either the fan relay in the fuse compartment, or the temp sensor, or thermostat. Any suggestions? When I drive down the road, the guage goes down

If the guage goes down when you drive then it is most likely the temp sensor that detects heat and kicks on the fan. ... 2002 Kia Rio

I have a mercedes benz e320 1997, the front dash guages stop working, the lights like the srs, engine light, and others works except the fuel guage, temperature guage, speed guage and the rpm guage stop working, please i am not trying to spend alot, but yeah please help me fix this problem.

... Mercedes-Benz E320

I have a 2008 Malibu LS, 4 cylinder.My engine light has been on and at the same time my temperature gage does not work and the fan keeps running, then the engine light went out for a couple of days, the temperature gage worked, but sometime the engine light was off and the temperature gage still worked. The temperature gage can be working and you are driving and all of a sudden it stops working. Someonoe suggested a sensor. Does anyone know what kind of sensor and where and how hard is it to ch

... 2008 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a 2001 Chevey Malibu with a 3.1 L engine. The cooling fans do not turn on. I have replace the thermostat, the temp sending unit, the low speed and high speed fan relays (although I still get an engine code for that). I have also replaced the overflow recovery tank. The fans do work, they just don't kick on when they are supposed to. The engine will overheat if I let it. What can I do to make the fans come on at proper temp?

... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

I have a BMW 1988 318i, and a load of body electrical problems have cropped up. Right indicator flicks on double time, no lights in the driver display dash with the temp and petrol guage and speedometer, petrol guage also stopped working yesterday. engine temperture guage has not worked since i owned the car. The heater also only works on ignition, then it stops working. is this a fuse problem? i can t find the right fuse box diagram online. do i need to replace the dispay behind the steering wh

... 1988 BMW 3 Series

AIR CONDITIONER My van is a 4.3 V6 which has front & rear air conditioner. The rear AC works finds. The front AC blows out cool air but the volume is really low even with the fan on high. Out of curiosity I turn the engine and all accesories off and then turned the key forward one notch. I turned on the rear fan and it works fine. I then turned on the front fan and it does not work although it works when I turn on the AC. Any ideas why I'm my air flow is so low in the front but not the rear. I t

On most vehicles with front and rear A/C, the two systems are basically independant of each other just sharing the compressor and condensor. It is possible that the Mode Door (controls where the air flow is sent; ie: windshield, vents, floor) is out ... 2004 GMC Savana

I have a 1998 plymouth voyager 2.4 ltr engine cant get the check engine light off and fans dont come on replaced fan relay and still the fans dont work

... 1998 Plymouth Voyager
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