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Howling sound at front of engine - Cars & Trucks

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Howling sound at front of engine - Cars & Trucks

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Why does my car make howling noise that sounds like its coming from either front right or center of the car, it doesnt pull while going straight, the engine is newer with 40,000 miles on it, the wheel doesnt wiggle at all, it starts howling at about 10 mph and gets louder as i accelerate, the tyres are newer, and balanced, this is a louder howling noise too btw. and the tranny shifts nicely

You probably have a bad hub bearing.If you can change the noise by slightly turning the vehicle one way or the other it is a hub bearing.If you turn left and the noise is still there then it is the right front bearing.If you turn right and the noise ... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

2001 Cavalier LS, 160,000 Miles 2.2L Engine. On my way home today the engine stalled out. I put it in Neutral and tried to turn it over and it would not start, I coasted into my driveway. There is a clunking sound coming from the front of the car by the belt when the you try and start the car. The car was running fine up to this point. Does this sound like my timing belt? and how much of a project is this to fix?

Yes it is a timing belt,it will cost you about 450 ... 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

Thank very much my friend First of all I am not living in USA I am living in Saudi Arabia, and I am proud to have known you guys. Sorry about my English but I am trying my best to explain the problem. It is tic tic sound at the left part of the engine if you stand in front of the car and the car is not diesel but petrol. And that sound since six months but I feel it is increasing little anyway the mechanic man said the engine must be removed out of the car to work easily that?s make me a

It sounds like you have a lifter knocking. It can be repaired from the top going through the valve cover. If its a sleeve on the crank shaft, yes, you have to go through the bottom of the engine block. Do yourself a favor, see different mechanic, ... Ford Expedition

Popping sound I have a 2001 GMC Yukon Denali. I just had a new front end assembly on my truck. It is making a popping noise while driving down the road after it has warmed up. It is coming from the front of the truck and it doesn't sound like it is in the engine. What could be the cause?

Make sure the shocks are reattached at both ends; also if it has coil springs vs torsion bars, they may be twisting upon spring movement. if not sure, you can squirt some oil on the bottom of the coil springs to test. if the popping stops then the ... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

My 2005 dodge neon makes a loud vibrating/ grinding/rattling sound. whats the problem? My 2005 Dodge Neon makes a Vibrating/ Rattling sound when the engine is cold and i am accelerating. once the engine warms up it usually stops except on colder days it will continue. sounds like it's coming from the engine/ front of the car. Can anyone help??

... 2005 Dodge Neon

1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE has clunking sound that produces vibration that I can feel in accelerator. Sound only in front end. Only happens when I accelerate, but the car occassionally hestiates ( engine almost cuts out)and then seems to "catch" and goes. also engine has to revv higher than usual for the automatic transmission to shift. Think it might be transmission filter needs to be changed ( fluid is dark), fuel filter , engine mounts ( although the engine doesn't move. ) Would hate to h

You have more than one problem!clunking sound if continues while accelerating sounds like a inner cv joint on one of the axles is binding .this will cause a vibration wobble.second hesitation could be spark plug wires braking down.dark fluid transm ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

What wrong? hello brother.i went to change the tires this morning,i just changed 2new tires and moved the old tires(size 255) to front and replace the 2 new tires(size 265) to rear.(i never realized that the range rover diesel 4 tires must be same size after i been told).when done,i drive the truck about 10mins and i heard unusual sound coming from the bottom(sound like DOM...),i stopped the truck a side and the truck can't move on just hear the engine noise.could u please tell me what is going

Hi Axer,The Range Rovers have permanently engaged Four Wheel Drive. If the tires are different sizes, they're spinning at different rates. Or trying to.If you were off-road, it wouldn't matter too much, but on paved road, wher ... 1995 Land Rover Range Rover

THE DAIHATSU MODEL I'm working on (which Isn't listed) is a 1999 DAIHATSU S210P HIJET Mini-Truck 4x4, 659cc engine. Distributorless ignition, direct fuel injection engine. The timing is controlled by the computor under the dash via imformation fed from a camshaft timing sensor at the front of the engine. NOW MY PROBLEM IS: While driving the truck it began to sound like there was a stick or something stuck under the vehical in radiator fan. Affter further inspection nothing was found. Re

... Daihatsu Charade

2006 Pontiac Torrent Engine light is on. Did code reader and said Basically this means that an oxygen sensor in bank 1 detected a lean condition (too much oxygen in the exhaust). On V6/V8/V10 engines, Bank 1 is the side of the engine that has cylinder #1. Change oil filter. Car sounds horrible. Also sometimes when I break at a light the car starts to rocks front to back.

Sounds like you might have a weak fuel pump.Check your fuel pressure if its not within specs replace fuel pump. ... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

My truck started making a noise today when i was driving it home from work. First it sounded like something broke or snapped under the front of the truck followed by a high pitch whining noise at which point i pulled the truck over and immediately the noise got louder and it started to smoke. I got out opened the hood and noticed 1) My engine coolent or antifreeze was so hot it was boiling and 2) my oil was coming out under the engine fast untill eventually it all came out. I'm assuming the Engi

... 2002 Toyota Tundra

I own a 1998 Ford F150 V8, 4.6L engine with approx. 273,000 miles. My truck has a high idle problem. Whenever I am driving for awhile and come to a stop, the engine idles well pass 1500 RPMs. In fact, the idle is so high, it requires me to keep my foot on the brakes to prevent running into the car in front of me. Once it starts idling high, it continues until I turn the truck off. Can you advise on what is causing the truck to idle at very high RPMs after being driven?

Vacuum leak or the IAC. Check the PCV hose behind the throttle body at the elbow and see if it \015\012is sucking air! Common problem on all F series with the 4.6.The first thing to look for are vacuum leaks, pcv, lines going under \015\ ... Ford F-150

High squeal noise coming from rt front end. only when i drive over 25 mph. only forward not when driving backward. changed brakes. sound stops below 20mph. seems to be coming from underneath car...not in engine area. cannot hear when hood is raised. does not make noise when car is in park and engine is reved up to same rpms. which are about 2.5. only makes noise when actually driving car.

It's the hanger bearing between the 2 driveshafts midway down the vehical had the same problem ... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

Noisy Engine Took car in for oil change when picked it up sounded as if engine was in front seat with me. Took it back and service tech said I need an new intake manifold didn't seem to make any difference. it is a 2005 4 cylinder appreciate any info you can give me. Car is just about to go off warranty Fran

Well, first off if the intake was that bad you would have noticed it before the oil change.\015\012\015\012Second, intakes don't make load noises unless there is a serious vaccum leak and then the car would be running horrible.\015\ ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Exhaust leak I had a small exhaust leak, whuch caused my check engine light to turn on. Then the other day i was driving and stopped at a stop light and then when i took off my car sounded like a go kart. It sounds like it is more towards the front of the car then the back. so if anyone has any suggestions please

... 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

I started hearing a whistling sound every time I step on my brake pedal (engine on but car not in motion) and the sound gets louder the harder I step on my brakes. I performed the tests to see of my brake booster is not working as follows: First, I pumped the pedal with the truck off and the pedal did not get closer and closer to the floor with each pump. Second, I pressed and held the pedal and then started the truck.The pedal sank towards the floor only slightly. Third, I ran the engine for

Check the vacuum hose from your booster to the engine ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

I have a 1998 saab 9-5. There is a ticking sound coming from a little box at the front left of the engine as you look at it from the front of the car. The part has what looks like 2 little buttons on the side. The part is at the top of the engine so is easily accessible and visible.

... Saab 9 5

Hi, there The noise starts at about 1500rpm with the car stationary or moving but only when under load, and only when it is hot. It does not change when oil filler cap is removed. I have replaced oil return hoses, vent hoses and vent unit, but no change at all. Some one told me that it might be a blocked cat? The sound comes from the right side of the engine looking at the front of the car. The engine is the 4.4 l and it has done 87000 km. Thanks

Could be a motor mount. The engine is "touching" the chassis through a collapsed rubber pad in the motor mount under load.\015\012The engine is "twisting" in position. You may start feeling the entire car vibrate when driving.\015\012 ... BMW X5 Series

Ford f-150 will crank but not start sounds like it wants to turn over. can hear full pump hum. new starter, new battery,. if i hit the gas pedel a lil while starting truck it will keep running but runs very ruff like the engine is trying to jump out the car. when i release the pedal it will shut off. if i try to start without applying pressure to gas pedal truck will shut off. also checked i am getting gas to the engine.

I had the same problem but I did two fixes for it (1) when I bought the truck several years ago the duel tank switch was pushed in but i never fixed it and just would switch tanks with the switch pushed into the dash. after awhile it acted like it di ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

The check engine light came on, and the car sounds extra loud, the noise is coming from the front bottom of the car, It just sounds like the exhaust might have come unattached, not sure though. It runs fine, any ideas?

It could be an exhaust problem. if the pressure in the exhaust is not right then the sensors could have triggered a trouble code and turned your check engine light on. i would take it to autozone and have them hook the scan tool up to the car and s ... 2001 Saab 9-3

I have a 2 door 2003 pontiac Sunfire that sounds like a airplane or lawn mower engine when I accelerate and while driving (but gets worse when I accelerate). The sound lessens when I come to a stop. It sounds and feels like the car is working really hard. We had new front tires put on a few months ago because they needed to be replaced. The sound was before and now after those being replaced.

You may have a manifold leak. Does the engine sound like its sucking air or blowing air at an idle? If so thats your problem. ... Pontiac Sunfire

A low-pitched loud whistle sound is sometimes heard coming from the front of the car when speeds reach 65 or 70 mph. It is intermittent and no braking, quick acceleration, turning of steering wheel changes the sound. Can't reproduce the sound in the garage with just the rpms of the engine. All windows are up and tight.

... 2007 Cadillac DTS Sedan

Ford focus 02 engine light came on loss of power shuddering from the front,engine light flashed and then stayed on car sounds like bad, engine psi light ok

Have the system tested for fault codes, i think u will find that u have a misfiring cylinder ... 2000 Ford Focus

I have a high pitched noise which appears to be coming from front right engine compartment (as you are looking at the engine) which sounds kind of like a belt that is squealing. It is intermittent. Just bought car 3 weeks ago and no check engine light. +

Could be several things. WHICH ENGINE?.. 4 cylinder (has three belts, power steering/water pump, alternator & A/C compressor, one tensioner pully A/C compressor), The V6 2.7 (has only one belt, 1 Idler pully and 1 tensioner pully), the V6 3.5 ha ... 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2006 Ford Expedition engine will not turn over. The electrical system appear to be working fine. When you turn the key, the engine doesn't click or catch. It makes a smooth sound as if nothing is firing. What could be the problem? My daughter drove the truck to the store. When she came out it would not start. I had it towed to the house. Help!! A few weeks earlier the window on the passanger side of the car got stuck. It eventually went up. About two weeks ago the turtle mode light came on.

If you have the DOHC engine contact the dealer with the Vin#. There is a recall for "cam phasers" that applies to certain engines. If the smooth sound is there and the engine is turning without compression its a good bet. If the starter is spinni ... 2006 Ford Expedition
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