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I have Hyundai matrix 2006 model .There is some vibration on engine in start standby position and I can easily feel in side the car. I have changed the engine foundations and clean the corpratore many times and changed the sparking plug also, but the problem is still there. In starting position when we removed the sparking plug cable from plug one by one the vibration not increasing. Kindly tell me what I should do for this.

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I have Hyundai matrix 2006 model .There is some vibration on engine in start standby position and I can easily feel in side the car. I have changed the engine foundations and clean the corpratore many times and changed the sparking plug also, but the problem is still there. In starting position when we removed the sparking plug cable from plug one by one the vibration not increasing. Kindly tell me what I should do for this.

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Car problem My car is chevrolet equinox 2007.I have problem with engine it not work fine .the problem was only with one spark plug that not working fine so i changed it with the cable and it was fine .but i think after 2 months the same problem happened again with same spark plug and i re-changed it again.now the problem for the 3rd time happened, so i want to know why this is happening and how i can solve it or i think that the load in the engine is not balanced on all spark plugs.Thanks

What does your spark plug look like when you took it out? Was it black/fouled out? If so, you may have bad rings on that piston/cylinder allowing crankcase oil into your cyclinder, thus fouling out your plug. ... 2007 Chevrolet Equinox LS New Cars

1993 5.2 jeep grand cherokee no spark. replaced cap,rotor,sync sens,crank position sensor and coil. Still no spark. Power ctrl module has power at pin 3,9 and 19. Pins 4,5,11 and 12 are all grounded. Coil has power at plug. Plugged in ob1, no communication with pcm. No check engine light. Changed pcm with one from jeep thrills same problems.

Pick-up coil in distributor bad. have to pull dist. take shaft out to get it out ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I changed the plugs one by one, and the spark plugs wires one by one. but now it seems the truck is weaker than it was. know what the problem could be? it sputters as you rev the truck up. it was fine with the old wires but not this problem with the new ones.... any ideas of what it could be. the engine light came on, i reset it after i pulled each wire, and reconnected it with to make sure they were fully connected. now no engine light but truck still seems weak. any ideas of what it could be?

Are you sure you had the right firing order .....Also have you checked if the plug wires are oem spec sometimes auto parts stores mess up and give you the wrong ones ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Code 300 the engine dose not runs steady,first code said crank position sencor bad so i changed it,no change in performance,codethen said cam position sencor bad, it dosnt have one, s ichanged the module which is cliped to the 2 coil pack,result the same, i changed the knock sencer the spark plugs ,the spark plug leads and fuel filter the,result the same.i dont know what to change next,any sugestion is greatly aprecited.

These have a lot of problems with the ignition coils. In darkness look at the coils for any signs of stray spark. If stray spark is present the coils need to be replaced. Note- Use extreme caution around moving engine parts! Do not attempt this if yo ... 2000 Saturn SL

My 2003 bmw 318ci convertible auto has amisfire in cylinder 3 i changed the spark plugs didn't cure the problem so i changed the core plugs(i think thats what you call them)around now it says multible misfire but when you take plug off the one that had the misfire in the first place the engine stays the same but when you take the plugs off the others ones at atime the engine nearly dies.

Put the engine back the way it was and try replacing your coil it could be faulty. ... BMW 318

I have a 2002 Ford Escort zx2. I drive a 45-mile route back and forth to school from my home 5-days-a-week. I've begun to notice that on the trip BACK home daily, the engine starts to drive a bit shaky and not as clean as it does going or during regular driving about. I recently had a vacuum hose problem repaired and I changed the spark plugs. I will point out that when the spark plugs I changed the spark plugs, the old ones were coated in black oil, which I know is indicative of an oil leak

Clogged catalytic convertor ... 2002 Ford ZX2

1st-PCV hose assembly and valve replaced. All other vacuum hoses traced and verified good. Mass air sensor cleaned, EGR valve tested, removed and cleaned-all tubes checked for blockage; Upper engine cleaning procedure done; Plugs and wires replaced-- engine compression good all cylinders. Problem--vibration at cold start, park or drive, almost disappears when engine warm, vibration changes when hitting speed bumps or when position of motor changes during parking. have read a mount may be

... 2003 Ford Focus

Just changed spark plugs, around 150 miles later noticed a sputter or mis-fire between 45-60 mph. pulled the plugs when i got home, no obvious issues with the plugs. problem continues to persist and the truck is progressively running worse. the check engine light just now came on. runs rough at idle and all the way through highway speeds. removed all the 10mm bolts to the coil packs and pulled each out one by one. even swapping the packs that were thought to be bad. getting an intermittent spark

Hi, I recommend you get a free scan at your local parts chain and write down the trouble code. I suspect you have a bad crankshaft sensor, but the scan will confirm. Send us the trouble code if you would like further assistance, and thanks for usin ... 2003 Toyota Tundra

No spark one day coming home the engine all the sudden stopped with no warning lights or any thing. three weeks prior i had changed spark plugs which helped with gas milage. upon inspecting the spark plugs, i found all the tips blackened accept for one. the car also gave a code of "cam shaft position sensor malfunction. Please help as it is our primary vehicle. thanks

Your cam shaft could have changed making the valves open at wrong intervals leading to burnt spark plugs. Bring to a mechanic for repair ... 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

I am experiencing an ignition missfire, which is making the engine run rough, idle rough, and the check engine light to turn on or blink. I have replaced the fuel filter,and changed the oil, and replaced all the spark plugs. The spark plugs 5 and 7 show up on my scanner as miss firing. Mainly the no. 7 cylinder seems to be misfiring. I am cocened that the power train control module has deveoped some failed electronic components. If one of your experts can help me define the problem,

I would check both of the coils and boots for those cylinders. You may have weak coils or bad plug boots. Also, I would check for a vacuum leak around those two cylinders, such as a broken plastic vacuum tee or a hole in a vacuum hose. I don't think ... Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1998 Pontiac transport van 3.4 engine. The engine light is on and it is running rough. The code says my problem is the number 2 cylinder. I changed the spark plug and with inspection I can see it is firing. I turned all the lights off last night and ran the engine and sprayed water on the wires and there was no arcing. I think maybe it is the coil pack. They appear to be modular, two wires per module. Can the modules be changed individually? Is it possible only one cylinder will

Cylinder 2 coil could be bad.cylinder 2 and 5 fires from the same coil pack.if coil 2 checks out good.you have a dirty injector or faulty injector to number 2 cylinder. ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

On2003 chevy s10 hard starting. sometime shuts off when slowing down. One day no problems next day starts up and dies. May take many tries to keep it running, raceing the engine does help. Have replaced the air & fuel filters,changed the spark plugs,rotor and plug wires. Engine light was on, but is now off

Migt need to adjust distribtur cap sound like it might have jumped time a litle, good luck ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

Engine light comes on saying tcc/od solenoid is bad. the rpm's jump around while driving at steady speed down the road. i took to tranny shop they replaced the solenoing fluid and filter and did not fix problem. engine light still comes on and says tcc'od solenoid. ive also changed spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor button, throttle position sensor. nothing has fixed problem

HI. What is the actual code given by the CPU, and what do you mean by "solenoing fluid"? I have never herd of this term in my years of experience.Please clarify. Thanks... ... Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

I bought a second hand pajero (3.5 Gdi v674) and is having a hard time to run it smoothly. Its problem is everytime when you're slowing down or making a full stop, the engine cuts off.Everytime you shift the gear to drive or reverse, the rpm goes down and engine cuts off. I had it check, they changed the spark plug, replaced one injector (since it was clogged according to the mechanic), it worked only for a while but return to its main problem, they also tried to replaced the servo but its not

I have recently ha a similar issue with my 3ltr pajero an my problem was a blocked idler motor ... 1993 Mitsubishi Montero

I just changed the spark plugs and wires, one by one, because the engine started running a little shaky, but the problem still persists. I took it to the shop to put it on the scanner and they told me that cylinder 6 was still misfiring. Any recommendations? And yes, the engine light is still on.

You need to replace the coil for # 6 cylinder. the light wont go off until the code is cleared ... 2004 Mazda MPV

I have a 1997 chevy silverado with 312,345 miles on it and i have a rough idle with check engine light on and flashing..i had a hand held scanner and it said mulitply misfires so i changed distrubitor cap and rotor and spark plugs and spark plug wires and still have the same problem ..the whole truck shakes or vibrates you to death sometimes going up a hill or when you stop ..

Did you gat some gas before it started running rough ? might be bad gas. were there any other codes ? ... Chevrolet 1500

Nissan Maxima 1990 GXE has problems: The motor vibrates and does not steady. Therefore, when removing the cables of the distributor from the spark plugs one by one, the motor much vibrates except one plug, although there are sparks in all cables. I found one injector was malfunctioned, so I replaced all plugs along with all fuel injectors with new others, each one of resistance about 14 ohms. Then, when I turned on the motor, it was vibrating more than the first case and two plugs did not operat

It is possible that the two spark plugs could have become fuel fouled and not respond. A quick way to tell is to remove the suspected spark plugs and switch them with known good spark plugs in the engine and see if the problem follows the spark plugs ... 1990 Nissan Maxima


I would replace one of the three coils and if that improves performance replace the other two. They only cost around 15 dollars each. ... Buick LeSabre

I got a 1995 jeep grand cherokee with a v8 and I am having a problem with it the problem is that I aint getting no spark or fuel to my engine and I have tried changing the crank positioning sensor magnetic pick-up sensor ignition switch and the coil and I am out of answers did any one else have the same problem and have fixed can you let me know how to

Then its the ECM no spark and injector pulse tap the ECM and crank the engine, you did all that you can ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

So this is my problem....i own a 2004 crown victoria unmarked police unit. it all started when the check engine light came on. i got the code, it said something about the spark plugs. i changed all 8 with ford motorcraft sparlplugs. cylinders 3 and 4 both have oil on them. after cleaning them the oil always ends up back in them turning the check engine light back on. do i need a new head gasket or valve cover gasket...pcv i mean what??? some one help!!! engine misfires obviously

Are you sure its oil? Ford claims to have had the intake manifold problem fixed in '02, but that is pure garbage. Leaking (cracked) intake manifold or a bad intake gasket allow coolant to meander its way into the spark plug holes and snuffs out the s ... 2003 Ford Crown Victoria

The engine on my sons 91 Mazda Miata is running ruff. Like on 3 cylinders. If I pull the spark plug wire on the #1 cylinder the engine runs the same. If I pull the spark plug wires on the #2,3, or 4 cylinders the engine runs worse or dies. It seems to be getting a good spark but I changed the plugs and wires anyway and the problem remains. While running the engine with the #1 spark plug wire removed there is no accumulation of fuel on the spark plug. It's bone dry. Nor does any fuel come o

You have done a great test but If I assk you to do a swap of the Ist cylinder plug and injector with one from the 3rd , we can come to a conclusion before we can change the full set of plugs and injectors for a good performance.( only if the mileage ... 1991 Mazda MX-5

I have a 2001 Jaguar S-type 4.0. I have had a check engine problem for a few weeks now. It was initially a misfire on cylinder 3. Mechanic changed ignition coil. After a few days, check engine light on again. This time misfire on cylinder 4. He changed all the spark plugs and tied together some loose cables. Check engine still there. Still on cylinder 4. Another mechanic found right side valve cover gasket leaking. He changed gasket and applied spark plug seal. Check engine came on within 15 min

Mechanic will get back to you because he doesnt know ,and neither do i to be truthful but the only way i can out of this problem is to use the right software and i mean take it to the dealers and have it hooked up and put right .This could be a ECU f ... 2003 Jaguar S-Type

Tacoma 96 4 cyl. 2.7 liters 4x4 The motor of my truck shake when he run at 2000-3000 rpm on the road, this problem is absent when speed in the neutral position. I'm sure that it's not on the wheels. It's an intermittent problem, I have changed the sparks plugs and the distributor cap and i don't see the difference. I don't have check engine light on the dash too.

... 1996 Toyota Tacoma

I have a 96 dodge dakota 4-wheel drive 3.9 engine automatic pickup i have changed out one outside coil one on the outside of the motor the other underneath the rotary bug. I changed out the rotary bug distributer cap spark plug wires spark plugs three O2 censors took out the catilatic converter muffler fuel pump fuel filter cleaned out fuel injectorsand fuel rail. The timing on the scanner shows to be okay and fuel shows to be okay and everything else shows to be okay like the check engine light

Take off dist cap.turn rotor one way then the other. if the tip of the rotor moves more than 1/16 of an inch of free travel then the block bushing is worn out. the block bushing is bronze and it holds the oil pump drive shaft in perfect alignment. wh ... Cars & Trucks
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