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I have a 1989 jimmy 4x4 V6 4.3 liter it dyed and i cant start it

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 1989 jimmy 4x4 V6 4.3 liter it dyed and i cant start it

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Hi all I have a GMC 1993 5.7 liters auto, 4x4 and i dont know what model transmission has All that i know that is electronic, has only one socket wired there is not any cable for kickdown or hoses for manifold pressure The problem is its cant shift over drive only shift until third so the fuel consumption is really high cause at 65 mph the engine is running on 3500 rpm. I started to refill the oil level, it was missing like half liter, has a normal color and smell then i put a jumper on aldl co

Your tranny is a 700r4 ... 1993 Chevrolet Suburban

2000 chevy blazer 4X4. After driving twenty to thirty miles on freeway when I pull off to the off ramp and come to a stop my battery gauge will start to flicker as well as my fuel gauge, will do that everytime I come to a stop in town. Get back on the freeway drive 40 to 50 miles then car will lose rpm no acceleration when i give it gas when it reaches 0 rpm the car will shut off. the car will turn over but wont start for thirty or so minutes,cant get very far. Fuses are hot as well as the engin

Are there any codes in the pcm? \015\012There are quite a few things that could cause this;\015\012Make sure the battery cables are tight and clean.\015\012If you have a way to do it, need to find out what the fuel pressure is at w ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.7 liter 4x4. the problem i am having is that when i turn the jeep on and it is idling the oil pressure is at about 40 lbs. however as soon as i touch the accelerator the pressure will drop to 0 until i let off the accelerator and then it will return to normal. it only does this after the engine gets cold or the first start of the day. the outside temperature seems to affect this some what because i used to be able to let the jeep warm up for 10-15 minutes when

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2005 chevy silverado 5.3 Liter 1500 4x4 , im havn a problem with the oil pressure gauge fluctuating from 80 to zero sporaticly. Starts out showing pegged at 80 psi, then will occasionally drop to 0, then bounce around. After 4 or 5 minutes it will peg at 80 and stay there the rest of the time vehicle is running.

You probably need a oil pressure sending unit it is located at the back of the engine and is a high failure ... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

92 gmc jimmy 4x4 vortech v6 wont start

Check the fuel pressure on the fuel rail on back of the motor an then check you vacum line off the back of the plenium ... 1992 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1996 GMC 2500 4x4 Suburban 454 engine 7.4 liter automatic transmission. My truck will start somtimes and some times not. When it starts it sometimes not go into any gear, then cuts off. It also cuts of when it does go into gear and move for about 50 ft. The 4x4 went out completely but was still able to drive around until now, it will not engage into gear and fluid drained all out of the shaft connecting to the 4 wheel drive box around some type of seal. The light on the 4 wheel drive bu

Ecm or pcm or both man does not sound good the fluid bothers me.. ... 1997 GMC Sierra K2500

My 2000 gmc jimmy has the service 4x4 light on and i don't know how to retrieve the codes. It doesnt come on when start just after driving a moment. Is the 4x4 on this jimmy operated off the vacumm or is it electrical.

... 2000 GMC Jimmy

1998 GMC Jimmy...4x4 / transmission issues. It started a few weeks ago with poor acceleration above 2500-3000 rpm in any gear. The engine doesn't red line, but it the truck doesn't feel like it is accelerating either. In the last few days, the switch for the 4x4 has been faulty...The light, which is usually on 2WD, is off. When it is on, I am unable to select 4Hi nor 4Low...the buttons do nothing. Also, a hum/subtle vibration under my feet has started when driving between 35 and 45 mph...reg

Lets take this piece by piece.\015\012The 4x4 switch is defective.\015\012A driveline vibration regardless of engine speed is usually a shaft or cv joint. To verify a visual inspection is necessary.\015\012The poor acceleration in a ... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Have a 1999 GMC Jimmy 4.3 liter and we are having problems with it starting. Some days it will start and others it won't start. We have replaced the battery and that day it seemed like it worked but then the next day it would not start. It turns over but will not catch to start. Can you please help me

Check the fuel pressure. It has to have 60 psi or it won't start. These are common for having weak fuel pumps causing this problem. ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy vortec v6 4x4. About a week ago I noticed a little sputter once or twice on the highway. Now when I first start it, it starts and runs fine. At about the 3 mile mark I get a little barely noticeable sputter. At about 6 miles all hell breaks loose. It starts spitting and sputtering and if I go below highway speeds it shuts down. Once it shuts down I have to wait 15mins or so, or it will crank and no start. If it does start it runs like **** and not for long.I've replac

... 1992 Chevrolet S-10

On my 1995 gmc jimmy blazer 4x4, -14 degree weather caused my car not to start. it rev's like it's gonna start but it won't turn over. could it be my spark plug's?

... 1995 GMC Jimmy

We own a 2005 GMC Sierra 4x4 crew cab 5.3 liter engine.When I first start the truck the battery light comes on and stays on. This only happens when we start it in the morning. The gauges show there is no problem with battery charging. When you first start the truck only (for the day) it starts up just a little slow then turns right over. We had the gauge cluster replaced (this was a recall), however this battery light issue was going on before that. After you drive the truck, or turn it off and

You can get the battery load tested at just about any parts store. I would have this done. If it checks out good, get the charging system tested, and if that is good, you could possibly have a draw draining your battery when it's not running. ... 2005 GMC Sierra

My 1991 gmc sierra 5.7 liter starts up and runs for 20 minutes and then when i shut it off it won't start up again. also if i start it in the morning and let it idle for 5 minutes it stalls out and i cant get it started again. i changed the fuel pump and the fuel filter. i dont know what else can be wrong with it.

When it won't start does it have spark? Sounds like it might be the ignition module. ... 1991 GMC Sierra

Hey people, i drive a 92 cherokee laredo 4x4 auto.. no modifications at all!! jeep wont start when temperature outside is hot. i bought another starter just to be sure, it has 160,000 miles on it. new fuel filter as well..when attempting to start, fuel pump will prime but no start! sometimes i have to wait till temp cools before it starts, and then when its turned off from driving if its too hot it has the same problem...is this a fuel pressure regulator problem??? i cant take this **** any more

There is something wrong with the engine. check likages ... 1990 Jeep Cherokee Limited

I have a 1994 GMC Jimmy and I have to use starter fluid to start it. It has a 4.3 l vortec v-6 the fuel pump kicks on when i turn the key but the motor just turns over like it is not getting fuel to start it. We changed the fuel regulator and the filter but still wont start without starting fluid sprayed into it. We cant find a manual with this motor in it to help us solve problems with it. Iam not happy with this motor at all. Please help. Tara Martin

Check the fuel pressure at the shredder valve, there should be 62 to 65 PSI when the ignition key is turned to the run position. (engine not running) Once the engine starts and is running, it should drop about 5 PSI. If the pressure is less then 62 P ... 1994 GMC Jimmy

I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado. 4.3 liter engine when I start the truck oil gauge reads just above 40 , th the pressure gaugge starts to slowly drop d gage starts to slowly drop down to 0. Could it be the oil sending unit or the pump itself and how can I check them

Most gms I have seen run low oil pressure..the sender is usually next to the distributor shaft on the rear of the intake or close to the oil filter..under the engine.. change the sender out first and possibly change to a heavier weight oil( instead o ... Cars & Trucks

Ok ..what i have at this time is heavy misfires and i can get it to start hard sometimes and easy others ... start up you get a heavy fuel odor. probably flooding after it starts up and you can drive it. it with hesitate between 0-25 mph.and be missing real bad ..what i have is a code for misfire 1 for possible break in a vacuum hose. and the vap line for the canister.I have replaced the fuel filter only right now. no help tho.i have the 31 liter engine. I pulled plugs 2,4,6..6 looked nor

Sometimes you need the more powerfull spark plugs look the old ones and see if they math ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

1991 1500 4x4 5.7 liter suburban. Will start and then die, like its not getting gas. Fuel pump has been checked, gas pressure regulator has been replaced, shop said hose from fuel tank to fuel pump had split (?) they fixed, trottle position sensor has been replaced. It's got to be electrical. It turns over fine, but no gas getting to the throttle body to start. When does start runs great. On freeway once and it dropped down to idle and pushing the gas pedal didn't do anything, after about 1

Yes, there is a Fuel Pump Relay. The Relay is located on the firewall just above the left-hand (even cyclinders) valve cover as viewed from the front of the car. There is also fuel pump test lead attached to the harness at the fuel pump relay. At ... 1991 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 1997 chev. silverado 4x4 with a 5 liter. It just started missing. Started with engine start up. No oil in water or water in oil. No excess steam out tailpipe. What should be the next step?

If no codes check spark plugs and wires, distributor cap /rotor could need tune up could be fuel related bad fuel-fuel pump if codes have scanned some auto stores such auto zone /advanced auto scan for free ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD

Fuel Problem I have an 88 ford ranger ext. cab.,4x4 2.9 liter with a standard tanny. My problem is is that I have right psi at injector rail, and power to injectors but fuel isn't going through the injectors to the engine. Replaced injectors, Throttle Position Sensor, computer, fuel pump relay among other things, but truck still won't start. Spray starting fluid into dome starts in 1 crank. Any clue?

Fuel pressure regulator? This diverts excess pressure from the rail back to the tank. When they wear out they usually stay stuck open thus diverting all pressure back to the tank. Pressure tests do not reveal this as pressure is checked before the ra ... 1988 Ford Ranger

I have a 1992 ford f150 4x4 my truck died and i cant start it it has to be a power problem there is no power going to the truck we tried to jump start it but no power at all i need to figure this out there were some power fluctuations lights were flickering i turned the truck off and it wouldn't start

My truck doesnt wanna start. i cant hear my fuel pump turn on any more so i had got a new one and it still dont start ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

I have a 98 jimmy and the security system has started acting up, it shuts the fuel off and wont allow it to start, how can I disable it? I have heard you can cut the yellow wire but the vehicle has to be running, I cant get it started, please help!

... 1998 GMC Jimmy

Have a 97 jimmy 4x4 and i had to turn key a few times with out starting to get fuel then it would start but know it don't want to start at all wat should I do

... Cars & Trucks

Won't start 1998 GMC Jimmy 4X4 won't start when it gets cold. Changed the distributor cap, changed the starter. Happened 3 or 4 times last winter at -21C but okay at -20C. Wouldn't start this morning and it was +6C. Will turn over but won't catch; smells like its flooding. Suggestions?

Check the IAT(intake air temperature)sensor, if its bad may cause a no start situation and flooding,also check foe fuses to the ignition system and voltage to the coils ... 1998 GMC Jimmy
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