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Fiting front brake discs and pads on a vauxhall frontera

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Fiting front brake discs and pads on a vauxhall frontera

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1998 S10 Blazer 4x4 Rear disc brake pads worn out so I replaced pads Now the brakes stick bad enough to smoke badly after just 2 miles on both wheels . I really thought this this would be just like front disc pads as ive replaced prob a 100 of those over the years. Never had a rear disc brake car. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help [email protected] Mo

Make sure all the caliper slides are free from rust and make sure they are lubed. It sounds like the caliper isn't floating on the bracket. ... Chevrolet S 10

Hi i have a 1995 cheverolet silverado 1500. For years i've had the problem of a really soft brake pedal that goes all the way to the floor before it brakes. It has abs, front disc brake and rear drum brakes. I have recently replaced the front brake discs and pads and rear brake shoes and drums. We then went on to replace the brake master cylinder and the brake booster but it still has the same problem even with numerous number of attempts to bleed the brake lines. There is no air in the system t

If you haven't already, check your rubber lines for weakness; they could be ballooning under pressure. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

Brake Problem My sons 1998 Mazda 626 has had new disc & brake pads fitted to the front of his car & rear disc machined & new pads. Still has Brake problems & is costing him a lot money and the problem is not being fixed. Problem : When the brake is applied he gets a shudder feeling all the time through the brake pedal. His hand brake is adjusted each time it is serviced but after 1 month it is at max position up when pulled on. I hope that you can answer my questions.

Hi im dave\015\012hope i can help \015\012when you had the rear pads applied and the discs turned was there noticeable damage to the disc surface it sounds like your e brake cable is not adjusted properly or perhaps the braided wires insi ... 1998 Mazda 626

Front brakes (how to do it) I'm a novice about mechanics. I have a 2005 Ford Escape XLT. I recently had my back brakes done in which it cost me almost $400.00/ labor itself was $78.00/ Premium brake pads were $81.95/ Bendix Global R Disc Brake Rotor was $179.90 (whatever that was) They did replace left and right rotor. of course there was a charge for shop supplies, State tax and then the city tax. The mechanic told me that I had 10% front brake pads left. So I decided to try to do it myself. Bu

If youy know nothing about it have it done or buy a sevice manual at auto zone ... 2005 Ford Escape

Troubled brakes ok had a mechanic replace brake pads on my 05 liberty 4 wheel drive all disc brakes. a week later rear calipers locked up i loosend brake line took a pry bar and was able to release brake caliper. i then drove home with front brakes the next day sunday i replaced calipers pads rotors tried to bleed system and was unable to so i called the mechanic who replaced the pads and i explained the situation he drove it to his garage and said it was a master cylinder i said cant be but i s


I have a Toyota 1991 XL which have good brake effect in the rear brakes but almost no breaking on the both front brakes. The pedal travels almost to the bottom. I have front discs and rear drums, no leakage, a little bit of wear on the front brake pads.

Sounds like you got air in your brake line you need to get them bled also have you checked you master cyliner to make sure it is filled up sometimes that may be all your problem is does the peddle slowly bottom out when braking ..An indication of air ... 1991 Toyota Previa

I have a Lesabre 1994, I was facing a defected front Brakes discs, so I repaired them & returned the old brake pads to the system since they were semi New! In the same day, I noticed that the break pedal is going very low when using the brakes1 I returned to the garage, and I told him the matter, so he told me to wait more days in order the discs and the pads to take their normal position. I did so, but the same low pedal still exist, so I returned to him and he pushed the air out from the bra

First off you should have replaced the brake pads with new ones and had the rotors turned. If after all you have done you still do not have solid brakes it very well can be the brake booster is defective or it can be just a hole in the vacuum line go ... Buick LeSabre

ABS braking My 1999 F150 ext cab 4x4 5.4 with 4 disc brakes has a spongy brake with a clicking feel in the brake pedal--the ABS goes light off and on--I have had all 4 pads replaced--the front rotors turned and replaced the 2 front calipers and bled brakes and still have a really bad spongy brake with that clicking or vibrating feel in the pedal---do you have any ideas? Thank you Dale

Have you check? the master cylinder. sometine when you get the rotors cut they dont come out right because they may be warped or to thin. if you did the job yourself you might have put the calipers in on the wrong side. this happens alot . if ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Hello, I have a 2005 lancer 1600 estate from new. At 27k miles a fault developed that when braking at 40 mph the steering wheel would vibrate. This was fixed by the supplier skimming the front discs. At 35k miles the problem re-ocurred, again fixed by skimming the front discs. At 38k miles the problem re-ocurred, this time fixed by fitting new front discs & pads. At 41k miles the problems has started again, always at about 40mph. I would be grateful if you can tell me if this is a common problem

Maybe the rotors are bigenuff and heat up too quick and warp but thats what they put on the car so youre out of luck,,,,you could put aftermarket rotors on it that are slotted and or crossdrilled which would greatly reduce the heat and your warping i ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer

I have a 99 grand voyager and the drivers side front brake is squeling. I'm not sure how to do brakes, but was told I have disc brakes in the front and drum brakes on the rear. Should I replace the pads and what else? Thank you so much for all your help!

These brakes are a pretty easy fix. For the job pick up some cheap gloves, you'll need general hand tools, proper Brake Fluid (DOT 3?)some brake cleaner, a large C-clamp, new pads (front) and I'd replace the front rotors too. Place the van on jack st ... 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Hello I have a intermittant red brake light coming on in my 116i bmw 1 series. It is a shape of a car, with two lines coming out underneath it, one going to the left, and one to the right. The book indicates it may be the brakes but it doesnt say specifically that it is. I have had it checked at the dealer where I brought it, and they have confirmed that the brakes were new (discs and pads) on the front when I brought it in June of this year, and the back brakes and pads were checked before I br

Not familiar with that figure, but you should check brake fluid level and look for fluid leaks at the wheels and master cylinder. ... BMW 1 Series

Front drivers side disc brake on 2001 dodge stratus. put on new rotor and brake pads. Get up to around 5mph it makes a noise, until brakes are hit. accelerate the noise starts again. outer brake pad is loose. What is problem?

The piston from the caliber will keep the inner and outer pads close to the rotor. If outer pads is loose, need to reassemble to find out if it didn't get installed right. ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

Mercedes atego Hi all Have an atego and when I brake the truck pulls to the right the truck has disc all round and has plenty of pads left have put new tyre on front had wheel alignment done and all front end checked still I brake and it pulls to the right what should I look for next I have noticed a slight air leak in the valve where peddle goes into on the front side when you lift the small bonnet

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It sounds like something is vibrating or rubbing in the front end. I put new brake discs on about 2000 miles ago. I started to have this noise problem about 200 miles ago and it is steadily getting worse. I backed off the calipers and the noise seemed to go away when I test drove it. Once I pumped the brakes up the noise returned. Could I have a warped disc or vibrating brake pads or what? Thanks for your assistance. Dave

If its a loud roaring sound when u drive check the hub assembly ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

Spongy brakes on 1995 toyota previa. It is non-abs with disc up front and drums in the rear. Kept bleeding the brakes and the right front caliper kept coming up with bubbles. Replaced the brake pads and master cylinder, still same problem...help!

... 1995 Toyota Previa

Front brakes heat up and sieze both my front brakes feel like there sticking after driving for a while when i stop smoke comes from them ive change master cylinder pads and discs but still have the problem can anyone help could it be my brake fliud

Chanses are its the calipers that are bad, and the break hoses going from the hard line to the caliper are too, (one or the other) i've had both problems on my wifes durango, changed both calipers twice and last time replaced both break hoses, i have ... 1998 Plymouth Voyager

I have a 2004 Jeep Cherokee and had my front brake pads, front rotor, rear disc pads replaced yesterday and today my ABS light came on. What should I do?

Check fluid level reset computer you may have to bleed system ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Clunking noise I have recently just got new pads and discs on front as they were below spec and there was a clunking noise when i braked, after having the new pads and discs replaced the clunking still occurs, I am unaware of what this could be and any guidance or assistance will be helped

... 2007 Chevrolet Kalos 1.4

Hi think something wrong with my bmw.its 1993 e34 5 series tds.first thing which appeared after couple weeks after i bought it was knock hard knock at the front passengers side everytime i hit a bump on a road.today after shoping when parked at my house felt a smell of burning rubber,checked the rear alloy it was warm/hot(when i bought it it showed a light on dash saying time to change pads+the rear disc is so scratched(its the brake disc which was hot) looks like it had no pads whatsoever,but d

The knock from your passenger side sounds very much like a worn balljoint/bush allowing excess play in either steering or suspension components. A quick check at your local garage with the car off the ground should identify the offending item.\ ... 1993 BMW 5 Series

2003 suzuki aerio passenger front brake keeps locking up. i have replaced the pads, disc and the caliper,??????? drive about 5 mins and they get tight, then when used they lock up, right front only this is Not all wheel drive and doesnt look like it has and wires down there for anti lock brakes. someone said to remove the abs fuse and i did a test drive and it hasnt happend yet. so would it be the abs? and what would it be?

This problem is only caused by one thing on this late model car, that is a leaking hydraulic control valve in the ABS unit, this allows brake pressure to be applied to the caliper pistons without any input from the driver. ... Suzuki Aerio

I have a 1986 gm motorhome, with a P 3500 (1 ton) chassis, disc brakes all around. I have had issues with the back brakes "sticking" slightly on, resulting in a wicked metatl overheat smell and extreme heat on the rear brake components. The front brakes work and "ride" properly. I have had the whole back end done, (New axle seals, diff seals, calipers, rotors, and pads, done. The problem does not go away. It seems after about twenty minutes of driving, the brakes do not want to fully release on

Sometimes the rubber brake hoses will collapse internally and allow fluid to pass through to the caliper, but won't let the fuild return. The best way to check them is to crack open the hoses where they go into the caliper. If they squirt, then ther ... 1986 Chevrolet Camaro

Tapered front disc brake pad wear

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Tapered front disc brake pad wear

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The brake peddel on my frontera 2.3 creeps to the floor when braking hard a new master cylinder has been fitted & all new disc's & pads + rear brake shoes load sensing valve & last of all a pair of calipers not sure about brake pipe lay out can any body help please

Need's to be bleed right ... 1998 Isuzu Trooper
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