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VW LT35 Replace starter motor

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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VW LT35 Replace starter motor

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I need to replace the starter solenoid contacts on my 1993 Toyota pickup. The starter is located above the front differential on the right side and the space is very tight and I don't see how I can get my hands into the available space or even see the end of the starter motor to remove the end cap to get at the plunger. The parts man at the Toyota dealership gave me a diagram which showed how to get into the starter motor to replace the contacts. Does the vehicle need to be raised on jack stan

Starter removal is not fun the first time, or the second time, but the third time it's a cinch. \015\012\015\012When you pull the start out you really ought to change the fuel filter while you're in there. There's one bolt holding on the ... 1993 Toyota Pickup

1970 ford f100 390cu. The started motor gets locked up about one a week. I pull the starter motor and test it by hot wiring it directly to the battery and it works for about a week until it gets lockup once again. Oh by the way this is a new starter motor and I did replace the fly wheel due to the old starter motor eating up the fly wheel. It might be that gears on the starter are getting locked into the fly wheel and not disengaging. Any thoughs and/or have you heard of this problem.

You may need to shim the starter and I would have the starter tested.It is not uncommon to purchase a faulty elecrical part of any type from a part store. ... Ford F-100

Ill add more detail... Car is an 1990 nissan laurel c33 had an rd28 motor ive taken the diesel loom out and replaced with petrol loom. New motor 2jzge+t with a megesquirt ecu. Have wired motor up and ran a battery line from boot to starter motor.. A line from starter to alt and then used an rb starter/ alt loom from there to my fuse box as normal.. So techniquely shouldnt affect any interior at all.. Ine gone to start and no dash lights etc.. Checked fuses interior and engine bay mains has power

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Starter motor I am trying to find the starter motor in my 2000 ford contour and I cant. I am hoping it is the starter motor, I have replaced the battery and the vehicle will still not start. It sounds like it wants to turn over but it wont. The starter is the only thing that I can think but I cant find it to take it off and have it tested.

Is there any sound when the key is turned? The solenoid may be stuck, and a light tap with a hammer may free it up. The starter is located on the engine block.\015\012\015\012This is what you are looking for....\015\012 ... 2000 Ford Contour

I have a problem with a 1300 Citi Shuttel, the starter motor turns but does not turn the engine, I have replaced the solinoid still the same. does the starter motor needto be replaced.

Sounds to me like your not getting enough juice to your starter or your clutch is not working properly. If indeed you have a standard transmission you have a clutch pedal. And behind that clutch pedal is your neutral safety button which works when y ... Volkswagen Golf

Car runs, but stalls. All power indicators on. Car rests, then starts. Runs for short distance, then stalls again. Tests indicate no power to starter from ingnition leads when keying to start. Already replaced starter solenoid relay, fuel pump relay, auto shut-down relay and bypassed starter motor. Applied power directly to starter and it cranks. Now, turning key does nothing. This vehicle has key decoder module. Do I need to replace this module????

Check for proper current from alternator more than13.5 volts that should do it if not check active codes if its not stolen ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

Starter problems I have 85 bronco II Ihave replaced the fly wheel new one, not remanufactured and a brand new starter, when I crank it over the starter grinds very bad, sometimes turns over the motor and sometimes it does not. But you always hear a bad grinding sound. any ideas. Same problem with my 88 Ford Bronco II. Except mine only acts up after warm. I'm convinced that it's the starter, which has been replaced 4 times in last 2 years....with remanufactured. I've been told that THIS is the p

I had a simular problem with a buick motor in my 68 jeep pick-up.The distributer shaft bushings were worn to the point of irradical fireing,even back firing dureing start-up and shattered the houseing on the new starter.It could advance your timeing ... 1988 Ford Bronco II

I was driving on the road when the starter engaged and burn out, I replaced the starter motor, starter relay, and ignition switch. turned the key and starter stays on. had to disconnect battery to stop it. even with the key out I connected the battery and it still turned. its a 1990 ford mustang convertible with a 5.0 dropped into it, standard transmission. i replaced the relay a secound time and it still stays engaged. please help. thank you. -Sergio

Hello, There are small wires that attach to the Starter Relay. These are the wires Mechanics call "tickler" wires. There should not be power going through the tickler wire unless the Ignition switch is turned to the START position.\012 ... 1990 Ford Mustang

Starting problems Frequently my engine won't start. When turning the key, you can hear the starter relay clicking, but the starter motor won't turn. Some days it starts right away, others after a few clicks, and others after 30-40 clicks. But it always starts. And it starts strongly, not like when the battery is weak. I can see no link between whether the engine is cold or hot. I've replaced the battery, cleaned the contacts on the battery. I suspect the starter motor, but I would have expected

It sounds like either the starter relay or the solenoid the contact points in it may be burnned if so it wont make a good connection ... 2001 Chrysler Concorde

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT - Blower Motor will not blow in the lower speeds, High Speed (5) only. Resistor has been replaced 3 times in the last twenty four hours, blower motor has been replaced twice in the same amount of time.... all parts are brand new... fuses and other relays checked... cant find any problem. The vehicle had a problem a week ago with a bad starter that was dragging terribly... its was replaced last week and works great . Help !

... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

Problems with starter it makes a terrible growling noise when turning the motor on have had the starter replaced but it didnt cure the noise now the second starter is going and wont start at times have been told its the flywheel ?? needs replacing or it is the torque converter which do you think it is and where do we get these parts the car is a hyundia 1.3 lsi 5door automatic would appreciate your views thanks

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I have just replaced the starter motor on my 1996 chevrolet astro 4.6 V6 explorer. It still struggles to engage with the fly whell and emits a high pitch squeal (Just like the noise made when you turn the ignition when the engine is running) I had ti get under the van and move the crank slightly for the starter to engage. when i drove no problem however once i stopped it did the same. do i need to replace the flywheel?

I think you need to put some shims between the starter and the engine for clearance ... 1986 Ford Ranger 2WD

I have a 1991 dodge dakota with a 5.2 efi motor,the problem i have is when i turn the key nothing happens,all the other electronics work with the key on,it just will not roll over,i have had the starter tested many times and it always checks out ok,just will not engage when in the truck. i have checked out all the fuses,which checked out ok, i have also just replaced the ignition switch, still nothing motor is not set up either in the truck it is just like the starter is dead it does not even cl

HI do you have a after market alarm on this truck ... 1991 Dodge Dakota

Starter Replacement F150 4.2L starter Motor replacement

Where the starter is located in 2000 mercdes e320 ... 1985 Ford F150

Replaced starter on 93 explorer and when i replaced it and cranked the motor the starter stays engaged or wont stop cranking until i turn off the truck..what did i connect wrong


My starter went out on my car. I had the starter replaced and i was told it was the motor was locked up. My car still tries to turn over with a jump. Does this mean that my motor is gone. No ticking, no rattling, the low oil light did not come on and there is no sign of a leak. What should I do!

Well this is hard to diagnose on the computer, but listen verry carefully to how fast the engine cranks over, if its abnormally fast, then it might be there a broken cam or crank. if it is abnormally slow on crank then you might have a blown head. I ... 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada

How do I access the starter motor for a 1994 Pontiac sunbird to replace it? I cannot see the bolts to get the starter motor off.

... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

My truck just died, I had the battery, starter, and alternator checked out. All were bad so I replaced them all. The truck is still not starting. I turn the key and the starter pops out but it will not turn over. fearing the motor frozer I turned the motor over by hand and it turned. So I have no idea what is wrong. please help

Can you turn the engine by hand at all? How is the oil?\015\012\015\012I think you are correct, you are frozen ... or at least very seriously chilled. ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

Starter motor my starter motor use to make a really slow ruuurrr rruuurrr rruuurrr sound and then it went to having to hold the key in the starting position for a couple of seconds before it went rruuurrr rruuurrr again to now nothing at all. my battery is new and the crank sensor is new. the connections are fine and all tight. whats happening? what is it that needs fixing or replacing? Cheers

It sounds like the solenoid cointacts might be corroded, especially if you tend to hold key in "start" position for long periods (as it sounds you have gotten to). If you get another started buy a rebuilt one, but if you want to try a free way first ... 1995 Subaru Legacy

Can't find the starter motor on a 94 Isuzu Trooper. Trying to clean battery connections or replace starter motor, but i can't find it!

Started located right below the drivers side exhaust manifold where the down pipe attaches. You will have to remove most of the exhaust system from the catalytic converter forward to get ot it. this is not a job for the faint hearted or Sunday mechan ... 1994 Isuzu Trooper

Starter motor was making a chunking noise but not starting. replaced starter motor and after 1 day same problem

Probably a missing tooth on the flywheel. That's a pretty big deal. ... 1992 Toyota Previa

I have a 1978 Chevy pickup. I started my truck, and I heard a grinding noise. I shut it back off, and it wouldn't turn over. I replaced the battery. Smoke comes from the terminals when I try to turn it over. Could it be the starter, or worse could it be the motor. Would the starter not try to turn it over if the motor was bad? This happened all of a sudden

I thank your starter is bowned up ... 1978 Chevrolet C1500

How to replace 95 automatic v6 starter motor. The solinoid switch is sticking so I want to replace the current starter.

You will need to remove the battery negative terminal (be careful if you still have the factory stereo, you will need the access code due to the anti- theft built into the radio) if this is a go, I would remove the air inlet covering the wingnut on ... 1995 Honda Accord

My Jeep sometimes wont kick over I just get a clicking from the starter motor, a lost like a flat battery. I replaced the battery still have the same issue. Any common faults re starter motors, solinoids etc. Kindest regards Anthony

First check the voltage in the batteryto make sure the alternator is working properly.Next check the connectors on the wires that connect to the battery and make sure they are clean and free of corrosion. Next tap on the starter with a hammer or the ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee
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