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I have chrysler voyager 2.8 disel.when start gives blue smoke and when you rev it does missing.when you are driving its missing and when you go more than 30mph its fine.please any help?

\015 Some body said to me it might be some sencer,any suggestions?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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I have chrysler voyager 2.8 disel.when start gives blue smoke and when you rev it does missing.when you are driving its missing and when you go more than 30mph its fine.please any help?

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I got a 99 Chevy Tahoe that has been giving me problems for a while now, first the number one cylinder is miss firing, therefore a complete tune up was done, I even changed the coil. This did not help, so I changed the fuel injection system, it seems to have helped but it started doing the same thing again. NOTE: it only runes like this at Idle after 2500 rps it stops missing. I have been driving it this way for a while with no trouble. Until now, it still misses and not when I am driving at a s

You don't say how many miles but what you describe to a T is a burnt valve. To have it checked for sure - please have a shop do a compression test. You will know 100% then and I am sure as one can be without seeing the vehicle and doing t ... Chevrolet Tahoe

2000 model f-350 7.3 liter deisel, acts like it's missing or not burning the fuel, but if i "stomp it" it'll go! runs just fine, but just normal driving it misses and stops, misses and stops. i've just replaced the cam/crank sensor, didn't help. vechile speed sensor ?? or accel. pedal sensor ?? any help or direction please thanks

My 2001 Ford F-550 7.3 pwrstrke did a similar, and I found the problem to be on that is notorious on the ole 7.3's. The 8th injector get the lowest oil pressure and it feels like a skip. Its in Ford spec, but it actually isn't getting the same pressu ... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab

Cylinder misfire 2009 Traverse LTZ Idles ok in hard excellaration fine in cruise level ok Slight accelaration misses Posted by Guest on 11/15/2012 Details year ago timing chain threw a code dealership reprogramed computer said problem fixed. Now when under a slight load engine misses 1st code random misfires 2nd Code #2 misfire Changed plug and coil pack no help Still missing under mild load I can drive with just using accellarator and do fairly well by feathering accelarator However if driving

... 2009 Chevrolet Traverse

My b 4000 4.0 litre misses while driving and backfires on deceleration.have done tune up,fuel pump,regulator,and filter.took the catalyst off and at idle its missing.have also replaced the intake plenum gaskets.it seemed to help my idling problem.but i still need to know whats causing the missing and backfiring.please help!!!!!!!!!

Check the emission part of your truck for the backfire on deceleration ... Mazda B4000

Plz Help! I have a 92 F150 when engine is cold starts and run great, but soon after when it warms up engine light comes on and it starts missing,can anyone help and have any idea, i replaced fule filter, new plugs,plug wired,dist cap, checked for vacume leak's, it's been driving me ut's PLZ HELP !

... 1986 Ford F150 SuperCab

I have a 99 marquis. My engin light has been on for awhile because of an evap leak. When I was driving 70 mph on the freeway it started flashing. I tried counting the flashes but I was driving so I might have miscounted but I think it flashed about 8 times. Is that a specific code? Please help I don't have the $90 bucks for a diag test. Also it does have a miss in it would the flashing indicate what coil is bad?

Not a specfic code, but it means the problem is more serious and needs to be repaired now. The flash was probably from the engine misfire. Scan for codes and repair it before further, more costly damage occurs. ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1990 chevy pickup 1500, 2wd. auto. the problem os that it idels ok. while in park you can give it halg throttle it runs fine, but as soon as i put it in drive and drive it down the road it starts to cuts out, stytters misses, but not back threw the tbi, it does this at about 20mph, and up. any help would be great, thanks paul

Check dist. cap and rotor and replace. Just fixed one last week. Rotor was causing a misfire under load and coil contact to rotor was worn out down too the cap. Graphite dust from the center contact in cap was all over the rotor causing a misfire. $2 ... 1992 Chevrolet C1500

My 2002 envoy has a miss that just started==was driving on the freeway for about 40 miles @70 pulled n a station to get a drink ==started it back up and it started missing like a dead plug or coil i changed all the plugs looked like 1 was not firing-so i put in a new coil on that plug and didnt help

2002 Envoy sle 4.2 L straight 6. Random misfire(PO300). After erasing codes for several days, I finally took my car on the highway and ran it at high speed(70+) for about 4 to 5 miles. Check engine light came on as before but this time it gave m ... 2002 GMC Envoy

My 2001 dodge stratus r/t stalled on me while on the highway, similar situation with cchornuk.. driving along and i tried accelerating from 30mph to highway speed, the car revved up and then nothing! i start sliding backwards pull over to the roadside, i notice that the neutral light flashing even when i try to put the car in another gear.. im in dire need of some help I am clueless and a broke student can anyone help me figure out what this could b and what it may cost me to get it fixed? PLeee

... 2001 Dodge Stratus

While driving car seems to miss every now and again then comes rite for about 5 km then misses again when parked at the lights car engine shakes whole car a we bit then comes ok for awhile then every thing starts over again it also has loses power when it happens all feed back will be a great help thanks.

Hello\015\012The causes condition of this range from bad spark plugs to bad spark plug wires or both, defective distributor cap or rotor, fuel injectors, intake manifold leaks and internal engine problems such as valves or ring seal. I recommen ... Toyota Camry

I was driving in rain that was coming down in sheets driving into the front of the 1990 740 .I was going about 65 and it started missing as if something might have gotten wet, running on 2/3 cylinders, but then it started firing ok. This morning it would not start cranks good but will not catch . It always started fine befor this happened. Any help is apreciated, Thanks Steve

Pull the top off the distributor cap and see if there is moisture under there. WD 40 is good for driving out the moisture. The WD stands for "Water Displacer" ... 1990 Volvo 740

Hi there,my 2000 jeep cherokee 4.0l temp gauge keeps going up and down,goes up to normal when the car is at idle in drive and then will start to idle rough then miss and then want to stall,and then when i drive the temp gauge goes down to 0 and seems to run rich and get run-on in the revs can you please help me??????and there is no engine check light coming on, thank you

It sounds like a fualty sensor like camshaft sensor or bad 02 but the check engine light should be on if the problem is sensor or electrical related. I would change temp sensor and thermostat. Sounds more like faulty temp sensor if the car is running ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2001 Elantra. A few weeks ago while driving, the car seemed to go into passing gear when the transmission was changing gears at 30mph. The next day the car wouldn't start. Had it towed to garage and when they tried to start the car - it started. No codes and couldn't find a problem. Yesterday while driving it it suddenly lost power several times and then about 2 or 3 seconds it ran fine. This morning it won't start again???? Help!!!

... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

My 93lesabre acts like it is missing or stalling while im driving it. I give it gas it helps or let off gas it helps but not fot long

Try doing a tune up on it spark plugs, wires, ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

Hi there, I drive a ford escort 1997 model 16v. Having problems with the spark and firing. The car only seems to be missing while driving it. Any help

Hello, You may have a bad wire or coil pak. There are many things that can create this problem and usually spark problems show up when engine load increases. If there is not a "check engine" light on in the dash you can still have something on the c ... 1997 Ford Escort

I have a bad miss at idle... smell gas... put new iridium plugs in and still the same...i have nology wires... i cannot figure this out...check engine light is on and had checked... said plugs or wires possible cause...i checked wires i have 3 ohms. means? very low resistance? HELP 2001 sierra 4.8 seems to drive ok at speed, and sometimes hard to start, hit or miss... normal or crank alot... getting on the highway once i gunned the motor and a great burst of smoke came out and pinged alot... it

Pull out the distributor and see if the gears are worn to a razor blade sized point,if so you need a distributor and a cam shaft replacement. ... 2001 GMC Sierra Crew Cab

Radio/Speaker Problem The radio in my '94 530i started sounding funny (fuzzy) and shortly after no audio would come out. The radio seems to work for a second or two when turned off for a while and then turned back on. Would a blown speaker cause the radio to go into a safety mode? Please help as I drive a long way each day and miss my radio. It's the radio that is hooked up to the CD player in the trunk, if that helps. Thanks!

Check your radio and trunck to see if you have a equalizer/amplifier built in or otherwise.Adjustments would cause radio to go into safety mode.Try your balance from side to side.A busted speaker would cause the fuzzy sound or a shorting speaker wire ... 1994 BMW 5 Series

I have a 96 Tacoma and I have a miss fire issue also. the wierd thing is that when you clamp off the fuel return line it idles and revs pretty normal. but when driving it stumbles pretty bad. It is throwing P0300 along with P0302,304,306 multiple misfires.. Could this be caused by low fuel pressure... When you drive you can feel it misfire and then run right and then misfires. what do ya think...I cahnge the fuel reg to a differnt one (not a new one) and it helped a little but still runs bad.

Wiring worn ... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

My nissan maxima misses the hose who brings the air from outside to the airfilter.this hose have a sensor on it and i miss that one to. i'm trying to find that in junk Jard because is not easy to find it. In the mean time i driving the car do you think this might cause other problems.because sometimes the car starts shaking when i stop.Please give me a answers. i already spend a lot of money going to the dealer for this car.I appreciate your help.

This sensor you are missing is called the Intake Air Temperature sensor. The hose itself is not "required". You can purchase the sensor by itself, drill a hole in the upper part of the air box, and simply screw it in, and plug it in. As long as it is ... 2002 Nissan Maxima

1998 chev 5.7l bad miss when driving at idle no miss code p0302 and code p1133 please help

Make sure plug & wire good on # 2 cylinder, something may be misfiring on that one. (that's code 302)1133 is oxygen sensor, bank 1, sensor 1, should be drivers side, before catalytic converter, but double check at parts store to be sure. ... 1998 Chevrolet C2500

My 2005 Nissan Altima has been idling rough for 5 months or so and then started missing while driving last month. Now it occasionally stalls while standing idle in drive or in park and sometimes difficult to restart. Suggestions? Injector cleaner seemed to help initially but now getting worse.

... 2005 Nissan Altima

I recently bought a 1978 Allegro motor home with 454 GM motor in it, the vehicle is missing all the belts, need help in showing me the routing of the belts, it does have P.S with two V grooves as well as the A/C compressor, it also have two grooves, please tell me how many belts are there and what does each belt drives. I appreciate you help in this dilemma I am having.

Please make it easy on yourself.....\015\012If you go to Autozone,NAPA etc. most have diagrams on their computers that they can show you or run off for you. You could/should take a photo of the top front and bottom front of the engine to show a ... Chevrolet Classic

My 98 chevy astro is missing in drive under a load. Sometimes it misses and the fuel gauge goes crazy and speedo starts dropping then picks back up if I push the gas to the floor but still missses. On the flat or down hill it's fine. Just put a new cap and rotor on didn't help. Getting p0339 code crank sensor signal. Then check engine light went out and anti-lock light came on. Please give me an idea of how to fix. Thank you

Well the crank sensor would cause the running problem but if it is intermentant and now the anti lock light is on i would start with all my ground connection on motor and on the firewall. then i would go from there. it sound like a ground issue from ... 1998 Chevrolet Astro

I have mitsubishi lancer 2006. It is 1600CC auto trnsmission. Recently I got the gear oil and timing belt changed. It has done 90000Km. After this change the car is giving a strange problem. When I start the engine after sometime when the engine has cooled it starts missing. But after sometime when it is hot then it stops missing and drives normally. Pl help me in this regard. Thanks

Check the coolant in the engine and if needed gear oil changed again.. ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer
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