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My transmission is hanging in third and want go in overdrive. The overdrive light is blinking. It's a 02 explorer.

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First, change your transmission fluid and filter while the engine and tranny are hot(to get out particles that may be jamming the overdrive gear)! Next, check to see if the overdrive motor is running when you flip it to overdrive. If not...change the overdrive motor.
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My transmission is hanging in third and want go in overdrive. The overdrive light is blinking. It's a 02 explorer.

First, change your transmission fluid and filter while the engine and tranny are hot(to get out particles that may be jamming the overdrive gear)! Next, check to see if the overdrive motor is running when you flip it to overdrive. If not...change t ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 95 Explorer. About two days ago the auto transmission slipped alittle shifting from second to third. Today the O/D off light started flashing and as I was driving the transmission shifted from overdrive to third and then like it shifted to neutral. After stopping and trying to shift from park to drive or reverse it would not go in gear. Only if I turned the ignition off and restart the engine it would go in gear. Then after about 1 mile it would shift from o/d to third and then after ab

Check the gearbox oil to start with as this can cause these types of problems, also have your cars ecu read with a fault code reader ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 ford explorer.the overdrive off light is flshing on and off. the check transmission light is also on.i am asssuming that the 2005 and 2002 transmissions are identicle. i have justspent 1800 dollars on this tranny. i drove the explorer 10 kilometers only to have the od light come on again as well as the check tranny light. please help and advise.i really feel ripped off. thanking you in advance p.s. is it possible that the mechanic should have reset the od.code?

... 2005 Ford Explorer

On my 98 ford explorer the transmission will try to downshift into drive above 50 mph. If I push the button and get it into drive it will only stay in drive for a few minutes, then shift back into overdrive. the faster I go the worse it gets and if i go above 60 the overdrive light flashes until i turn the ignition off. It's a 5 liter 2wd explorer, eddie bauer addition.

Sorry cant answer this one ,no automatics here in spain ,but i would have a look at the solonoid thats on the gearbox thats operating the overdrive .Or trade it in for a nice VW or peugeot combi with 1.9 lt diesel and mega miles to the gallon ,a 5lt ... Ford Explorer

My ford explorer is 4 wheel drive and has an automatic transmission, the problem im having is, that my overdrive light has started blinking. At times it will blink for a while and then it will quit and the OD light will go off, but there is no apparent trouble with it shifting into overdrive when its doing this. should i be concerned?

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Overdrive transmission I have a 1996 ford explorer eddie bauer and the overdrive transmission light has been flashing when i go to the highway or increasing the speed.

This is the old style transmission code you have a problem with a solenoid inside the transmission go to a transmission shop to read and replace the solenoid only not a rebuild usually ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Slipping transmission. why would my transmission be slipping even after changing the fluid and filter, It feel out of gear going down the road. I parked it and killed it. then started it up and it would go in gear but had no pull. The overdrive light is flashing and it will barely even move in any gear. I have a 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 V6 and an automatic transmission.

The friction plates maybe well worn and need replaced. Torque converter may be failing. Automatic transmissions can and will wear out in time. 14 years is alot for any vehicle. ... 1996 Ford Explorer

Transmission slipping... i have a mazda 626 2000 i had the transmission rebuilt a couple months back.. started slipping again took it back they replaced the solenoid.... got it back on the 17th last friday was on the highway after about 50 miles going 55-75mph (dang construction zones) it started going crazy kicking hard and not wanting to go in gear while its doing that the overdrive on/off light starts flashing on and off.... i do have a broken egr valve (locking clips are broke and its unabl

EGR is not the cause. They messed up on the rebuild Take it back to them and demand they fix it if it is a respectable shop they will have no problem looking into it. and if not a respectable place they are going to give you the run around if you ... 2002 Oldsmobile Alero

2001 eddie bauer ford expedition 4x4 no prior problems with transmission or gear slippage. had trans fluid and transfer case fluid changed last month. yesterday put suv in reverse and car jerked and died. then when speeding up it did not want to shift into higher gear and overdrive light on gearshift was flashing off. pulled over and put suv into park and then it would not go into any gear. turned car off and sat for 15-20 minutes and suv would go into gear but did not want to shift so stayed in

Input or output speed sensor,Incorrect fluid or fluid level,neutral safety switch,or TCM (transmission control module) ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I bought a used Ford explorer sport with 80K on it. Shortly after purchasing it. the overdrive light indication on the dash display will intermittently blink. I took it to my mechanic they checked the code and it indicated a shifting problem with the automatic transmission in 2nd gear. I was told that i would have to have the transmission rebuilt, which would cost $1600-$1800. I looked on line, and in one blog, they suggested just having the solenoid pack repaired. When I asked my mechanic ab

Best quality is never the cheapest price. Replacing the solenoid pack is MUCH less that having the trans rebuilt. and usually they replace the solenoid pack as part of the rebuild. So find a trans shop that will trouble shoot the trans and come up wi ... 2001 Ford Explorer Sport

Have a 1998 ford explorer sport that is four wheel drive with an automatic transmission. My over drive light sometimes comes on and starts blinking, it doesnt seem to affect the shifting or driving, it still goes to overdrive even when the light is blinking, do i need to be concerned and what problem could possibly be coming if there is one?

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Transmission problems My 1995 windstar is just fine when you start it, then it seems as if you let it heat up (about 5 or 6 blocks) the transmission gears start slipping and dont want to stay in gear, also the overdrive light is constantly blinking. Is there anyway this is the two sensors together or is the tranny gone?

Sorry the trannys gone DOAcheck you options ... 1999 Ford Windstar

My overdrive light keep flashing on and off even after the transmission has been worked on, can't seem to find the problem.. want to know if the person that rebuilded the transmission might have made a mistake or didn't rebuild properly.

... 2002 Mazda Tribute

My 1999 RX300 will not shift into overdrive after running for 5-10 minutes. The check engine light reveals codes P0171, P0325 & P0330. A dealership wanted to replace the MAF and both knock sensors to the tune of about $1,500. Do you have any suggestions? Why would the transmission shift into overdrive for the first 10 minutes or so? I don't hear any knocking either. Many thanks!

... 1999 Lexus RX 300

My 95 4 wheel drive explore was shifting hard in high gear so I had the transmission flushed in August 2011. It didn't help a lot. But when its does this I let off gas and it shifts. Now today my low gear are not wanting to shift. Took to a shop they change transmission and added a additive. The other fluid smelled burn and had metal and wood in the pan. Also now the od light is flashing on off.

... 1995 Ford Explorer

1995 Ford explor 4 wheel drive transmission overdrive light blinking

Check the trans fluid level and condition. ... 1995 Ford Explorer

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute 6 cyl. that when it rains the engine starts to cut out and loses power. Also have a rough idle and service engine light comes on. I have to take it out of overdrive due to constant banging, transmission shifting and loss of power, seems like it wants to die. Soon as it dries out everything is fine. Any suggestions on what might be causing this.

Sounds like a cracked distributor cap or perhaps a bad seal. It would be a good idea to replace the distributor cap and rotor. ... 2002 Mazda Protege

The transmission is not shifting into higher gears or overdrive. When beginning to drive, it starts in what seems to be third gear and never changes. It is running about 2500 RPM's when on open road about 65 MPH. It should be about 1800 RPM's. The check engine light is on. Also, it will not allow me to remove the key when it is placed into park.

You need to have a computerised diagnostic equipment connected to the car which will then read some error codes.Once you get the error code you can find out where the problem is coming from.It could be a faulty solenoid for the transmission but the b ... Hummer H2

1996 ford explorer overdrive light has started flashing and my suv want pick up speed nor change gears properly. whats the problem?

... 1996 Ford Explorer

My 95 ford explorer overdrive light flashing, speedometer erratic, transmission shifting back and forth

... Cars & Trucks

I have a '95 explorer and having a problem when i start driving transmission does not want to shift out of first until i let of the accelerator then it will shift and the OD light is blinting. It has plenty of fluid , what can be the problem?

Hi :) Sound like a electronic shift solenoid in the bottom of the transmission.The computer use the silenoid to shift from gear to gearand to monitor the transmissions actions. ... 1995 Ford Explorer

Po700 code comes up trans. shifts first second third , light under park reverse neutral drive went out only comes on under 3 transmission wont shift to 4 and overdrive like it is in limp mode erased and cleared computer now it shows no dtcs but still doin same thing

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Transmission my laganza doesn't seem to want to shift into 4th and overdrive untill the engine is at normal running temp. Even if its a cool day and the engine temp goes up and down the car will go back down to third untill it warms back up. What do you think?

Try servicing ur trans. by changing the fluid and filter ... 1999 Daewoo Leganza

I have a 2002 ford explorer and the transmission won't shift right .The overdrive light blinks when I drive it and I found some wires that had touched the manifold and melted. The wires went to the DTR sensor. I fixed the wires but it still does the same thing. Do I need a new DTR sensor, or computer, or what ?

Well just drive it or replace the transmission you can take it to a good trans shop they can run the codes on it before you replace anything ... 2001 Ford Taurus

I own a 2002 Ford F150 SuperCrew- TCS flashes at low idle,It goes off when truck accelerates. Transmission shifts fine in all gears and if I hit the tcs at highway speed it downshifts to third gear with no problem. If I hit the switch again it goes back to overdrive. I have had regular maintenance on tranny and changed the filter and fluid every 35k. Truck has 122,000 miles and I am original owner. Any idea's as to what may be causing the off light to flash?

The flashing is the transmission reporting a problem. Only way to figure it out ( that I know of ) is to have the transmission looked at.The flashing is generated by the PCM, which controls the engine and transmission. Without a CEL, th ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab
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