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My ford focus 2005 model, feels a bit strange on the steering, whoever aligned it previously has not done so with the steering wheel straight therefore is slighly off centre to the left, but when i brake and just before i stop my steering wheel wants to over steer - do i just need to get the wheel alignment done?

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My ford focus 2005 model, feels a bit strange on the steering, whoever aligned it previously has not done so with the steering wheel straight therefore is slighly off centre to the left, but when i brake and just before i stop my steering wheel wants to over steer - do i just need to get the wheel alignment done?

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Engine light continues to come on ever since I had car repairs done on 2005 S type 10/14/10 ie front brakes repaired, wheel alignment, oil shield was left down, second time engine light on, Emmission service done with direct injector cleaning, fuelling adaptations reset, codes cleared. Engine shakes, can feel vibration in steering wheel when car is still and during driving. Car also has jolts from the rear when slowing down before completely stopping. The car has been serviced 4 times. I hope

Hi Caes431,\012\012It would not be enough just to have the codes cleared. Whatever caused the warning to come on the first time, must be attended to and rectified. As the warning is still coming on it means the reason has not yet been attended ... 2005 Jaguar S-Type

Steering/brake chatter when i stop fast for a yellow light, after that i get pulsating in the brakes and steering, baking up and going forward even if i am at a stop with brake pedal on and tunring wheel from left to right, did brakes 2 years a go they look really good.sorta feels like the brake pedal wants to come back when i press it in and the wheel wants to turn the opposite way that i want to turn it,could this be a power steeting pump or a hydro boost? dont want to spend money guessing. li

What you describe could be warped brake rotors or bad wheel bearings. Doesn't sound like the power steering pump. ... Hummer Cars & Trucks

Front brakes drag (more on left than right) while driving in rush hour stop-and-go traffic. Both rims get hot the left more than the right. Also have some steering wheel vibration and brake pedal pulsing. Everything clears up after a few minutes of driving at a steady speed or just stopping and waiting. read something in the Drivers Handbook about this but no permanent fix is offered. Plan right now is to replace stock brake pads with ceramic ones and put on new discs. what's your opinion o

Sounds like the pads are completely worn or either crystallized. The crystallized happens when the brakes get hot and cool water hits them, this will also warp the rotors. With the brakes pulsating, it may be the rotors are warped and have worn the ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

2 problems with my 1992 940. twice when I turned the key on,I could not start the car or much of anything.I noticed the ABS light stayed on after all of the other lights went out.I turned the key off and it started the next time. The second problem is a steering wheel vibration,pulling to the left on braking,and when I stopped to check the tires there was a very strong brake burning odor on the front drivers side wheel. I would appreciate your help. ps I pulled both front wheels to check for bra

The first problem sounds like a defective ignition switch problem. The second definately sounds like frozen front left calliper. You can try removing the calliper and rebuilding it or just replace it. ... 1992 Volvo 240

Steering wheel vibrates at any load on the steering wheel right or left and the brake pedal vibrates when depressed both feel like the same vibration and this all happens at stop or go

I suggest you also Check you front wheel bearings and replace if nessessary. ... 1998 Chevrolet Astro

Steering issues: i can feel a binding/clunking in the steering wheel of my 2007 chrysler sebring as i turn left or right, stop, and at accelerating? i do not know WHAT this is and have had extensive work done to the front tend w/dealership in trying to remedy the problem. i thought FOR SURE that, after this problem occurred and i pushed down on the hood and heard/felt it in the front passenger strut that that was the smoking gun..they've been been replaced and 2dys later its doing it again after

Did they replace entire strut & spring assy, with new, or just do struts? Feel where spring of strut sits on strut base at bottom & see if you can feel piece of thin rubber between spring & base of strut, or if spring is up against the e ... 2007 Chrysler Sebring Sedan

I have a 2004 Yukon 2wd. The ABS, Traction Control and Service Stability messages constantly pop up while I'm driving and the Service Stability pops up even when I'm parked with the engine running. Also, there is some sort of grinding noise when I stop and occasionally when I take off from a stop, traction control will activate and I won't be able to accelerate. When the grinding noise happens, it jerks my steering wheel slightly to the left and I can definitely feel it in the brake pedal. I hav

... 2004 GMC Yukon

Car shakes. My '05 Cobalt starts to shake on the interstate after driving for a little while. When i hit the brake, it starts to shake real bad until i stop. I put it in park or turn the steering wheel left then right and its fine again until i drive for a little while. The power steering alert comes on every now and then, but it goes off if i turn the car off and then back on. I hear a rattle or a knock when i make sharp turns at low speeds.

I just had this same problem about a week ago. I had to replace the brake rotors. ... 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

When braking right before stopping the brake pedal gets hard and the steering wheel pulls left and noise from antilock motor

Sounds like maybe the Right front brake caliper is bad. I would need more information to tell you for sure. In most cases the direction the vehicle pulls tells me, that side is working. The other thing I would check is a collapsed brake hose going to ... 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a fiat idea. It recently had new tyres and the wheels were aligned symmetrically. However, this left the self-centring of the electric steering slightly left of centre. I don't think the wheel alignment should be changed, because that will make the car run asymmetrically and make left/right turns dynamically different. How do you get the steering to recognise that it is no longer self centring to the correct point? Thanks Mike

I am not familiar with this particular car, but every car has a mechanical way of adjusting the steering linkage such that the steering wheel will be centered, even if this means removing the steering wheel and replacing it in the correct spot. A lo ... 2006 Fiat X1/9

Bad vibration in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 3.8L Please help. When I start getting above 30mph the steering wheel starts shaking and the more I accelerate the more it shakes. I have replaced both left and right half shafts, replaced front rotors and pads. ( it did have a pulsating in the brake pedal when stopping) now gone. I have even gone as far as a complete tuneup with coils thinking it was an exagerated misfire. I have checked the tie rods and have a little play (not much at all) in the r

Make sure everything is tight in the front end tie rods, ball joints, etc. If so balance your tires and see if that helps. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a Pathfinder 96, auto transmission with a "death wobble" problem. The whole truck start wobbling/ shaking left to right violently with no particular pattern to explain why it does it e.g uneven road or speed.... It only does that only once in a while too. I have to press the brake to stop the wobble. Anyhow, I changed tires on it since they were the wrong side. That didn't fix the problem. Is there a steering wheel stabilizer on that truck and could it the be the issue?

The pathfinder is very common for this problem, I suggest replacing upper and lower link bars (located rear of the vehicle). This is the problem with many many pathfinders and all have the same complaint. ... Nissan Pathfinder

I drive a 2005 ford bantam.. when i step on the brakes to stop or either slow down the steering shakes , the brakepads are fine and i have new yres and wheel allignment done so what could be the problem pls help

The brake rotors are "warped". They will need to be resurfaced or replaced. ... 2005 Ford Focus

Right front shimmy at low speeds, 25 to 40 mph. Replaced front wheel brake pads but was not able to remove the right rotor from hub although it was loose from lug bolts. Steering slightly left and right temporarily stops the shimmy. Tire wear is normal.

I'm finding there seems to be a lot of info about similar situations due to CV joints being worn. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2000 Toyota Solara with 27,000 miles on it. I have been having a steering wheel vibration problem at 65 mph. The vibration is so bad that I have to pull over and stop the car completely. If I put my foot on the brakes, I can feel the vibration in the brake pedal. If I come to a complete stop, I can start driving again and the steering wheel vibration problem doesn?t occur again. The vibration doesn?t start if I drive over a bump in the road it start even when driving on a smooth road. T

If it were the rotors it only happens when braking take in have them turn rotors see what happens good luck ... Toyota Solara

I have a 1998 Catera. I went to get in my car and the key would not turn in the ignition. I have tried turning the steering wheel left and right, I made sure the car was in park, I pushed the brake, Ive even done all three at the same time. Any advice on what I need to get fixed would be helpful.

If you have a spare key try it if you dont your ignition switch is wore out or somebody tried to monkey with itwith a diffrent key. ... 1998 Cadillac Catera

Brakes my steering wheel shakes bad when i'm driving. I bought 2 new tires for the front, I replaced the rotors and brakes, I bled the brakes from the tires and the master cylinder. my brakes are still hard, steering wheel still shakes and I can smell brakes when I stop. I think my brakes are locked up.

Hello , it sounds like maybe you need to have your car alimement check . ... 2001 Toyota Camry Solara

No brake pedal on 1997 acheiva. changed abs master cylinder, left rear bleeder and left wheel brake cylindar, still no pedal. brakes stop 3 out of 4 wheels but not left rear. but pedal continues to go to floor.

Could be a stuck solenoid in the EBCM. ... 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva

Say i'm using my right blinker and apply the brake, my left brake light will go out. and if i'm using my left blinker my right brake light will go out, but 3rd brake light works fine. and all 3 work fine with no blinkers in use. took the steering wheel off thinking it was the switch, but when i took off the wheel i noticed a gray, gray/black stripe, dark blue, and a pink wires look liked they were ripped out. i looked up these wires and the go to cruise control, could this be the problem?

Bad earth return , connect a wire from a clean part of the chassis or the earth tag on the battery take that to the metal clip holding the brake light bulb in place in the housing, the bulb should light correctly when you go through your sequence ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe

ABS light would come on and brakes would pulse only when turning left coming to a stop. Otherwise brakes worked fine. Fluid level good. Pads were only half worn but went ahead and replaced pads on all four wheels. Calipers all looked good. No leaking or stuck calipers. After all pads replaced, brakes felt even a little better but problem still exists. Now ABS light will occasionally come on while driving but brakes work good except for initial problem of coming to a stop while turning left. If I

This is your Hub Wheel Assembly. Just replace them, get an alignment, and you will be set to go. I have had to replace mine twice in 5 years so they seem to go out relatively quickly in the Blazer. Good luck! ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

High speed vibration 100 km and above (60 mph +) can feel the vibration in seat, steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal, dash, floor. feels like driving over rubble strips, without the noise at times. -new u joints front to back, new wheel bearings, tune up done, new shocks, leaf spring re arched, transmission fluid and filter changed, 4 new tires, wheel allignemnt and new rack new brakes front and back, has all been done. yet I still have a significant vibration 100km plus.

... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a1994 lesabre and have an issue with the drivers side rear brake drum, it will not brake after i have bled the brakes. It would stop the tire after I bled, but then when I started the car, it wouldn't. I bled the master cyl. an all the other wheels in order, rr,lf,lr, rf. All the other brakes work. I do not see any fluid coming from the wheel cyl., There is a steel tube in line just before the left rear wheel, could that the have an obstruction. Could my wheel cyl be taking in air. Not

Hi There,\012 can I just run this idea past you,,I had a similar problem on a brit car, put the car on axle stands, remove wheels and drums and un-adjusment the parking brake cable, start from scatch on the drum adjustment making su ... 1993 Buick LeSabre

When bonnet is up and the engine running, the car is running fine but the steering wheel is very stiff when trying to turn it. the 2 belts which are visible beside the engine head stop running when tring to turn the steering wheel, and the battery light and another light (i dont know what it is!) on the very left of the dash comes up, if i release the steering wheel the lights go off. i was told it could be the fan belt or steering belt but any of the belts i can see look fine. i was also told i

Your power steering pump is locked up. ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

I Have W140 Mercedes Benz S320. Since I replaced left front wheel bearing, it sounds strange when the car almost stop.(when I apply brake n it is getting almost stop.) Someone told me that mechanic would be hit the wheel. so abs sensor or brake pad wear sensor is broken... I look forward to good advice. Thank you. John.

... Mercedes-Benz S-Class
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