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The chain fell off and I can't find my manual for directions on how to put it back on.I have an 18" Remington Lift and Dial chainsaw.

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\015\012 Click below to go to the site for manual ... once there enter your model # in the search box on the left side of the page.
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The chain fell off and I can't find my manual for directions on how to put it back on.I have an 18" Remington Lift and Dial chainsaw.

Hi,\015\012 Click below to go to the site for manual ... once there enter your model # in the search box on the left side of the page.\015\012http://www.desatech.com/ ... Cars & Trucks

Nissan versa lift gate wiper assembly fell off. How do I put it back on. I think I am missing some parts.

... 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8 Sl Hatchback

I have a 1997 Dodge Voyager Ralleye and the speedometer needle fell off because the instrument panel shorts out once in a while and my wife smacked the top of the dash and it fell off...so I pulled apart the dash and got the instrument panel out, put the needle back on and everything worked good except when I started the car, the speedometer registered 5mph, so it was 5mph off. I took it apart again and took off all the needles (4 of them) and put it back and now the only one that registers corr

This is a tough one, the needles need to be marked before removal,you will need to turn key on and then put needle to speedo on o mph then the tach at o rpm the coolant at o degrees, the hrad one is the fuel because you need to know exactly how much ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

I have a kwiksets Hawthorne and a screw from inside fell out and inside knob fell off. While trying to fix, outside handle fell off and parts fell apart on floor (spring, lever etc) I need to know the order they go back so I can put back on door.

... Cars & Trucks

I am going to live my Toyoya Land Cruiser Prado in my garage for 9 months and wish to put it on trestles. I have 4 3 ton trestles and 1 21/2 ton hydraulic jack on 4 wheels. My idea is to lift the car at the back putting the jack under the differential and then lower it on trestles under the rear axles. This done lift the car at front right, lower it on one trestle and finally lift the car at front left and lower it on the last trestle. Is this O.K. or I risk damaging the car?

Hello. I think a better procedure would be to lift the front first and then lift the rear, that way there is less stress on the vehicle. When you lift the rear be sure the jack has room to move as the vehicle goes up. Please use all safety precaution ... Toyota Land Cruiser

Car starts i can put it in drive fell the tranny ingage but wheels wont move even when in nutraul but if i rock car back and forth i hear a click and it drives but if i park then put gear shift in park back to no movement from wheels

Hi,check your transmision fluit level.I think the level is low .start the car ( car on level surface) put it in drive,parking brake set and check your trans fluit level.\015\012 good luck!!!!! ... 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

My back seat window fell i checked it out and it looks like the wire fell off the pulley i was woundering how i would put that back on?

Hi!\015\012\015\012I think the wire mechanism for those elevators is junk. Even if you manage to put the cable back in the pulley, the steel cable would not straighten again, it will always have the kink, does not matter what you do, and it wi ... 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

Recently repalced a new clutch kit and when ******* to 5th gear have to lift a little bit to put into place.The only time you have to lift the gear is for the reverse only. why do you think this is.when putting back the gear box saab parts dealer said one bush did not get palced right he sent me the diagram showing the part.Which is part 9 as per the diagram.Could you sort this out so the 5th gear shift can be shited as usual.

... 1997 Saab 900

I cannot put any weight in the back of my car because on the passenger back side it is not lifting the car so that the tire wont rub the inside of the panel the air lift system is kick in

You have air shocks on this and the one may have a blown seal or air line causing the shock not to inflate. I would have this looked at at a tire shop. Have them put it on a lift to find the problem. They may not charge you for this.Shastalaker ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

1998 Ford Escort..removing C.V joints,,I had to remove the right side to get off the left side,using a screwdriver..when i hit the screwdriver the left side came off easy,,BUT the screwdriver fell out of the center of the tranny and the gear in the tranny fell down to the bottom of the tranny..Anybody know a easy way to get it back up,so i can put the C.V joint back in..Or do i have to take out the tranny now?

Most likely it'll have to be tore down and reassembled.sorry ... 1995 Ford Escort

I have a Ford F250 XL- While plowing today I notice that the truck was swaying to the left but didn't think anything of it, thought it was the wet snow. Then while back blading some snow, I noticed that the truck would not back up, almost like I didn't have any 4 wheel drive. I would lift the blade and the truck would back up. When I put the blade down and pushed the snow it would move, but I still felt like the truck had no tracktion on the front drivers side. Almost like the front drivers side

Check both front lockouts,1 side or the other could have broken,unlock 1 side and reach underneath and try turning the axel on the other side-----if it turns all the way around, then replace that lockout,if it doesnt turrn then try unlocking that si ... 1998 Ford F250 SuperCab

Ever since I've had my 2002 trailblazer the back driver's side window won't go up or down. At times the window seems to fall down about an inch or so and I can full with the switch and can eventually get it back up. Well it fell down a little today and I did what I always do, and it went all the way down.This is the first time ever, and I've had it like 3 or 4 years. And now it will not do absolutely nothing, it's stuck completely down. You can hear the motor trying to put it back up, but it doe

Your window is driven using a cable drive system. kinda like bicycle brake & gearshift cables.\012these systems are prone to break. i just wonder why it made noise for so long without breaking.\012what you probably need is a window re ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Trunk is not shutting tight on 2011 Mercedes C300 after the rear seats were folded down and then put back. Ever since one side of trunk is lifted up. What can be causing this?

... 2011 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Lift the bar located under the front of the seat to which slides my drivers seat front and back came out. How do I put it back on?

Look at the passenger seat they should be the same ... 2008 Pontiac G5

Installed a new steering pump on an 04 powerstoke, when I got back home I noticed it was leaking. I put it back on the lift...and it was leaking from the shaft. So I figured bad pump right?! Got another one and the same thing happened. I turned the wheel to each stopping point to get out all the air bubbles and I replaced the line that goes from pump to hydro boost. I'm just unsure of why this is leaking. Thanks Bryan

No unusual to get more than one bad pump. if your getting a remand pump these can be a problem. try returning the pump and insisting on a new one. not sure where your purchasing these but im hoping not autozone. had problems with there pumps. hope th ... 2004 Ford F250

The rearview mirror in my 2004 Acura MDX Touring, w/Nav, fell off the window mount holder. The 2 inch by 1 inch "V" shaped piece that locks the mirror to the windsheild mirror mount, has a small hook at the bottom of the locking pice. My question is how do I put this piece back on after re-attaching the mirror assembly to the window mount? Not sure how to have the small hook on the back of the "v" piece insert correctly.

Hi\015\012\015\012This hook should lock into the casing once you have reattached the mirror.\015\012\015\012You may find this link helpful \015\012 ... Acura MDX

My 2001 Ford Focus had the oil changed by an idiot who did something besides change the oil. It ran perfectly prior to the "oil change". It was missing, and exhaust smell was almost overwhelming.I brought it back and when he lifted the hood there was water on top of where the spark plugs go in. He put new spark plugs in it. I started it this morning to let it warm up, it was running so rough and not idling smoothly at all.When I put it in gear, it died and now won't even turn over. I would like

... 2001 Ford Focus

2005 dodge grand caravan SE. Right sliding manual door came off the track, Having trouble putting back on track, keep in mind a teenager that didn't know you have to pull the handle to close the door more than likely forced it closed. Door moves fine if it is lifted up in front but can;t figure out how it does back on the track.

... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

Mazda 2002 MPV Mini Van: Drive pulley fell off the shaft of the power steering pump. Threaded shaft lost its nut and pulley slid from shaft. A local garage returned the pulley to the shaft, installed a new nut but then could not put the serpentine belt back. They said the belt was too tight and was impossible to install. They replaced it with one a bit longer. Result was much rumbling noise sounding like a loose or defective or dry bearing. Towed it back to the shop. Is there a r

Hi!!\015\012I could not find any recalls for this type of problem on your vehicle. What I found, is that there is the following notice on the installation instructions of the power steering pulley.\015\012\015\012 ... 2002 Mazda Tribute

At first my front right hand turn signal wasnt working. my husband thought that the bulb burned so we bought one..but when he went to change it he noticed it was the wrong one..and also when he lifted the hood he noticed the wires were disconnected from the bulb...when he put it back...the right hand side flashes alot faster then the left one...(only when the head lights are on) when we shut the head lights off...it goes back to normal...what do you think it is..and is it expensive?

Not expensive, Go back under the Hood and compare the wiring positions on the Left hand bulb to the RH. If this is all correct, then check the Ground connection of that lamp. When the Headlights are ON, the RH turn signal, is tacking a Ground from th ... 2001 Mazda MPV

After I drive my Dodge 3/4 ton cummins 24 vlave turbo diesel for a few miles and then stop and put it in park, it wants to die when putting it back in drive. The lift pump has been replaced. What could be causing this problem?

If the pump is okay then it has to be the tank pickup pipe filter or the main filter chocked ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck


You added too much fluid. You should reduce it too the proper level. You can dip it out.\015\012I have posted the solution to your hard steering problem in your other posts. ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

When driving at a steady speed say 100 kph you can hear a change in the sound of the motor and the car will have no acceleration it will stay at the speed it is doing (as long as the road is flat) but if you put your foot down on the accelerator nothing happens. but if you lift your foot off the peddle and then put it back down it works fine again . the car is not fitted with cruise control . when we first bought the car we went from brisbane to mackay and ity done this two or three times there

Get your brake light switch checked.\015\012 if car detects your brake lights on for more than three seconds with the pedal down it cuts the signal to the TB to prevent you from traveling back in time.\015\012But if the switch chec ... 1995 Suzuki Swift

My radiator cap wasn't put back on tight this a.m....I drove it approx. 2 mi. and smelled something so I stopped and lifted the hood and that's how I discovered it. I put water in the radiator, capped it, and started the engine, it was dripping water underneath, I drove 1/2 mi. and looked again, no drips. I got home and the was coolant and water running down the driveway. It happenend when I turn the car off. Any help?


92 mustang, violent brake shake at 40mph under med - heavy braking. measured rotor run out with dial indicator and got measurements of .001 (inside surface) .002 (outside). Had the rotors turned because everybody claimed rotor warp was the problem. Put them back on the car, remeasured the run out and they measured out at .004 on both sides. ????? How can they be worse after getting them back from the machine shop? and would .001 & .002 cause a bad shake like that?

... 1992 Ford Mustang
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