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After the water filled the tub it started to

\015 After the water filled the tub it started to aggitate then stopped and just hums\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Look underneath for a broken belt
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After the water filled the tub it started to

Look underneath for a broken belt ... Cars & Trucks

Jaguar overheated, radiator cracked on warm water side, repaired radiator, start and test, running hot again, stopped, obtained new thermostat with relevant piping, old thermostat broken into 5 pieces, filled water bottle, start,motor runs well, start mis firing or similar symtom, swith car off, following morning water in bottle is gone, car battle to start, when it start it runs well till temp is halfway, start mis firing symtom, found coolent in breather pipe, suspect head gaskets and head dam

... 2003 Jaguar X-Type

I have an ancient Hotpoint top-load washer. It has stopped filling all of a sudden. When I turn it to cold, hot or warm water, it just starts spinning (which it usually doesn't do until after it has filled) and does not fill up with water. It will shoot water in for the rinse cycle, so it's not a water issue. Any ideas?

That sounds like the water level switch is stuck in the 'full tub' position. Open the top (insert a thin bladed putty knife into the two front corner joints and push the knife rearwards--if you look into the joint, you can see a spring latch at each ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 dodge stratus SE, the other day it started overheating. I replaced the thermostat and it was fine for a day, then it started overheating again. I saw that my coolant was completely empty and notice it was leaking so i thought it was the water pump but when i filled it up with water to take me down the street it started overheating but all the water was still there and smoking, my radiator isnt leaking and i dont hear my timing belt squealing. Could it still be my water pump or some

I recommend you buy staff from http://www.bestcardiag.com/, you can consult the supplier at any time ... Cars & Trucks

I've had my car overheating for some time now. I've had 2 mechanic confirm it's not the thermostat, but they didn't go any further. They said when car over heated and when I filled with water the line didn't get bled. Okay...bled the line twice, after filling, still overheating. Popped the hood myself and this is what I observed. Started engine and after approx. 20 minutes the water is reservoir started bubbling and I heard that all to familiar sound of the pounding under the hood when it o

Regardless of what your mechanics say,change the thermostat and the waterpump before you even think about the rad,(when changing these items flushing the radiator will get rid of any sludge)bleeding the system is automatic when changing them.the poun ... 2001 Chevrolet Malibu

It now will not start and is drinking water, i cant fill the water container as it just keeps going down and there doesn't seen to be anyy leeks, it has just had a new clutch and slave cilinder and started first time and ran well so took it for an m.o.t and while it was having the mot the tester said it had no water in it so he left it running and put water in but it just drank the water so he put the hose in the water tank untill the point when he thought he best turn it off, i got a phone call

If theres no water in the oil check the floor in the truck on passenger side for water ... 2007 Ford E-350 Super Duty Length XLT

Low water I'm not sure if this is a problem or just the way it works. At the start of the wash the water comes on for a few seconds, then the drum starts to rotate. after a bit the water turns on and off a few times at about 1 sec. bursts,then after a while some more water is put in. In the end I feel that not enough water is ever put in the tub to really do a good wash or rince.

If your car is a bmw, and you are talking about the washer fluid reservoir, check the pump that attaches to the hoses which go to the nozzles on your hood, it may need a little rotation while applying inward pressing to make it fit if there is a leak ... Cars & Trucks

My 99 Plym Gr Voy started to overheat. I added water to the water reservoir and radiator. It seemed to be fine for a week or two, then the fan belt broke. I had that replaced. It started to overheat again and the car makes a noise that sounds like an animal is crawling inside the engine or something like a vacuum suction sound. I checked under the hood to make sure no animal was in there but noticed the water reservoir was empty. I filled it but in a few hrs the water was gone. I am finding a wa

Check water pump and all rubber hoses make sure they are tight fitting with no damage . ... Cars & Trucks

I have water leaking problem i installed brand new radiator but water is still leaking this started after i filled radiator with 3 liter of antifreeze every day I'm filling radiator with half liters of water i don't see any visual water leaking my car is BMW 318is 1995 coup

Does the vehicle have white smoke from exhaust while running? If so could have a head gasket leaking or cracked cylinder head. Pressure test the cooling system, you may be able to find a leak ... 1996 BMW 318

I have a 1997 Buick Regal and it has a problem with keeping the engine cool. I used to always just put coolant or water in the reservoir and that would work and some of the water would leak out after I had stopped the car so I would just put more in later. However recently the reservoir seems to have become clogged so I started putting water directly into the radiator. But even that isn't keeping the car cool. I can completely fill the radiator and still with in a few minutes of starting the dri

Hi..\015\012this is due to the following reasons\015\0121. the fan colong the radiator is not fuctioning properly so please check it amd service if not properly working.\015\0122.the radiator may have chocks which os preventing the ... Cars & Trucks

Over heating when i fill the cooling system to the right level and run my car the water in the overflow starts to boil and come out of the overflow. the cars fan works so it does not register hot on the gauge. but after running for 5 or so miles it starts the boiling thing. i flushed the system by taking the hose that runs to the engine from the overflow off and hooking a hose up to a flush kit and running water through the system, when i did this the water seeme to have ran through everything a

Have you changed the thermostat? The way you describe it seem like a thermostat. ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

The back drivers side floorboard was filling up with water while it was raining on Thanksgiving. There was about 2-3 inches of standing water and even after we vacuumed it out, it started filling up again. There is no water anywhere else in the car and we cannot see where it was coming in. Any suggestions?

It is easy but takes some effort\012remove rear end part of the back seat\012remove the moulding at the door and pull the carpet back\012Sit in the car and have someone soak the car with a hose and you will seel where the water come ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

Water or collent is not curculating from the raditor to the whater pump it is almost like the whater pump is broke but its not leaking. First i was driving home from work and all of a sudden my truck starts to jump like it had a mis in the engine.. Then i noticed it started to overheat. i went home and seen that i hade a hole in my overflow resevware for my raditor. i repaiered the hole.i then filled my radeator and started the engine. Then i noticed that the hose from my radiator to the water p

Check to see if bottom radiator hose is collapsing. (sucking together).sometimes it will after the engine revs up the faster it goes the more it sucks together . its like the thermostat sticks shut. ronnie ... 1998 Nissan Frontier

I was driving when steam started coming out of my ac vents when i got it home it was not hot when i started filling radiator with water it started coming out of hole on top of intake i checked for water in oil but ther was none thanks sam

Steam coming out of the vents was the heat on ...plus did you remove the valve covers and check for water in the oil ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

I just bought a car 96 Audi a6 quatro. Water was overflowing from the extension reservoir cap and it was fine after I replaced it. I drove it all day and when I was parking at home something bursted and steam started coming out. I turned of the car Opened the hood and didn't see any water leakage. I started the car again it started fine no overheating. I let it stay running and gave some rpm and it was normal. I let the engine cool down and I saw the coolant tank was empty. I filled the coolant

No way to tell whats leaking without looking. you may have a intermittant stuck thermostat which is the cause of why the leak happened at the rear of the rear of the engine. its also possible you have a head gasket issue. There are test a shop can do ... Audi A6

Where is the starter located. my daughter's car overheated the engine cut off, i filled it with water alot of the water flowed out from the reservoir brownish with mini explosions. i pushed the car home because it wouldn't start. i try to start it and i hear a faint click, i jacked up the car and i can't find the starter, i'm thinking maybe the starter is bad so i'll take it in to be checked.

The starter is located on the driver side of the vehicle. Right in the middle of the oil pan and the exhaust. Caution when removing. The stator has a long out put shaft and doesnt really enjoy being removed from the bell houseing. ... 2002 Dodge Intrepid

Driving home in our Daewoo 2004 Nubira and it starts to splutter a bit and then white smoke comes pouring out the exhaust of the car!! We stop to have alook and it is steam, the water is nearly all gone from the coolant tank and was only filled the day before! A 3ookm trip was driven that day but ran fine. Started to slowly overheat but only when stopped... Put water in when we got home and it has gone a rusty colour.. What could this be caused by??

Hi sounds to me like you have a blown head gasket or a cracked head on the exhaust side alowing water into your exhaust system take your car to the garage and ask them to pressure test your system this should pinpoint the problem hope this helps pete ... 2002 Daewoo Nubira

I changed the water pump and belt at the same time 6 months ago.., now, then i got" fill radiator" on computer screen on dash... when i take the radiator cap off of engine to check, it starts to overfill and then i cover the radiator. what do i do? the over fill container is full. Did i need to purge the radiator after i changed the water pump? If so what do i do??

Take the cap off and let any excess fluid drain into a container. Don't let it run on the ground because pets and small children find antifreeze delicious but toxic, possibly fatal. Run the engine to purge any air pockets, then after the thermostat ... Chevrolet Venture

I have a 2008 Ford Fusion with approximately 55K miles, have had one instance where the car would not start - turned key on "Click","Click", "Click" - checked battery, battery was low on water - filled the cells with distilled water and charged - started fine for a day - now I have a "check engine" light. My question - what is a quck way to determine if it is your battery or alternator?

Best way is to go to Autozone or Oreillys and get a free scan. They could also do a Starter draw test to see if it is okay.\015\012\015\012The scan will tell you what the Code is for the Check light and Autozone or Oreillys can reset you ... 2008 Ford Fusion

I am thinking of buying a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder that has a 3.0 litre v6 that has 231000 miles on it. The guy that has the car at the moment has changed the radiator, timing belts, hoses and all of the drive belts, and the car ran just fine, He then stated that he had the water pump replaced, filled the tank with gas and the engine started knocking. He has advised me that the knocking/tapping sound/noise started about 20 miles after he had the pump replaced and filled up with gas. The noise soun

Hi and welcome to FixYa!\015\012The steam and water is a sign of a good engine so you need not to worry bout the engine failing not unless the water that comes out of the pipe has an oil mixture on first start up. Regarding the knocking sound, ... 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

My 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette started overheating into the red yesterday. I drove it to the nearest gas station about two minutes after it started overheating. waited for it to cool down, then filled with water. Drove it home fine. I noticed at home though it had a small leak under it and thought maybe it was just from when I filled it at the gas station. First flush was ok, no leaks. during the second flush a pretty good trickle came out the passenger side of the engine. I thought it was

You cant use water to fillied that can damaged the waterpump you need the special antifrezze for this van check the radiator hose ... 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette

My 2001 ford taurus recently started to overheated even I drove, I kept filling with water. I was on my way to the store to get a thermostat when the engine started making a clicking noise when I would try to accelerate and couldn't get any rpms. The check engine light started blinking stop I went to pull over as I was slowing down to stop the car stalled out as if I had run out of gas. I can not get it to start now, it sound like it wants to start when I turn the key but just won't tur

I would take the thermostat out and leave it out, and make sure the cooling system is full.Drive it to a shop or parts store and get the computer scanned for trouble codes. The codes will point you in the direction of what to look for.Once y ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Tried starting car after work and it would not start got a jump and it strted right up but all the lights and radio were flickering on and off during the drive home. I get home and try to start it again and all i get is a constant clicking sound coming from the starter relay. filled the battery with water because it was low on fluids and it started right up then after to trys it went back to the clicking again but this time jumping it would not start it up again. Main issue is that it will not s


Filled up with fuel drove about 10 miles and it quit. It would start back but wouldn't stay started finally it would start ran another 10 miles done it again. Let the truck set for 2 days changed fuel filter ran like a top. So I thought I had a tank full of water, I put 911 in it drove for 2 days started the same thing again. I opened the lever under the fuel filter and air came out and then fuel. Drove it aboult 35 miles and it started it again. I opened the fuel filter up put sea foam and dies

Draw a small amount of fuel about 1 quart in sutable container and let sit then check for water.It will seperate in the sutable container ... 2004 Dodge Ram 2500

1992 Dodge Dakota , 6 cyl ... Had freeze plug blow this winter.. Replaced freeze plug just above the starter. Engine was started for a few minutes but not taken anywhere. I also have water in the oil.. If another freeze plug blew around the heads would it cause the water in the oil? or most likely cracked head? If i drain the oil and leave oil plug off. then fill radiator with water will I see water flowing from drain plug? If I dont is there a chance it will be ok? Is there a chance

Try changing the oil and then see what happens, best guess is a head gasket, the dodges rearly crack heads but do blow head gaskets, lets hope that the watter in the oil is just condensation and that it will be ... Dodge Dakota
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