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I have a Campbell Hausfeld compressor and the electrical breaker gets thrown. I can lubricate the piston and away it goes for a few cycles, runs fine, then flips the breaker. Oil it again and away it goes. Is there any way to have the lubrication system added to avoid this problem?

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Answers :

No. but they sell a rebuild kit for it
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I have a Campbell Hausfeld compressor and the electrical breaker gets thrown. I can lubricate the piston and away it goes for a few cycles, runs fine, then flips the breaker. Oil it again and away it goes. Is there any way to have the lubrication system added to avoid this problem?

No. but they sell a rebuild kit for it ... Cars & Trucks

2000 Monte Carlo has a slow oil leak started noticing oil on the garage floor. I also noticed that if I park the car on a small incline such as my drive way the leak goes away at least there's no oil on the driveway. The car's oil was changed with a premium synthetic oil in January. Important to point out that this car has less that 100,000 miles on it. Also important to point out that I doubt seriously that we're putting even 3,000 miles a month on the car. Was just wondering what I can do to g

As a mechanic I will say it can be multi things that can cause a leak. but when you say it goes away on slight incline that normaly means it is toward the front of the engine. I must say just because their is low miles does not mean a seal will not g ... 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Burning oil i have a saab 95 econ thats eleven years old. when i pull away from the drive in the mornings it puff's out white/blue smoke till i put my foot down and blow it out, after thet it's not a problem. some day's it's worse then other's mainly if it's got oil in it. if i go over half way on the dip stick marker then it poors out more smoke then normal. i know the colour of the smoke means it's burning oil and the more smoke the more oil it has burned, thats y i have to leave it so low. th

I believe what you have going on with the car is your Valve seals have gotten brittle and have cracked. now the reason it smokes on startup is because when you shut it off. the oil is bypassing the valve seals and is collectiing in your combustion a ... 1999 Saab 9-5

2000 ford escort zx2 automatic. Check engine light on and oil light on. Loud "clacking" noise top side of motor. more than just "normal" lifter noise. assuming bad oil pump. noise and oil light go away when rev up motor. will not stay that way at warm up. have to keep rpm above idle. oil level is good in vehicle. Have not driven vehicle but from across the street to across the street to move it for street cleaning.

It sounds like you have internal engine damage. ... Ford Escort

Knocking noise from engine. very loud when idling fades away at high rpm.saw crank pulley wobbling removed found keyway was not all the way in,not letting the bolt tighten all the way up. changed pulley and bolt , but the noise is still there. does'nt sound like a rod or main bearing. someone says it could be a broken crank, but the oil pressure light is not on. dont know what to do please help.

Here are the things that you need to check:1. Fan - make sure that the bolts of the fan are tightened.2. Oil - there could be a possibility that the oil pressure is low.3. Gas - try to use a higher octane rating gas. try that ... Honda Prelude

Hi there i drive a 1989 nissan homy 4wd van engine type TD27. my problem is the hand brake light remains on when hand brake is off and not sure what this means.I have been told it might be the brake oil level so i topped that up and it went away for a while but now has returned and brake oil level is way above minimum so wonderin if anyone knows if there are any other things it could be warning me about

This used to happen in my 1979 Honda if the brake cable wasn't adjusted tightly enough, either due to the cable adjustment or the rear drum brake adjustment.\015\012\015\012If I would push the hand lever down all the way, the light would ... Nissan Minivan

Im always having to put antifreeze in once a week. The way i know it needs it is when temp. gauge surges all the way up then it comes back down. No visible sign on any leaks any where. When i drive to work which is 15 minutes away i always smell antifreeze when i get out but engine and acc. are completly dry. Ive checked dipstick to oil too. i guess my question is What do i do to fix this problem

Take a close inspection to your waterpump. Pump has a "weep" hole in bottom side of casting. It's an early warning system to detect seal leak before waterpump seizes up and does major damage. It could be so slight that coolant is blowing back along o ... 1996 GMC Jimmy

Hi,just bought a 2007 A4 avant 2.0 tdi 140,on way home from picking car up,the minimum oil warning light came on,and more or less straight away the oil sensor warning light replaced it!! it this a big job to fix and how expensive we it be?Cheers,Paul Quibell

Top up with oil. ... 2007 Audi A6 Avant Wagon

2000 Escalade blown headgasket?? Ok well here it goes..... I have an Escalade 5.7 that the oil looked like chocolate milk and was over heating my friend who also fixes my cars was supposed to do the HG well I bought all the necessary gaskets head bolts and coolant couple weeks later he calls me to say its done but when I go over there the truck heats up right away and the radiator won't fill up I look at the dipstick its reading way high on the dipstick ( I changed the oil before we star

Before replacing head gasket put a pressure test on the coolant system and look for a leak around the intake manifold gaskets.These gaskets are prone for leaking and allowing coolant into the oil. ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

Hello dear sirs .same question about how can reset oil service on kia cadenza 2010, the point is ther is no way to transfere 5 usd,this service not available in my country , but i llfind away latter fo future contacts. urs ossama

... Kia Cadenza

My 91 prelude 2.1 si wont start. Originally it just had an overheating problem. I drove it 300 miles and literally having to stop 2 refill the radiator with water because it overheated. Finally 30 miles away from home my techique came to a stop, forcing me to tow it the rest of the way. Now its dead in my garage and would like some advice on what to fix next. I changed the thermostat, dist cap and rotor, spark plugs and wires, oil and filter, and still wont start. what to do???

I think at the minimum you have a blown head gasket. I am guessing you drove the car a considerable distance with not enough coolant and now you may have done extensive damage to the engine. I am guessing that if the engine still cranks, than the hea ... 1990 Honda Prelude

Engine problems I currenty own a 2006 Chev Impala, Today while driving to work on the express way a serivce light came on. It stated " Reduced Engine Power" then my car would not run the same. I have about half of tank of gas, i keep up with the scheduled oil changes. I do drive about 60 miles a day to and from work. I looked in the manual and it did not give me any specific information. Only if it did not go away, to take the car to service. Can anyone give me some 411 before i take her to the

What grade of gas do you put in and what tpe for example Sunoco.... Sunoco has been known to give cars problms like these when the weather changes from hot to cold so let me know and we can go from there ill be around all day ... 2006 Chevrolet Impala

I would greatly appreciate a list of check engine light codes for a 91 dodge spirit. I believe the code it put out was either: 1,2,4,7,5,5 3,4,7,5,5 This is for my girlfriends daughter, she was away at college and on the way home the check engine light came on. It is not overheating and the oil is fine. I think it is a O2 sensor but i would like to make certain since she is home for the weekend and i would like to make sure she has a safe trip back to school.

Your codes are two digits. It would be 12, 47, 55 (end)\015\01212 - memory stand by power lost - no big deal\015\01247 - battery voltage too low - 55 (end of codes) ... 1991 Dodge Spirit

My 98 volvo S70 occasionally will hesitate when I slow for traffic or a light. It has stalled twice while completely stopped at a light, but restarted right away. The dealer changed the spark plugs, cable, fuel filter and the air filter and changed the oil but it behaved this way again yesterday. Today it is driving OK. Any ideas?

Have the car checked to see if it has a speed sensor it could be giving you a bad reading. ... 1998 Volvo S70

2006 PT Cruiser over heated druring highway travel. The weather was cool/raining. Overheating happened shortly after turning the heater in the cabin. Which did not seem to come on right away. Until the recirculation button was turnd on too. The radiator was down a little more than 1/2 gal. And the Overfill container was down the same amt. Oil leval and appearance was fine. I am getting these symptoms via my son who is in Ohio on his way back to school. When he was stopped at a gas station fillin

The fan will run when you have the AC running ,just to see if it is working.The fan should also run even when the key is off.If the fan is running then you may have a thermostate going bad.Well hope this helps,and good luck. ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT with the 3.4 l v6, i'm trying to follow a guide but i'm running into some problems removing the oil pan, the book is unclear about the approach, and the sub-frame seems to be in the way, yet removing this will require much additional work. if this can be avoided, that would be great, the engine has been lifted about 3 inches, but still not enough room to remove the pan.

Even though you have removed all the bolts holding the pan on you still have to have enough clearance for the pan to clear the oil pickup tube inside the sump.\015\012if the subframe can be removed it will be a lot less work than removing the e ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Hi. I have a cadillac BLS with a saab engine. It has a very high oil presure reading and the engine is rattling because of this. It has been stripped and all oil ways blown through, new turbo fitted, oil pump stripped and rebuilt, new timing chain set fitted and the head removed oil ways cleared and then re-fitted. The car now smokes like hell on start up but dose get better after a short time but the oil pressure is still way to high. Apart from a new engine, any sugesstion?

... Cadillac Escalade

Hello i have a 92 crown vic i just put a 93 4.6 in it last week. the original motor was burning to much oil. everything is working great now exept for one small problem. i had a new oil pressure gauge installed at the garage with fixed the gauge.now the oil pressure is way to high all the way to the top of NORMAL then the temp gauge did the same thing moved up way to hot. what happend? why is it doing this?

Cause the amount of power its sending to the gauges surpasses that of your last engine.. !!!! so although it looks high,, its actually normal for that engine ! ... Ford Crown Victoria

Hello i have a 92 crown vic i just put a 93 4.6 in it last week. the original motor was burning to much oil. everything is working great now exept for one small problem. i had a new oil pressure gauge installed at the garage with fixed the gauge.now the oil pressure is way to high all the way to the top of NORMAL then the temp gauge did the same thing moved up way to hot. what happend? why is it doing this?

Ok let me explain...lets say that you last engine ran at 100 degrees.. this one might need 200...so it send that poer to your guage,, *REMEBER THE gauge was for the last engine) when connected to this one,, it shows twice the temp.. ... Ford Crown Victoria

My 1997 pontiac grandam 2.4 4 cylinder has a slight rattling noise. First time I heard it, I thought it was low oil, I changed my oil and it went away for a long time. It began to make it again, so I changed my oil again, (it was due time anyways) but it has yet to go away. I have checked my oil and it is still full, all my fluids are full.

... 1997 Pontiac Grand Am

Hi i was trying to remove my oil filter on my honda prelude 1996 and it ended up getting bent and twisted. I puncture a screwdriver in the oil filter and it made a big tear on the oil filter. Now, I have no way of getting around to it, only hope is the base of the filter which is hard to get by since the metal rod is on the way. Can you please help me out on this one, thanks.

Have you tried using a strap wrench on it!! this may just do the trick. ... 1996 Honda Prelude

Ok let me explain differant. i put a brand new oil gauge sensor on the motor yesterday.it worked fine until today i started it up and noticed the oil pressure was nedle was all the way to top of NORMAL .then the tempurature gauge needle moved all the way to the top also it said it was over heating this have never done that before. i understand what u told me before. but its a new oil sensor gauge.

Make sure the engine is not over heating,If you are sure it is not over heating,then there is a bad connection at the gauge cluster.Remove the cluster from the dash,and check the connection,if the connection is secure,then the cluster itself has a ba ... Ford Crown Victoria

Engine ticking I just bought a '95 4x4 4 cylinder pickup. after changing the oil it ticked as if the oil hadn't gotten to the engine yet but this went away after it warmed up. It did this two or three other times momentarily then went away. A week later I checked the oil when filling up and added a little. Then all of a sudden the ticking went out of control. I replaced the third cylender rocker arm/lifter which wouldnt compress but it is still ticking. I put some cr2 cleaner in it and it went a

You didn't mention anything about the push rod.If you haven't already done so, take the push rod out and look thru the hole and see if there is any build up of sludge, and run a piece of wire down thru it, or replace it.Might be warn just enough to ... 1995 Nissan Pickup

I have a 1993 Chevy Truck that every once in a while will get a knocking sound from the engine at normal operating temperature. During this time the oil pressure will drop and it feels like the engine is losing power. If I let it cool down, the knock will go away. If I continue driving it will continue for quite some time before eventually going away. I have checked the oil every time this happens and it had adequate oil levels. Any ideas?

Ouch .. that sounds like a good way to ruin an engine .. the low oil pressure should tell you to stop driving until the problem is fixed .. if the oil and filter havnt been changed regularly (sometimes even if they have) then you could have sludge b ... 1993 Chevrolet K1500

Just bought a used 1996 Honda Accord 4dr 6cyl and it has a major oil problem. when not even on it would leak oil. the car ran out of 5 qts of oil in a 50 mile drive. noticed the oil filter was 1/2 inch to small (by the way it was a honda dealership oil filter) so the oil filter was replaced but it was still leaking from the oil pan. yesterday the oil pan gasket was replaced. after these 2 things were done the car stopped leaking oil while it was turned off. now it leaks when its turned on

The most common oil leaks in Honda are the Oil filter gasket, Oil pan gasket, Cranksaft oil seal, and the Distributor oil seal.\012\012Try to look at those part and tell us if u see some oil near it. ... 1996 Honda Accord
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