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2011 Kia Sportage battery charge issue - 2011 Kia Sportage

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2011 Kia Sportage battery charge issue - 2011 Kia Sportage

... 2011 Kia Sportage

My 2008 Kia Sportage almost always has TPMS AND OR ESC dash lights on. Been to dealer multiple times...keeps recurring. Car also dies while idling and recently won't start without jump. Dealer says battery fully charged. Warranty exp in 25 miles. Could this be computer issue? Ideas?

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MY KIA SPORTAGE 2005 LX V6 4WD ENGAGES WHILE IN MOTION WHICH MAKES THE MOVEMENT SLUGGISH AND JERKS. tHE LIGHT CONTINUES BLINKING TILL I TAKE OUT ONE BATTERY TERMINAL THEN IT BECOMES A SMOOTH DRIVE. My mechanic tells me its a switch but we are having so much difficulty finding the switch...What switch is causing this issue and how do we resolve it.

... 2005 Kia Sportage

Kia sportage 2001 replaced battery and alt still wont charge

Check alt.start car and remove battery cable.if car stalls replace alternator.car is running off the battery not alt. ... 2001 Kia Sportage

Our 1999 Kia Sportage was driven through a very bad blizzard, but we got it home. Later we started it up again and warmed it up for about 20 minutes, but it was stuck in the snow. When we tried to drive it out, it suddenly died. Now it will turn over, but will not start. We have charged the battery and checked the fuses which seem fine. The car had plenty of antifreeze, oil and gas. What else could it possibly be?

Check the air intake duct for being partially obstructed with snow. Also, the air filter may be covered with melted snow which turned to ice. If those items check out okay, it could be that the MAP or MAF sensor died. ... Kia Sportage

My 2001 Kia Sportage is overheating. This was a sudden issue. The fan is not turning on and I noticed that the radiator fluid was leaking from a hose below and in between the motor and battery. What could the problem be?

Hi,Your overheating problem is directly related to the 2 things you mentioned:- auxilliary fan not turning on- radiator fluid leakingre: aux fan; you'll need to have the sensor checked out, this is usually located ... 2001 Kia Sportage

After swapping out and engine on a 2001 kia rio to a 2002 kia rio the battery and alternator tested good/pass but the car won't charge the battery. car will only run off the battery. Can a negative battery cable which is full of a lot of white powder (corrosion I presume affect charging??

Yes it can, also you may have left off the ground cables or left a wire connection off or loose ... 2001 Kia Rio

Odyssey alternator Battery light stays on. Thought it was old battery issue. Replaced it and light still stays on. Measured the new battery when van is running, it was around 12v. Obviously, charging system is not working. Before replacing the alternator, please advise steps to eliminate other possible issues that could cause battery not being charged. As you know alternator is expensive. I want to be sure it is the problem before I spend big money. Thanks.

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2003 Pontiac Grand AM will not start. Security light is NOT on. Dealer replaced the switch(900 bucks) same issue 7 days later, replaced switch again, 5 days later same issue. Was told I had a bad battery. Replaced battery. 8 days later same issue. Replaced battery 4 times. Had alternator and starter checked, OK, will only start if battery is fully charged. Replaced Belt, belt tension, battery leads, and checked voltage while car is running, 14.5 volts to battery, 13.4 with everything on (AC, rea

Sounds to me like you better find another dealer or possibly an auto electric dealer they should have done it right the first time ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

2000 kia sportage charging.

Hi check the main alternator charigng wire the comes out of your alternator see if it is sending a 14v no less reading on a multimeter if not replace the alternator if so go to your battery see if the multimeter readings are the same as the alternato ... 2000 Kia Sportage

1997 catera On some starups( maybe 10 out of 50) the battery will not charge, lights are dim and idling is rougher. Giving it a little gas starts the charging. If you drive away without giving gas when this occurs it will not charge. Restarting starts the charging. Otherwise the charging is fine according to the gauge.. However it has gone through 3 batteries in the last 2 years. Good day. I bought this MBZ on ebay (cheap), and it has a nerve wrecking issue. Presently the car has a new battery

Well Marie the reason your vehicle is acting this way is because even though you put new battery in you still have to have a viable altenator to run the vehicle. the battery is only used to start the vehicle and run the radio and lights and other acc ... 1987 Mercedes-Benz Mercedes Benz 190 Class

1999 Kia Sportage: Issue with car starting

You may need a starter. My 99 Kia would get me places and would refuse to start. Someone hit the starter with a wrench and it started right up. I had to hit the starter to get my Kia to start until I replaced it.Hope this helps. ... 1999 Kia Sportage

I have a Kia Sedona 2004 with 121,000 miles on it. Last week we accidentally drained the battery with a door light left on overnight. The following day I tried to charge it up by running the engine for a few hours with the air con off. Battery held the charge for a few hours but then died and required a jump start. We replaced the battery and it starts just fine but since the time we tried to charge the battery up the air con will not turn on. It blows air but the green LED on the air con an

Thge console selector switch on the kia's is a common problem, also the fuses and relays should be checked along with the a/c system for a full charge of freon 134a.\015\012Sounds like you may have back fed the electrical system when charging.. ... Kia Sedona

My 2000 lexus rx 300 is having an issue with the charging. When I test the charging system by conecting a battery and charger system tester to the battery the meter will jump back and forth from 14 volts to 11 volts rapidly. I removed the alternator and had it checked and it checked out to be in working order. Is there another avenue I should take to resolve this issue.

... 1999 Lexus RX 300

I have a 2004 kia sedona which i have had trouble starting.the battery is 2 years old.i dont do alot of mileage so the battery never gets a really good charge.i have had the battery tested and been told it and the alternator are in good working order.i give it a full charge all day with a battery charger the car will start then but not the following morning.i have tried disconecting the battery after a full charge and reconecting the following morning but it wouldnt start.it will start with a ju

No i dont believe its the starter motor since leaving it standing would not affect it, and of it starts with a charged battery then it seems the battery is not holding its charge.\015\012\015\012I suspect the battery has either sulphate c ... Kia Sedona

AUDIO FUSE Our battery went dead, purchased another battery, battery went dead again. Re-charged it (thank God it worked). Looked in owners manual & it said to pull audio fuse. No more dead battery, however, radio don't work, door locks don't work (only when it running), inside dome light doesn't work & key fob don't work either. Kia want to put on a machine overnight & charge 100.00 to find problem & to fix could be 1000./1200.! Reading alot of problems with this but don't s

... 2005 Kia Sorento

Electrical Short??? I started having this issue about a month back. Thought I had it resolved but its back. For no apparent reason I went out one morning and the battery was dead. I jumped the car and drove it to work and had no issues the rest of the day. Again the next morning the battery was dead. I pulled the battery and had it charged and test at the local store. Everything tested fine so I dropped the battery back in and for some reason it blew the fuse for the electric door locks. That le

Has the stereo been changed recently? If not move to the cigerett lighter. These two are most likely the prob. But you could have a bare wire anywhere grounding out. Good luck and hope you find it. ... 1996 BMW 318

I checked the current codes on my 97 Cadillac Deville D'elegance yesterday, they were: TCS C1232, TCS C1234, PZM B2477, MMM B2148, MMM B2150. I have had it in and out of garages for the past week because of alternator/battery issues. The screen suddenly said "Battery No Charge" and the red battery light came on one night. Within a day it was dead, so I got a new battery. The car still said "Battery No Charge" so I got the alternator rebuilt. It still shows the warning, and noone seems to kno

... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 1998 Ford WIndstar. It died on us the other day. we put a refurbished alternator in it, changed the clamps that attach to the top of the battery, when the battery is in OUR van and is charged, it will hold the charge running for 1-2 minutes, then the radio goes off, the RPM goes to 0 and then it dings a couple times, then it dies. However, when the battery was in my friends truck it ran it just fine. so its not the battery. we are pretty much stumped. anyone have any ideas? I would grea

I suspect you hav a defective alternator. Remans are famous for this. Take it back where youbought it and have them put it on their testor to make sure it works.\012\012A battery should read about 12 1/2 volts when charged, engine off. ... 1998 Ford Windstar

1998 Chrysler Town & Country electrical issue. Every 3rd time it has issues starting like it has a dead battery, must jump, then it will start, but often the instrument cluster is dead. Next 2 times will start fine and everything works. Been doing for awhile now. New battery (twice), tested charging system fine....strange and getting annoying. Anyone seen this issue. Please don't respond if you have never worked on these. I'm tired of guesses from people. I'm an electronics engineer, I

Hello Avtech.The T&C came with three possible engines in 1998. If you could provide that I will look in service bulletins.No power to ignition or starter sounds more like an open circuit. A short will blow fuses. ... Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1997 dodge dakota w/ 5.2 v-8. its not chargtng, original altinater tested ok but battery tested bad so i replaced it. still not charging, so bought rebuilt altinater thinking it had to be that.WRONG! I"ve been told its gotta be the computer [ECM] or a bad rebuilt alternater. but i"ve also been told i"d have more issues than just not charging if it was the ECM. 3 different mechanics have told me the alternater SEEMS to be working but the charge isn"t getting to the battery. I have checke

There is a 140 amp fuse in PDC. fuse box on drivers side next to battery,make sure its not blown. ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

My issue is that my car will not start. Now for more details: 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2 ltr. it has an AC Delco Battery. Tried starting it and the first two times it popped once each time. Then after that nothing at all. We tried jumping the car had lights for a little bit but when i went to start it nothing. I know the spark plugs are good those were replaced 2 months ago. Also tried charging the battery with a battery charger but from the get go it says its fully charged.

Bad connection at battery? you are too vague with the symptoms. what does "popped" mean? Does the engine "spin over" or not. If i does not "spin over" and the battery is good, and the connections are tight, when holding the key ion the start position ... 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier

I just replaced the battery on my 94 montero and it still wont hold a charge. everything will be fine for a while but then the radio goes out and the spedometer reads 0 mph as well as the RPM. The battery meter says it has no power. The car will then only go about 30 mph so I pulled over and turned it off and it wont start. Finally after turning all everything including the headlights off for 20 mins it started back up but keeps having the same problem. I am charging the battery right now b

Check all your grounds for a good connection and same with the positive terminal check for a loose connection clean the cable ends good . all it takes is a bad ground not making connection . ... 1994 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero, new battery and new alternator. Car loses charge while driving, can actually see the battery gauge going from 16 to 12 in ten minuets then gets to 8 and radio goes off and lights dim till it gets to 0 and dies...if I get a jump for 5 min. it will drive another 5-10 minuets before it does the same thing. If I charge it with a charger for 3 hours it will run for 20 minuets before starting to lose battery power and get's down to 12 by the time I get home, then it s

You need to check the charging system. Take a volt OHM meter and go to the positive and then the negative posts. It will tell you how many volts it is putting out. If it is not charging at least 13.9 volts, then you bought a faulty alternator. If ... 1995 Mitsubishi Montero

Voltage drop I have a 1994 thunderbird and have replaced the battery 2 times and the altenater twice. The troubles I'm having is when the RMPs get to 2000 the voltage on drop to 0 if I hold the throtle at that rmp. After charging the battery so it will start and letting it idle which it will do just fine so the alternate can charge the battery it wont take but 15 20 minutes later I will go out to start it again and it will be completely dead again. I have replace the ground and positive cables t

Had some help here ,everything is pointing to the altenator .Sorry to say after you have changed it twice but i think you have been unlucky and replaced the unit with one with the same fault ---was it a new one or scrapyard ?? start engine and then h ... 1994 Ford Thunderbird
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