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I changed the battery in my 2011 kia sorrento, now the alarm is in safe mode, horn blaring, lights flashing and the remote button for alarm does not turn it off. what can i do

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Porsche 993 my 1998 porsche 911 C4 convertible remote key fob is not working I started to have to press the button repeatedly for it to work, replaced the battery and now the light on the remote is not coming on - I have two remotes and the red light that usually lights up on they key fob when you press it is NOT lighting up and if I use the key physically on the door the alarm goes off (turns on) and I can't turn it off or start the car - after a few minutes the alarm turns off. Please help!

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I changed the battery in my 2011 kia sorrento, now the alarm is in safe mode, horn blaring, lights flashing and the remote button for alarm does not turn it off. what can i do

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I could not unlock the doors so being cold and inpatient I hit "buttons". Now when I turn on the car the emercercy lights blink.I have to turn on the lights to stop the flashing. Also my remote still won't work. A guy at a local car dealership told me to hit the lock and unlock buttons at once. I did and the car started but the lights still blinked and I still could not use the remote for locking. I know there is a quick fix but Im not to sure of the two buttons I have to hit to get me out of th

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I recently replace the battery in my 2005 Ford Mustang GT. After I installed the new battery the green light for my dealer installed alarm keeps flashing even when I am driving the car. I went to the dealer and asked how to reset the alarm so it wouldn’t keep flashing when it was turned off and while I was driving the car. The Tech told me to push the button under the dash and the green light should also be a button and to push it at the same time. I told him the green light is not a button, on

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2000 Toyota Rav4, just purchased. Has a two button Toyota FOB for door locks, alarm and remote starter? . The vehicle has a OEM Toyota remote starter installed but I don't know what combination of buttons presses to make it start the vehicle. The switch for the remote started under the dash is turned on. The button for the door locks and alarm work fine. The other button makes the light on the remote blink when pressed but thats all.

My ex girlfriend had a factory installed honda remote strt on her vehicle. It was activated by hitting the lock button two times in succession. Some vehicles use a combination of the lock-unlock buttons. try using some combinations on the remote, man ... 2000 Toyota RAV4

I accidentally pushed the panic button on my remote for my 1999 chrysler town and country. It now will not turn over. All of the guage lights and panel work and I notice that the alarm set light now shows on the instrument panel. I do not have a manual so I have no idea what may be wrong. The key turns in the ignition but the egine will not turn over. It was fine this morning. Could it be that I have somehow set the alarm and killed the ignition? Battery works as all lights and radio fine. Door

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My alarm wont shut off in my 96 ranger tried pushing the button on passengers side and it seems to be stuck,i have to disconnect the battery to get it to stop . too start it i have to connect battery get in turn ignition get back out and jump the soloid , all the mean time my runnig lights flash till i turn on my head lights ,otherwise it wont start and the lights flash i disabled the horn.

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When I turn ignition key to start 2001 Camry, the engine does not try to start, but alarm is activated with horn blowing off and on, dash and outside lights blinking off and on. Thinking battery needed charging, I tried to jump start the battery with another vehicle, but engine would still not even try to start. The alarm remote still works and I can stop the alarming horn and lights by hitting the unlock button. The remote can lock and unlock the power door locks fine. I charged the battery

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I bought a Chevy Trailblazer, used, had keyless remote access Viper Alarm after manufacturer. Had trouble with transmission and alarm....took to Chevy dealer they replaced transmission. Now the remote functions intermittently (new battery..not the issue). Yesterday, blue light on alarm under dash blinking with car off..key in ignition alarms sounds...unable to turn it off. Car able to go into gear and driveable with alarm sounding. Alarm eventually goes off by hitting buttons nothing specific do

You need to find the black push button called the valet button. That is the overide. Get in the car turn the key to IGN as the alarm is going off and then you have either 5 or 10 seconds to push that button once and then 2-5 seconds later the alarm ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo that I'm trying to put an Astro Start Remote start into . The problem is when I press the button it goes green like it is going to start then the park lights and instrument cluster lights turn on but there is no crank. Then the trouble shooting light flashes 4 times which is supposed to be either no tach signal or anti-theft. I used a fortin bypass and it shows that it is programmed. Remote start is Astro Start RS721. I also double checked all the remote start wir


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My car alarm will not work (disarm) with the remote. when I use the key to open the door the alarm goes off and car won't start. I've repleaced the remote battery, with no luck. The red light on remote flashes when the button is pushed. What's the problem and can I bypass the remote somehow?

Here's how you fix this:\012\012- Open the remote, and take a piece of paper (something small, I used a crushed straw wrapper) and put it on top of the battery. It needs to make the remote somewhat difficult to close, but it needs to close. \01 ... 2003 Hyundai Tiburon

Brand new remote. Info center shows the remote start is turned to on. Horn alarm goes off if you lock the door and set the security alarm and then open the hood. When the remote is trigered to lock the doors and then press and hold the remote start, the lights flash and you can hear a click under the hood, but the starter doesnt engage.

Press the lock button on the remote then press the remote start button. if this does not work check remote start status using steering wheel buttons,If the remote start cannot be activated. The usual culprit is the hood latch. There is an electric sw ... 2007 Saturn Aura XR Sedan

I have a black widow car alarm and the remote battery died, my light was left on last week and the battery died so we had to jump it the alarm wouldnt work after that, the remote is on and flashes when i push the buttons but nothing..... any suggestions besides taking it to an alarm shop.......

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I had a factory remote start installed 2 days ago. today the car will not start with remote..only makes clicking noise AND it will not allow me to start the vehicle with the key either! when i turn the ignition the odometer needles flutter & sometimes some lights flash. the door lock button will not work via remote. the trunk button still works.

The only way to install a factory remote start is to replace the body control module it the only way the factory system operates and the key fob will look like the original just with a extra button any thing else is not factory ... 2011 Chevrolet Malibu

I drove my 2005 Ford Focus home and turned off my car and the alarm started going off, and the red light beneath my steering wheel started flashing rapidly. I no longer have a remote for the alarm, and can find no way to turn it off. In addition, I am now unable to start my car. The radio and a/c will turn on, but I get no response from the engine.

Sounds like you have a gold remote start in your vehicle as that red light would have to be installed with the unit. If it is still installed but you just lost the remote that is ok. If you look underneath in the drivers foot area there should be a ... 2005 Ford Focus

2000 Nissan quest gle mini van. Okay, I just bought the car. Battery was dead so replaced it. I HEARD THE RELAY 1t LITTLE BLACK BOX THING UNDER HOOD CLICKING DRAINING BATTERY SO i PULLED IT OUT THEN PUT BACK. iT STOPPED CLICKING AND ALL WORKED TILL i SHUT THE ENGINE OFF AND TURNED BACK ON.THEN WIPERS RADIO AND DVD DON'T WORK.Was told due to alarm to turn key to the click right before ignition and push alarm button for 5 sec. Light stopped flashing but NOW, THE WIPERS, RADIO AND DVD PLAYER ONLY C

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Remote start wont start engine. Flashes parking lights once when button is held down on the remote after hitting the ock button twice to set/enable the alarm.

Couple of times when you replace the remote battery, you might\015\012have them not working/ responding but just follow the procedure below.Stand\015\012close\015\012 to the car, hold down the open and close knobs for a ... GMC Sierra 2500HD

I changed the battery and then could not start the van. The interior and exterior lights would flash, but I could not start it. Finally found the valet button and was able to disarm the alarm so that I could start the van and get it home. Tried to rearm it but it just does not seem to work right. The light seems to blink a little differently thatn it used to and then I can't start it. I have to turn the key and hit the valet switch to start it. How do I rearm the alarm and get it working prop

Have you tried locking and unlocking drivers door and passenger door with valet key? ... 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager

2006 Toyota Sienna Taillight will not work I had remote start installed and when you remote start the tail light and parking light will flash indicating car is remote started. Problem: When I put the key in ignition and turn on the head lamp they turn on but no tail light. Switch to parking lights and front yellow lights and taillight will not work. Took it back to Sixth ave thinking something wrong with remote start setup, because the tail light and parking light will flash when car is remote s

Bypass the fuse? Bypassing a fuse is a fire hazard in the first place. When they worked on that everything should work normally plus the added feature. Not compromising anything. Take it back there and have it done properly or put it back the way it ... 2008 Toyota Sienna

My 2004 honda oddessy - i hit the panic button on key chain on accident. could not get it to shut off, had to drive away. it finally stopped beeping, but a flashing red light on the dashboard kept flashing - a button I ahve never seen flash or light. Got the car home and in park and it went nuts with panic alarm again. There is no alarm on van for security. the panic alarm has stopped, but flashing red light is still blinking. worried this will eat up my battery. please help.

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My 1998 Volkswagen Jetta's alarm goes off randomly; actually it's not really the alarm but a quiet beeping of the horn and the parking lights flashing. All it takes for the alarm to be turned off is one of the doors to be opened. It does this a few times a day/night. Also, the doors will no longer lock using the interior locking button or using the fob. There is no way to lock the driver door. Can you help me?

Check a reputable alarm installer sound like your factory lock module is giving trouble ... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

Alarm honks, door locks continuously lock, hazard lights flash, intermittently with car turned off or while driving

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I had this code alarm ca 4051 installed at a dealer where I bought my new mazda. After only a few months one of the remote transmitters stopped working. The light still flashes when you push the button, butr does not start the car. The other TX works fine.I thought the transmitter may have lost its program but I can't find any instructions online or otherwise on programming the remote to the unit itself. I know the one in my truck (different brand) needs reprogrammed whenever the battery is

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