Having problems with your 2011 Hyundai i10 ?

Dinging sound(as if lights were left on) when door is open

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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LH front door chime dings every time you open the door w/ out key in ignition or lights left on.

... 2005 Ford Taurus

2006 Jetta TDI. Drivers door lock will not lock or open with remote, also no dinging sound when lights left on, drivers door does not show open on display, powe mirror not working on drivers door. I have checked all the fuses.

I had what sounds like the same problem on a 2001 GTI VR6 and found that the solder joints on the driver's side door lock module were cracked. I removed the module and resoldered the joints. This corrected the remote functions, key in and lights on d ... 2005 Volkswagen GTI

The battery is drained after 7 hours of sitting. When you open the drivers side door you hear a ding ding ding noise like something was left on. But I know for a fact nothing was. I have to message lights on one reads service engine soon and the other is the parking brake is on which it is not. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but thought it might help

Scan it for the codes set when the service light came on. Don't clear or disconnect the battery until you get the codes.\015\012Start by pulling all fuses and putting back one at a time,until you find the circuit that is not timing out or going ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

2001 Plymouth Neon dash lights not working. speedometer not lighting up. door is dinging when opened instead of lights left on. how do i fix these?

Sounds like bad fuse, currant backing up through warning circuits ... Plymouth Neon

I have a 1995 bonneville SE.. when i hit the brakes the interior lights come on.. when i release the brake they go off.. my tail lights dont work and when i open my door the car dings outta control like the keys are in the ignition when they arent.. or like i left the lights on.. what the heck..?? Haunted???

No, not haunted, just plagued by too much electronics that tend to fail. Probably your BCM-body control module-needs to be checked or replaced. ... Cars & Trucks

On my 2006 honda pilot the rear left passenger door seems to be having issues with the door jamb switch or the door sensor. everytime i make a right turn, or the car goes over bumps...the "door open" sign lights up on the dashboard indicating that the rear left passenger door is open. to troubleshoot the problem and see if the switch itself is bad, i swapped the door jamb switches between the left and right rear passenger doors, but now the "door open" sign remains lit all the time for the r

Hi there,Excellent troubleshooting there.Excellent description too.Thank you.When you pulled the switch on the switches, you actually narrowed the problem way down.The problem, by the nature of the symp ... Honda Pilot

Normally when you have the key in the ignition and open the door; the warning dings and upon closing the door it quits. Also when you open the door the interior door and dome lights come on and upon closing the door they go off after a short time. Now, both the dinging won't quit nor the lights go off when you close the door. My guess is some switch needs replacing, but where is it?

This switch will be on the frame of the car either as part of the latch anchor or within a couple inches of this point. ... 1997 Buick Park Avenue

Random elec probs ( I suspect a ground issue) 1 garage door opener built into visor and sunroof and the two courtsey lights (map reading lights stop working. Both driver and passenger side (The lights tied to opening the door works ) 9/21 Check eng light came on and cleared a day later Left front blinker stops working system indicates ?bulb failure? but all the blinkers are working except the left front is much dimmer but is working

Yup, grounding problem.\015\012There is a grounding strap from the engine to the chassis. It is either loose, corroded, damaged, missing, or otherwise not making good contact with the engine or chassis. If you can't locate it, then ground has ... 2001 Volvo V70

Similar thing is going on with my 2000 SSEI ..CID says my rear left door is open, nothing is functioning in the back, locks windows, I replaced the left rear doors "actuator" with no result. If I open my doors after dark, the courtesey light stays on for 30 mins or so.. If I drive in the dark the interior lights stay on the entire time I'm driving. Computers are great

... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

My 95 Ford Windstar has just developed a rather distressing problem. In the morning, I get in my van and everything is fine. A few hours later, when I get in my van and start it, there is a warning bell and then dings and the symbol for a door is open lights up, the interior cabin lights stay on and despite checking all the doors, the dinging and lights continue. When I drive away, dinging continues and interior lights remain on until I get up to 20 mph and then the interior lights turn off a

One of the door ajar switches are sticking. needs to be put on the computer to find out which one. only other way is to go around and unplug the switches until your light shuts off. ... Ford Windstar

Dinging sound(as if lights were left on) when door is open

... 2011 Hyundai i10

I have a 2001 kia optima the passenger side door light was staying on and the dashboard light for door open was staying on, but it seemed to be driving fine, until yesterday I went to start it up and there was no power at all. no dash lights, no ding ding, I had my brother check the battery and it is fully charged. Someone said that it could be a door jamb switch. Is this what it could be? if so, do you know around how much the part costs?

To get the side door light to go off you can normally spray the area around the latch in the door liberally with WD40 or similar spray lubricant. If you can start the car and there's no power then the problem is not likely to be related to the electr ... Kia Optima

Warning chime When open the door to exit my 2012 Explorer there is a warning chime as if I have left the keys in the ignition or left the lights on, which I have not. When open the door to enter the car, the chimes also sound. It stops when i close the door. Strange. Any ideas?

You have a broken contact in the ignition cylinder.insert a pick or a long thin nail in the hole right underneath ignition swith,keep it pressed and turn ignition to on(do not crank)then pull key and ignition tumbler out from cylinder.you will find a ... Ford Explorer

I had a locksmith unlock my 1995 park avenue to remove keys I had accidentally left inside. Once the door was opened, the alarm system went off and I used the door key to turn off -- or so I thought. Now, when I open the driver's side door, it makes a "ding ding" sound and the car will not start at all. Of course, it has a Universal Theft-Deterrent system on it. p.s. I bought this car used several months ago and do not have the Remote Keyless Entry System. Otherwise, it's a

To reset normally the alarm needs to be reset once the unit was armed and triggered. So most of the universal types of theft alarms have a tiny push type reset switch that is fixed about under the dash board so as to reset when the unit has been acci ... 1995 Buick Park Avenue

I have a 2010 Acadia, the interior lights do not come on when I open the door. I have pushed the dome light button in and have left the button out still no lights when I open the door. Any suggestions?

Next to the round exterior light switch is a switch that controls the brightness of the interior dome lights. You can push (detent) that button in and it will pop out to make it easier to brighten/dim those lights. The tricky part is that the switc ... 2008 GMC Acadia

Door notification light flashes on and off several times before staying on when right side sliding door is opened and then does the same when closing. It goes off when completely closed. Is this normal for 2002 Chrysler Town and Country? The left side sliding door operates correctly. The dash light stays on when opened and goes off after closing.

Normal. No need to worry as it is perfectly normal. ... Chrysler Town and Country

My car arlarm on my 1999 Sebring convertable Has gone off aT 4:00 IN THE MORNING! Much to my neighbors dismay. She heard it before I did, and called. Now it seems the ding sound of the door opening goes off (while I am driving,) and the light goes on as if someone has opened the door when no one has done so. The doors are closed. And it does not say 'door' on the dash like it would if the door was truly opened. My car alarm shuts off as soon as I unlock the car, but the problem continues!! This

I have the same problem i have a 98 and my neighbors left notes on my car already hahahahahaha what do i do is there a way to just disconect the alarm at all with out afecting other systems oh pls let me know ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

Hi I have an Grand Cherokee Orvis edition 1997 (V8 5,2 engine) and today it started to act strangely. first of all the onboard display did not light up and show me that my door was open and then on the other hand the lights kept blinking on and off with a warning about the left side passenger door being open. It was very eratic and just went and came back. Any ides guys?

Have the alternator checked,make sure it is charging 13.65 to 14.25 volts at the battery,with the headlights on,and the ac on high blower.Have it checked for ac leakage also. ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

The door was accidently left open for 2 days depleting the battery. After having the car jumped, the battery recharged, but the emission control light came on and will not go off. I just had the car serviced to the tune of $300 the day the door was left open.

While it seems that the light is as a result of the battery drain, I can't help but wonder if the emission control light came as a result of a loose wire or hose from the work that was done.\015\012\015\012I would take it ack to the mecha ... Kia Sorento LX

The noise that the car makes when you door is open or your lights are left on is happening when we are driving down the road for no reason. The "bing" sound...and a light will flash on the dash that says door open...

Go around and open and close all doors first including the tail gate. see if this corrects the problem. if not its possible the switch in one of the doors is going bad. if this doesnt help eliminate the problem by disconnecting one door switch at a t ... 2002 Ford Explorer

My garage door opener stop working. I use to use the middle button to open my garage but the light went out and it no longer works. I've been trying to reprogram the other two buttons without success so far. I tried again today and the left side button light went out. That leaves me with one light still working but I still have not been able to reprogram it using the right side and only remaining button that still lights up. Please help.

... 2002 Toyota Highlander

Volvo xc90 The drivers side door ajar light is staying on, interior lights stay on and is dinging when the key is in the ignition like the door is open However the door is shut. What could be the problem.

... Cars & Trucks

Yesterday i accidentally left my lights on all to day to find that my battery died. After I jumped it things were fine. Later last night, the interior lights in the front failed to work and now when I unlock the car using the keyless entry for the back doors and side door, it wont work. It only works when I push unlock once, which opens the driver side door. Please help. I have a 2002 vw jetta.

Put the key in the door and unlock/holdover for 30 secs,then lock/hold over for 30 secs.then press/hold down the unlock button on the remote,you have juast reset the system........ ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

2004 dodge pickup - door lock button will not work if truck not running, interior light does not come on when door open, door chime does not go off when lights left on, no power to stereo

Same problem here. After all of the searching I can do it looks like it might be the IOD Fuse (Ignition Off Draw) fuse. If only he would have told us which one ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee, and my abs light is on, and all but one door makes the "duck" noise. I also have to manually unlock the passenger side doors to open the doors. Left brake light constantly goes out.

... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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