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I have a 2010 legacy, two weeks ago I noticed my passenger floor was soaked, not just damp but soaked. I thought it flooded, a couple days later a friend saw water pouring in from under the glove box.

\015 I have the defroster on 90% of the time, the is just that humid. I tried to keep it off the last few days but I still see that water. Also it has rained fairly regularly every day and very hard.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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My first guess would be that the heater core is bad, usually a very hard job to replace.
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2010 Subaru Legacy

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I have a 2010 legacy, two weeks ago I noticed my passenger floor was soaked, not just damp but soaked. I thought it flooded, a couple days later a friend saw water pouring in from under the glove box.

My first guess would be that the heater core is bad, usually a very hard job to replace. ... 2010 Subaru Legacy

2001 Jeep Cherokee Classic - I noticed a few months ago that my rear wiper wasn't working, neither was the rear washer fluid pump. A few days later, when the window fogged up, I noticed the rear defroster wires weren't workin either. Then a few days later they worked. Then they quit again, and haven't worked for about 3 months. I can hear the relay clicking behind the glove box when I turn on the defroster, so the switch must not be broken. All connections and harnesses seem to be connected, all

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2003 pontiac grand am 5 speed engine light on . took it to a mechanic had misfire on cylinder 1&4.. replaced the part with 2 coils he said and had it working well til one day coupl;e weeks later started acting up again and so he put in a new module... put in a new module and just used it for one day and when shifting into second gear the service engine soon light on again?? I am female and don't know much about this stuff.. my son's friend's dad is fixing the car for me and is a heavy truck mech

You don't say how many miles on the car so I will ignore that aspect for now. When you fuel up the simple act of putting the fuel cap on loose can cause the engine light to come on. If you have an auto store like Advance Auto - Auto Zone or som ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Am

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Often times, with new battery and new alternator installed and still no charge, the problem is corrosion of wires and connections, often the GROUND connection, either at the battery or on the engine.\015\012Recommend - clean all connections. ... Ford E-350

05 duramax 2500 hd 4x4 crewcab shortbed.Pulling my toy box trailer going up a long hill I saw a big puff of black smoke out exhaust & check engine lightcame on & I loss power. limped to our camping spot & turned it off. A couple hours later I started it up& the light was off & it ran fine. Took it for a test drive & the 3rd time I got on it hard it did the same thing. took it to a gmc dealer,(not a chev. dealer) & they said it was a plugged fuel filter so they put a new one in & On the way back

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I have a 1995 mercedes automatic. Yesterday for the first time when I tried to go in reverse my car went back a couple feet then seemed to lock up, I pressed on the gas, and the same thing happened. Later that day my husband tried going in reverse and had no problems. But this a.m. the same thing happened to him. At first we assumed a transmission problem was the issue but a mechanic friend of ours said it could be a brake assembly issue. Before bring the car in I would like to know what you th

Based on experience I am going to say deffinately a brake issue, it will be one of the 4 clip, pin & springs has broken making the shoe dislodge and jam up when in reverse. ... Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Complex! 2006 SC430 was running perfectly. One day started missing. Scanned it, "Misfire on cyl 5." Couple days later, running even rougher, scan said "Misfire cyls 1, 3, 5, 7." Couple days later, wouldn't start at all. Scan said, "Camshaft position sensor circuit problem," and "Crankshaft position sensor problem." Checked continuity of both wires, tested good. Replaced the camshaft position sensor anyway, no change. I hate to replace the crank position sensor, because if it was bad, I

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I have a 1994 Toyota corolla, my car was vibrating real rough for the first 20 to 30 minutes after i started it so i thought distributor cap checked that rotor was bad and cap was dirty so i changed them couple days later check engine light came on couple days after that car would sputter and check engine light would either come on or go off. then a week later car died going 65 mph on the interstate fired right back up about 15 min later it did it again at a stop light same thing fired right bac

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My 2003 vw jetta 2.0 glove box was broken when I bought the car. The lever I saw to open the glove box is loose no tention. I saw there where no clips or such to keep it close. What do I do? Do I need to get another box? Thanks for your help

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Troubleshooting starting a 1985 pace arrow motorhome. Charged 3 batteries. Got it started. Couple days later wont turn over.one battery bad so disconnected cables from bad battery and connected to other. Started but then alternater belt broke.got new belt ran for 20 min. In driveway. Wouldn't start a couple days later. Charged 2 batteries and still nothing.

Does it crank over? The battery you unhooked? It was one of the coach batteries right? It has a single battery for the engine and two for the coach? ... 2001 Ford Super Duty F 450

Where is the electronic control unit (Computer box)of the nissan sentra super saloon (B13)1994 model? Flood water entered my car up to the level of my seat. Fortunately, the engine did not get immerse in the flood. I started the car 2 days after the flood subsided but after 5 minutes of idling, the engine suddenly stopped. Since then,the engine won't start anynore. I ask the help of a car electrician and he told me that the computer box got wet. How do I know if the computer box got damaged. Is

... 2006 Nissan Sentra

Check engine light came on the day after refueling car. It went off 3-4 days later. Refueled again a couple days later and the light came on again 2 days afterward. Gas cap in on tight. What else could be the problem.

Did you refuel while leaving the engine running? Have OBD scan done before light resets. Temporary errors are cancelled after a number of start cycles. ... 2004 Honda Accord

My engine management light keeps cuimg on on my focus 03 .. i took it to a garage and the said it was the catalic , so they changed that .. a month later the light was on again , took it bck and it was the lamba sensor .. they changed that .. 3 days later the light was on again .. took it bck to the garage and they reset th light , couple of days later the light is bck on?

Hi it could be that you might have an air leak somewhere, obviously i am speculating as i do not know what the error codes are that they are showing, i had the same fault with my bmw and after changing many things it ended up being an ai ... 2007 Ford Focus (3 Door) Hatchback

Started running hot one day, and filled coolant. Couple of days later it ran hot and I decided to change the thermostat. Worked fine until later the next day. Coolant started coming out of the coolant resovoir after getting off the highway. If its a blockage, would it not run hot all the time?? Water pump seems fine. Only leakeage is from the resovoir.

Check your oil and see if it looks like chocolate milk. If the engine is completely cool (like it's been sitting overnight), unthread your oil drainplug a little until fluid starts to come out. You might have coolant in it. If you don't have coola ... 1998 Ford Taurus

No turnover I am driving my father's 2001 Aztek. I put the car in park and noticed that the doors didn't unlock, but didn't think anything about it. When I tried to start it a couple of minutes later it wouldn't start. We thought it was the starter and replaced it, but a couple of days later it happened again. I have the gauges, radio, lights, but it won't turn over. It won't even click like it is trying to turn over. The first couple of times the problem corrected itself after 6+ hours of being

There may be problem with the VTD module reading the proper code. You will want to make sure that the little diode in the key is clean, (that's the thing with the little metal on it) if not then there is a problem with the vehicle thieft ... 2001 Pontiac Aztek

At first, the light to let me know about the air in the tires turned on, and after a couple od days I took it to the car dealer where I bought it..The tires were check and was told that the light will turn off after a while.7 days later, I got a flat tire,the back tire on the passenger side, so we took the car to get the tire fixed, and 3 days later onother light went on, I think TPMS,well, we took the car to the dealer, and now they told us the car needs sensors, and we have to paid for it,caus

Contact the place where the tire was changed and let them know that they damaged the TPMS sensors. If they have a grain of integrity, they'll make it right. ... 2008 Hyundai Sonata

My 98 chevy k1500 turns over great but floods out. i pulled the plugs and eventually got it running and used it for a couple days but if I leave it sit for more than a day it floods again when I try t

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I have a 2004 Mazda 3. Check engine light came on. After a couple days it went off. Then a couple days later it came back on. Code was P0421, Warm up catalyst effeciency below threshold bank 1. I am figuring it is either oxygen sensor or catalytic converter. How can I diagnose this?

It can be hard to say which it is, because either one will trip the the code, but in this case I'd place my bet on it being the O2 sensor because it says "warm up" - the O2 sensor has to be up to temperature (around 900 degrees) to function. The com ... Mazda MX-3

1997 Lincoln Continental w/4.7 DOHC. If I leave the car sit for a couple of days, it will turn over but will not start, then a couple of days later it will start without doing anything. If I start the car everyday, it doesn't seem to have any problems. Does anyone know what the fuel pressure is supposed to be with the ignition turned on without the car running? How about the fuel pressure with the car running at idle?

With the key on engine off it should be 32>40 psi and drop to no less than 30 psi and hold... if not your looking at a pump assembly, check your fuel filter or replace it and retest.....hope this helps...GL ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

95 nissan sentra 5 spd. couple of days ago, the starter was slow turning when i hit the ignition, but the engine turned over. charged the battery, seemed normal next morning. later that day, i had to go across town, engine ran non-stop for more than an hour. when i went to restart 30 minutes later, it was very slow, and how doesn't turn at all. tried jump starting, nothing. all the accessories are good, and never lost time on the digital clock, so the battery didn't die. someone told me i can ta

Yes it makes sense but doesnt always work.definitely sounds like starter is bad. ... 1995 Nissan Sentra
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