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Subaru Impreza suddenly decelerates at high speed then stalls

\015 Could this be a slipping timing belt? The Subaru technicians said their diagnosis shows nothing yet this has happened at least 10 times and the most recent time I had to get it towed.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Could be TPS sensor[RPM].
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Subaru Impreza suddenly decelerates at high speed then stalls

Could be TPS sensor[RPM]. ... 2010 Subaru Impreza

This happened all of a sudden, My 1998 Lincoln Continental turns on fine, but when I change gears from Park to anything else (except Neutral), the car stalls out. Also if it doesnt stall out, the car would drive good at high speed but once I brake or stop at a light it bounces (almost like a standard car). I just put dry gas in because I heard it could help. Does anyone know whats wrong and how I can fix it?

Sounds like the Torque Converter is locked up. Have a trans shop check it over, ... 1999 Lincoln Continental

Idling issues once I suddenly brake to a halt when I am on High speed, my Jeep liberty stalls. sometimes i have to lift my feet from the brake occasionally in order to avoid stalling. please I need your assistance. thanks

Does it idle ok in park? how does it idle in drive but not moving? ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

Hi mileage 98 subaru legacy, had hesitation, check engine light (codes finally determined 3 weeks ago, P0183, P0301, P0325) w/3 codes relating to cylinder 1 misfire, fuel temp sensor A circuit high input, and knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction(bank 1 or single sensor), yesterday heading 2 work, right when I got on the interstate it reduce speed drastically, stalled, restarted and nursed it off the exit with little to no acceration to the peddle. Tried for 20 minutes to get ack 2 normal, wanted

Go have your catalatic converter checked, it may be plugged causing your car to suffocate when you accelerate ... 1998 Subaru Legacy

My 2000 toyota tundra suddenly stalled at high speed on freeway. has no compression. has error code P0340. Is it the timing chain? do the valves get damaged when the chain or gear breaks?

... 2000 Toyota Tundra

Acceleration problems I have a '98 Subaru Legacy Brighton w/ 320,000 miles. The car seems to stall out between 20-30 mph when accelerating with high rpms, although it doesn't kill. The tranny fluid looks good, and I just had the Mass Air Flow sensor replaced. At highway speeds it's OK, but when I slow to a stop the same 20-30 mph problem occurs. What to do?

... 1998 Subaru Legacy

97 Honda Civic Dx is surging. When driving at high speeds car slows down as if about to stall. Then at lower speeds car engine runs high as if trying to change gears to a high speed. What is causing t

Is the check engine light on? sounds as tps is acting up. the TPS sends signal to the ECM to help control transmission performance and shift points. ... Honda Civic

Subaru impreza uk model wrx stalls and low idle, hesition

Try adjusting the throttle cable, its a case of loosening a nut, pulling the cable through a bit more and then tightening it back up, you find it on the right hand side of the engine block close to the exhaust manifold.\015\012\015\012Jay ... 1998 Subaru Impreza

I went into a passing gear at high RPMs and the car stalled, pulled over turned it off and cranked it up fine. But noticed high RPMS but not much speed building. Took it home and checked a few things. Apparently the catalytic converter was stopped up and blew the intake manifold gasket. Rodded the catalytic converter out and replaced the intake manifold gasket. But it's still has high RPMs and low speed building, and shuts off when at complete stop like RPMS are getting too low. You can also hea

Check PVC and ERG valves. ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix

When I drive my Mazda 626 (97) in high way, at about 110 KM/Hour speed. Sometime the tachometer will suddenly go up and come down (e.g. go up to 4000 RPM or 5000 RPM from normal say 3000 RPM in one or two seconds). Just like the car got pushed suddenly. I did not depress the accelerator when this happens. I have to lower the speed down to 80 KM/Hour, but the same problem happened again after 20 minutes drive. And have to lower the speed to 60 KM/Hour. The problem start happening after my c

Hi, countrycurt0,\015\012My car still has that problem. It even happened tonight while I drove at speed about 30 - 40 MK/H. Should I just simply get the transmission replace? ... 1994 Mazda 626

Subaru Legacy (Liberty) stalls when doing high revs

... 1997 Subaru Legacy

2008 subaru impreza idle speed problems - 1998 Subaru Impreza

... 1998 Subaru Impreza

Speed sensor 1999 subaru impreza - 1995 Subaru Impreza

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Subaru impreza stalling after cold start - Impreza Subaru Cars & Trucks

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2006 nissan frontier xe....engine stall at high speed and back to normal.......at low speed engine stalls and stop.........hard start after engine shutdown for 1hr..

... 2006 Nissan Frontier Crew

2000 Hyundai Sonata GLS V6 - problem started last week when I drove when suddenly the check engine light flashed and the car seemed to stall on me when I stopped at the red light. I thought that car would stall bec it sounded like it would. I drove again when light turned green and but even if I pressed the gas to the fullest, the speed was still the same and after 3 minutes the car picked up speed again. What is the problem?

Whenever the 'CHECK ENGINE' light comes on, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) sets a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). These codes identify the particular engine management system which caused the light to come on. You'll need to use/find an OBDII (On-Bo ... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

2012 subaru impreza transission fluid - 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sedan 2.0L 4-cyl. AWD 5-speed Manual

... 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sedan 2.0L 4-cyl. AWD 5-speed Manual

Hello, My 1981 Toyota truck with 22R W/Carburetor intermittently stalls on idle speed; it is OK and runs on hwy speed but some time not all the time(especially when engine hot) when traffic slows or getting in to stop, it stalls and hesitates to start. I have to pump few times then it starts but I have to keep pressure on the pedal to keep rpm high and going.Then problem goes away as quick as it comes. It is very annoying. I have already replaced, distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs. And

The fault seems evident to be within the carburetor. I think you might have to start from the fuel tank to check if there are impurities present in the tank, if you see the fuel filter dirty or clogged with fine dirt.\ ... Toyota Pickup

I have a 1989 Plymouth Reliant 2.5 l engine. I have a intermitten problem with stalls on/off for last two years, but for last two weeks very often. My observation about stalling: stalls often at the intersection on the red lite, stalls sometimes when I remove my foot from the gas pedal while in small speed; idle varies-sometimes stays too high-actualy I start to noticing it after replacement of the head two years ago; after stalling I can start the car on the second key turn without any problem;

If you notice the car running rich(black smoke out of the exhaust) you might look at the MAP sensor. It is a common problem with these cars,and about 50 bucks at your local parts store. You will find it on the passenger side inner fender just in fron ... 1988 Plymouth Reliant

INTERMITENT STALLING AT SPEEDS OF 50 TO 75 MPH on my '95 FORD EXPLORER XLT 4.0 LITER 6 CYLINDER there is no sputtering or any indication prior to the stalling to let me know its going to stall. I'm just on the highway driving with foot on gas and suddenly i lose power steering and realize that my engine has shut off. I have some other things going on as well but I don't think they are related also intermitently my oil gauge acts a little spiradic but not at the same time as stalling episodes I t

Have you checked your fuel filter or fuel pump as these can cause your engine to to shut off, but there usually is some sort of warning, but not always. ... 1995 Ford Explorer

My car sterio has an option called "speedy volume" this option meant to raise the volume according to my speed, i set it to speed colume 1, speed volume 2 and speed volume off and nothing happened with the three option Subaru impreza 2009 stock sterio code: clarion CZ441L6

... 2009 Subaru Impreza

97 Honda Civic DX is surging. Car slows down at high speed as if it wants to stall and at lower speeds engine speeds up on it's own as if it is changing to a higher speed. What is causing this?

... Cars & Trucks

Stalling and stuttering at high speeds

You might have had some dirt in the lines or grime that was causing it two stall another thing is it could be the start of injectors needing to be replaced. I have had to put them on alot of 7.3 but at high miles there very good motors. If it starts ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I have a 1991 buick par avenue with 3800 engine. The car periodcally stalls while it is running. It is easily shifted into neutral and restarted, but can be dangerous at high speeds. So far the garage has replaced the entire Timing system, cam position sensor, and the Idle Air Control Motor, but still stalls. $900 later they say the freon is low and the air and the compressor keeps cycling. Becuase of that the voltage is running low and causing the car to stall. Does this sound reasonable? Or, a

If you have NOT replaced the CRANK sensor....REPLACE IT NOW.It is known to fail often and cause stalling often.It is so bad it should be replaced at every tune up.Other common causes of stalling as you describe are.....failing ... 1992 Buick Park Avenue

Cruise keeps coming on & off which causes high speeds sometimes low speeds & sometimes stalls out, could this be the computer, or speed sensor, cruise switch?

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