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How to reset the miles to empty gauge on a 2010ford expedition

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How to reset the miles to empty gauge on a 2010ford expedition

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How do you reset the miles to empty gauge - 2010 Ford Expedition

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O2 lincoln ls check engine light & fuel gauge went to empty the next day it wouldny start replaced fuel pump & fuel gauge ran fine drove about 40 miles the next day started it up check engine light came on & fuel gauge went to empty but ran fine . i took battery cable off reset computer it ran fine . the next day it wouldnt start engine turns over assuming fuel pump is bad again 38,000 miles on car thanks ricky

You have two pumps,I guess you know that ,if you already did one. Did you check fuel pressure at the rail and check out the electronic pressure regulator? What codes are coming up and do they stay set? ... 2002 Lincoln LS

2004 sable SEL. The idiot lights all stay on after the engine starts. Only does this once usually. If you turn the engine off and restart it then the lights work again. Happens more on cold/damp mornings. Today filled up with gas, then started engine and lights all stayed on again and you couldn't reset the trip meter, miles to empty didn't reset, and the gas gauge didn't move to full.

... 2004 Mercury Sable

I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler 157000 miles problem during acceleration it kicks and bucks, does not die but I loose power my fuel gauge drops to empty, and I can not go any faster then 55 miles per hour I changed the fuel pump assy, reset computer still has a problem

Check the spark plugs ,misfiring? ... 1998 Jeep Wrangler

Message CO I have a 1998 eddie Bauer Expedition and recently my gas gauge does not read the gas mileage to empty but it reads a message "CO". When I turn on the ignition it briefly reads 36 miles to empty (which is wrong). What is this error message and what do I need to have checked? Yes, it is riding rough but I was told it was the #4 coil and this is going to be addressed this upcoming week but I need to know what this message is because being a woman I do not want to run out of gas; I'm para

If the gas gauge is not showing how much gas you have.The sending unit in your tank is bad replace it. ... 1998 Ford Expedition

I just replaced the fuel pump in my 2002 buick rendezvous. Now, the car starts, but the fuel gauge doesn't work. When I turn the car on, the needle goes to full and stays there, then low fuel alarm comes on and the gauge drops to empty. When I go to the digital read out for miles remaining of gas it shows dashes. What happened? Does it need reset?

... 2002 Buick Rendezvous

On my last fill up i pumped 33 gallons, when previous fill ups were less than 26 gallons. I have a 1999 expedition Eddie Bauer. I thought I had a 26gal tank, since with the warning light on and saying 10 miles to empty, on digital gauge, has only taken 25.3 or so. Even if it is a 30 gal tank, how could it take 33gals? I did notify the manager of problem. I stopped pumping on the first click. Which means I may have been able to pump another gallon or so. Now i am noticing my gauge seems to be ac

The 99 expedition comes with a 26 gal tank as standard equip. and there is an optional 30 gal available. I suspect the gas pump you used is not accurate, and needs to be recalibrated. I think it's just a coincidence that the gauge is acting up now. ... 2001 Ford Expedition

My brother was just Given a 1998 Isuzu Hombre I just had to replace the fuel pump and filter due to sugar in the gas tank. It fired right up after it built some fuel pressure. It had the check engine on, When I hooked it up to obd2 it read Crank sensor and an o2 sensor bank1 so reset it and its stayed off now for about hundred miles. My problem is the fuel gauge is reading Full on start up and after about 2-3 running it drops to empty and the low fuel light comes on with a fuel tank filled a

Bad sending unit attached to fuelpump or most likely a crimped or chaffed wire to it, either inside the tank or outside. ... 1998 Isuzu Hombre

I have 2008 Merucry Milan. I'm haveing problems starting the car. Also have problems with car reading gas level. The gauge will read 1/4 of a tank and the dash board will read 114 miles til empty. I was told that the computer system needs to be reset by taking the cables off the battery letting the car sit, then replace cable and start the car and let it run for awhile. I don't know what it could be?

... 2008 Mercury Milan

When I fill up my 2005 Taurus the gas pump seems to cut off very quickly and my miles to empty gauge says about 265 miles to empty where it usually say 330 miles to empty. Also the gauge seems to be stuck on the F. Any suggestions

... 2005 Ford Taurus

1987 fuel level guage issue 87 F150 Lariat XLT 5.0 2wd. Have a very similar situation. Front tank position shows empty even when I know there is gas. Rear tank position shows full after refilling but after only 66 miles, several 2-8 mile trips, gauge reflects empty. Front position still shows empty. Refilled rear tank with 14 gal and gauge shows full. Is gas siphoning into front tank and if so what is remedy.

The gas is regulated from the switching valve you control off the dash. Check the valve to hear it switch \015\012have a friend help you do this. it will be located under the truck between the two tanks. You may have a faultly valve or switch r ... 1987 Ford F 150

2006 GMC Envoy XL gas gauge reads empty after filling, then slowly moves up after driving but will continue to lose pressure until it reads empty and the light is on, then the check engine light came on. my problem is the same as all the rest. never had a problem until a fill-up at 96000 miles. now every fill-up the same. fuel gauge goes empty then after awhile it works ok. [email protected]

Sending unit. Its all one unit including fuel pump, float, ect. The check engine light is because of the high or low resistance in the unit. Let me know if you have already fixed.. You have to drop the tank to get to it also. ... 2005 GMC Envoy Xl

I asked this question on feb 5 2002 lincoln ls 38,000 miles fuel gauge went to empty then the next day it wouldnt start & check engine light came on . I replaced fuel pump & fuel gauge did the same thing . I went on line to fix ya they told me to replace fuel filter & fuel pump relay . after i did that i let it run for about 20 minutes then fuel gauge went to empty again but runs fine

The LS Lincoln Has 2 Fuel Pumps . The One On The Drivers Side Is Called A Transfer Pump , It Pumps Fuel From Drivers Side Of Tank To Passenger Side Both Pumps Have Sending Units On Them The Transfer Pump Sending Unit Was Bad ... 2002 Lincoln LS

I recently changed my fuel tank sending unit in my 96 ford ranger but my gas gauge seems very sticky and will jump to the empty level periodically. I don't smell any gas leaking and I know I have gas in my tank because when the gauge is on empty, I can still drive for at least another 25 miles. Does anyone have any idea of what the problem might be?

Remove the sending unit wire and the gauge will show full, then hook it up and it should go the other way. Have someone watch to see how smooth the needle moves. If it moves smoothly, the tank sendibng unit is the eradic part.. Gauges seldom fail ... 1996 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I have a 2005 Nissan Frontier runs fine on most of the time. Other times after the engine warms up or even when cold the engine will dye, stall out, pops out through the throttle body. Check engine light has been on since this issue began. When I fill the truck up with gas the gas gauge returns to empty with the empty light on. Once I drive a little over 25 miles the gauge moves to barely below the full line and works okay until I refuel. This issue with the dying, stalling out, and pops do not

... 2005 Nissan Frontier

Gas Gauge So I know my gas gauge is broken because the tank shows it is empty after I have only driven 72 miles. I know I should get more miles than this out of a tank! What are some simple solutions?

... 1995 Honda Civic

My gauges are going haywire back and forth from 0 miles to 120 miles,gas gauge going from empty to full,all lights andngauges just continuosly moving.

... 2005 Dodge Caravan

My 2005 GMC XL SLT has 2 issuse. My gas gauge once my tank reaches empty will not read full until 20-30 miles after I have filled the tank. It just stays burried in the empty position before slowly coming up over time (but never to the full position). I have been told that it is most likely the fuel sending unit (fuel level gauge sensor I assume since there is no sending unit listed in the parts breakdown) but also have read that it could be a bad stepper motor on the instrument cluster. I bring

Hello\015\012the fuel gauge issue is caused by a defective fuel level sensor also known as the fuel gauge sending unit, have done dozens of these, there really is no other common cause of this pr ... GMC Envoy XL

Help! I have a 2009 Nissan Altima with 42,000 miles. Last evening I drove my car and my fuel gauge read 3/4 full. This a.m. I started my car, the fuel gauge is saying empty, and the warning light come

... 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5

Today while I was driving, The instrument where it telles you how many miles left till empty read 27mi. all of a sudden it started counting down rapidly, within seconds it had went from 27 mi to 4mi left and low fuel light was on and gas gauge regestered empty. I had to call a tow truck to bring me gas. once fule had ben put took about 5min of driving time to register the fuel 20mi till empty. After driving another 5min and going over rr tracks it immedatly changed to 38mi till empty and gas gau

Sounds like float in fuel tank is sticking. Usually caused by using cheap gas. Fill it up and add a bottle of STP gas treatment. It might take more then one tankful w/STP to clean it completely. TIP: don't rely on the computer generated "mileage left ... 1999 Ford Expedition

My 2000 Toyota Avalon gas gauge reads 3/8 of a tank when empty. The computer on the tells me miles left in tank. The computer is right but the gauge misreads the tank by 3/8 of a tank. How many wires come off the sending unit? Is there a splitter (one to computer and one to gauge) if one wire. What are the colors of the wires? Any ideas what may be wrong

... 2000 Toyota Avalon

Stop at gas station after driving 250 miles in my 2000 s10 extreme and pump shuts off like tank is full after 3 gallons of gas go in...should take 11 or so gallons. Also gas gauge stays on full and will drop off to empty and pop back up to full no matter how much gas is in the tank. Gauge usually stays pegged at full for the most part. The gas gauge has been this way for many months without the gas fill up problem which is my main concern just thought it might help with the solution.

Sounds like you have a restriction in the fuel inlet pipe,( maybe air locking) also your tank sender unit neads replacing to fix you gauge fault, or it maybe that it has something that is not alowingf it to move freely inside the tank, have a good lo ... Chevrolet S 10

Yesterday, just after filling my tank, the fuel gauge showed empty and the warning light came on. After a few hours the gauge went up to about half and then very slowly ( over about 15 minutes ) went up to full. I drove about 300 miles yesterday and the gauge went down very slowly, never going below half.

There can be only one issue.\015\012Check the float in the gas tank as it may have failed allowing gas inside and is not "floating" anymore. Or, the sending unit needs replacing.\015\012\015\012Thanks\015\012Kindly rate the an ... 1995 Mazda Protege

I have a fiat bravo 1999 with a fuel gauge that reads empty and has warning light on all the time. even when half full it still says the same. scond problem is temp gauge reading fluxuaets the only way to stop this is to push the trip knob to reset temp gauge.. any help please ..

It looks as though there is a ground fault in the dash board cluster. You might have to check for fault in the connectors, maybe cracks in the board assembly or a harness issue.\012Must remove to havea closer look into this section before we ca ... Fiat 124
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