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\015 WRENCH LIGHT CAME ON AND CAR DIED\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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... 2010 Ford Escape XLT

2002 Ford Escape has blinking 0?d light and sets off p1744. i changed the solenoid assembly and fluid and it seemed to work. The cat got clogged and blew out the egr. I replaced cat and egr and the p1744 came back.

... 2002 Ford Escape

I have a 2006 Ford Explorer and the Wrench light has come on. I read in the manual that it alerts you to a powertrain malfunction. the auto does not run any differently than before it came on. Runs Fine. The light will come on a couple of minutes after it is started. Ford dealership ran a diagnostic and said that 1st test showed problem but then said that 2nd test did not. They reset the light but during the test drive, it came back on. They are going to run another more in depth test in a few d

... 2006 Ford Explorer

What does a wrench warning light mean Ford Escape?

... 2008 Ford Escape

I have a 2002 Ford Escape.. Engine light was on.. Code showing 1 3 5 misfiring. Had plugs replaced this morning. The guy drove it and said the light came on and it could a core pack. Told me to drive it. Drove it all day.. No problems. Stoped at a light turned my heat on and took off the light came on. Never blinked but stayed on.. Drove home. The car sat for a few minutes then my brother drove it and about two houses down the light started blinking and he pulled over. Turned it off. A few mins

... 2002 Ford Escape

The car hesitates like it is going to stop the engine. I noticed that the RPM was at 2000 and it dropped down to almost 0. Check light along with wrench light came on. Wrench light went out check light still on.

Wrench light, is "Service Engine Soon". Check light indicates there is a stored and current engine computer fault. Often referred to as a DTC,,,Detected Trouble Code. Stop by your Autozone or Advance Auto parts store and they can plug in a scanner ... 2006 Ford Crown Victoria

Hey my girlfriend owns a 2006 ford escape and noticed in the last couple days the battery light came on when she was either in park or when she came to a stop light, but dissappeared when she was driving. i put the battery on charge for a night cause the chrge light on the battery was red not green, didnt make a difference so i guessed it would of been the battery, so i replaced it today with a new one, same problem, heard that maybe my belt was loose, or wire was loose, need to know if it woul

I would have it checked, guessing is too expensive. take it to a shop that does a lot of Fords or specializes in Alternators. The computer runs the charging system. ... 2006 Ford Escape

Today my 2005 Ford Escape 3.0l V6 battery light came on, all interior lights dimmed, then headlights went out and car died while making a ticking sound. Replaced battery, but light came back on. What's going on? +170,000 mi... Is it safe to drive? I need to get to work 1st thing tomorrow...

Have the alternator of the car checked by some experienced guy.\015\012they symptoms u described appear to be of a dying alternator. ... 2005 Ford Escape

I have an 2011 ford focus and the wrench light came on and the car kind of hesitated the went turned car off light out and fine now

... 2011 Ford Focus

2008 ford escape wrench light - 2008 Ford Escape

... 2008 Ford Escape

I have 2006 ford fusion my eng light came on then the little wrench came on and it went into a limp mode with code p2110 I called ford they told me it could be A hundred things.Since times are hard I can't for them to check it out I hope you can help me thanks.

P2110-Throttle Actuator Control System\015\012Means the motor that opens the throttle plate, on a drive by wire system. Your gas pedal is hooked to nothing,just three more sensors down there,like the Toyota Problems\015\012\015\012Y ... 2006 Ford Fusion

I have a 2005 ford mustang and i am on a trip to arkansas.two different lights came on.one looked like a small wrench an the other was the check engine.the car cut off while we were running 65 on interstate.we stopped the car on next exit an it started back up.the little wrench lite is off but the check engine light is still on..can anyone tell me whats going on?....stranded somewhere between arkansas and knoxville

The wrench light means there is-or-was a problem with the elctronic throttle control. \015\012the is no mechanical throttle cable on this engine, it is "fly by wire" so to speak. \015\012ussually when this happens, the computer will not a ... 2005 Ford Mustang


... Ford Escape

My 2005 Ford Expedition went into limp home mode going up a hill. I had the truck on cruise control and the wrench light came on. No other lights came on. I've recently had the spark plugs changed

I got the following codes on 2005 ford expedition--p0300, p0301, p0316 ... 2005 Ford Expedition

The wrench light came on my 2008 Ford 450 diesel 4 X 4. I took it to two Ford Dealers and they put their computers to it and couldn't find anything wrong. Of course the light went out and they s

This is one of two main problems. There is an erratic connection on your electronic fuel injection line, the computer box connection to earth or on the main plug, or one of the sensors on the engine is starting to play up, as itself within, is connec ... 2008 Ford F 450 Super Duty

The engine stopped while driving on 2003 Ford escape. Oil light, check engine light and the battery light came on

... 2003 Ford Escape

Ford escape xlt 2005 speedometer and odometer stopped working, abs and brake light came on with 4by 4 blinking. How do I solve this problem? Thank you.

Vehicle speed sensor located on rear output case of transfer case ... Ford Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 Ford Escape. The left brake light went out, so I tried swapped with right bulb and stiil had the same problem. Then I swapped the removable bulb casings between right and left; after some bulb reseating and making sure wire connections were good, then both brake lights worked. I took a drive and when I came home the right brake light was out. Then I swapped bulb casings between left and right and now both lights are out. Could it be bulbs, the bulb casing, wiring or do I have an el

Hello. Since your vehicle has been in use for 5 years I recommend that you go to any auto parts store and get an aerosol can of electrical contact cleaner. Just follow the directions and clean all of the contacts and the base of the bulbs. Also, t ... 2005 Ford Escape

Wrench dashboard warning lights on 2010 ford escape

... 2010 Ford Escape XLT

My service emissions light came on a couple of weeks ago and I took my 2005 Ford Escape limited into a Ford dealer. They ran a scan and told me I would have to replace the PCM, fuses, coil, manifold and convertor. I just bought this used off the lot 6 months ago for $24000. Now I am looking at having to pay $3709 for the repair. I have spoke to a couple of friends who are mechanics and they told me that Ford will charge you out to replace everything and that I may just need to change my fuse

Hello, here are some TSB's for your vehicle. The PCM- tsb 05513, tsb 042107, tsb 04217. For the misfire- tsb 19026 and tsb 031404. This are all for the 2005 Escape.\015\012\015\012Here is what you need to do. Take one problem at a ti ... Ford Escape

Hi all...I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam 4 2 hours...in which 1 1/2 hrs were less than 5 mph. My truck is a 2003 Ford Escape. My radio went out then the lights started 2 dim and a brake light came on. I was able 2 pull over. Got on the other side of the freeway...same symptoms appeared while @ red light...made it home fine (40 miles) shut truck off and it started back up. What could have caused this battery was checked 2 weeks ago and was fine.

I suppose its possible the alternator stopped charging the battery enough at the low engine speed but then worked on the way home.The alternator will charge 12 - 13 volts at idle, but you could have enough accessories and the cooling fan running ... 2003 Ford Escape

Hi all...I was stuck in a horrible traffic jam 4 2 hours...in which 1 1/2 hrs were less than 5 mph. My truck is a 2003 Ford Escape. My radio went out then the lights started 2 dim and a brake light came on. I was able 2 pull over. Got on the other side of the freeway...same symptoms appeared while @ red light...made it home fine (40 miles) shut truck off and it started back up. What could have caused this battery was checked 2 weeks ago and was fine.

It could have been your altinator u should have it and the belt that goes to it checked out ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 Ford Escape. I just went thru the car wash and the emission light came on after. It is cold outside. I put some gasline antifreeze in but the light is still on. What should I do? Can i still drive it with the light on?

Hello, There is a good chance some moisture collected in a electrical connection and froze. I would run the Escape for a while to warm everything up real good to dry things off. So the answer is Yes you can still drive it. You may ... 2002 Ford Escape

I am getting an engine system failure light coming out on my 2005 ford focus. The first day I checked oil and water. The oil was slightly low and I topped up. The water appeared to be overheating and I filled with more water after some water escaped due to boiling. After that I travelled for about 300km at high speeds but there was no problem. The following morning the light came up again. This time the oil level was ok but water was still overheating. I also topped the brake fuild and the light

Sounds to me like you are having a cooling system problem, if water is boiling in the tank or radiator then the engine is overheating. If you have not flushed the cooling system, it would be a good idea to do so. Also you need to test the cooling sys ... 2000 Ford Focus

My abs lights came on along with the parking brake light and the check brakes and also the engin and wrench light are all on!! now the spedo is jumping up and down and at times goes all the way down to 0 then shoots back to the speed im on what could be the problem?

If this is a AWD, you need to test the DEM(4x4 module), and the ABS module for codes, the problem sound more toward the ABS.... possible wheel speed sensors, etc. this will effect the motor and trans, the speedo reads that too.....alot of parts today ... 2005 Ford Five Hundred
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