Having problems with your 2009 Toyota Camry SE ?

I have a 2009 Camry SE and latley it has been burnig gas like crazy. Example today I filled up the tank, I have driven 45.3 miles and I am down to 3/4 of a tank. Why am I burning 1/4 tank in 45.3 miles?

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Answers :

Check if a vacum line come off from some where on the engine,
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I have a 2009 Camry SE and latley it has been burnig gas like crazy. Example today I filled up the tank, I have driven 45.3 miles and I am down to 3/4 of a tank. Why am I burning 1/4 tank in 45.3 miles?

Check if a vacum line come off from some where on the engine, ... 2009 Toyota Camry SE

When I filled full tank, it showed me that I have 287 miles to go. Earlier it alway showed 380 and above and abov 400. In fact when I went to fill the gas, the earlier reading after filling said the I had driven 386 miles on the previous fill. What do you think happend?

The flowter on your pump is no good ... 2007 BMW 328xi Sports Wagon

2003 Cadillac Deville, 110,000 miles, Check Engine Light comes on and Code P0420 is displayed. This happens after the gas tank is filled and the vehicle is driven about 60 to 80 miles.The Check Engine Light is turned off and stays off until the gas tank is filled again. The sensors have been replaced with OEM units and the convertor has been replaced with a OEM spec unit from Walker. This process has been duplicated more than 20 times using different Brands and Grades of gas with the same result

Double check that the gas cap is the correct one and that it clicks 3 times at least when you put it on ... 2003 Cadillac Deville

Hi, I hope you can advise me. My 2002 grand caravan has fuel issues . After I fill up with gas and then drive, the fuel gauge doesn't start to move down until I have driven about about-80 miles, then starts to drop. If the gauge shows that I have 1/2 tank of gas, I really don't have that much. I have to look at the odometer to see when I have to really get gas. the digital reading on the panel above the rear view mirror is in sinc with it (it reads that I have 347 miles worth of gas in the tank

Could\015\012be the float or it could also be electronic card problem that this\015\012float inside the tank that is sending the signal to the marker, or\015\012problems contact Latarjet electronica.Thanks ... 2002 Dodge Neon

The low fuel light came on today and I immediately put in a half a tank of fuel. I drove car for 50 miles and parked for 30 minutes. Car sputtered and died when I tried to start. I replaced fuel filter and still have same problem. Motor turns over fine acts like no fuel. Any idea on next check. This car has 40000 original miles that I have driven all miles.

There is the possibility that when it ran low on fuel that the naturally occurring debris in the tank got sucked up to the pump screen. ... 2000 Ford Mustang

I have just bought an insignia 6 months old with 3000 miles 2 weeks ago. Today when i turned on the engine the warning came up that the coolant level is low. When i opened the bonet the tank appeared empty but when i opened the cap the tank filled back up again. Now when i started the engine again the coolant dissapeared again and the warning came up again telling me the coolant was low. Can you tell why this is happening and how it can be fixed?

... Vauxhall Cars & Trucks

I have jeep grand Cherokee 2000 4.0 liter, I had the fuel pump changed today now that i filled my tank i noticed a huge leak from the tank and i called the mechanic he said it is the return valve leak and it should stop after i drive it for a while i drove 24 hwy miles and now it is still leaking i was wondering if there is any truth in what he said (he also said that there is valve with a ball that should get back and seal it or something)? or did he want me to leave? Please and thank you

This is my personal opinion: Any shop or technician that would even dream of releasing a vehicle with a gasoline leak of the size you describe should NEVER be permitted to ever again work on a vehicle of any type. Regardless of the cause (I can't see ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 99 elantra. When i fill my gas tank, the gas needle never reaches the full mark. It stays on 3/4. This has been going on for a long long time and it is gradually getting worse as far as mileage. I don't remember how much mileage I actually get BC it has been so long since my gauge has worked correctly. The whole motor was rebuilt the beginning of this year and the sending unit was also replaced. When my gauge hits empty, I've driven 176 miles. I filled up last night and it held 8.4 gal

... Hyundai Elantra

1997 Ford Explorer the gas gauge reads full when tank is full, but once it gets to half full, it sticks. We have been filling the tank when we have driven 250 miles and it takes 14 gallons of gas. The guage then goes from half full to full.

Most likely problem is a faulty sending unit. Bad news... it's inside the gas tank. ... 1999 Pontiac Montana

I just bought a 1988 f250 5.8l v-8. When I got it today they said it had been sitting a few months. I drove the truck it was ok for about a mile then sputtered and died. truck would start and sounded like it was starved for fuel then die again so we changed plugs wires rotor distributor coil pack and fuel filter truck is still doing same thing I know it has gas I filled both tanks up. If i let truck sit for a mnute then start let idle a minute then go I can drive maybe a mile before it starts do

Is fuel filter on backwards? This is common in fords cuz ppl run tank dry then switch tanks so all rust sticks to bottom of strainer some gets through. Start there look for arrow on side o filter point toward front ... 1988 Ford F 250

Sudden engine overheating . I replaced the radiator with a new one because it was leaking at the tank core. I have driving 150 miles sence and had no problems. Today I was stranded because my check gauge light and beeper came on and I saw the temp gauge go from 210 to 250 degrees. It filled my plastic resovor over flowing.and the discharge hose had a lot of pressure on it. After cooling down I took the temostat out and refilled coolant. I restarted the engine and checked the fan to be sure it op

It sounds like the temp switch for the fans isn't working properly & or the heater core could be clogged as well the best thing to try is get a cooling pressure tester to see what the pressure is holding at since theres no thermostat ... 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I kept smelling fuel. I went and got the fuel injector replaced however I still ocassionally smell fuel. A friend of mine thinks I have a leak also because I just filled up, I've only driven 60 miles and I've already used a 1/4 of the tank.... Please advise... Thanks!

It sure sounds like you have a fuel leak some where, I'm surprized the shop that replaced the injector didn't look for that. I think you need to have it looked at by a qualified Tech ASAP, as there's a REAL fire danger. ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Override or bypass 02 sensor on bank 1,is this possible? it si costing arm and leg to fill tank,02 sensor burns out 500-1500 miles don't know why,but tired of this repair,costes $80.00 everytime,though if someone could give me idea of how to or if there's anyway to run motor/w out this sensor I'd appreciate lots,thanks,HELP me please,Scott

Vechicle runs in open loop mode untill coolant temp sensor tells main computer ,vehicle is at normal operating temp,at this time the vehicle goes into closed loop mode,meaning that the computer runs almost entirley off the info from the o2 sensors,an ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I recently filled up the gas tank, started the car and drove home(about a mile). My wife got in 15 minutes later and the car would not start. I did find a 15 amp fuse burned out labeled fuel pump. I replaced this fuse and the car still will not start.

You can try a few things:\012\012Remove the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure and replace\012Pump the gas repeatedly to force any air out of the fuel lines\012Prim ... 2006 Saturn ION

Got a 1998 grand cherokee that tends to hesitate when giving it gas while driving,didnt do it until we added line antifreeze and injector cleaner,didnt drive for about six months,started it,drove it until almost out of gas,with no problem then added fuel addative,filled with fresh gas and now tends to hesitate while driving,idles perfect,only happens while driving,have only driven about 50 miles on new tank of gas!

Gummed up!!! run 108 octane booster!!!! ... 1998 Jeep Cherokee

The fuel gauge indicator fell to the side below empty. I had just filled the tank a out a week ago and have not driven it but very few miles since.

Perhaps the float is full of petrol so its sunk ?? test for a feed to the sender unit first though ... 2000 Buick Park Avenue

1999 nissan maxima , fuel issue . had the spark plugs replaced a day prior to this problem occuring , i had driven the car for about 80 miles until i filled up with gas and now the car is running real rough. under dealership advice put 1 can of b&g additive to gas tank no change, also replaced fuel filter still runs rough.


I noticed a burning rubber smell from the drivers side front of the car today, i had only driven a few miles and its the first time ive smelt this, however possibley connected? or not? for the last month occasionally when pulling off a loud knocking noise comes from the rear of the car almost like someone tapping very hard on the boot? please help

... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

1997 ASTRO VAN. GAS BACKING OUT OF GAS TANK. The gas gage was broken when I bought van, stuck on full. I just kept track. Fill tank with $100. Can go 300 miles. Filled tank over 20 times no prob. Then go to fill tank and pump clicks off after filling just 5 cents, pull handle, 10 cents, Clicks off, this continues. I used to be able to put $40. In with much patients. Now after just $7. And it clicking off every 5-10 cents Gas pours out of tank like it's over filled, But it is not. HELP! Anyone kn

... Cars & Trucks

Having difficulty filling the gas tank. The gas pump keep shutting off when filling the gas tank. It appears that the check valve in the gas tank fill pipe is not workinig properly thus restricting the flow of gas into the tank. It now takes a long time to fill the gas tank. The van has about 98,000 miles on it. Would like to know if this is a common problem on these vans?

Not so much a common problem as it is just! a problem go to a local salvage yard and buy a new filler neck and install it!! its really simple just take the 4-5 screws out of the top filler housing and take a hose clamp off the vent house underneath ... 2005 Dodge Caravan

When my fuel runs low, approximately 1/4 tank, my car acts as if it's out of gas and dies. I originally thought broken gauge; obvious, right? However, when I filled it up; it didn't take a full tank. Sometimes I'm able to put in 12 gallons; while other times it 'runs out' after only 9 gallons. Either way, it's a 15 gallon tank. I used to be able to get 400 miles out of a fill-up, easy. Now, I find myself filling-up every 240; to avoid being stranded. I've checked for bulges in the tank,

Funny that you mention ' Dark Matter ' -- there is a possibility that you might have water contamination in the tank (?), you can try and get some gas additives that remove water from the fuel. also, there is the possibility that fuel pick up line ... 1999 Mercury Mystique

I have a problem filling my 2003 Ford focus gas tank. The pump keeps shutting off and I can only fill a little at a time. I had the car checked at STS Auto center in Island Park NY and the mechanic replaced the part (pro x x f 8 5 z 5 0 0 CA) Canister vent $ 159.95 and the problem still exists. I paid $ 222.00 for this repair that did not work. When I returned to the repair shop the mechanic put the car back on the lift and could not see anything wrong. He blew air in the tank and suggested

I have had the same problem a few times myself, usually just pulling the the pump out alittle stops the problem, its usually from the gas backing up in the line and not enough air coming out of the tank ... 2003 Ford Focus

2007 Xterra with about 50K miles. I had the service engine soon light come on and the fuel gauge zero out, even after filling full with a new tank. Mechanic charged $400 to replace the fuel injector. However, I seem to getting about 100 miles fewer to the tank now. Would there be a correlation? I used to get 400 miles per tank, now I'm getting 300.

You should stop by a shop or parts store that will get a scan code for free. If you've got code p0463, which is most likely the case in this situation, you've got a problem with your fuel level sensor. As of now, there's a recall on 2006 and 2008 Xte ... 2007 Nissan Xterra Off Road

I have a 95 Mitsubishi Mirage, 1.8, manual transmission, distributor driven. 179k miles. Just started today, shudder after shifting in all gears, levels out after a moment, but seems to shudder stil

... Mitsubishi Mirage

2002 Volvo S80 automatically shuts off filling the gas tank at 1/2 tank capacity? Fuel pump was replaced in December 2008. The gas leak problem cited by mastercarpen was fixed but now the gas tank will not fully fill up. Any idea what is causing this and the cost to repair? The car is a 2002 S80 with 111,300 miles.

I had a similar problem with my 1999 S80. Give this a try. You don't need any mechanical experience. At no point will you come into contact with any gasoline. This is a five minute fix if it's what I think it is.\012\012Background: when you gas ... 1999 Volvo S80
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