Having problems with your 2009 Scion tC 5.0 ?

07 Scion Tc - When I turn on my headlights my clock light/temp Ac lights go out which is really annoying at night... can anyone help?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Sounds like the dreded solider joints in the lighting system, it is a design flaw, google it and it will show you which ones need to resoldiered
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07 Scion Tc - When I turn on my headlights my clock light/temp Ac lights go out which is really annoying at night... can anyone help?

Sounds like the dreded solider joints in the lighting system, it is a design flaw, google it and it will show you which ones need to resoldiered ... 2009 Scion tC 5.0

2000 buick century headlight problem...we have a century and cant get the low beams to turn on period....the high beams come on just fine and the parking lights come on fine also....everything worked fine then suddenly no low beam headlights ..turn signals work..ect...can anyone that can help me find the answer to this problem ? your help would be appreciated, it's my girlfreinds car and she need's to drive at night..as of now..she cant. please reply s.a.p. if you know what the issue is. than

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My 2000 Dodge Stratus will not turn over. The headlights, tail lights, break lights, and lights inside work. My radio, windshield wipers, and blinkers will not work. When I turn the key, there is absolutely no sound at all. I drove the car on Thursday and on Friday morning the problem surfaced. If anyone knows what the issue can please I would really appreciate the help in finding an answer.

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I have a 2003 Ford Focus SE sedan. Just last night while driving for about a little over an hour I noticed what sounded like air rushing out in harmony with the engine turning over, and it is really loud, sounds like an exhaust problem. It only does this when I give it some RPM's, idling it's fine. I put it in neutral with the car sitting still and it doesn't sound as bad but it's still there. When it's in gear it sounds really annoying, like a loud fast ticking. Please help!!!

Your emergency brake cable could be tapping under your vehicle. I've seen this before on Ford Focus. There is a metal grommet fastened under your car that holds the emergency brake cable in place. The metal grommet rubs through the rubber on the cabl ... 2003 Ford Focus

My 1990 Buick Century dash lights and tail lights will not come on when I turn on my lights, although my headlights do come on. Can anyone help me out. The same thing happened to my Oldsmobile Delta a couple years back. I never found out what happened. I had to drive with my hazards on at night.


I just put hid headlights in my 2001 jeep cherokee sport and when i turn the car and lights off they will sometimes go off and other times stay on. Last night they went off and 5 hours later randomly came on by them self. Could that possibly be my drl module. I really need help. Please any ideas?

... 2001 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1992 gmc sierra 1500 and the headlights don't work. The turn signals and brake lights work fine. I also have a plow and the turn signals on it work just not the headlights. I checked the fuses for the headlights and they are not blown. There is now power going to the headlight fuses at all. Can anyone help me with this problem? Is there another circuit breaker somewhere?

... 1992 GMC Sierra K1500

Headlights malfunctioning Headlights cut off & only high beams will work when you flash them using the wiper control arm on the column. The main control switch is ineffective and has already been replaced. Sometimes turning ignition off & back on will help, sometimes not. "Playing" with the flasher control listed above has seemed to help a couple of times. I heard a 'click' at my feet the other night when they came back on using the "play with it method". The problem can not be reproduce

Usually it's a case of the regular headlights not working while the high beams (brights) still work if you hold them on while driving, but if you have a 1999-2011 Mercury Marquis, Mercury Marauder, or Crown Victoria, and your regular headlights and o ... 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a Pontiac Montana 2002 and the headlights won't turn on. the only way the headlights turn on is if I pull the little sick to change from low to high beam. the fuses are good and I don't know if there is a button or something that I don't know about. If someone can help me I really appreciate it. thank you

... Cars & Trucks

Hey, i have a 2001 bmw 325ci. What happened is that i was driving to school this morning, stopped at red lights, took a left turn and all of sudden my steering wheel just got really really stiff, almost to the point where i had to use full force to turn it. At that point i immediately pulled over and opened up the hood. The power steering fluid seems full. I dont know what the problem might be, if anyone could help that would be great. THanks

I also 2001 bmw 325ci. Your description of events exactly matches mine, right down to the problem occurring immediately after a sudden turn. Turns out it was the steering pump. I'm not a mechanic but have fiddled around with stuff over the years. I u ... 2001 BMW 325

My car won't start ill turn the key the radio, lights, etc. will all turn on i checked the battery, its good its only 4 months old, i just replace my ignition wires and coil pack about 4 months ago. Its strange there's no clicking noise like the car is trying to turn over or nothing, i turn the key and nothing happens the only thing that happens is the radio headlights and stuff like that turn on, no engine. could anyone help?

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. ... 2001 Ford Mustang

*I have a 2002 silverado chevolet pickup, I have a problem, when I turn on turn signal and put on brakes all lights in rear including tag light flashes and at night time when headlights on on and turn on turn signal applied brakes the turn signal blinks very slow we changed all bulbs and that didn't help

It sounds like a bad earth connection in the rear wiring loom.\015\012Check the earth wires that runs from the Light Assemblies for a bad connection at the interconnection blocks as well as where the earth wire is attached to t ... Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Help! I left my lights on in my 2003 VW Golf the other night.  I went out the next day, turned off the lights, the car wouldn't start.  We tried jump starting my car today and the lights (dash, interior and headlights) came back on, but the engine won't turn over.  Then, after trying to jump start again, I tried to turn the key and there was a clicking noise and all of the lights starting flickering, but the engine still wouldn't turn over.

Key off and out,diconnect negitive side of battrey then postive.clean terimals,charge battrey,connect postive cable (with key off)connect negitive.and start.\015\012your dead battrey is taking up a big load on system,so when you boost it the de ... 2003 Volkswagen Golf

How to check the alternativer in f-150 00'. I'm having a problem with my truck. My truck doesn't turn on took the battery to be check at an auto zone. They told me the battery was good but that voltage were low. So, I left it to be charged. I put the battery back but my truck doesn't turn on. The headlights and lights in dashboard turn on but the radio and rest don't turn on. Can anyone help me?

May be a bad starter solenoid it's on the fire wall has a small wire on it an check my tips sections for how to trace electrical problems. ... 2000 Ford F150 Flareside SuperCab

Can't turn off the brights on my '95 Cherokee Sport. They stay on even when the engine is turned off. I replaced the turn signal switch (where the brights are actuated) but this did not make a difference. I pulled the the fuse in the engine compartment so I can still drive during the day but can't drive at night. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a relay somewhere that might be sticking? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Change the high beam switch (activated by the turn switch usually on the column down under the dash ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 99 4 door Tahoe and my headlights turn on then after a few minutes they turn off and then turn back on. This happens repeatedly and now I'm scared to drive my Tahoe at night. Someone please help.

You may have a defective headlight switch due to overheating. Pull the switch panel out and look at the connector to the switch, smell it, Des it have a hint of burning plastic, are the metal connectors discolored? If this is the case replace the swi ... 1999 Chevrolet Tahoe

Ok, ihave had problems wiht this car from day one, to make a long story short, when ever i arrive at my destiation after driving it for a while, it wont start wheni try to turn it on, it won't turn over, i don't hear a clicking sound, i have full lights,and they don't dim when i turn the key, it's not the battery and if you jump it, it WILL start but only if it's car to car and not car to jump box, and i also put a new starter in, if anyone can help, i could really use it

I would definitely try to see if the battery connections are completely clean and shiny when removed from the battery.\015\012\015\012If it starts when it's jumped, it bypasses these connections and adds amperage to the starter.\015 ... 1988 Chevrolet Nova

I have a 1998 Dodge Durango. My brake lights and headlights do not work. Bulbs replaced and the fuses are find. My high beams will turn on and after a few minutes turn off and on again. Hazards and turn lights work fine. I heard this was a problem and something about the switch. Can anyone help?

Had same problem, its ur headlight switch and can be the electric harness that the headlight switch plugs into. mine is a 98 too. ... 1998 Dodge Durango

Adjusting Headlights Hi, my name is Daryn and i own a 2004 Mazda 6i Sedan 2.3L.my low beam headlights seem to stare at the ground towards the right pretty bad and my brights point towards the sky... does anyone have advise on how to adjust this? i really dont feel like payin money for someone else to take care of it. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, Daryn

Plain floor and a wall at dusk/night and start adjusting.\015\012remember inner road side lower so no to blind upcoming traffic.\015\012So there should be a difference officialy between right and left.\015\012Switch around fror coun ... 2004 Mazda 6

I have a 2004 chevy cavalier and i upgraded the headlight to HID, and now my lights blink fast when i put it in gear what is causing this and how can i fix it.. If i turn on the headlight before i put it in gear they dont blink... help anyone

... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Have a plymouth breeze, every time I turn left it was making a loud clicking noise, now it sounds like a really bad loud scrubbing noise when I turned and drive starting last night. So it I cant drive it. What could it be so I can get it fixed..Help

Probably a bad CV joint on one of your drive axles to the front wheels. You have two drive axles coming out of the transaxle, one to each front wheel, and both have an inner CV joint where they enter the transaxle, and an outer CV joint where the axl ... 1997 Plymouth Breeze

My 98 VW Jetta's turn signals dont work when I press the brake pedal. The brake lights dont work when I push the brake pedal with the turn signal on while the headlights are on (at night). Help!

... 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

When i turn the headlights on my brakelights quit working i do have a headlight out do you know what the problem might be? Tail lights do work but seem to be a little dim if anyone can help with this I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Dim lights are often a sympton of a grounding problem within the car's electrical system.\015\012\015\012Diagnosing these type problems can get very complicated. You will need to take it to a repair shop. ... 1994 Plymouth Sundance

Hi All, Drivers side sun visor clip in my 2003 Nissan Patrol keeps falling out of roof, hence, the visor is not held in place and shakes and vibrates! (Really , really annoying now). I got a replacement clip, but, now it keeps falling down with the slightest bump in the road. Does anyone know how to fix this as the clip just won't hold the visor in place and Nissan have not been very helpful? Thanks

... 2005 Nissan Murano

No headlights I have a 2001 KIA sportage. Today I noticed my high beam symble was on and i thought i left it on from the night before. When i went to shut them off, I noticed a clicking sound. I figured it was just cold. This afternoon I noticed I had no running lights and when I turned on the headlights, nothing happened. I checked the fuses they are fine. What can this be, and can I fix it myself? Im a single mom and need my car HELP!!

I found the connectoers to the headlights to be un weather proofed. I went to auto zone or advance auto to buy replacement connectoers, The replacement I bought had 3 wires, Black, Red, Green, and they have a rubber protective boot so as not to fail ... 2001 Kia Sportage
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