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Motor surges and lugs at ideal

\015 Computer light comes on motor surges lugs had ecm computer replaced ,crank postion replaced both of them, new spark plugs,o2 sencer replaced car still surges stumbles and lugs at idel , in gear it realy bad\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Motor surges and lugs at ideal

... 2009 Pontiac G5

I get a engine surge between 40 and 60 miles and hour and only does this when the motor is at normal operating temps. No problem when it is idealing and does not surge above 65 mph.Starts good..everything is ok

... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Surges after warm up 900rpm to 1600rpm and back and forth. No codes, all sensors are new or within spec., new ideal control motor, repaired ECU,new vacuum hoses. HELP! 1993 Colt GL 1.8L 5 speed FED

This problem is commonly referred to as 'idle surge'. It's typically\015\012caused when your Idle Air Control (IAC) motor is malfucntioning. It's\015\012also referred to as the Idle Speed Controller (ISC). This is simply a\015\012little stepper mo ... 1993 Plymouth Colt Vista

1985 mercury grand marquis. Starts then stall, usually more then once. Once started motor surges and then may stall again when put in reverse. Motor surge continues as you begin to accelerate and proceed down the road. When stepping on the accelerator, no response for a few seconds, lift foot and press again, might respond. When stopped with foot on brake, motor continues to serge and must keep foot on accelerator and brake at the same time to keep running. Then sometimes, it runs like a t

Maps sensor ... 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

91 chevy lumina when motor gets warm and you let off the gas motor surges, then when you stop it sometimes cuts off. also when you put into reverse or drive it motor shuts off sometimes.

I suggest check for vacuum leak and test fuel pressure. ... 1991 Chevrolet Lumina

1994 chevy c1500.blower motor stoped working,ran a wire from battery to motor works fine,but use switch on dash does not work the motor,whent to wrecking yard got 2 switch asb ,still dont work any ideals

Check the blower motor resistor.Remove glove box door and look at the top of the A/C box. There should be a relay you can feel clicking when you put the fan on high. In the immediate vicinity of that relay is the connector for the resistor. The ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

My '99 Dodge surges when I go out to start it. I usually have to cycle the key at least three times before I try to crank the motor before it will start at all. It does this every time, however, sometime it takes more attempts than others. It has taken me up to 5 minutes to get it started before. It always starts eventually, and when it does, it runs great. No problems with power at all. When it's surging, the pedal is completely dead. It will not move or do anything other than surge. After a fe

... 2000 Dodge Ram 3500

I just tried a trick that one of your solution providers had given me. I was able to trouble shoot the blower motor troubles. The assistant told me to rap on the blower motor that was under and beneath the glove box. although the solution didn't work, I realized that it probably was not the motor but possibly the fuse. I looked in the fuse panel and found that both of the 15amp fuses were blown. I just replaced the fuses and the blower works again. My question is what would cause a surge to make

Most likely your blower motor is going out. It is putting to much load on your fuse. ... 2001 Nissan Maxima

1998 5.7 chevy 1500 4x4 pickup. Engine misses speradically. Sometimes at idle, sometimes idle is perfect and it misses mid range, sometimes cruising speed. Sometimes it runs perfect at all levels. THe last two days it has been surging at idle and shifting hard as though the engine is turning off and back on in a split second. This truck has 198000 miles on it and was acting this way before I replaced the bad bearing motor with another motor having 86000 miles on it. The new motor sounds great wh

... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Electrical surge, replaced battery and alternator. I will be driving along and all the sudden complete electrical power loss, motor does not cut off, after a few minutes of riving the motor everything will start working again.

Loose or poor contact to battery terminal ... 2003 Ford Windstar

Every once and a while the engine will have a rough ideal and the motor shuts down. I have allready changed the battery and alternator. When this happens you can keep the motor running by keeping your foot on the gas paddle to keep the rpm up

Check and clean out iac valve, and also check your fuel filter for clogging up. ... Kia Sedona

Had the engine replaced on my 96 ram 4x4(truck is a 5.9L with auto trans). Was replaced with a low mileage used motor, according to the guy who installed it. (Of course he's not around anymore) Ever since, the truck has been acting up. The motor runs fine, but when I floor the gas pedal (ex. if passing someone) the a/c immediately shifts from blowing out of the front vents to the windshield defroster vents. The transmission also acts as though it's slipping and surging, and I have gone through 3

Hello! Let's eliminate grounding as a problem right up front...Using an ohmmeter set on the X 10 scale...Place one probe on bare metal chassis...The other on the engine...Must read zero ohms (dead short)...Next from the engine to the - battery post.. ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

My 1993 Honda Accord is hard to start, when it does start, the motor surges to the point it nearly dies. It will surge and then it starts running normal. This worsens when the weather is hot. I have changed the distributor Any thoughts

It sounds very much like the Engine Management Temp Sensor is dormant.\012\012The EMTS acts as the choke and aids starting, they are quite cheap and easy to replace.\012\012The item is located in the thermostat housing.\ ... 1993 Honda Accord

Have a 94 eagle talon dl 1.8lt 2wd. Surges alittle when pulling from a stop. And at high rpm. Seems to lack fuel when it's being demanded. Ideals fine. Runs fine. Just every now an then in 1st an 2nd gear on pull out it surges or in a 90% hard left turn. Or at high rpm in 1st or 2nd gear. It seems to be the fuel pump to me. Anyone have any suggestion. All is new in the car but fuel pump an has 150,000 plus on if.

... 1994 Eagle Talon

82 F150, fuel injection, 5.0 RPM's go high and idles high, happens when driving, when you stop and put in park or nuetral will die. found when we had very slight dusting of snow on the street, could not control to stop...was like a surge working against the stop. Tires have good tread and and air pressure. Have any ideals on the cause of this? When starting the truck, sometimes will idle normal and sometimes jumps into really high idle.... when weather is normal, have had surge or jump when sitt

I would first check the idle position sensor,located where the throttle cable ends at the tbi. check for broken wires or hoses, try un-plugging and see if the problem goes away. get back to me if you need more help. please rate my fix. Thanks Ray ... 1982 Ford F 150

Kia Optima I just replaved my timing belt, oil pump belt, crank senser, map senser, R & R senser. The timing belt was not broke but did have a few missing teeth. It will start and run just fine on a cold motor. After the motor warms up it has a rough idle, low idle, and will eventually die without keeping the idle up with my foot on the gas pedal. It will surge on highway speeds, most climbing hills. It also has developed a vibration while accelerating. Jump before it shifts into a higher gear.

Is the car flashing any codes. I would look for fuel issues possibly fuel filter, injectors etc. Because these items are easier to check. Otherwise it sounds as if the timing is off on the car. If the Hydraulic tensioner is not replaced this coul ... 2004 Kia Optima

I have a 1994 with a 4.3 vortec the motor surges at idle when i remove the pcv valve the motor smoothes out but at a high idle valve tests good.

... 1994 GMC Jimmy

2001 gr. caravan. had an iac motor code & a tps code. the idle also was extremely high at start up then would surge between 1500 & 2500 rpm. I cleaned the t-body, replaced the iac motor, & just as a precaution replaced the tps. This seemed to have fixed the issue. About a week later the tps code came back but no driveability issues. Any ideas on a fix? Possible reprogramming???

... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Engine surging Engine has begun to surge 200-300 RPM at idle, never done it in the past, If I rev the motor it stops.

Look for the holes in air intake tube.at the bend ... 1999 BMW 328 Series

Having problems with the hvac blower motor. replaced motor last year and also checked the fuse to see if blow. not sure whats wrong any ideals

There is a blower motor resistor for fan speed control,it looks like this:About twenty bucks from rockauto.com.This link will give general inf ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

1982 mazda 929 MV motor, idles & runs perfect motor is spot on but! it won't stop surging when driven in forward gears 1,2 &3. Have replaced points/distributor/coil/fuel pump/filter but still it bunny hops along. I figure it must be in electrical system????? Kindest regards, Big Stu

Sounds like the ECU is struggling to maintain a constant speed when the throttle is open on cretain spots. Does this vehicle have a TPS (throttle position sensor)? If it does then it probably needs to be put on a scope and properly adjusted for con ... 1994 Mazda 929

Why is my 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer lugging? motor shakes and lugs.

Could be vacuum leak or bad ignition wire(s).\015\012\015\012I had a similar problem on my "93 Ford probe. The engine idled pretty rough with shakes, Turned out to be a head gasket leaking engine coolant into the cylinder during low rpm's ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer

Coming to stop eng light comes on for split second motor almost stalls than motor surges up returns to normal but sometimes stalls.when it stalls out it starts back up and light goes back out. thanks Bill

Is the check engine light on? If so, have the fault codes read with a scan tool. Most autoparts stores provide this service at no charge. It sounds to me like a faulty throttle position sensor, but it could be something else. The codes will tell you ... 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

I have 2 problems with my 1999 VW GOLF 1.4 car 1/ engine cuts out frequently during the start 2/ recently the car will not start and finally had to push and start.The mechanic changed the starter motor but with in 24h it blew up again not sure if this was caused by any electrical short circuit causing a power surge to the starter motor


I have a 99 acoord ex 6 cyl motor recently bought the car just changed plugs oil etc. The problem im having check engine light came on had codes ck EGR took apart cleaned out chamber with seafoam spray also added can of seafoam gass additive to clean system was on a trip so figured long distance would be the best for cleaning , 50 miles into trip car started surging on cruise took of cruise it would act like not getting fuel then surge forward, stopped car never stalled idled rough then would s

Barry, can you provide the actual code number that was pulled from the PCM? There are several different codes relating to several different EGR functions. Was the EGR passages the only thing done or was there a ... 1999 Honda Accord
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