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Check engine light on - 2009 Mercury Mountaineer

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Answers :

Go to Autozone,they will scan for free and only takes a few minutes.
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In 97 mercury mountaineer, how to turn off "check engine" light

Go to the local parts store, have them check the codes (they will do this for free usually). It will tell you what sensor needs to be checked/replaced. Once the part is replaced, it will clear on its own. They can also reset the code, but it will c ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer V6 AWD. Check Engine Light came on, brought it to a dealer. The code came up that I needed to replaced the solenoid. I replaced that, engine light never shut off. It has been on for almost a year now. They hooked it back up to read the code and it still says the same thing, even though that part has already been replaced....what can I do?

If the part has been replaced and codes have been reset, then you have a faulty check engine light.just have the dealer document it for and you show still pass inspection if it is required ... Mercury Mountaineer

1999 Mercury Mountaineer 'check engine' light came on after a very cold night. checked oil and antifreeze. oil was 2 qts low and antifreeze was to the top. light won't go off

Fill oil up until the check engine light goes off. If it doesn't go off by itself, have the codes scanned by an OBD-II Scanner for 1996 and up vehicles. Then, if there aren't any significant codes, erase the codes using the OBD-II Scanner. ... Mercury Mountaineer

Mercury mountaineer check engine light help

No, just go to Autozone, they will pull codes for free. ... 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

Overheating. I have a 98 Mercury Mountaineer. Tonight, the check engine light came on and I checked the heat gauge, and it was hot. I pulled over right away to let it cool. I checked to see if there was coolant in the reservoir, which there was. Next I checked the bottom radiator hose which was lukewarm. I next checked the upper radiator hose which was hot. The hose that goes to the thermostat , to the water pump was also hot. There was no notice of water on the ground, or from the pump itself a

Cover the radiator front, leave the cap open, start the engine for 20 minute or more, wait until the engine gets hot, check the coolant ,see if it is circulated, if it's not, chenge the thermostat first and then check the water pump. ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

Engine sputtering I first took my 2006 Mercury Mountaineer to a local Ford dealer for a mis-fire and engine sputtering above 40 mph causing the check engine light to come on. They found and replaced all the lifters and a tune up and it did not fix the problem. I then returned to the dealership, telling them the problem was not fixed, they immediately wanted to do a valve job, I declined. Today they said they wanted to replace the engine and that there was two ports in the head that were clogged

All of the above and lots more. ... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

I have an 2004 Mercury Mountaineer it has 207900 miles on it , this morning I was cruising on interstate at 75 mph I started up a hill and it would only go to 70mph I turned off the cruise and tried to push gas pedal it wouldn’t pull but to 50mph so I pulled off interstate and the suv cut off the check engine, high/low oil temp/battery lights and the message said check transmission , it wouldn’t crank up for about 10minutes, then I checked the oil because it was knocking I put 1 ½ qts oil in an

It is possible that when you had an oilchange the oil used was 10/40 which is correct for this vehicle BUT i would advocate that a thicker oil is used for this mileage say 20/50.\012all cars will use/burn oil and i always ask my customers how m ... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer V6 AWD. Check Engine Light came on - brought it to the dealer and they said the code was to replace the solenoid. Had that replaced and after driving it away, light came back on. Code still says the solenoid needs to replaced. It's been almost a year and the light is still on and I am sick of paying money only for them to tell me they still can't figure it out. I need help!

Replace what solenoid specifically? What was the trouble code? Most parts stores will pull OBD-2 codes for you for free and give you a brief description of what they mean. I would try that then come back here. ... 2003 Mercury Mountaineer

2005 mercury mountaineer check engine light on, gas cap, but keeps coming on

... 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

Why is my check engine light flashing in my 2005 mercury mountaineer

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2006 Mercury Mountaineer check engine light and gas cap light came on

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I have a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer,the check engine light is on and is now blinking,the car idles high,and the engine is loud,you can hear a put-put sound from the muffler,and a ticking sound when i turn it on, it's loud but as i drive it's more of a whining sound.Can you please help me?

If the check engine light is flashing it means you have a serious miss-fire that may cause damage to catalytic converters. It is not recommended to continue to drive it in this case. Catalytic converters are ver ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

OK so I am fixing my 2004 mercury mountaineer after my bro had left it in new Mexico sitting for about a year. After changing battery, fuel filter, oil and air filter, I started it and everything was fine. When I started to drive it around the service engine light came on. I had it checked at auto zone and it pulled the code P0193. I know it has something to do with fuel but where do I start. Also since this light came on my MPG has dropped to low 9's on the gauge. I still drive it around to

Code 193 is a problem with the fuel pressure sensor in the fuel rail near the injectors.The problem could be the sensor, or you could have a fuel pressure issue. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 v8. when it is in park or idling at a stop light it is skipping or spuddering. My check engine light is on ans when scanned it said spark plugs 1 and 5 were misfiring. we changed both plugs and wires and also changed the coil pack. Nothing has helped. Any suggestions?

... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

Bought a 1997 mercury sable today, guy said it needed a starter, charged dead battery and replaced starter. It fired right up, was driving it home it died, oil light, battery light, and check engine light came on. Checked oil and it is full. So checked the battery it was sitting at 12.25 volts, so I went and bought a new battery, hooked it up and it started right up but oil light, check engine light and battery light came back on and before I could shut it off it died. Went out to Check battery

Try checking the altenator. If the starter and battery were gimpy, the altenator may have a blown regulator too!. It sounds like there is a short in the system causing this problem. Most likely the altenator or component in the charging loop. WF ... 1997 Mercury Sable

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable (3.0 Liter OHV), it was running perfectly until yesterday. I was on the highway at 75 mph + when the check engine light started flashing. There was no immediate indication of engine trouble other than the flashing check engine light.When I pulled off the highway and stopped at a light, the car began to idle extremely poorly. The check engine light continued to flash. A friends diagnostic computer indicated that there was a misfire on cylinders 1, 2 and 3. I have relpa

Check for dirt or rust in those injector screens ... Mercury Sable

Check engine light on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer came on.

Only replace the two before tha catalytic converter the post converter O2 sensors just tell the conputer the converter is OK. Go to rockauto.com to order the sensors or to Napa. ... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

Check engine light mercury mountaineer

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1999 Mercury Mountaineer Mass Air Flow likely causing check engine light to come on., Where is it located?

The mass air flow sensor is inside the plastic housing that the air filter ins installed in. The housing separates with a metal band and the rear half contains the sensor. there should be 3 or 4 tabs that have to be depressed with a screwdriver to ... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

How to rest check engine lights - 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

If you go to a parts supplier they should have a tester and be able to reset the code after the problem is repaired ... 2006 Mercury Mountaineer

Check engine light came on in a 1999 mercury mountaineer

... 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

2004 Mercury Mountaineer fuel gauge not working check engine light is on what could be the source of the problem?

The most likely failure that will cause your problem is the fuel level sender in the gas tank. The sender will cause both the fuel gauge problem and the check engine light to be turned on. The sender will need to be replaced to repair the problem. ... 2002 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 97 mercury mountaineer that the check engine light came on in and what can I do to turn it off

Try unhooking the negative side of the battery, wait a couple minutes and then hook it back up. ... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer with a 5.0 V8. My check engine light is on. I had it put on the computer and it said "Low Vac to the EGR. I put a new EGR in and this did not solve the problem?

... 1997 Mercury Mountaineer
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