Having problems with your 2009 Mazda MAZDA5 ?

My 2009 Mazda5 has refridgerant, yet does not send through cool air on full AC. It seems that the compressor is turning on. Help!

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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My 2009 Mazda5 has refridgerant, yet does not send through cool air on full AC. It seems that the compressor is turning on. Help!

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My 2001 chevy cavalier was serviced last year for over heating and the a/c unit not blowing cool air. It has a new radiator but the fan has stopped turning and the a/c blows hot only. Ive tried re-charging the unit it seemed to be full or clogged it blew cold for a couple days now back to hot again. Ive had a new coolant reservoir air filter put in and a new head gasket and thermostate put in not to long ago could I have blown something out again by the fan not working

Might just be a bad engine coolant temp sensor , it tells car computer engine temperature and computer controls fans , as for recharging a/c , did you pull system under vacuum ? to check for leaks ? vacuum also helps remove air to get a better charge ... Cars & Trucks

The heating/AC fan will not turn on. The previous owner states that it comes on occasionally, eventually. He typically would "fiddle" with the temp., AC/Heater, fan speed controls and sometimes the fan would eventually circulate the air. The AC compressor does seem to work, as cool air comes through the vents at highway speeds.

You probley need to replace the heater controls ... 2002 Buick LeSabre

2005 Colorado pickup, does not have interior temperature control system, just air conditioning and standard heater. The heater temp control does not change the temperature of the air coming out of the dash air vents. The temp does go down when the air conditioning is turned on but it does not get as cold as it used to. It seems to be just cooling enough to over ride the heater. Even then, with it cooling a little bit, it does not change when the temp control knob is turned. It would seem that th

Http://realfixesrealfast.com/realfixesrealfast.com/Heat_%26_Air/Pages/Chevy_PU_A_C_blow_hot.html ... 2005 Chevrolet Colorado

2001 Hyundai Sonata 4cyl. Air conditioner worked irratically. Serpentine belt broke and was replaced. A/C started working again, then began only blowing cool air at higher speeds. Now does not blow cool air at all. Does not seem to be a compressor problem. Freeon not the issue either. Repairman said not getting power to the compressor, idler fan, and hi/low switch. He thinks it is an elictrical problem and has checked as many fuses as he can find. Seems to think it is between the dash and the sw

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When running the AC on my 1985 Lincoln Towncar the cold air seems mixed into the warm air, and somtimes only warm air comes out. The freon pressure is fine. With the fan on auto and AC set to the lowest temp, when going up hill or accelerating, the fan turns off and warm air seeps out. Then, 5 - 10 seconds later, the fan comes on and cooler air starts blowing again. However, it seems to me the cool air is always mixed with warm air and is therefore never that cool. This goes on over and

Get some hoses on that puppy and get it to 35 PSI. Under charged. ... Lincoln Town Car

My 2002 Saturn SL2. The Air conditioner refridgerant is full, but the compressor dosen't seem to be coming on.

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Can crank and turn ac on and will run fine for an indefinite amount of time sitting in the driveway. Put in drive and dont get 4 miles before it runs hot. Turn air off and will run without getting hot. ???? Just had ac charged and compressor was not coming on. Did injection clean and grey **** came smoking out the exhaust for ten min, compressor came on and works fine now. Fan is coming on but not sure if pulling enough air when trying to cool ac coil and radiator when driving. In park runs cool

There is definately an issue with your fan. The fan since you confirmed is working, is not pulling enough air to the radiator.Check the fan pressure.Good luck and remember to rate my suggestion. ... 1998 Land Rover Range Rover

When i turn my air condition on my belts start to scream and it doesn't get that cold, actually it use to get cool and now it doesn't. it seems like my compressor is putting to much tension on my belt. does low freon cause it to do this.

The compressor may be locked up.\015\012With engine OFF try to turn the front of the a/c compressor pulley.\015\012Then start engine , LOOK to see if inner part of pulley is spinning.Turn a/c on , inner part should start and stop.(cycle) ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4WD

The air conditioner is not blowing cold. I have checked the coolant and its full, the compressor looks to be turning fine, the only issue thing out of the ordinary is the Summit has two fans on the radiator, and only the one on the left runs, the other does not. From some research I have found some cars use a secondary radiator to cool down the coolant or at least it is essential for the AC to work in some way. It is not running. I looked over the car and could not find a blown fuse, maybe its a

Does the a/c clutch turn on. it should cycle on and off if its not coming on the a/c clutch may be bad ... 1994 Eagle Summit

I already posted this question but i think its not that clear..the a/c seem to be working out just fine, it gives out reasonably cool air, the compressor does turn on/off manually with the switching..however it does not AUTOMATICALLY shut off in agreement to the thermostat setting like most cars i know..and likewise the engine does not rev up to compensate when the car is idling..where really is the thermostat?included in the blower switch or the slider switch beside it? i'm confused..mine is a

The thermostat is located inside the heater/cooling assembly under the dash. Remove all the screws and the black cover, once removed the thermostat will be exsposed. hope this helps. You may just have to buy a $20 manual from autozone or somewhere. I ... 1997 Honda Civic

Is the switch that turns on cooling fans the same switch that turns on the air compressor i just replaced compressor and other parts and had it vacumed out ,oiled and recharged . and compressor wont

Possible you have a bad low or high pressure switch on a/c system bad causing compressor not to engage, find switchs and jump across wires and see if compressor engages ... Kia Cars & Trucks

I am having problems with my heater in 2003 Malibu. Sometimes the air comes out cool even though I have heater control turned to hot. If I jiggle (twist the control back and forth many times) the air starts to come in hot. That can continue for some time, but eventually it turns cool again. If I repeat the procedure it will warm up again. Another variable is the RPM of the motor. The air seems to be hotter the higher the RPM. So, if I am going uphill the air is hotter than when I am going

Will try to assist you, lets start simple. with engine warm,, not hot,,remove radiator cap, check coolant level, if low, start engine with cap off, add coolant until full,you should see coolant in the radiator moving or bubbling, fill to top and repl ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

Air conditioner is not cooling. It turns on but no cool air. The compressor turns on but it is not cooling.

... 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette

Electrical air conditioning, radio and cooling fans seem to be interconnected . I have been experincing failures of these coponents all at the same time. Air only works on high posisition, When it fails to operate the radio also fails. it seems that the cooling fans only will turn on when the air cond, is running. Of course when this happens the engine heats up. this is an intermittant occurance, which is driveing me crazy. any ideas?

The radio and a/c are on two different circuits other than both being powered thru the key switch. But they both share the same ground connections.Its possible the two problems are not connected.I would check the ground circuits for the radi ... 1989 Nissan Maxima

Air conditioner compressor seems to quit after 1 to 2 hours driving-blower stll runs, but cold air stops green compressor lite is still on, but no cold air-turn off ac for 20 to 30 minutus, comes back on cold as ice, but seems to quit again in a shorter amount of time-worse in hot weather-the hotter it is, the quicker it cuts out -toyota checked and could find no apparent reason about 3 years ago- please help

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Air conditionerdoesn't cool....added freon....compressor seems to

Get yourself an electronic leak detector. The refrigerant used today has a smaller atomic size and leaks more easily. Most of the switching valves and duct doors are operated by vacuum or electric solenoids. If the mechanic suspects the compressor he ... 1999 Chevrolet C/K 2500

1997 Honda Accord. The compressor clutch and the A/C fans work intermittently. The air is cool when they are both working. Then they both stop and the air becomes hot. 15 seconds latter they both come back on . Cycle repeats. No leaks. Compressor seems to be fine. Could it be a relay heating up failing cooling down working again etc.... Please help!!! Thanks Mike

Could be a little low on freon as well, causing it to cycle on, off too quick. ... 1997 Honda Accord

My air conditioning in my car is not working properly. At first when you turn it on, the air flows good and then after a while then seems to stop. We turn it up higher and slowly the same thing happens. The air flow is hardly there. I told my mechanic and he told me it was my blower and changed it but the same thing is still happening. now yesterday, i saw some white smoke come out and now the air flow is still poor but also the air is not coming out cool. Could this be that my air is out of fre

... 2000 Hyundai Sonata

95 Nissan Pickup 4 cyl. manual Air Conditioner blows cold air, then warm air. When working, air is cool, but seems to cut off and on. Compressor is still running when problem crops up, but no cool air. Freon level appears ok.

... 1995 Nissan Pickup

Climate control does not blow cool air. When I turn the temp down there is no change in air temp. It blows full hot air. Sometimes I can give the dash a smack with my hand and it will blow cool air, but that only works once in a while. I know the the system is charged. Should I change out the climate control?

You going to have to tear the dash apart (ac control panel) to see why your switch is not working. The control valve unit works on vacum systems and you need to find out where is leaking or the hoses is old and broke off. If your ac comp ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

A/c and heater problem A/C will sometimes blow cold air for about 20 seconds then start blowing warm air. Then when using the heater it will blow warm air for about 20 seconds or so then start blowing cool air. I can turn the temp knob from one side to the other or turn the fan to off and it seems to help the problem for a while. What could be causing this problem?

Sounds like you may have developed a leak in the system, when the pressure in the system is low it will cause the compressor to cycle off and on. Have you tried to charge the system? P.S. Dont know if you are aware but hte compressor kicks on when th ... 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

94 jaguar xj6 blowers do not turn on when i turn the ac on i hear a noise in the center console as if the flapper doors are opening and i hear what seems to be the r134a refrigerant is coming out, i have taken the blowers out and tested them and both motors turn on when i hook them up to a battery. The relays in the blowers were tested and they work. The refrigerant is full, does the compressor have any thing to do with the blowers not turning on if the compressor is bad.

Its the rocker switch inside the fan control knob. It can be disassembled, and from there you will see what i'm talking about. The switch can actually be disassembled and the contact cleaned, then the control unit can be reassembled. That switch is m ... 1994 Jaguar XJ6

My 2004 v6 lincoln ls air conditioner freezes up the climat control works just fine with the ac turned off when you are in auto with the ac on it freezes you out and after a while the air flow stops you can here the fan running full force and no air comes out shut it off for 5 minutes and turn it back on and it cools till it freezes up again I looked under the hood and the lagre pipe comming from the heater area are covered in ice The auto control works just fine in the heat mode but any air con

One of 2 problems,either the system is low on freon or most likely the problem is a bad evap temp sensor. This vehicle does not use a cycling switch to cycle compressor on and off like a conventional system does but instead measures the temp at the e ... 2004 Lincoln LS

2005 Nissan Xterra Air Conditioner Problem. Worked fine all summer then all the sudden I can not get my AC switch to come on. If I put the climate control switch to MAX and turn the blower switch to possition "1" the AC & Recirc Air lights comes on but the blower does not come on. If I quickly turn the blower switch to 3 or 4 I get a blast of cool air for about a second but the lights AC & Recirc go off and the AC light will not come back on when pressed. Heat seems to work fine except when the

... 2004 Nissan XTerra
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