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What does the yellow light beside the speedometer indicate for my 2008 Sienna

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What does the yellow light beside the speedometer indicate for my 2008 Sienna

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There is an idicator light on the speedomete of my 2001-02 Ridley Speedster Motorcycle. What do the various colors indicate? Red, yellow green. What system is the light moniotoring?colors

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2006 Toyota Sienna Taillight will not work I had remote start installed and when you remote start the tail light and parking light will flash indicating car is remote started. Problem: When I put the key in ignition and turn on the head lamp they turn on but no tail light. Switch to parking lights and front yellow lights and taillight will not work. Took it back to Sixth ave thinking something wrong with remote start setup, because the tail light and parking light will flash when car is remote s

Bypass the fuse? Bypassing a fuse is a fire hazard in the first place. When they worked on that everything should work normally plus the added feature. Not compromising anything. Take it back there and have it done properly or put it back the way it ... 2008 Toyota Sienna

I intend to buy a 3rd hand Mitsubishi RVR, '96 model, ex-Japanese, converted to LHD (Philippines). It has A/T and the 2.0 ltrs DOHC engine. In a quick inspection, I found a yellow warning light on the speedometer, next to the "P" gear indicator. What does this light indicate? If it is a general "engine failure" warning, I'll have to take it to a Mitsubishi dealer to have the error code read. Thanks for your reply. Hans

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Battery on my 1999 Grand Marquis went dead a few months ago. There was no indication of battery losing its charge. The battery light never came on. I replaced the battery and things worked fine for a few months and then this battery discharged, again no idiot lights indicating any problem. What may be connected to problem is that a couple of times the digital speedometer started showing 0 when in fact the car was going at 40 mph. One other thing, there is a squeaking which has started; cannot te

Well the way I approach these situations, regardless of the make, is to get an ammeter in line with the positive cable and the positive battery terminal. With the ignition off there should be a very low current drain to keep the clocks, theft stuff, ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

1983 500sl, speedometer works good part of the time but sometimes goes crazy and indicates from 0 160MPH for very short periods then goes to O for a few 10ths of a mile then works OK for a while. Odometer mirrors the speed indicted on the speedometer. Cruise control surges all the time unless lightly pulling or lightly coasting. Have changed CC amplifier with no change.

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I intend to buy a Mitsubishi RVR 2.0 ltr DOHC, A/T. Probably a '96 model, converted from Japan RHD to LHD. I noticed a yellow warning light on the speedometer, right side of "P" gear indicator. What is the function of this light? If it's a general "engine failure" light, I'd have to take it to a dealer for looking at the error code. Thanks, Hans

I say ...please don't buy me... ... 1994 Mitsubishi Expo

A red light indicator is on the section of my dashboard on my speedometer area that indicate need maintainance. it use to be yellow noe it is red

I used to have an older Honda where the oil change indicator would go from green to yellow to red as the odometer rolled over. There is probably a way to reset this. Ask the dealer about it.\015\012\015\012 ... 1995 Honda Accord

Guages malfunctioning I have a 1998 318i and today all guages on instrument panel have stopped working. Car still starts & drives but the indicator on the fuel guage, speedometer, rev counter & energy control are pointing to 0, and engine coolant guage's needle has fallen to the right of the red on the dial. A fan seems to be on somewhere inside the dashboard even when car is switched off. Also earlier the ABS light & warning light for ASC & DSC comes on & stays on. Help!!

This problem maybe solved a couple ways. The first, (and cheapest) is check all your fuses. BMW's sometimes have multiple fuse boxes. In the dashboard behind the clove compartment, under the driver's side or passenger's side dash( near your knees or ... 1998 BMW 3 Series

A yellow indicator light on my speedometer has come on. i can't ide tify it from the manual, but it has the word "check" beneath it. my vehicle is a 2008 Lexus RX 350.

Stop by a local auto parts store (Advance, autozone, etc) they do free scanner checks and can give you a print out of all faults that triggered that light ... 2008 Lexus Rx 350

My 2002 dodge caravan is not shifting from first gear. when im driving the speedometer goes up high to 200 then down to 0. all the lights are on where you shift, like park reverse all of them have the box around them. the abs light is on and so is the emergency brake. also the trac off light is on which i've never seen before. the shop says its the shift module but i seen alot of questions here saying it could be the speed sensor. it also jerks when the speedometer goes to 200 back to 0

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Warning lights I have the same problem. While driving, all of a sudden the speedometer goes to 0 and all warning lights come on, the brake warning light, abs brake warning light, the swerving car light (don't know what that's called), and sometimes the main engine failure light. Then several minutes later, all of a sudden the speedometer starts working again and all failure lights go out. . I also noticed that the top won't go down when this is occurring.. What is going on? This has happened 2-4

Have obd  scanner run on vehicle  ... 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen

As I am driving all of the car's gauges pop off and on intermittenly. The speedometer bounces the gas gauge goes from full to empty. The caution lights flicker. At times while driving the car ignition kills. When I initially turn the car on the speedometer gauge goes from 0 to 120 and then back to 0. Sometimes the Low Oil light comes on when I know the levels are where they should be. About 5 months ago I purchase another battery hoping that this would fix the problem Even though Autozone

This problem is caused by the BCM (body control module), the module need to be tested by a Chrysler dealer with a special electronic scanner and most likely replace, there are only two things that cause this problem which is ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

A few weeks ago, I had a number of failures occure at once. They include the following . . . Instrument Panel Lights that stay on: Malfunction Indicator Light; Brake System Warning Light; ABS Warning Light; Seat Belt Light; Airbag Indicator Light. In addition, the following no longer work: Horn; Cruise Control; Defrost Blower; AC; AVG MPG Computer (overhead panel); Speedometer; Odometer; Heater (there is some heat, but not much, out the front vents); Blower does work, but not out the defrost

I would think that if you would like to check your alternator, it should read between 13.5 and 14.5 volts idling...anthing less or more then that can be a direct result of bad alternator or more then one thing..if the lights on the dash are coming on ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

I can start my car and all my gages work fine. speedometer,RPM,s ,Fuel, and temp. I can turn on my lights or heater and the gages start jumping all over. The indicator lights and shift indicator lights will flash it's like a light show. Some times it does this while driving with out the lights on or heater running. Usually when I accelerate from a stop sign.

I had the same problem, replaced the ignition switch in the steering column, on the bottom left side, and it fixed it as well. On the cars, the ignition switch is tied directly with the tach and other gauges. ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

When i turn on the head lights, the speedometer hand drops to 0.

Has this car ever had a trailer harness added to it? Sounds like you have some wires crossed somewhere. ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

Using an MVP Portable Power Station model I-6550 to boost for starting. Charging the portable booster with the wall outlet adapter now. Has low (red), med (yellow), good (green) indicator lights that glow when on/off button is switched on. Has charged until GREEN/Good light glows when switched on now... The only OTHER indicator light is a RED CHARGING light - it's been glowing while charging (even after green was showing), but I notice after more hours charging, it's turning yellowish or lighter

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2001 Chry Voyager dash lights don't work and can't see the shift indicator or milage indicator. Turing the light wheel on the panel gets it to come on at times but then the speedometer or RPM gauge don't work. My garage guy told me to buy a new light switch which cost around $100 and that SHOULD fix the problem. That's a high price to pay for a possible fix. Any ideas?

... 2001 Chrysler Voyager

Its my first time to have a 4x4 vehicle (ford everest), when i tested its 4x4 feature and tried to shift it to 4L the RFW locked light indicator switches on, after that I shifted to its 2H for normal driving mode but eventually the rfw locked light indicator did switch off. What i did is I turned it off on its RFW buttons right beside the steering wheel but every now and then everytime I start the car it automatically switches on. What can i do about this? normally when i am at 2H this light doe

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ABS light on, Emergency brake light on, Speedometer goes to 0, Odometer goes to all dashes

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I have a 2008 Grand Caravan. When I'm driving down the road, several things happen at once: all the little indicator lights near the speedometer light up, the speedometer and the tach go to zero, the windshield wipers cycle and I hear a "ding". In my frustration, I stopped, popped the hood and started pulling relays and putting them back one-by-one to see if it would stop. It didn't. Then when I shut the hood and started driving the problem did stop, but then , the transmission wouldn't shift ou

Not sure what the problem is but do know that by pulling the driver side door/window 25 amp fuse from the fuse panel that the problem gets resolved. The window can't be operated but the car continues to run and the other issues are gone. Still tryi ... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan


Yes you are ru=ight about cold solder joints. as you might be handy working on cars youcan try to fix it yourself, But if your not handy with tools andintricate things you best leave this work to those that are. Remove the instrument cluster, leav ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

The red neutral indicator light is on for my auto transfer case 4WD selection. I cannot select 'auto', or '2WD'. The yellow indicator light next to these selections just flashes, and goes back to the red neutral position. The truck runs down the road with no problems.

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Speedometer light Hi, my speedometer light on my 98' toyota sienna is out . Is it hard to replace?

Could you give me more info plz ... 1998 Toyota Sienna

1993 chrysler Fifth Avenue with digital speedometer. The red neon needles for ALL my gauges in the dashboard are not lighted. The needles are either all there or they all go away at the same time. The speedometer says 0 when red needles go away while driving. The odometer also goes away. Sometimes when I start the car, the red needles will be lighted for 1 - 5 minutes but then go away.

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