Having problems with your 2008 Toyota Highlander ?

How do you reset the tire warning light on the dash - tried the hold the botton till it flashes three times then turn off the the car?

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Answers :

Make sure all the tires have the same correct amount of air. It should reset itself. If it doesnt you have a bad sensor
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How do you reset the tire warning light on the dash - tried the hold the botton till it flashes three times then turn off the the car?

Make sure all the tires have the same correct amount of air. It should reset itself. If it doesnt you have a bad sensor ... 2008 Toyota Highlander

I have a 2003 chevy Impala and all of a sudden neumerous problems happened. Security message on dash blinks with anothr message says service engine soon and also picture of battery is displayed. All three continue to flash in order even when engine started and driving. Also red led on radio face flashes all the time. Some times the radio will lock. Also have found the door locks fuse will blow now and then and this lockes the radio. Last night the car would not even turn over. Waited 30 mi

Computer problems . just replace it ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1997 Lincoln Continental ocassionally after driving and turning the car off it take two or three times to crank back up. when it does crank it idles kind of rough till you gun the acceleraror a couple of times, but then car returns to a smooth idle as though nothing is wrong.

Could be a sticky throttle position sensor TPS. If the TPS is not sending the right signal or the signal is not getting through then the ECU is unable to set the idle air control mechanism accurately. Clean the throttle interior, spray plenty of WD ... 1997 Lincoln Town Car

2003 dodge neon will not go into gears every now and then it will work in drive 2nd and 1st but not reverse now it will not go into any gear.i put a new tranny selinoid on but still not working car has 104000 miles on it .i checked by turning key on an off three times on third time check engine lite flashes 10 times? what is problem?

... Dodge Neon

Driving ,cruising 45 to 55 get into it just a little to get around someone,pull out to pass engine dies no warning spit sputter nothing just dies.put in neutral (car still rolling) turn key off we go. Somethimes the car runs like it is one fire other times it mopes along. Cruises well as long as you do not push it till it probally downshifts runs fine.Now comes the clincher if i run it for a while on interstate for a while it will not die.

What I am going to suggest is going to seem unrelated but I will give you the reason to try it.\015\012\015\012If you have a separate switch for Traction control, turn it off and see if the problem goes away. The Traction Control is made ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Warning lights My car is a golf gti, turbo. when i start the car, the oil engine symbol keeps coming up , it says ''oil engine workshop!'' when i drive, then it keeps saying STOP. i have put more engine oil in twice now over the last two days, but still keeps flashing when i drive and makes a beeping noise three times everytime the sign comes up?? please can you advise me what i need to do???

Either you have a lubrication problem or a bad oil pressure sender. You need to have it scanned for DTC and do an oil pressure test before you seize your engine. ... 2001 Volkswagen Golf

2001 porsche boxter key does not start car, remote does not unlock. LED does flash. I have tried clicking the remote 3 times, waiting, then unlocking the door. I have tried locking the door with the key three times, but that did not match it up either. Key will not turn in ignition, and steering wheel is still locked.


VSA problem. On three occasions, weeks apart. First time ABS activated for no reason. They kicked in a few times in 10 minutes on flat straight road going 10 mph. Turned car off, back on - no problem for 2 weeks. Second time - heard a heavy metal clunk, car jerked a little, VSA light came on, stayed on until we turned off car. Then stayed off for a couple of weeks. Just did it again. Same as second time. Took off wheels, sensors seem fine, wheel is tight, brakes look good. 2004 MDX

If the car has not been for a routine full check up on the clocked mileage , I think it is only a possible clean up of all the wheels, the sensors that can help to eliminate this problem.\015\012The other probable suspect can be the ABS itself ... 2004 Acura MDX

2003 Lincoln LS 3.0....past 3 months the owner has been driving vehicle with check engine light on and flashing at times, last friday, car would not start, turns key but just cranks smooth....towed into shop, we find three faultcodes within engine controls. p0301- cyl 1 misfire, p0316- misfire detected per 1000 revs, p0354- coil on plug circuit fault. We started vehicle and found it to be in failsafe mode, cleared codes but vehicle still operates in failsafe mode, lincoln technician stated it wa

Try disconecting the battery for 5 mins see if it reeboots computer. ... 2003 Lincoln LS

I own a 2003 Elantra. When my car is cold the belts squel loudly and the steering is hard till it warms up. The other part is that the belt keeps breaking that is around the alternator. I am not a mechanic but I am pretty sure there is something wrong with either the way the belt is installed or the alignment of the belt or maybe the alternator itself. The pulley on the alternator turns freely. I have to replace the belt a third time in three months.

Power steering pump? ... 2001 Hyundai Elantra

I have a 1997 Subaru legacy Outback. It has a Subaru alarm installed by original owner aft purchase. Didn't know alarm was there till car wouldn't start. Parking lights flashing, clicking noise, no turnover. Was told it had locked me out. Turned key 3 times fast

... 1997 Subaru Outback

I am deployed, so this is for my wife...She described it like this: emergency flashers started flashing as she intered the neighborhood, then a few seconds later almost all the fault lights came on. Turning the ignition off did not stop the flashers as they continued for a few minutes. Now the car won't start even though lights and warnings come on, it won't make any noise like its trying to start. Thank You for your time to help!

Sounds like a short somewhere is causing the anti-theft system to arm .\015\012Have you tried locking the doors manually then unlocking with the key? Other easy option could be to try a hard reset by pulling the battery terminal off for a few minute ... Land Rover LR3

Hello web my name is corey, i have a 91 buick park avenue resently my car began turning over but it would not start. three days it done this be for i changed da coil pack it crank up and everything was fine. three days later same problem but this time after tryen it a couple of times the car will start, but i get 5 to 10 starts befor it begins doing it again turning over but no crank.

Can be fuel pump sticking ... 1991 Buick Park Avenue

Noticed abs & air bag warning lights on at red light on a complete stop, car starts and response slow when lights turn green. Drove another minutes or so and parked, battery light flashed a few times, abs/airbag light goes off, engine off and won't come back on. Several hours later.. it starts normal. temperature gage normal, battery terminal tight. Where to start looking and what could be wrong? Thanks

Critical Warning Lights\015\012\015\012\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011Brake Light. Make sure you are not driving with hand brake \015\012on. ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

The car will not crank (want say anything), no lights on the digital dash at all, and the alarm light stays on all the time. It did this three other times before, but the alarm ligt begain to flash and the car would crank and start like nothing ever happened. The first time it did it took only 30 minutes to start. The second time one day. The third time three days later it started. This last time it hasn't started yet?

Make sure the battery has an ample charge first off. Next if the key has a chip in it try touching it up with a piece of emery cloth to make sure there is no film on it. Make sure the battery is good and does not have a bad cell in it. I had a 94 bui ... Lincoln Town Car

2008 nissan sentra has occasional starting issues. this has happened 4 times since we bought the car. car runs fine, sometimes will not start when key is turned. everything is dead....no lights inside, no lights on dash, no headlamps.....all completely dead. turn the key again 3 or 4 times and nothing.... then turn key again and it starts as if nothing is wrong with it. no warning lights on dash and no other signs that anything is bad. been to dealer 4 times now(once towed) and dealer says they

Could be bad battery or Somthing going on with the main fuse box.  Another thing to check is your ground wires.  If they are loose, you can not complete the circut. ... 2008 Nissan Sentra

2001 Jaguar S Type, "Failsafe Engine Mode" message with amber warning light, no power, then warning off and I drive on, 90 degree day, turn of AC and radio. About three miles down road second warning, no power, pull off road limping, stop, shift to Neutral, turn off engine, restart, drive off. No codes set. Car towed to repair shop, can find no issues driving car 30+ miles. Pick up car, driving about 6 miles the "Failsafe Engine Mode" comes on again, then goes off, continue driving with no more

Hello jpbreece i could be diappointed if i can't solve ur problem cz dis is wat i have been doin whole of my life..repairing cars!! espicially Jaguar, Mercedes, etc.. let me tell you its acommon problem and has asimple solution...let me go slow....\ ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

1995 LeSabre - Starts and runs fine, but engine cuts off without warning. First time, 5mph in a crowded school commute traffic. Put in park, and started right away. Second time, after turning onto drop-off circle at school, car died again. Put in park, did not start for almost 5 minutes. Third time, waited at red light to turn, and as soon as I started turning right, car died, mid-intersection. Put in park, started after 2 minutes. Scary stuff! Being stuck in an intersection half-way into

If the motor gets hot and cuts off and will not start for a period of time the problem would be the crank sensor. The sudden cut off and starting right back up can be due to dirty battery cable connections. Remove them from battery and c ... 1995 Buick LeSabre

I have 2000 Jaguar that all the warning lights come on and stay on when the car is started. Turn the car off and the lights the next time stay off. Sometimes the car acts like it doesn't want to start. Sometimes the traction control failure light comes on. The blinkers blink too fast. Also there is a fuel warning lights. When turning the car off the driver's side light and blinker stays on until the locks are set.

Hi\015\012\015\012This sounds very much like a bad earth connection within the electrical system. First check the connections at the battery terminals are tight and sound. Next follow the earth (negative lead) from the battery to the poin ... Jaguar S-Type

2004 Jeep liberty- the 4 way flashers won't stop flashing. When the panic button on the key chain is pushed the horn starts sounding. The second time the horn turns off. When the car is started the headlights come on and start flashing. --- And of course when the car is turned off the 4 way flasshers continue to flash.

... 2004 Jeep Liberty

It takes three plus times turning the key to start before the starter turns the engine over. The engine starter clicks each time the key is turned to start but does not turn the engine over until the 3rd time. Cleaned the battery terminals, checked all wiring connection(s, unplugged and plugged fuse(s)that are related to ignition wiring harness. Battery has 13.8 volts while idling, lights are bright, etc.. Car will start on the 3rd time with the headlights on.

Take your car to your local parts store and have them load test the battery, this will be a pass or fail test\015\012\015\012If the battery passes the load test. Replace ground wire on battery all the way to the engine.\015\012 ... 1999 Subaru Legacy

(2000 Honda Accord LX Coupe, 2.3 liter, 4-speed automatic) I've had my car for over a year, and for the first nine months, I've had this problem roughly three times, and in this past week, I've had this issue five times. Basically, I'll go to start my car, and usually it'll run fine the first time I drive it for the day, but let's say I go on my lunch break, I go to start my car, the engine turns over, but the RPMs drop, the car shakes, and the engine dies. After this, the car will not start unt

(main relay) common problem on honda ... 2000 Honda Accord

1996 Saturn SL, 4 cylinder, auto trans.. Car starts and runs fine. However if you turn off the ignition when the car is hot, the car will not start again until the engine cools down. When you turn the key while the engine is hot the dash lights come on as normal, but the engine does not turn over, not even a click when you turn the key. i have the same problem with my '96 wagon, don't know what to do, wont turn over when hot, have replaced the starter three times in 6 months cause it is burning

Form the saturn..........when starters age they tend to have problems when engine hot.You need to replace the starter.As for the wagon it sounds like some sort of ignition problem if it's turning but not starting........I have seen o2 sensors c ... 1996 Saturn SL

My 2000 Volvo c70 turbo has a rebuilt trans, engine. Had the car for almost three weeks and now the speedometer shuts off, my odometer reads ---- and red blinking arrow (winter/wet) won't turn off. I've fixed the red blinking arrow once already by turning the car off and then turn it back on as close as on can be without starting the engine, and then shifting from park to drive about fifteen times before turning the engine on. But now that won't work. I really like this car. Always heard Volvo

You do realize no one ever has to go to a dealer,ever,even with a new car,you own it,& as you said the dealersare expensiveWhat about the couple hundred thousand repair shops thatdo the same as a dealer? ... Cars & Trucks

Flashing light i have a 1992 honda accord lx. when i turn my key over to the third notch. sometimes the D4 light flashes. when that light flashes my car will not start. it will turn over and crank but will not fire up. i was told to disconnect the postitive battery terminol and wait 12-15 minutes. once i place the terminal back on and turn the key it will fire right up. theres also times when the light flashes and it wont start. ill disconnect the terminal and when i re connect it and start the

Transmision computer needs to be flashed or replaced. ... 1992 Honda Accord
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