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We have a garage kept 2008 4runner (urban runner). Last week the moonroof opened as the key was put in the ignition and the car started. When I pressed the button to close the moonroof it would not close, when I got to my destination and tried the button again with the car in park I tired the switch again and it worked, drove the car the rest of the day doing errands and the moonroof stayed closed. Next day same thing happened, the moonroof opened when the car was started up and would not close

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We have a garage kept 2008 4runner (urban runner). Last week the moonroof opened as the key was put in the ignition and the car started. When I pressed the button to close the moonroof it would not close, when I got to my destination and tried the button again with the car in park I tired the switch again and it worked, drove the car the rest of the day doing errands and the moonroof stayed closed. Next day same thing happened, the moonroof opened when the car was started up and would not close

... 2008 Toyota 4Runner

For 2 days now, my 2002 Saturn SL2 door locks have given me trouble. When I open the doors by remote, only the driver's door opens. When I exit the car and press the close button on the remote, no doors would be locked, and the back doors (first the right https://www.fixya.com/Images/BrowseProject/throbber.gifdoor, then the left, then both doors) would start fluttering and producing a tapping sound. The fluttering happens as soon as car starts and stays until minutes after the car is turned off.

It sounds like your Power Door Lock Relay is working intermintently. Bypass the relay and test the Power Door Locks with a jumper wire direct from the battery, if they work with no hesitation then it is a bad relay. ... 2002 Saturn Sl

I have a 2003 Mercedes ML320. The other day when I was getting out of my car, I folded in the mirrors, opened my door, and it started beeping at me, like the beeping if the lights were on or something. I made sure the lights were off and the doors were closed, but it kept beeping. And now the alarm wont work, the keyless entry remote doesnt function at all. The only way to lock the doors is to use the button inside the car and then lock the door with the key on the outside for the drivers door.

Hello\015\012The systems that control all this are the keyless entry module and or the Body Control Module, the test gear required to read codes in this system is a dealer level tool and not the one that just plugs in and reads the engine and t ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

No dash lights or odometer reading when you open the door and car cranks but will not start. Alarm is in vallet position. Few weeks ago paaenger window would not work then started working then driver side window did the same. As car was being loaded on tow truck we opened the door and all the dash lights came on as they should. Mechanic had car for two days and said everything was working fine then he said while the car was running lights started flashing and sliding door opened by itself. They

I would start by removing the pesky alarm. My encounter with alarms is they create more problems than they actually help a badly wired alarms systeme can be a true nightmare. My advice the best lock for your vehicle is the lock that locks the gas and ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1997 Grand Marquis with the powewr moonroof. The moonroof was in the "vent" position, and when I triued to close the moonroof it started down, but instead of closing it proceeded to open all the way. If I hit the "close" switch I can hear a relay cvlicking in the headliner. It is stuck in the open position. Is this a switch problem-since it opened when the "close" buttron was hit, or a relay problem? And how would I replace either? Thanks for your help.

... 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis

I replaced the battery and the car would not start not even turn over, but everytime you opened the door the horn would beeps, the battery had power and the lights and everything else would work ok. I ended up jumping the car off, and it work fine for a few days, then the same problem did it again. battery problem or what, even with the old battery the car would try to start. this problem it will not turn over. not sure if the battery is not charging, it's some kind of securtiy or what, but the

Review your recent repair records. Note if your mechanic replaced a battery, battery cable, alternator, starter or anything that would require disconnecting the battery. If so, it could be as simple as a loose connection or a defective part. Check th ... Toyota Camry

1994 buick roadmaster trunk won't lock i don't have the power pull down, just the keyless button to unlock the trunk. it has happened a couple of times since we had the great flood about a month ago. my car did not get flooded but we had 10 or so days of constant rain. now this is the third time i have opened the trunk and it would not latch. the other two times it finally closed but now it is being stubborn.

There are three screws that holds the latch it may have move down a little during closing, you can loose these screws and pull the latch assy up and then tighten, this should allow the trunk to latch ... 1994 Buick Roadmaster

I am the owner of my 2006 Ford Taurus V-6 for about 3 1/2 years. I am actually having 2 problems with my beloved car. 1. the windows not wanting to open or close on occasion - In the summer I began to have an issue with the moonroof and windows...on occasion when I get in the car, I'd start it up and go to open the windows and they wouldn't work...than I opened the door and slammed it and they start working. 2. Gauges not working correctly & the engine repeatedly turning over without

... Ford Taurus

I have problem with a Bentley Continental GTC and that is that the driver information panel says 'Roof Fault' the error occured after not fully completing a roof opening cycle in one press of a button but I did fully open it before I started driving again. The roof top seems to open and close just fine, and I therefore think that I just have to reset the error. I've tried keeping the ' Trip' button held while starting the car but this doesn't help and I've also tried to turn the ignition 10 time

If all else fails disconnect the battery for 30 min it will erase all codes on the vehicle for free instead of taking it to a service station and paying them to do it ... Cars & Trucks

We just purchased a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. Two days after we purchased the car we attempted to open the door with the keyless entry and the doors would not unlock. We used the key to unlock the door and then we attempted to start the car. The car would not start and the key got stuck in the ignition. Does anyone know why.

Could be in security lock down check key fob batteries if batteries good check with dealer if key has electronic chip in it key may be problem ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

I have a 2010 colbalt with 50k on it and all of a sudden it is giving me problems starting and will stall occasionaly when comming to a stop, the other day it even said my trunk was open so i got out and checked and it wasnt. I even opened it and closed it but continued to say it was open for the 30 min ride home. I just bought the car 6 months ago as my first new car starting to have buyers remorse hope you can help

... 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt

My 2005 Civic overheated for the first time when I was at a light the other day. I turned the car off and opened the hood and of course the first thing I thought it was that I needed coolant and I didn't have any. A good Samaritan stopped by and poured some into the engine and I had a water bottle which I also poured into the radiator. The car would not start and he gave me a jump start. I managed to get home (1/2 away). The next day I filled it up with coolant and noticed that the car was

There are two fans one is for radiator and the other is for the a/c condenser. both of them work for their respective system.\015\012hope you did not run the engine long enough to blow the head gasket.\015\012regardless, you need to repla ... 2005 Honda Civic

My 1997 Volvo S90 won't start. It when dead after setting for weeks without being cranked. The battery went dead. I replaced the battery, but it still will not start. Once I installed the battery and proceeded to open the car door the car kept honking or bonking. I raised the hood and this part kept opening and closing. The part had a small connector wire and the part anchored to the base cover where it looks like the strut mike be. What is this part? Why would the car make this honking n

That part is the hood switch, it detects when the hood is open. All you experience it caused by the antitheft system - it got triggered. For legal reasons i can't explain you how to disable and reset it . You will have to take the car to a dealer and ... 1997 Volvo S90

I have a jaguar xj8 2001 which used to run fine until one day when i parked my car on my way back from office when I parked it all the car windows were closed but when i came back to the car just after half an hour later the driver side window was half open and the car wont start as my father being a mechanic him self tried to start it but does not start and gave a failed engine safety error and faulty transmition error on the display when he checked the ignition works fine there was current

Is the pcm fuse blown, and certain scanners will not work on jaguars. you may have to get info, from jaguar service dept. hope this helps a bit! ... 2001 Jaguar XJ8

2004 Hyundai Sonata - Problem started where you turn off the car and the AC lights panel would stay lit. Turn off AC before turning off car all would go out except for rear defrost and one of the air circulation lights. When you push the rear defrost button you can hear a clicking in the front on drivers side but light will not go off and rear defrost will not work. Then the headlights one time would not stay on otr would not come on. After a couple days of not using the car battery dead tried

All these items are controlled by the BCM(body control module). It is likely that this is your issue and there is no repair for this module. Replacement will be necessary. Now, if they can find this out in a reasonable amount of time, they will need ... Hyundai Sonata

Having problems with my 1998 Saab 900 se turbo, the car would not start i thought it was due to the cold so I put the car in the garage next day the car started the next day the car started, Drove it and the first stop I made the car would not start, I tried to jump start the car did not work, tried to push start would not work, would start when I put starting fluid in the air intake and the car started right up once you take the starting fluid away the car dies, changed the fuel filter with new

Based on the information you have provided your problem is one of two things\015\012\015\0121.Bad fuel pump\015\012-to check this have the fuel pressure tested if above 40psi you should be able to start the vehicle. (you can borrow/rent a fuel ... Saab 900


Lock and close the doors, then unlock the drivers door with the key ... 1990 Nissan Maxima

Peugeot 306 cabby y reg battery went flat charged it and car run fine for a day next day the key fob would not open the doors so i opened them with key now the car will turn over but wont start i have noticed that red light on dash isnt on anymore any ideas

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue, 2.2L. We replaced the engine, and the car has been running fine for the past 2 weeks. We got up this morning, started the car, let it warm up, ran a few errands, had no issues at all. Stopped at the last store of the day, when we came out, go into the car, it wouldnt start. It doesnt even act like it wants to start! It makes a clicking noise at the fuse box, and the throttle seems to be opening and closing, but nothing else! What is the problem!??????

Turn on the headlights and see if they are nice and bright or dim. If the lights are dim, there is probably a connection issue so check the battery connections to make sure that they are not corroded, clean, and tight. Since an engine was just put ... 2002 Saturn VUE

4g94 motor,in the morning when start the engine , i fond it up normal un stable like work with 2 spark plugs, start to move about 5 min. then stop the car after 20 min start the engine again after movin g the car and stop still the engine runing i heard lioke boming sound and alot of white smoking from the engine .when opened to see what happened in the engine i found afire under the engine after stopping fire one day later i start the engine the engine is normal, i would like to know what is th

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2005 nissan sentra 1.8 that will not start. I had left the head lights on all day. Tried jumping but it still would not start. Installed new battery. It would crank but not ignite. Door locks would not lock or unlock with my remote but headlights would flash. Inside when push lock button of drivers side door nothing happens. I need to know if my car has a anti theft / imobilizer system so i know where to take it. I have a indicator light by my cup holders near the gear stick but i do kn

The\012following are the general instructions on the start of diagnosing any\012electronically controlled engine or transmission problem.\012The\012engine and the automatic transmission (transmission control is\012only for ... Cars & Trucks

**NOTE this is a repost for further help ** in the begining when i touch my window buttons the dash lights flicker, the car sometimes stalls, and fan will turn on and off. then the car would sometimes not start for a while. now the car will not start at all. Comments: Nov 06, 2009 - So after your reply i went and looked at the belt, fuse pannels, alternator, vacume hoses, and ripped open the dash. what i found was a couple of things. not just one. first- the belt has cracks in it. second- the re

Check aorund thre fuse box area for loose connection, and signs of overheating caused by poor contact. Measure the voltage to the fuses associated with the ignition system. If they are well below 12 volts, eg 8 volts then there is a poor contact some ... 1995 Buick Regal

Alarm problems My 98 VW Golf K2 alarm would go off if I started the car with my driver door open. Now it's going off if I start it with the door closed. Then last night my driver window wouldn't go down and the car won't start and there was this weird air leaking sound coming from my drivers door and I found a thick orange wire cut in the door. Please help!! I'm also wondering where the fuse or switch is located to turn my alarm off

... 1998 Volkswagen Golf

E36 BMW 318I CENTRAL LOCKING A. I bought a 2nd hand 1995 BMW 318I in South Africa. Good condition. No owner?s manual. Everything worked ok for a few months. Then the batteries of the remote key transmitter (3 button) for the central locking/alarm (OEM EWS 2) was getting flat and it starts to open and close intermittently. When the car was lock with the window open the remote could not unlock the car. I opened the door trough the window and the alarm went off and the red light in front of the gea

Hi Johnz, I am reposting the programming instructions I found in the hopes that they can get you out of your jam - these instructions are copied from ... BMW 318

Hi i have a 1998 c 200 the other day the key fob stopped working unles u are standing close to the passanger door and wen u open the door the front light dose not come on the back dose but u can turn the light on in the front still with the button near the light the car wont open from any wear but the passanger door and u have to b close to it for it to work

The battery in the key fob needs to be replaced ... 1998 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
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