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08 saturn astra... - For a certain period of time.... heard engine rattling noises (for few seconds) after car sits for a long period of time (overnight) - Few weeks later, I noticed periodic knocking noises when standing on a red light.... (knocking noises are not always there... and they last for 20 seconds) - At one point check engine light came on... (Then the light disappeared by itself) - Now... it does not metter if the car sits for long period of time or not, the rattling noise at

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08 saturn astra... - For a certain period of time.... heard engine rattling noises (for few seconds) after car sits for a long period of time (overnight) - Few weeks later, I noticed periodic knocking noises when standing on a red light.... (knocking noises are not always there... and they last for 20 seconds) - At one point check engine light came on... (Then the light disappeared by itself) - Now... it does not metter if the car sits for long period of time or not, the rattling noise at

... 2008 Saturn Astra

2005 Ford Taurus 24V DOHC. Intermitten problems starting the car hot or cold. At times when you go to start the car it will sit there and crank and crank. Once started the guage cluster acts wierd. The guage pins bounce and make a clicking noise. The mileage doesn't show at first and the gas cap light and the brake light is on. If you turn the car off, it starts up fine the second time with no issues from the guages. The car does seem to start better when you turn the key and sit allowing the fu

It is your ECM. The ECM controls everything that you are talking about. If it was just not starting right away, I would say that it was the fuel pressure regulator. And still could be. The fuel pressure regulator has a check valve in it. When the veh ... Ford Taurus


It sounds like a hydraulic tappet fault. It maybe that there is partial blockage in the oil passage to one of the tappets and clears when it gets a little warm. Its important that you use a synthetic or semi synthetic grade engine oi 5W40 or 10W40 if ... Subaru Legacy

My 2003 grand prix gt failed emissions and I was informed that the code stated was due to a mis fire. I also brough tmy car to a mechanic who changed 2 of the o2 sensors as well as some wiring and still did not solve the problem. The check engine light remains on at all times and the car idels a little too high and when your sitting in the car while it's started, the car jumps as well from the ideling. I also can hear the noise of it and sounds like air of some sort every 2 seconds when the idel

Sounds like have a vacuum leak somewhere that cause all the symtoms you mentioned.First check all your vacuum hoses or lines for leaks.You should be able to here a whistling sound that will your leak.If its not a hose leaking take propane bottle open ... 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix

A little more info on the headlight problem on the 2003 Marquis. The headlights work most of the time, When I first start the car after long periods of sitting they work. If I turn off the car and and return and restart the car after approx. 10 minutes the parking lights work but headlight don't. If I put on highbeams and hold in place the Headlights work (only highbeams)???

... 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis

I am having problems with my 2004 ldv convoy 2.4,when i purchaced it i drove it home 400 miles without a problem,the next time i used it the fuel light flashed and the engine started making a knocking noise which dissapears at times,when i start it from cold if i dont put any revs on it will cut out within seconds but will restart instantly,on driving it is underpowered but will sit at 60-65mph on motorway but no more,can anyone tell me the problem,i have changed the fuel filter as the symbol fo

Have you done the air filter or compretion test may be it was run on veg oil at some time in its life ... Cars & Trucks

Car choke after period of running on street or highway, thought the gas could be problem but it wasnt and the engine light is on. I can let it sit awhile 5 to 10 mins and start up fine. I can not run long periods at a time. It just start less than week after my oil change.

Change your Coolant Temperature Sensor. This will fix it! I've seen a few of these. It is failing intermittently and telling the engine it's at -127 degrees Centigrade. The engine management responds by enriching the mixture dramatically to the exte ... Nissan Maxima

My new-to-me 2002 VW passat was running great for 1000ish miles then the engine was slow to turn over once. The next day I tried to start it and... nothing. The lights come on on the dash but nothing else. We recharged the battery and it runs but doesn't hold a charge for long. When turning on the car there is a double clicking noise that happens about 10 times 2 seconds apart.the last couple times, there is a whirring under the hood that coincides with the clicking then both stop. I have been t

I would get a multimeter and while it is running check to see what the charge is at the battery, it should be above 13amps 14 is good. If not then your alternator is bad and isn't charging the battery while it is running. ... 2002 Volkswagen Passat

My granddaughter's 1997 Pontiac Grand Am is having brake failure at low speeds. When rolling up to a stop sign or using the brakes to control speed through a parking lot, a rattling/knocking noise begins in the front of the car when the brakes are applied. When this happens it is very difficult to stop the car. My mechanic has checked, and made repairs to the brakes, but the problem persists. The ABS light comes on and off for long periods of time. Thank You for your help.

Sounds like a bad speed sensor in a wheel, or possibly a tire mismatch (different size tires on car front to back or one odd one) Abs can be turned off and will work in normal non-abs mode by pulling the appropriate fuse...This may help 'till you get ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

Knocking noise coming from passenger side of car and airbag light stays on. And my car takes a long time to warm up..

... 2005 Ford Explorer

I think my car has a misfire and i wanted to know if replacing the coil will fix it, when im driving it and sit threw a long red light or sit in a drive-thru for a long time then my car will stall when i press the gas but it starts right back up again and sometimes when you press the gas it hesitates and when your sitting at a stop the idel is really low it sits at about 3 i dont know hwo to fix it

Hi, It could be the coil that has a problem. There are so many things other then the coil would cause the miss and stalling you are taking about. It could be a plug wire, spark plugs, fuel injector, cap or rotor, just to many thinks that could cause ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 99 cavalier with the 2.2 its has a knocking noise when u get the car up to 40 it stops knocking. when it gets to opperating temp the oil light comes on at idle and stop. When the light comes on theres more noise. But the knock comes from the timing chain. Ive replaced the rod inserts what should I do? Set it a blaze

Well yes a match is one option.When you were replacing the rod bearings did you check the main bearings too ? My guess is a worn out main bearing. Once you get up to speed the crank is not in such a strain as when you are accelerating. And ... Cars & Trucks

The problem is that every time I start my car and begin to accelerate, reverse, brake or whatever, generally about 3 seconds after I do this the car makes a sound and slightly jolts. When it does this, my headlights dim and my radio will shut off but then restart itself and the two lights, the emergency brake light and anti-lock brake light will turn on. So, if I drive with these lights on, my car makes a high pitched grinding noise when I accelerate. Generally I have to restart my car to make t

Sounds like you are having a short circuit, my guess is something in your ABS unit has failed, if it were me and ANYTHING AT ALL was happening that should not especially with something as important as the brakes on your car, i would get it serviced i ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

Car has been sitting for awhile--gas tank was less than 2 gallons-- put gas in car cranked right away but after idling for about 40 minutes died. car cranked back up and i drove it around the area for about 3 miles and put back in driveway and car died. recranked but ran for few seconds and died. repeated this process for 6 or 7 times and in each time it acted like car was running out of gas. I have fire and when gas in carb i get engine started but only runs short period of time. i suspect mayb


I've noticed that when I drive my car for a long period of time, eventually all the lights, the tachs and the led's in the dash, "i.e. check engine light, oil light, service light, etc" go on and off. The car drives fine, yet this will continue to happen. Even when the car is off the cabin lights go on and off. I've also noticed when this happens there is a hum sound coming from the dash. Any ideals?

Hello. I can assist you.. look in the yellow pages for autoelectric repair shops. The only way to isolate your problem is probably going to be to put a scanner in the vehicle and drive it until the problem occurs and can be scanned while driving. ... 1999 Volvo S80

My 2001 hilux 5le turbo engine seems to have a glitch some where i dont drive it much and when i do it sees to do the cold diesel chuging noise a little to long and after a while the engine check light comes on and off, every time the light comes on the engine does the chuging noise first, even if its hot and it cant make up its mind whether to keep doing or not, i have had a full scan the timing seems to be the code but when i leave it with the mechs it wont produce the problem and the car ru

... Toyota Pickup

2003 acura rsx. Can be going down the road and rpms will dramatically drop and check engine light comes on and within 2 seconds rpms go back up to where they were and check engine light goes back off. Also if I'm in sport shift the gear light on the dash goes off for those few seconds then comes back on. It's almost like the car is going to stall out, which it does if I'm sitting at a long stop light or still in traffic.

... Cars & Trucks

For about a week now my fan kicks on automatically when I start my car. Then today when I went to start my car it cranked then shook for about 30 seconds. I was able to drive it but it seem to be running hard. Then about 20 minutes later I went to start my car it started and cut off. This happened three times. On the fourth attempt I held the gas for a few seconds and the car stayed running long enough to make the 10 mile drive home. No lights came on the dash board. However the gauge was h

This could be caused by several things first thing that comes to mind would be a sensor, such as the coolant temp sensor which controls per say the choke on your car giving it more gas to crank when it is cold as apposed to when it is at normal opera ... Chrysler Concorde

Car floods when sitting for long periods of time. If car is started it purrs like a kitten, and restarts fine. But sitting for as little as 2-3 hours, causes the car to flood, and have alot of trouble starting, if it starts at all. Have already given the car a full tune up, and replaced the fuel regulator..... no change.

One thing you could have inspected are your injectors.Have your local service station do a balance test on the injectors and also test to see if one of the injectors is leaking at the nozzle.If the injectors do leak it could cause unburned fuel to bu ... 1995 Kia Sephia

Warning light isn't coming on for a few seconds when the car is turned on, is this a problem? Also the warning light comes on periodically, even when the car appears to be running normally, what's wrong? I've taken it to the shop several times and they also seem to fix whatever is wrong with the car, but the same problems keep arising.

I'd go to Autozone and have them read the engine codes. They'll do this for free at most autozone parts places. The codes will indicate what's wrong and you can then decide if you really need to fix it ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

85 pontiac sunbird.when you first start the car,it runs rough,but finally runs ok.if you park the car and come back out in a short period of time,the car wont start.it turns over,but it wont start.i have to use starting fluid to get it to start.but if you let it sit for an hour or so,it will fire right up.the check engine light comes on all the time,and the code is engine running lean.any ideas?

Check and replace fuel filter, also check your fuel pump pressure when the car is warm. ... 1985 Pontiac Sunbird 4 Door

2003 Hyundai Elantra can the car fail inspection if your check engine light came on a few times in the last month and 1/2. The light didn't stay on long though Will spark plugs making a backfiring noise make a car fail and alsoif you gas filter got clogged and it causes the gas to stick every once in a while by putting super gas in your car will get rid of the problem please advise

Until you verify which codes occured, your guess is as good as mine. Whenever the 'CHECK ENGINE' light comes on, the ECU (Engine Control Unit) sets a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). These codes identify the particular engine management system which ... Hyundai Motor 2003 Elantra

Timing belt i replaced the timing belt got the car to start..first problem...it started but the drive belt tensioner wont stop moving now and it is making a knocking noise everytime it bangs ...second..the car wont turn off when i turn it off it will run for like another minute or two...third i have a broken throttle position sensor..will replacing the throttle position sensor and the drive belt tensioner fix my problems...or did i not time the engine right when i changed the belt..keep in mind

You obviously need to replace your TPS, and you may need a new belt tensioner as well. On these cars the timing belt setup is not about no 1 cylinder being top dead center. Here are the proper steps to do a timing belt on this vehicle:\015\012 ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

Quite often I am unable to access car using wireless key. I use the blade to access car then I try starting car but the wireless key wont even turn the ignition switch. I have to let car sit for long period usually overnite before power is restored in the wireless key and i am able to start car. During the shut down of the car system nothing works inside except for the lights and car sound system.

You have to be more specific. what kinda car. model and year. is the remote battery and car battery in good condition. any more details would be helpful ... Mercedes-Benz S-Class

My car was making a crink sound when i tried to turn it on. I was told it was the battery so i went and bought a new one from auto zone. Drove it home just fine but when i got up to go out again, it would not start. EVERYTHING was dead this time. Not even the head lights would come on. My roommate gave me a jump and it started up. HE told me to take one of the connectors off when I go to places and have to leave the car off for long periods of time. WHen i do that, it starts back up just fine

It sounds like something is draining the battery. Hence it starts up if you disconnect during periods of disuse . As to what is draining can be hard to trace. ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo
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