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Nissa versa looses power when driving up hill

\015 Looses power when excelerating\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Nissa versa looses power when driving up hill

... 2008 Nissan Versa

99 land rover range rover hse 4.6... it drives smooth but it deosnt have any power for instance am driving on the freeway it looses power when am going up a hill or when i get up to 60mph it jerks and reduces speed. pls i need help cos most repair hops just doing guess work making me buy parts and no results. thanks

Could be a number of issues. Hers a couple easy tips: get familiar with your "sport mode" switch next to the stick. This is basicall an overdrive switch. Consult your owners manual for details. Also, the p38 is not known for its "takeoff" speed. Its ... Land Rover Range Rover

I have a 2004 Buick Rendezvous,lately when I go uphill I loose engine power, I tried changing the oil and I took it for a terst drive, gave me no problems then an hour later I started going up hill again and it did it again, can this be a transmission, Engine problem? the vehicle has 111,000 miles, can the air filter cause this problem too? I need help

The oil change would have done nothing other than helping the engine last longer, but the poor running you describe sounds like a fuel problem. You do not mention any check engine light, but if the engine computer is scanned it might reveal a pendi ... 2004 Buick Rendezvous

What's your problem? Print Email Flag Problem with Nissan Versa my nissan sunny b15 2000 model is loosing power, when driving i cant go beyond 90km/hr and sometimes it goes off by its self. what could be the problem?

... Nissan Cars & Trucks

My 99 monte carlo LS looses power going up hills. I notice that there is a rattling noise coming from the front wheel drive area i belive its the cat converter but im not sure. could you please give me some advice on what steps i need to take.

... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

I own a 03 jeep wrangler TJ 4.0. At high rpms or under load (going up hills it looses power) if driving in 5th gear at 60 mph and is down shifted to 3rd gear it slows down extreamly, the engine will not go past 3200 rpms. Not moving if rpms can only go to 4200, past that it boggs down, as if it were getting starved from fuel or air. I have recently installed a high flow exhaust system that removed the two catalytic converters that were just past the headers, and i have been told it could possibl

U only did part of the job most people change the air intake first put in a cool box or k&n type which causes some of same problems as opening the exhaust-- ur letting to much air out no back pressure and not enough air going in causing an imba ... 2003 Jeep Wrangler

While driving along mostly up hills and or pulling my 2002 dodge ram 1500 5 speed tends to loose power. What could be the cause of that?

All vehicles will lose a certain amount of power when going up hill or towing depending on how steep the hill or how heavy the load. Do you shift down when needed. ... Cars & Trucks

2003 Saturn Ion has ticking noise in top of engine looses power going up hill. Engine light has not come on. Is ot okay to drive

Change sparkplugs ... Cars & Trucks

My 1997 Subaru forester has been shuddering when in neutral(manual) for about a wekk now, today while driving up a hill that would usually be good as gold my car struggled and started loosing power then all of a sudden overheated. what is wrong?

I had a bad head gasket when I bought mine..(The notorious EJ25 Engine) I really didn't notice much loss of power if at all, With a little coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant and bubbles in the coolant overflow tank. I had them both replaced befo ... Subaru Cars & Trucks

I changed my alternator on my car but the engine light still on and when i drive up hill i loose power and the track off light comes on.whats is the problem?

Take it to a garage for a diagnostic reading and let them put it right ... 1999 Oldsmobile Alero

I Have A 1994 Chevy Caprice (LS 4.3L V-8) After About 20 Minutes Of Driving My Car Looses Power And Shutters To Make It Up Hills

Have you checked your catalytic converters(2 of them)?Harold ... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 1965 6 cylinder mustang and it was running well and recently I was driving and the car started to loose power. It seems like it does not have power i would press the gas and there was no response. I took it to the mechanic and they told me it was the carburator and I had the carburator rebuild by a professional and nothing. the car starts and when you press the gas it idles well then all of a sedden it starts to loose power and shakes. Once I take it out for a drive it drives well but

What needs to be checked and verified is the point gap. And if it is adjusted to the correct dwell, the timing will need to be set again also. Oil inside the ditributor and contaminating the points as well as the condensor is not good. You probably h ... 1966 Ford Mustang

Smoke problem started to give smoke, when I drive fast no smoke power is ok, no loosing oil, no loosing water BUT when stop and leave the engine running, after 15 minuts the grey smoke starts to build up very badly, Now after two months I was driving down, first time she started to loose the power then the engine cut off, then I called AA , he checked the wire plug feeding to fule pump, he found no power going to fule pump. Can any body let me know that what this problem could be and the best so

Heythere are couple of smoke type.blue smoke is oil, black smoke is fuel, and white smoke is \015\012water, if it clears after starting and running a few minutes it's probably your \015\012valve guide seals leaking oil down on top of your pisto ... Peugeot Liberte

Power lost I have a 92 Toyota pick up, while I was driving on it, it made a low dry explosion, and after that even when I pressed the gas peddle to the metal it did drive very slow, and on a small hill did not get over 5 ml/hr, I had notice that if I press the gas peddle just a little I could drive 25 ml/hr on a even street and also have more power on a hill, but 25 ml/hr was the limit. Now a week after if I press sligthly the peddle, it can get up to 35 ml/hr on a plane street. I checked the ca

You need to check the timeing on your truck you must short out the timeing with a paper clip in the dignostik port place the paper clip on e1and t the cap for the diogport should have it marked on the inside conetk timing light and start eng you shou ... 1992 Toyota Pickup

Car looses power up a hill

How slight was the hill and how much weight did you have in your car? When you got power back was it because you were no longer on the hill or were you going downhill?You may just need to drop down a gear to get the power back, if you have a he ... 2006 Volkswagen GTI

Loose power a ticking noise after vehicle is sitting coming from behind right rear tire. sitting at a red light loose all power and loose radio settings in car. driving at 65 on the interstate, loose power and then starts like jump starting.

The ticking I have no idea. Losing power and sputtering could be a number of problems, bad wiring harness, a short, a sensor, bad injectors, clog in a fuel line perhaps. ... 1993 Saturn SW2

When going up a good size hill or under strain (lead foot) on flat ground, my 2000 Jetta TDI seems to instantaneously drop power (feels like going into overdrive on an automatic). It then has no power to increase speed, and looses a lot of speed the rest of the way up. [It did not used to do this.] If after the hill, I turn the car off and on again, the power is restored. If I start the hill in cruise control, it won't lose power in this way, and does not lose much speed. If I've not been on a h

... 2000 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

91 geo storm. when car is moving on street in drive does not have much power moving forward to next gear. highest speed on city street has been 35mph. up hill tried driving had very little power then tried 2nd, then 3rd gear but still very little power. car starts up turns over and shifting into drive from park goes into gear with no slipping. please ask question you think important to this loss of power. thanks oct 18 sun 11pm

Low compression or a plugged catalytic converter;try removing the cat from your car and put a straight pipe ... 1991 Geo Storm

Driving home Thursday. Turned corner to go up hill to my hope and lost power. Explorer wouldn't go. Seems to run fine in neutral or park. Managed to back up the hill and get home, but now it doesn't want to give me any power in either drive or reverse. When put under load, just sits there and engine sputters and will stall. Friend plugged in his analyzer yesterday and got the following codes: P1415 evaporative emission systen vent control circuit; P1409 EGR vacuum regulator selonoid circu

The oxygen sensor is located just before the Catalytic Converter on the exaust system. Follow the exuaust system up to the converter and you will see it sticking out with a few wires just before the Catalytic Converter. Although changing it is not al ... 1999 Ford Explorer

My 92 honda accord while driving looses power and then picks up again. My honda could be doing fine while im driving then all of a sudden it starts loosing power ....what could be the problem?

Might be your main power relay. They are known to be defective on that year accord. ... 1992 Honda Accord

Loosing power i have a 2003 chevy impala 3.8 engine. It looses power when im going up hills. prime example i was traveling on i24 headed from clarksville to nashville i was traveling at 80 miles per hour soon as i started up a steep hill the car started to slow down to 50 miles per hour but the rpm raised up almost to the red the check engine light came on so i had it hooked up to get a code the code read that it was misseing fire so i changed the spark plugs n wires and i changed the air filter

Wow, I just went through the same problem and guess what it was a clogged converter and a bad oxyegen sensor. The garaged fixed it up for me by putting an eco converter on it and a new O2 sensor. I have a 2003 Chevy Impala,V6 3.8 engine. Good Luck!! ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Car loosing power when i climb a hill

... 2007 Volvo XC90 3.0

Atarts loosing power especially up hill.


Loose its power when going up the hill.

Countrysi248 could be right also it could your fuel pump going out ... 1997 Mitsubishi Galant

When starting to go up hill car looses power and bucks and lurches

... Saturn SL
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