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My suspension compressor runs a long time and often and is noisy. Should the compressor be replaced, rebuilt or is there another solution. Igt is a 2001 Navigator 4x4.

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Answers :

Hello there;
These compressors have different seals that help seal the compressor and to allow the build up of the the pressure
You can either rebuild it your self with a rebuild kit if you think that you can do this (which would be a lot cheaper ) or you can just buy a new one but i would first inspect the entire compressor system to see if their is a simple hose that is leaking and needs to be tightened or replaced or if it is indeed the compressor it'self ok?
Hope that you find this information very helpful for you
Best regards Michael
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My suspension compressor runs a long time and often and is noisy. Should the compressor be replaced, rebuilt or is there another solution. Igt is a 2001 Navigator 4x4.

Hello there;These compressors have different seals that help seal the compressor and to allow the build up of the the pressureYou can either rebuild it your self with a rebuild kit if you think that you can do this (which would be a ... 2008 Lincoln Navigator L

My suspension compressor on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 is not working. Back end is down, front is up and fine. Do you have a diagram for replacing the compressor?

Not the compressor, you just have a leak in the system. could be just a bad O-ring. ... 2008 Lincoln Navigator L

I have a 1998 ford escort ZX2 with a siezed ac compressor,800 to replace 500 just for the part,is there another solution?

... Mercury Sable

Need to replace the Air Compressor on my 2002 Sant FE. Hyundai Dealer recommended "only" the compressor needed to be replace. Although I am not an expert on air conditioning, this made me skeptical having them do the repair. I always understood that when you replace the compressor that you usually replace the receiver/dryier.or the system will fail again. The Hyundai Dealer said that only "the compressor " needs replacing" Should I be looking for another repair shop?  Looking under the ho

The dryer element is separate from the compressor and can be replaced separately. It may be that the dryer element is fine. I would trust the dealer to know. ... 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

1987 Samurai idles fine. Above idle goes lean, runs rough, mc dwell 0. Rebuilt carb., no change. replaced with rebuilt carb., no change. Timing bounced around when engine running bad, replaced dist. w/rebuilt, no change. Replaced ECU with known good one, no change.

87 has no ECU. so must be an engine swap to a 89 or newer trackeror last sammi that did have EFI.you said EFI and Carb in same paragraph and that is a contradiction.post to my bbs for more help.http://www.fixkick.com/bbs/post ... 1988 Suzuki Samurai

I have a 2003 Lincoln Navigator with air ride suspension, a couple of days ago one wheel was fully extending. That lasted about 2 or 3 days, then the whole system quit and the Navigator sank all the way down, and the compressor doesn't turn on. I bypassed the relay and the compressor started to turn on, so I replaced the relay and nothing different happens. i was told to go ahead and change height sensor on bad wheel, so I did that, and nothing has changed. The compressor still won't turn on, un

Check all your fuses. in the dash if any and in the hood if any. Sounds like the circuit overloaded and shorted out. ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

I have 1992 Plymouth Voyager with a 3.3L engine. The rebuilt AC Compressor was cooling fine until the clutch started making a noise. I have replaced both expansion valve front and rear air, have flushed all hoses. I have installed (not rebuilt) compressor. I have installed 4oz of pag oil #46 and vacuumed the system for approximately forty-five minutes. I have installed three cans of R-134. The rear air is cooling, the front air is not. Can you tell me what is wrong?

You need to find out if the air temperature control blend door is moving, this door diverts the air over the AC evaporator core or the heater core or both to blend and set desired outlet temperature, more than likely the problem lies there, the fact ... Plymouth Voyager

I replaced the ac compressor in my 1999 Sebring convertible with one from a junk yard. The shop who replaced it said the valve must be stuck and is not opening(?) Can I fix this so my ac works or do I need to try another compressor? Thanks

If they are talking about the a/c expansion valve or h-valve,it could be stuck not allowing refrigerant flow..it can be replaced..it is located behind engine on passenger side at firewall..would recommend a professional to service your a/c system..th ... 1999 Chrysler Sebring

Is it true that in a 1996 chevy tahoe 4x4 u can't convert the transmission with another year model like the rest of the1997s. The dealer told me with the 96 4x4 has to be replace with another 96. but 97 and up can be mix match even thow all the transmissions are the same 4l60e

The key distinction of the Later 4L60-E (1997-2006) from the Early 4L60-E (1992-1997) or 4L60 (1990-1992) or 700R4 (1982-1989) is the six-bolt "hex" rear output or tail housing / adapter pattern. The previous versi ... 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe

Must i replace a 4x4 1999suburban trans with another 1999 tran?

Recomend looking for a good used transmission at a junck yard that transmission should be a 4l60e ... 1999 GMC Suburban

We have a 04 Navigator, we replaced several air ride height sensors and solenoids. We re-scaned and had the following C1991 and C1990 and it wouldn't take the re-programing. Ford suggested we replaced the VDM, same problem , air ride suspension light on. The air ride has worked excellently since replacement the height sensors, it seems like a programming problem only. However, now it has been suggested to replace the compressor. Please help

Befoe that expense which may still be your only option reset your system by Disconnecting and reconnecting you battery and check for a blown fuse to the motor if all is the same then replace your pump. ... Lincoln Navigator

Toyota forerunner 1993. Replaced alternator as it was not charging battery. Replacement worked for two days and then did not charge. Replaced with second rebuilt unit. Worked for two days and over charges up to 17 volts. Looking to replace with third unit but was wondering if there is another problem like a short or fault Oxygen sensor etc. Thanks.

Is there a built in regulator in your alternator if not i would check regulator ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

On 2004 lincoln navigator. i can manually operate compressor and raise all 4 airbags only invidually. i replaced the compressor relay and there are no leaks throught. i checked the self leveling with ohm meter and it seems to be working. i can manually purgh air out of each airbag, after filling up all airbags with air, leaving it overnight, rear end of the vehicle stays up, front drops about an inch. I believe there is a miscommunication between the computer and the compressor because the compr

Hello! You have a defective Front Suspension Height Sensor (FSHS).Sensor is located behind the left front ball joint assembly. Two nuts hold it in place. There is a sensor arm connected to the FSHS. As suspension raises or lowers th ... 2004 Lincoln Navigator

Signal switch fuse blows as soon as I replace it. I've replaced it several times but it keeps blowing. Will I have to replace that whole fuse box or is there another solution?? My car won't pass inspection this year if I don't fix it. All other electrical parts are working fine. Thank you for any help. Ginny

Remove the bulbs from the signal light and check one by one. You are bound to come up with a solution while doing this.........sodeep ... 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

S10 1999 bearings bad 0 oil pressure,removed and rebuilt engine, replaced most all. back in and...Won't start, not a crank or a ticking from the starter. Starter and starter selanoid, battery all tested OK.conecting to starter and starter getting power. Replaced neutral safety switch twice , check all 3 relays all OK. Still no response. Lights and accessory lights all go on when ignition turned. Have tried all gears but still nothing. Could I have forgotten to replace something. Is there a way t

Yes, you can hotwire the starter, use a button starter to energize the solenoid. there is a chance thet the new or rebuilt starter isn't working. it has happened to me I went an bought a newly rebuilt starter but it was no good, it happens sometimes. ... 1999 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

The rear suspension air bags on my 2000 Lincoln Navigator is not inflating. I've replaced the compressor, the bags, and the control module. The compressor is not running eventhough I can run the troubleshooting test removing the control module and placing a jumper from points A to B in the harness side plug and get the compressor running. Still the system when placed back into operations does not work...Help!

Take a look at www.strutmasters.com. they sell kits to replace that whole mickeymouse system. they never really work after the warranty expires. now that you have dumped that much money into it and it still does not work, you should think about ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

1995 Chevrolet K1500 Z71 350 4x4. I have a check engine code 43 and have replaced: fuel filter, fuel pump and screen inside the tank, egr valve, plugs, wires, distributor cap+rotor, pick up coil that's on the distributor shaft, the esc module that's under the distributor cap, and still have code 43. there is but 3 things left to replace that i haven't yet. the coil, the MAF, and another electronic module next to the MAF module. I got the feeling that I could replace the whole engine and sti

As much money as you have spent, you could have fixed it and had a lot of beer money left. First thing to check is the KNOCK SENSOR. should be located near the starter. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

1995 Mercury Sable wagon will not start. It runs fine and then I will go to start it and it turns over but won't start. Have had a lot of work and still no solution. serpentine belt replaced. AC compressor replaced as mechanic said car will not start if AC not working. Circulation fan replaced. I'm going broke, please help

Bad wire or lose wire maybe on the starter ... 1995 Mercury Sable

2003 lincoln navigator compressor locking up

... Lincoln Navigator

Frazzled ive got 2 problems prob 1 what is the solution to trouble code p0300 98 nissan frontier prob 2 just replaced compressor recharged it temp @70 deg put jumper wire on triple switch temp down to 60 any solutions to these problems would be greatly appreciated sincerely greg sear

98 frontier what?? V6 or 4 cylinder?? and how much R 134a did you put in there?? ... 2005 Nissan Frontier

1988 Plymouth Grand Voyager cutting out. On and off since the 1990's. In 2007 I bought a rebuilt engine to replace original engine. This did not solve problem. So I know the problem lies somewhere between the intake manifold (which I had to keep from the old engine for the rebuilt engine)and the wiring, computer module, etc. Sometimes it goes away for a spell and comes back. Looking for simular story from anyone who was able to find a solution. Todays date is July 11, 2009.

If it's similar to my 96 Voyager it restarts after just a few seconds and seems fine. Cut outs are completely random as to frequency and driving conditions. In my voyager the solution was embarassingly simple. I had bought the car used with 172000 ... 1996 Plymouth Voyager

I have just purchased a 1994 Chevy S10 pickup. The truck works fine in 2 wheel drive but will not go into either 4 wheel hi or lo. The dash board 4 wheel drive switch was replaced by previous owner. He was told by a mechanic there was another part/control that needed to be replaced but could not remember the name of it. Any advice or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.

You can go to chevy dealership and ask them what the part is called. ... Chevrolet S 10

I recently had egr valve replaced on 1998 MazdaLX 626 V6. the egr tube was cut and repaired. check engine light is on again, dealer recommends replacing exhaust manifold and egr tube for $1250. Is there another solution? Dealer reports tube has rotted in the manifold.

Yeah there is \015\012go see this mazda mechanic in costa mesa ca or google m and m auto repair in costa mesa ca he would do it for cheapper ... 1998 Mazda 626

I have 87 ranger 2.9l 4x4 replaced IAC,TPS,FUEL PRESSURE REG ..still cuts out when cold and stalls try to rev to 3000 rpm cuts on and off but when warms up have no problems ,been told fuel pump but has 2 low psi and high psi pumps what one should i replace or should i try both w/filter or could it be another problem ?? PS:I tested fuel pressure it was at 39psi running at operating temp not when symptoms were present

Intank pump bad ... 1987 Ford Ranger

The compressor seized. Is there an idler that i can replace it with instead of getting a new or rebuilt compressor. 1998 dodge 1500 reg cab 318 auto.

Follow this link: http://dormanproducts.com/p-23879-34178.aspx?pymmeid=4073711 this is a bracket that replaces your AC compressor. contact your local parts store and ask if they carry "dorman" products. good luck ... 1998 Dodge Ram
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