Having problems with your 2008 Kia Optima ?

Auto trans does not shift smoothly going from first to second when cold. sort of shudders as though driving over a rough road

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check fluid level on level ground
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Auto trans does not shift smoothly going from first to second when cold. sort of shudders as though driving over a rough road

Check fluid level on level ground ... 2008 Kia Optima

Intermittent Shuddering when driving, as though going over large ripple strips. Lasts for a few seconds. Does not happen at the same place on the same road, but intermittent. Also 'clunk' noise (could be when changing gears) auto model. Sandy B.

Possible suspension issue, maybe with the bushings/joints? I would have it checked out by a mechanic, there is a large number of things under there that can cause this. ... 2005 Honda CR-V

I got a chevrolet optra 5 2006 model, 2.0L engine,auto transmission,when shifting from park to reverse the car shudder and warning flashes on dashboard,and engine light comes on,it happens when engine cold or rough roads driving after awhile the problem disappear for days and comes back,and thank you for help. Ibrahim

... Chevrolet Aveo 5

My 1995 Mustang GT has been running rough recently. It idles really rough. It'll bog down really low to about 500rpm, then it'll rev up to 1100, settle at 750, idle good for about 15 seconds, then repeat. When driving down the road in overdrive, the car will jerk (or miss) when in a higher gear. I can turn overdrive off, and it'll run perfect. There was one occurrence when I was just driving as I usually do with a normal amount of throttle, and the car wouldn't shift up until I hit about 3500 rp

... Cars & Trucks

When I drive over rough roads I feel like a rattle when I'm steering. Like my tires are loose or axle? I only feel it when I go over a patch of rough road. Sort of like something banging something metal?

Check the stabilizer bar bushings, links, ball joints, and tie rod ends for play (looseness) ... 2002 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 2002 Trailblazer that has a grinding noise in the right front. It starts to shudder for a few seconds and makes a louder grinding noise at the same time. The 4 times that it has happened in the last 2 days, I pulled over because I was scared to keep driving. After I stopped for a minute, the problem went away. The shudder starts when I am normally going straight. There is a slight grinding noise when I drive though now. I just had my right front hub bearing replaced a week ago. Thanks f

Abby, I'd look to the place that replaced that expensive bearing assembly. That's the first thing I'd do. The other possibilities could be serious problems, especially if it's 4x4. We don't even want to go there. That possibility would be a shrea ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I am having heater issues.... it works great driving down the road but when im idling the heat turns to cold. after giving it some gas for a few seconds the heat comes back but after about 10 seconds of idling the heat turns back to cold again. any idea what could be causing this?

There could be several causes for this.The first thing I would check is to make certain that the coolant level if filled properly. Low coolant levels can contribute to this, at idle the coolant will not be circulating properly leading to not en ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Recently purchased a vitara 94 model, however when you drive the car it almost feels as though it looses power for a split second causing a shudder. What Can i do to solve this problem

Check fuel filter for water, that means you have water in your tank or it could be just blocked wiht dirt ... Suzuki Vitara

Shudders pretty significant under acceleration beginning at approximately 50 MPH and through 58 mph then seems to fade away. If I let off the accelerator the shudder stops throughout that speed. I have replaced the tires with balancing, both outer tie-rod ends, a front engine mount and even though the shudder has diminished slightly, its still enough to drive me nuts. Any trans issues common with this vehicle? Everything seems tight and the car tracks fine down the road. Any help?

Depending on how many miles are on the car, Have you looked at your CV half shafts? Is there any clicking noises when making hard right hand or left hand turns while accelerating? If so, you should change your half shafts. Half shafts have the tend ... 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora

My 2004 accent is very hard to get into gear when it is cold outside. The car will not shift into any gear then as it warms up it goes into third then second. Most of the time if warm for a while it will go into first. Even after it is warm however it seems to shift rough then if I have the car warm and turn it off then start to drive it is better and may shift fine for a while then it is rough at times. What could be my problem?

Hi,Do you see any Check Engine Light being ON?If yes, there is a problem with the Car. You need to take the Car to the Auto Zone and get it Scanned for Error's.I am pretty sure you would get multiple error codes that would tel ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

My 2006 Equinox was driving great then all of a sudden I noticed the engine light was on and my temp. guage was going through the roof. It started to run rough and I was able to get to the side of the road then turned off the ignition. After towing the unit to the garage we thought that the thermostat was defective and replaced it. After driving for lessthen a day the guage started to go up and down, cold air then hot. We opened the overflow cap after cooling and air started bubbling up and it s

... 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

I have a 2003 alero with the v-6 what happened was driving down the road the heater works fine. then all of a sudden it was blowing cold air and the temp gauge started climbing. it started blowing how air again and the gauge went down. I changed the thermostat and everything was fine for about 2 week. the other day it did it again for about 10 seconds it blew cold air, temp gauge stated climbing and it blew hot again and then the gauge went down. the air coming out of the heater seems to get hot

... 2003 Oldsmobile Alero

96 jeep cherokee. Started acting up a month or so ago when I was driving in the rain and started driving over a rough road. Problem escalated to point the jeep wouldn't start. I noticed the ground that went from the firewall over to the the top of the valve cover was nearly severed. I replaced this and it still wouldn't start. Ended up being the crank sensor. I had just put a crank sensor on this about a year ago but it seemed to fix the problem. Or at least I though it did. One week later I was

With any loose wire situation, I'd have as much luck telling you which wire to look at as if you would to try and guess which persons shoe was untied in a dark movie theater. There are just too many of them, all of which are important.One thing ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee

Car jerks We bought a 2008/2009 Tucson automatic just 2 months ago, we noticed that when we travel between 40-60km/h the car tends to **** not violently but more like a shudder as if your were driving on a really rough road all the time. We took it back to the dealer and was told it was normal and it had something to do with some fuel saving device new models are fitted with. We know that there is definitely something wrong with it. We went to test drive another Tucson at 2 dealerships today and

Need to make sure the rotor are not warped and you do not have a bad drive axles and also be sure to check the fluid in the transmission and you do not have a bad tire on it. ... 2006 Hyundai Tucson

1990 Holden rodeo, Isuzu ute wont start when cold, but when the weather warms up it will start, run for a few seconds then stalls. Once it stalls it wont start as easily. Cannot drive down the road without it stalling at the first set of lights. I have replaced the electronic temperature sensor and thermostate but that didnt do anything. Really frustrated and have no car to drive HELP any suggestions are greatly appriciated

Its coss the motor is frozen , so put anti freeze in the radiator ... 1988 Isuzu Trooper 2 Door

I have a 1997 nissan pickup with a 2.4l 4cyl engine and it idles rough. On idle it sounds like a V8 with a big cam in it, you know kind of lopey. When i drive it though it seems fine. The engine runs smooth if i'm on the road driving, but sitting it idles up and down from about 900rpm to 600rpm. Any solutions???

... 1997 Nissan Pickup

92 Acura Integra GS, I start up drive no problem, then occasionally i will be driving down the road and the rpm will fluctuate and the car will studder, then shut off. Intitally it will not start, but if I wait 5 min its starts up and runs fine. This has happened twice, during cold weather, and then does not happen again for weeks. Some possible causes have been suggested to me, perhaps the ignition control module has some sort of problem, or there is part of a car alarm that has not been dis

Answered it. ... 1992 Acura Integra Hatchback

Transmission stops working when truck warms up When truck is driving for roughly 20 minutes to an hour and is warmed up, it downshifts itself into second gear and must be shut off for a period of time before it is able to resume driving at regular speed. Had it at the shop three times, each time the truck is put on machine for electrical reading the speed sensor code comes up as the problem, this is not the problem though because it was changed in one of the trips at the shop. Mechanic calls it

Are you sure this is a 1991. Gm didn't put electronic controlled shift solenoids on the 700r4 until 1993. This sounds like a shift solenoid but if it is a 1991 it could be a governor valve. ... 1991 GMC K3500

New Corolla (2010). When parked in sun (temp in 80s-90s) after driving, starter turns over about 10-12 times before engine catches, then runs rough a few seconds before settling down. Occasionally "smart key" turns starter motor off w/o engine starting. Second try usually a normal start. Cold starting: no problem. Dealer can't find any malfunctions in diagnostic tests.

... Toyota Corolla

I have a 1995 Chevy Blazer S10. The car sat four 4 days without being started. When I did attempt to start it, it wouldn't turn over on the first attempt even though it sounded like it would. On the second attempt it did start but not right away. It always runs a little rough like it's chugging, sort of like a misfire or a steady fuel flow. I drove it and shut it off about 3 times and each time thereafter it started, but continues to run rough. Also each morning that I've tried to start

I would say fuel filter but it may be the pump going out, the filter is easier change out so I would try that first. Hope this helps Tim ... 1995 Chevrolet Blazer

Cuts out Hi, I have a 2004 x-type dti. It cuts out when driving along. First time at high speed then would not start until engine was completely cold. Second time 50 mph again will not restart until completely cold (next day). Then on another occasion, it wouldn't start after stopping to refuel? again started next day as though nothing had been wrong! Have thought of beating the car with a stick but wondered if you have another solution... Thanks


No power 85 cavalier type 10 2.0 starts fine idles a little rough at first but smooths out nicely after bout 10-15 seconds but check engine light comes on. drive down the road and have no power. replaced wires, plugs, cap, air filter, oil change, upstream O2 sensor. tranny fluid full, nice and red. thinking it might be fuel filter? maybe vacuum line somewhere. i need help

The exhaust may have a blockage in it....maybe the cat converter....motors don't have power unless they can get rid of the exhaust..... ... 1985 Chevrolet Cavalier

The car runs fine when cold but after driving 10 or 15 miles it acts like its hot even though gauge says normal--hesitation on acceleration and rough idling we've also been having trouble with the radiator over pressurizing pushing coolant into reservoir. When the engine cools it doesn't pull the coolant back into the radiator.so the next time you start up the coolant level is low. IT has a new radiator,new water pump,new radiator cap new intake gasket and there's no water in the oil.

Sounds like air in the cooling system.What year camaro?What engine size?Have vehicle running at operating temp and slightly open cooling system bleeder (if equiped) leave open until you get coolant only and no more air.If this doesnt work have coolin ... Chevrolet Camaro

Hi, my 92 Seville 4.9 started running rough on a cold start this morning (10-14-10). It feels as though it is not firing on all cylinders. It is driveable, but has loss of normal smooth power and on the freeway it surges continually as if it is running properly for a few seconds and then back to misfiring. This problem occurred suddenly - the car was running perfectly when I parked it the night before. Thanks!

... 1992 Cadillac Seville

Ok so my wife and i were driving down the road and the engine starts running rough like its starving for fuel every time i would hit the gas it bogs down. then it finally shut off. i tried to start it again but it would run for maybe 10 seconds and shut off again i changed the plugs i checked the fuel pump it was cycling and was running but the plugs werent getting wet but i didn't check the injector pulse yet help please

I would check the injector plugs with a Noid light, and check the resistance of the injectors. Also, check the fuel pressure regulator. What did the old plugs look like when you took them out? Did you check the fuel pressure? ... 1990 Pontiac Firebird
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