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My service engine light is on and I just serviced the car last week for it and they said all they needed to do was update software on oxygen sensor. What now?

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Answers :

They need to cancel the lamp using a special tool.
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My service engine light is on and I just serviced the car last week for it and they said all they needed to do was update software on oxygen sensor. What now?

They need to cancel the lamp using a special tool. ... 2008 Jeep Patriot

Transmision? I have a 2005 JGC limited Hemi. i took it to the dealership today for inspection and they told me i needed a software update for my "service 4wd light to go away. after they performed the update i went home and tried to back into my drive way. the truck didnt go into reverse and made grinding noise. i put it into 4 low and it worked but the full time didnt. is my transmision shot?

It sounds like there is a glitch in the softwear update that was installed, It sounds to me the programed was stoped before the program was downloaded, I would call your service adviser and have them re look at this ... 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The service engine light has come on. A local repair shop said it needs the oxygen sensor replaced. They quoted $250 to repair. I can buy a sensor of less than $50.00. Where does it go and is it difficult to replace?

I work for Bosch and run the line that makes your sensor. These are very easy to replace and the aftermarket sensor is the same as oem. These shops charge $75-125 each sensor, So he is charging $75-$90 hr and part cost is $125. It takes about 10 min ... 1999 Nissan Altima

My car studders from first to second. No transmission codes . possible MAS issuse both read outs sensors came up lean fuel mixture. Opened the MAS an it was clean but cleaned it anyways. The service engine light is still on. Could I just need to replace the MAS even though its clean? maybe wiring is wrong? or bad? Also said fuel injectors could be bad. Heated oxygen sensor? what could it be? Fuel pump??

Sometimes it's as simple as replacing your gas cap. i know it sounds funny but your codes will resd fuel leak or fuel problem, but if you loose fuel pressure by a leaky gas cap, your codes will read fuel issue, as for the check engine light you can r ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

What is the fluid capacity of the transfer case on a 1998 Ford Expedition? The ford Dealership here in Lynnwood WA (Harris Ford) told me to use Mercon III not V. Any comment? After driving about 15 minutes at highway speed the front end feels like the four wheel drive clutches are trying to kick in even though it is in two wheel drive. Only after vehicle has been driven for 15 or so miles. Same service tech said I need to have the computer ''flashed'' for an update for the transfer case. An

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Computer needs cmos software updated.

Look I don't know about the dealer charge, it seems high, what part are they replacing? I will try to look it up if you have a part number. This I do know when the light is on the system is disabled, so should you get in a sticky situation where the ... 1994 Pontiac Grand Am

2008 Hyundai verna 36000 Kms done.I was getting a whistel sound while driving more than 100KM/Hr. When i heard this sound i left for sevice @ Hyundai service. After inspection they said that there is a leak in turbo charger and in the near future the turbo need to be replaced which costs Rs. 70000.How ever after service i am not getting any sound. When i checked the same again with Hyundai service they said that as they had cleaned turbo, the sound is not comming, later the sound will start agai

The only thing you can do is go by the advice from the dealer. Noone else works on these and the dealer is the only place that has parts for it. The only other option you may have is when the noise starts bak up again get a second opinion from anot ... Hyundai Accent

I had the ABS light come on along with the service traction control. I had it checked at a GM dealer and was told that the right hub needed to be replaced. I OK'd the work thinking it would take care of both of the service lights. The ABS light is out but the traction control light still comes on when making turns or when backing up at times. The GM service rep said nothing could be done until the light stayed on. What is causing the light to come on when traction control is not even needed?

Hi,the traction control light coming up means there is a fault detected in the system and a scan tool will be required to learn what fault has been detected. Possible steering angle sensor, wheel speed sensor or brake pressure sensor since the light ... 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette

The egr sensor needs to be replaced and hoses and the oxygen sensor how do you install it i went to a mechanic they said thats what it needed and wanted to charge me 700.00 dollars to do it. Also he said i needed a new transmission. that was another2500.00. Which i don't have. i bought the car in jan 2010 with my income tax for my daughter. 20 minutes after i got it home the check engine went on and first gear woul'nt really work well. I have been riving a stick for a very long time. so i ent ba

The EGR will just turn on the check engine light, it will not affect the way the car drives. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

I have a 2006 Sonata and I took it in for 30K service. Our manual says that it needs itsnual was out of date. oil changed; air, oil and fuel filter replaced, and other systems inspected. It says to replace the coolant at 60K and the transmission fluid at 105K. The service manager at Hyundai said I had to get my coolant replaced ($109) and transmission fluid replaced ($139) to keep my warranty in effect. When I told him what my maintenance schedule said, he said that it was out of date. It i

There must be a 1-800 number in your owner's manual. Call them and ask if there has been any changes to the maintenance schedule for your car and if so, what changed and when. They will tell you and then you will have an answer to your question but m ... 2006 Hyundai Sonata

Does the throttle body need to be replaced on my truck if the etc light and the service engine light have gone out. The garage said the sensor is bad and needs to be replaced The light was on before I

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My 2002 cadillac deville started trembling when I turned it on,about 2 weeks ago.A few days later the service engine message went off.I had a mechanic check it and he said it needed a tune up.So when he was going to do it he said he needed to replace the valve cover gasket.The part hasn't arrived but now there is some white smoke coming out of the exhaust, not excessively though.The car doesn't overheat.The mechanic doesn't really seem to know what he is doing,and i don't really know much ab

Sounds like the start of a head gasket problem. This is common on the 4.6, but expensive to fix., ... 2002 Cadillac Deville

Oxygen Sensor I failed my car inspection due to the oxygen sensor, once I got the sensor replaced I took it back and it failed again he said it didnt need to be replaced it just needed to be set, what does he mean reset and how can that be done?

If you had it replaced it should have already been set however you can reset your cars computer by taking the positive battery cable off the battery and waiting 2-3 min and then touching the positive cable from the car to the negative cable which is ... 2003 Honda Accord

My engine light came on in my 1998 Toyota Corolla VE. It it said it was emissions related so I replaced the Bosch 13051 Oxygen Sensor, OE Type Fitment. The light went off and stayed off for about one and half months. However, the light came on again and it is giving me the same reading with emissions issues. What do I need to fix this time if the new sensor fixed the light last time? Does the same oxygen sensor need replacing or the back one now? Thanks for your help, Jeff

It can be any of the sensor causing this problem.Or may be both sensors needs replacement.t all depends on what error code its giving.\015\012\015\012P0420 code refers to the downstream O2 sensor (the after the cat) reporting that the cat ... Toyota Corolla

I just purchased a 2000 lincoln continental for my daughter. She said that the service engine light came on and after that the transmission light came on and went off and came on again. I had the mechanic check it and he said I had a code P1744 and that he would need to check for corrosion and that I need a transmission gasket due to leaking. Could the code P1744 also mean the transmission is going? Also I was told that the top side engine mount is cracked (Dog bone). Is that neccessary to repla

Top mount when go's bad eventualy can mess up other thing's, As for the tran's i would change the fluid and the gasket and filter. They are all right there togather, should cost around $75 ... 2000 Lincoln Continental

The battery will not hold a charge. Took it to Service center two years ago for a new battery but said the battery was now fully charged and I did not need a new one. BUT since that time the car would not start because of dead battery four more times. And had to give it a jump. The dealer at the service center said that the batterys are so small in the Accents that it will not take much to have them go dead. This being true in the cold weather. Could I up grade to a regular size battery ?

You can upgrade your battery,i suggest that you do so. the more cold cranking amps on your battery the better.if theres an advance auto parts store near you they will have what you need and also install it for free. autozone does the same thing also. ... Hyundai Accent

Just had our 2003 Honda Pilot serviced and the dealer said the FGR Valvue needed replacing as it was apparently cloging and causing the car to loose power and hesitate at times. The dealership said we also needed the front and side motor mounts replaced ($607) and the inner CV boot replaced ($260). Our car has 81,000 miles on it and is used for infrequent city driving. I was surprised! Decided to pospone that work. Would these issues be common with so little miles on the car?

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Hey guys, I have a 2002 Buick Century which I purched new in 2002. The car today, 6-9-09 has 54,000 original miles. Its driven by my wife who took it in for service. Noticed that occasionally the car who shift harder than usual. Asked Buick SM and he said we needed a new trans at $3,084.19. We just had Buick do the 50,000 service on trans and 5,000 later we need a new trans, don't seem right. Why are we doing scheduled maint if still looking at 3,084.19. Any hints on the occasional hard shift. T

Usaully the shifting is computer controlled, and sounds more like a solenoid valve not functioning properly. Take it to another shop that does tranny work, and see what they say. Don't tell them that the dealer told you that you needed a trans, as ... 1992 Buick LeSabre

I have a 99 Kia sportage Ex, the dealer said that I need an oxygen sensor. No other shop can pull up the code. What does an oxygen sensor do? How would I know if it is really needed???

Any auto parts store should be able to scan the computer for trouble codes. If the check engine light is not on you probably don't have any stored codes.The O2 sensor monitors the exhaust gas to find the level of unburned fuel. The computer tak ... Cars & Trucks

My service light came on in my car and i took it to the garage all they did was turn the light off. They never told me all they said was everything should be fine now, a few months down the line i am having problems and they are saying its down to missing a service when i didnt i need what i needed by taking it to the garage. The garage are now saying they never did. Nothing was registered on the computer as i just found out, as no work was done. how can i prove they did switch the light off as

Ok, This is how service light works on a renault, depending on where you live and if you have a diesel or petrol engine or if it is configured to mph or km, example if you have a car that is configured to 15000km every 1 km that you do the indicator ... 2006 Renault 181

Every time we drive over the speed of a 100 a (S) light comes on and beeps how do i change it because it never used to do that before and my boyfriend is soo stupid when it comes to cars ggrrhhh he reckons it needed service he took it to the mechanics and of course it dont need service its like a speed light or something they said it will cost $99 to diagnose it ggrrhhh help

Do not be that stupid to drive a 100 mph.and car will alright ... Cars & Trucks

My 2003 galant runs but when i shut it off i need a jump i had a service engine light on and it said i needed a camshaft sensor replaced now nomore light but car still wont start without jumps

Needing a jump can mean several things.The cables could be dirty or not tight again, the battery may be loosing power if the car sits, and so on.Someone would need to check the battery with a meter when it won't crank and find out if the bat ... 2003 Mitsubishi Galant

I have a 2002 Cadillac Escalade (2 wheel drive) with about 140,000 miles ...still looks and runs great. I am leaving in 2 weeks for a road trip from California to Maine and back ...about 7000 miles and wondering what service/maintenance items I should address before I leave. I had a transmission service in Sept of '09 and I had the coolant/radiator systems serviced in Jan of this year.... any recommendations for what I should do??? At my last service the service writer said I needed a rear pinio

Hi i take it your question is regarding what kind of things to check and service so that your car is going to make the journey. follow this list for things you should check to ensure its running its best and going to keep running at its best. ... 2002 Cadillac Escalade

Service 4wd I get a service 4wd, comes and goes ,sometimes the sw. lights dont work. also it went into 4wlow by itself twice this stoped went to chevy got code c0327 they said it needed a encoder motor and sw cluster. that was 5 months ago yesterday I put it into 4wd hi it went in then I got service 4wd message again . Switch lights went out its back into 2wd not and sw lights on again . Could this only be the sw or the sensor?

My 4WD shifts on it's own, and back out when i turn the engine on and off. I thinks it's a sensor but not sure. ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD
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