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I have abig trouble with my Honda accord 2008 EX-L with 9000 Mls, when the engine at idle the engine not stable and hesitated, there's no trouble codes was detected but when i increase acceleration it will be good. Note, The parts which changed with out eny effect was: Spark plugs coil plugs MAP sensor ECT sensor Air fuel ratio sensor MAF sensor THROTTLE BODY Thanks in advance your advice great helpful for me

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Answers :

Try ur idle air control valve or ur purge valve
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I have abig trouble with my Honda accord 2008 EX-L with 9000 Mls, when the engine at idle the engine not stable and hesitated, there's no trouble codes was detected but when i increase acceleration it will be good. Note, The parts which changed with out eny effect was: Spark plugs coil plugs MAP sensor ECT sensor Air fuel ratio sensor MAF sensor THROTTLE BODY Thanks in advance your advice great helpful for me

Try ur idle air control valve or ur purge valve ... 2008 Honda Accord

Engine cranks but does not start. No trouble codes. Has spark and fuel. New crank and cam sensors. Computer has been flashed. Complete engine rebuild. When the front three cylinder spark plugs and coils are removed, the engine will start and run on rear cylinders, for about a minute. Timing has been checked and is correct.

New sensors and no codes. I would check fuel pressure from fuel rail, check vacuum pressure and engine compression. If you are I also would check all your relays with multi-meter. Replace fuel filter as well. If you have spark, than ... Mazda Tribute

I have a problem with a chevy S10 blazer 4.3L CPI (VORTEX) 4x4. I have changed the MAP sensor Coil Spark plugs Spark plug wires fuel filter and battery. The fuel pump works fine and it rolls over. When it does start it will stall within 5 mins unless you keep accelerating. Can't find out the problem. No engine codes either.

Most likely will have to remove the intake, and replace\015\012the pressure regulator and spyder poppet/assy\015\012\015\012Are the spark plugs wet & a gas smell ? ... Chevrolet S 10

Engine miss I am looking at buying a 1990 Ford Taurus SHO The guy is telling me that it has a miss in it when it warms up and that the car just acquired it after it set in his garage for 6 months my thoughts on this is that it is bad gas. This is what he said though that he put all this on new and that it still didnt fix the problem new parts 02 sensors,map sensor, plugs, wires, coil pack, filters, ignition module he also said that he had bought a couple trouble shootin guides vacume trouble

Ok i think that the problem is the thermostat if you change it and still the same maybe is possible that is getting water into the heater and you need to buy a new ones ore go to rectificate where is the crack in your heaters and ... 1990 Ford Taurus

1992 Lumina Backfire - I have a 1992 Lumina Euro, 77K miles, 3.1 V-6. Under moderate to hard acceleration the engine will backfire and you can smell gas. The spark control module, coils, wires, plugs, ECM, crank sensor, Idle speed motor, throttle position sensor, map sensor, EGR valve, injectors, intake gasket, fuel are all new. The car starts up and idles ok, a tiny bit rough, and runs / drives ok unless you accelerate then starts to backfire around the 3000 rpm range, if you back off th

I know you mentioned the EGR valve has been replaced, but you may have a bad 'new' part. I know the car is electronic, but has anyone checked its ignition timing (timing belt been looked at, I know it only has 77k on it). Is the fuel pressure regulat ... Chevrolet Lumina APV

Engine cranks over , no spark at plugs ,trouble code 12 & 43 ,plugs are wet with gas , could it be coil pack, or should i look at crank sensor

Col pack is an 80 percent given check the distributor cap and alternator sometimes doesnt let the car start when its shot ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee with a 4.0 engine. As I was driving, the engine died. I have replaced the spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, crank sensor, cam sensor and coil. It will turn over, but ir won't start. There isn't spark at the plugs or coil. One more thing, it does get gas to the fuel rail.

You really should be using a good manual as a guide fro testing. For wiring diagrams chiltons is better than haynes. Have you checked power flow through the ASD relay?? ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

No spark Changed spark plugs & wires, ignition coil, ignition module, distributor, distributor cap & rotor, PCM, crank shaft sensor, battery. Engine cranks but will not start. Fuel pump is working fine. PCM doesn't display any trouble codes on analyzer.

Those distributors get a lot of heat and vibration. Check all wires inside distributor and coil for loose connections. ... 2000 Chevrolet Astro

Wont start i have a 96 ford explorer v6 engine. It wont start in various locations after running fine to the location. I have replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, coil pack, control module, ignition switch, and crank position sensor. I have run out of parts to replace. It seems like every time i fill up the gas tank it gives me trouble. If it sits for a long time it seems to help. Sometimes it dosent matter how long it sits. I tested the spark plugs and it dosent seem to spark w

I would check the cam position sensor ( at the right rear of the engine) and the plug connector at the PCM. I believe when you say "control module" you mean the PCM because these engines did not use a separate ignition module in '96- it is all done b ... 1996 Ford Explorer

1986 944 2.5L. engine- cut off and will start back after a short time. and will run for 5 or 6 min. and cut off again checked fuel system and all is good. it has no spark after it cuts off, noticed when the key goes form ign. on to start, it has one good spark, and when after turnig engine over and going from start to on , at the ign. switch, it has one good spark. have replaced the wires, plugs, spark plugs, coil, dist. cap, and rotor button. also temp sensor and ref. sensor

Porches 944 start but will not keep running? ... 1986 Porsche 944

I'm having trouble getting my 90 ford ranger to start i can give it a shot of either and it will start and i can shut it off and it will start fine but i leave it off for an hour and it won't start. see it ran fine when i got it and the heads went to **** but it still ran fine so i took it to a mechanic to have them changed and after that it hasn't ran right since the check engine light is on i've changed the map sensor,distributor,plugs,wires. andit has gas and spark. it has a 2.9l

Stupid answer but the fuel filter has a check valve to stop the fuel from draining from the fuel lines .If the fuel filter is bad it would do exactly as you described ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Hard starting My cavaliar is starting hard, I replaced the spark plug. My daughter had trouble starting it, now the check engine has come on. Should replace the coil pack and crank and cam sensors first before the ignition control module.

I would run a diagnostic on it first.\015\012Most major chain autoparts stores will do this for you (Like Shucks/Krager, Auto Zone).\015\012This will save you from replacing more then is needed.\015\012\015\012Other items to ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 1999 Ford E-350 Superduty with a 5.4. I've changed the spark plugs, coils, fuel injectors, map sensor and fuel filter. While going up a small hill or overpass, the engine bucks. I've also checked the EVAP system. It still does the same thing. Can anybody help?

I had a 1990 cadillac deville with a bad computer that wouldn't deliver fuel to one of the cylinder's injector and this caused it to buck at 35 mph. ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

Check engine light is always on, when cold start the engine runs very rough and has to be warmed up fully before there is no danger of it stalling when in gear. From idle to 1500 rpm the engine runs very rough, after 1500 rpm it is much smoother, spark plugs are darker than they should be, have new coils, plugs, plug leads, airflow meter, temp sensor, throttle position sensor, none of this made any difference, compression is good and fuel pressure is good, any ideas??

Hi,\012\012I think you should go to ur nearest Volvo service shop and have them check ur ECU for proper and accurate scanning of problem in the sensors and switches.\012\012Hope that helps u out! ... 2001 Volvo S40

My 1995 mitsu eclipse is sputtering and has trouble staying on when I turn it on for the first time in more than 5 hrs. It also stalls and throws me an oil light. I've changed the spark plugs (which are black after 10,000 miles), the plug cables ( which look rusty after 5k miles) and the ignition coil (coil pack, coilendra, solenoid, whatever you wanna call it). I've changed al that 4 times in the last 30k miles. Except the spark plugs I've changed that 6 times. I've had the check engine light c

... Cars & Trucks

Was driving the car, and it just quit, now there is no spark. Was told: If there is fuel and no spark, then either the anti-theft unit is on and blocking signal, or the crank shaft position sensor is bad. To find this sensor, follow spark plug wires to coil packs/module and from here directly to crank sensor. You can test crank sensor with an ohmmeter to see if it is faulty. These are all the main components that deliver spark to engine. You can go to autozone.com and register for full fre

Most likely it isnt a theft issue. This is a common problem. You will have to ramp the sensor while cranking. Put a meter on the center wire which is the signal to the computer. You should have a pulse with meter set on 12 volts or so. Be sure you h ... 1992 Dodge Spirit

2007 Chevy aveo,. Ran fine, started missing one day periodically, now it misses all the time computer says coil pack, plugs and sparks plugs. Also and ECU CODE. I haven't replaced the coil pack as of yet but looked at all plugs and plug wires, they are fine. Recently replaced. Cleaned MAP Sensor with appropriate cleaner plus throttle body. Any other suggestions before buying a coil pack ?

... Cars & Trucks

Ok 2002 jetta 2.0 engine my engine light flashes the car misfires and the clock does some weird stuff lol..well anyway changed coil pack the wires and spark plugs and it was still happening so i take it to dealer they tell me its a temp sensor and spark plugs cus they werent from the (dealer)!well anyway a few hours after leaving the dealer and paying 600 bucks my car does same thing..help me please..i am thinking possibly electrical problems

... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

1993 5.2 jeep grand cherokee no spark. replaced cap,rotor,sync sens,crank position sensor and coil. Still no spark. Power ctrl module has power at pin 3,9 and 19. Pins 4,5,11 and 12 are all grounded. Coil has power at plug. Plugged in ob1, no communication with pcm. No check engine light. Changed pcm with one from jeep thrills same problems.

Pick-up coil in distributor bad. have to pull dist. take shaft out to get it out ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 gas v8 engine. Lost Fire, Engine Died going down road, no sign of trouble, then just died like the key turned off. Will not Start, has no spar to the plugs. Changed Crankshaft sensor, changed Camshaft sensor, Changed Coil, Checked Distributor shaft for turning, it is OK, Checked rotor cap wires and Coil wire, All is OK. Any Ideas Thanks steve

You have pcm problems or ASD relay problems.they both control the fuel and ignition. ... 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

1990 Bonneville SE 3.8L won't start. No hint of problem, then complete failure. Fuel pressure at injectors. 12V supply to injector coils goes lower then hi when cranking. Spits when spray cold start fluid into air intake. Spark tests ok via use of screwdriver in plug wire to jump to chassis. Coil pack primary and secondary ohms ok. Ignition Control Module tests ok at parts store. Have Engine computer supplied 12V at ICM input plug. Replaced crank sensor, cam sensor. Am toying with idea of gettin

Did you check and see if you have compression,You might be out on you valve timeing? ... 1991 Ford Aerostar Extended

I have a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE with a 3.3 liter V6 Engine. It hasn't been firing on the 6th and 3rd spark plugs, and is only running off of 4 of them. I was told to replace the camshaft position sensor, which I did, and it still is doing the same thing. The coil pack, spark plug wires, and spark plugs are all brand new also. Any suggestions?

The coil pack unit's circuit #3 drives plugs #3 and #6 directly from the PCM. If the cam sensor was defective, it should not fire any plugs. Suspect bad wiring from the PCM to the coil pack, the PCM unit itself, or a segment of the camshaft position ... 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager

2.5 4 cyl engine Code P0171....Black Soot in the exahaust and water...Black soot on the plugs. I have replaced the catc and muffler, MAP sensor, coolant temp sensor, coil, plugs, wires, dist cap,cleaned all electrical contacts, both O2 sensors..... car starts quickly and runs good. Just gets 8 to 10 mpg. I plugged it into my laptop and the results from several runs on the comp are at the address below. I have more. Looked for leaks with spray nothing found....?? http://picasaweb.goo

Black soot in water? You mean water in the tailpipe or black soot in the coolant in the radiator? Have you tested the manifold air temp sensor and the throttle position sensor? If they were OK, you may just have worn injectors that are allowing a bi ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

97 mazda 626 dx 2.0. manual shift, crank but won't start,install used engine w/less than 50k miles, after original engine lose power replace valve stem seals, timing belt, w/pump,oil pump,distributor cap & rotor,wires,fuel pump, MAP sensor(after code), timing marks are aligned correctly.engine starts and run on 3 cyl after 1 plug is removed,no matter which plug/wire,but after re-installing plug,engine cranks but won't start,i am getting fuel and the wires are sparking at plugs,should i replace E

First check the spark plugs.\015\012\015\012If your engine cranks normally but will\015\012not start because it has no spark, or it stalls and won't restart because it\015\012has no spark, the problem may be due to any of the follo ... 1997 Mazda 626

I have a 2002 TrailBlazer with the straight 6,diognostic check said #3 cylinder was dead or misfiring, also map sensor showed up. #3 cylinder was misfiring, so to test the coil pack I swapped #3 coil pack with #2 cylinders coil pack, no change and a 2nd Diaognastic now said #2 cylinder was misfiring, Ok need new coil right ? so bought new coil pack and spark plug and changed out and no change, so bought new M.A.P sensor, again no change, still runs rough and missing, what could it be ?

Did you replace only one spark plug? that can cause issues because of differences in resistances between cylinders. also, did the map code stay off after replacing? ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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