Having problems with your 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD ?

2002 Superduty Ford F-250 4x4. Had auto locking hubs, changed to manual Warn Hubs, but only lasted for 4 lock-in/lockouts and the the right hub will no longer engage. The mecnhcanic could not fix the problem, so he put on my second new set of Warn hubs, worked for 3 lockin/lockouts and the right front hub will not lock back in. this last time it made a grinding noise until I turned the hub to Lock and then back the "Free" where the noise went away. This condition only happens on the passange

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2002 Superduty Ford F-250 4x4. Had auto locking hubs, changed to manual Warn Hubs, but only lasted for 4 lock-in/lockouts and the the right hub will no longer engage. The mecnhcanic could not fix the problem, so he put on my second new set of Warn hubs, worked for 3 lockin/lockouts and the right front hub will not lock back in. this last time it made a grinding noise until I turned the hub to Lock and then back the "Free" where the noise went away. This condition only happens on the passange

... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

1995 Ford Bronco 4x4. Has howl (metal on metal noise) in left front hub area. I have pulled hubs apart and checked bearings, they looked good, but were loose and the grease was thin like liquid. I cleaned hubs, filled with new grease, repacked wheel bearings, and put all back together and still makes the same noise. i used wd40 to spray on back side of hub where the axle shaft goes though into the hub, thinking it was dry and making noise, but still no change. removed auto locking hub and drove

A howl usually is a bad bearing ... Ford Bronco

Changed front left hub assembly on a Mercury Mountaineer 97 and now there is a loud noise when we drive forward but no noise when you back up. The noise was not there till the hub assem was changed also there is no noise when you turn the wheel to the right I think... One way or the other, there is no noise. When you drive faster the noise goes faster like something is not on right and hitting as you go.There seems to be nothing wrong with the axle. Brake light comes on.It is a loud noise like i

When i hit a curb with my 97 cavileier and bent the center hub its made a noise something like the one you are describing i changed it to a new one and there was still a slight noise i took it back of and took a closer look and the new hub had a slig ... 2003 Ford Focus

Body repair was done to tailgate under area of rear windshield wiper and bottom right corner due to right rear hit and run... motor on the windshield wiper had to be adjusted after work was done. Now, locking system will not work on the tailgate. It makes a buzzing noise, and won't lock. Alarm system does not sound off when all else is locked and alarmed, and tailgate is opened. I would like to look at a shcematic to see if any of this is related, and someone just didn't put parts back in proper

Take it back to the people that did the body work, it is assumed that when they do the work the locks would be working correctly. Anything they touch as part of the work has to be fixed before giving it back to you unless you agreed to the problem. ... 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I just put in new rear wheel bearings and oil seal and I ended up with no play at all in the wheel. The racers are as deep as they could get and the oil seal is leveled with the the back of the hub. Or should the oil seal be deeper in right down to/ touching the bearing? I tightened the lock nut real hard then backed it up until I could turn it by end. Then barely tightened the lock nut again. The bearings seemed to be sitting pretty well,and there's not friction with the brake pad, yet there's

If all was installed correctly, I always spin wheel slightly while tightening the nut. You don't need to reef it right up as tight as you can get it, just good and snug with a little pressure, then back it off to the first notch that the cotter pin w ... 1992 Toyota Tercel

IMy 97 4x4 gmc jimmy makes a clicking sound underneath when I drive at slow to moderate speeds. The sound isn't consistant but kind of sporatic. I checked the right rear wheel hub and when I had both rear tires off the lug nut studs would move back and forth almost a 1/4 in. But when I put the left tire back on , tightened the lugs and lowered the left side the lug studs on the right side seemed to move less ( approximately an 1/8 of an inch.) Any suggestions as to what this clicking noise could

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The anti-lock brake light keeps coming on. After the first time and 3 mechanics later it was determined that the hubs on the front right and left had to be replaced,which I did. It was fine for awhile and then the light started coming on intermittently. Now, either right after backing up or after I make my first right turn (seriously) the light comes on and stays on.

There may be a loose connection at the front hubs, or damged CV boots allowing grease to accumilate on the sensors, bring it back to the mechanic as they didnt properly fix it!! ... 2003 Buick Century

When on a very slight incline in 4 low with new Warn hubs locked the right rear tire spins. Just before it spins it a click is heard in the left fron hub or is telegraphing from some where else. I can only here these sounds from inside the vehicle a spotter outside cannot here sounds only see rear wheel spin. It was doing this before I installed the new hubs.

Front hub worn trying to engage thats what the ckick is. ... 1989 Geo Tracker

Right front brake seems to be locked up. The rotor is cracked, could that be causing the problem. It also has Automatic Locking Hub - could it be locked up. I tried backing it up, like the manual says to see if it would unlock but it didn't make a difference. Could the caliber need changing?

A seized up caliper will eventually overheat and may cause the rotor to crack. Try unbolting the caliper, pry it free from the rotor and see if the wheel turns free. If it does, then the caliper is your problem and you will need to replace the rotor ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

My 98 grand prix will start, but when I take off, it dies. It will not restart right away. When I try to crank it, nothing happens. No electrical components work. No dash lights, no power windows or locks, nothing works. No noise is made when I turn the key. I've had the battery tested, it is fine. What could it be. When I put the battery back in the car, it started right up, but I am afraid to drive it for fear of getting stranded. Advice please!!!!!

Have you tired cleaning the cables with a wire brush both ends even if the battery is clean maybe the other ends may not or they could be lose. the same thing happen to me I open my hood and wiggled the cables and when I wiggled the nav. cable the l ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

When my 2004 f150 with 4.6L engine starts in cold weather the doors lock upon start up and all the gauges (tach, speedometer) swing all the way to the right then back to normal. Drive it a little while and shut off and restart is normal. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Also get a rather unusual noise when this happens. Kind of a squealing noise, not to loud, and only on cold start. Weird Huh?

Sounds like there may be condensation building up on the inside of the top cover of the master cpu unit. Or possibly in a connector that feeds it data. The door locking issue would point to either electronic or vacuum issue. With All of the gauges do ... Ford F-150

Had a wheel bearing noise on our 2001 Hyundai Sonata which we were going to repair. Then it wouldn't start (wouldn't crank & had a new battery). We installed a new started & installed a rear wheel hub. It started right up and took it out for a test drive (to see if anymore wheel noise). It started to run bad & sluggish like it was running out of fuel. Got back and it will not start but this time it is cranking. My husband figures it's the fuel pump (we've had other ones just die because of a fue

... 2001 Hyundai Sonata

Hi, I recently stated having issued with my jaguar. It is a Jaguar S Type 3.0 year 2000. First the windows from both back doors stopped working they dont go down anymore only the driver and the passengers work. Also Everytime I unlock the door with the key it locks right back and it only unlocks the driver door and not the rest. So then that same day when i tried to go out again the car didnt start anymore, It makes the noise like it wants to turn on but it doesnt. I have tried disconnecting the

The problem I think is in the fuses. There is a fuse for every electrical stuf and there is for the each door windows. Check wich one is and verfy if is burned. \015\012For the unlocking problem check if you press two times fast the unlocking b ... 2000 Jaguar S-Type

I believe its the hub bearing i hear a roaring noise when i drive if i turn the wheel right the noise goes way but when i straighting it out it comes back

That is a classic sign of a wheel bearing failure. Since it goes away when you turn to the, the right side bearing would be the suspected bad bearing since the load of the car shifts to the left bearing and takes the weight of the car off the right b ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a C70 2001 2.0. Roof will not click back in. And the warning light is on saying that not closed and making a sound.(drving me mad). Can I take a fuse out to stop the noise. This has never gone wrong previously. Can this be fixed. Roof is is down on onside but not properly on the other. Can this be fixed? and will it cost a lodt to be fixed. Can it be reset or programmed. When I looked at it with my husband. It looks like one of the hindges will not lock in.

Sorry these things are tempremental and its a dealer only job because if you touch the motor it will never work again .i tried one once and because i didnt get it right i moved one of the motors manually and it had to have a new motor so now i lo ... Volvo C70

When backing up and turning the wheel to the left feels like the front end drops there is no noise it feels almost like a hard staright wind blowing across the front end. I have had the front right wheel hub assembly replaced the rack pinion catalytic convertor fuel pump and lastly a new engine 11000 miles ago. The car has 76000 miles. My sister said when she drove it hears a high pitched whine coming from teh steering column

... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I hear a clunking noise when i turn left or right and it sound like its comes from the back could my 4 whell dr be locked

... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My horn does not work. It worked sometimes for a while now it does not work at all. Also have a problem with the right back door. It locks but makes a noise and will only unlock manuelly. 2000 dodge neon car four door.

Regarding the horn, I would check the horn switch in the door or the horn itself. If it was a relay or fuse, the horn wouldn't work at all. Also check and see if the connector to the horn isn't on there loose... maybe the connection isn't as good a ... Dodge Neon

Suzuki the front left hub is stuck in lock the right one comes out fine any ideas on how to get it back in to free wheel state??

It probably has some water contamination, remove the small outer screws and pull out hub, spray some lube into it and see if it will free up. ... Suzuki Vitara

The front right wheel is making an "airlpane" noise according to my wife. i thought it was the outer wheel bearing assembly hub. i took off the brake caliper too get at it, and to be sure i turned the wheel: no sound or resistance. i dont think its the wheel bearing, it was replaced about 2 years ago. i put the caliper back on. i turned it again. dragging. how to i fix a dragging caliper?

... GMC Jimmy

My wife just got back from the store in our recently purchased 2001 XTerra, and told me that even after she turned the key off and locked the car, all the idiot lights were still on. So I went out and checked, and (ya might wanna sit down!) she was right. It starts up fine, but when you shut it off, all the warning lights stay on, even after removing the key. I tried disconnecting the battery, and after a half hour, reconnected it, and it's still the same. Has anyone here ever seen anything like

This sounds like a bad body cpu or ecm. There's 3 computers that run your vehicle. The body controller affects those lights. Check the fuses first in the car & under the hood. ... 1999 Nissan Quest

The past few months, the 2000 Ford f250 has a moaning, or howling noise in the right front end around the wheel. Sounds almost like the hub is locked in place. It's not, I have checked. I have recently replaced pads, rotors, and the howling still continues. ANy suggestions?

Hub/wheel bearing assembly might be going bad. Or the spindle bearing on the axle shaft. ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

1966 Mustang. Driving in 90-100 degree heat. Starts great when engine is cold, but when it gets hot, car will die instantly (no warning, just shuts off). Usually starts right back up, but sometimes struggles. In addition, after engine is hot and car sits a few minutes, it struggles to re-start. Mechanics have said I do not have an ignition problem. I've researched ''vapor lock'' and heat-related problems concerning fuel and am leaning towards that. Fuel is visually bubbing in the glass filter. L

It is running too rich, when the engine is cold it can handle the extra gas, but when hot it cannot, re-tune the carb. ... 1966 Ford Mustang

Yesterday warning panel on dash stated check air ride suspension. This am the back end is very low to the ground. I did hear a rattleing noise yesterday under the hood on the front right side like a marble roling around in a drum. Iam assuming its a barring or something wrong with the compressor.

If the air bags leak, then the compressor runs all the time trying to keep them full of air, then the compressor overheats and burns up or blows the fuse. There are companies that sell kits to replace the bags with springs and thats the cheapest way ... 1997 Lincoln Continental

I have a 2000 chevy express 2500, just had the fuel pump replaced a few weeks ago and it died again on me but started right back after a couple of days as if nothing happened. I even took a chance to drive it for over 300 miles and it still was running great, no stalling, no warning lights, i ran a diagnosis on the computer with a scanner and got no trouble codes...and suddenly, it happened again, it died! And now i don't hear the fuel pump noise when i turn the ignition key on, i replaced the f

... 2005 Chevrolet Express
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