Having problems with your 2008 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500 ?

Engine is had starting, idles extremely rough, no accel. at all.

\015 2000 dodge 2500 2wd, 5.9L 24V TDL, auto tran. Truck was running when I killed it and changed fuel filter. It would not start. Lift pump was bad. Towed to diesel mech. Mechanic installed new l/pump, bled air, etc. He said the only way he could keep the truck running (rough with no acceleration) was with a charger(boost) on the left battery. They don't work on electrical problems. He felt the inj. pump was okay. Towed to dodge dealer. Dodge dlr said the injector pump was bad ?? ''STOP'' Towed to back yard beforeI have 5 or 6 thousand dollars wrapped up in a 9 thousand dollar truck. This lift pump installation has blown up in myface and I need to take a breath. Do I really have an electrical problem? Can a bad PCM, etc. make it appear the pump is bad on diagnostics? I ran a scan myself twice. The first time = P0251,P0252,P1688. Erased codes, pulled neg. cables for 30 min. Started engine. It ran about 20 seconds. The second scan = P1688 only. Should I pull the PCM first and have it checked ? Is it possible that the inj. pump and an electrical problem exists simply from changing the lift pump?I'm hoping someone out there has had a similar problem andwould throw me bone.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for 2008 Dodge Ram Pickup 2500

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Engine is had starting, idles extremely rough, no accel. at all.

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I have a 1992 Nissan pickup with a 2.4 engine. When it starts, it usually idles very high and then sometimes it idles extremely rough. The latter sometimes happens when I hit a bump or start down my steep and rough driveway. Occasionally it runs like a new truck. It always runs good on the road but when I let off the throttle as if to turn or stop, it usually bucks and jerks until I take it out of gear. I've tried 93 octane, fuel injector cleaner, water remover, replaced the fuel filter and re-a

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My 2003 PT cruiser's engine light came on, then the car started running extremely rough. It became so bad, I had to pull over. Sitting idle, it seems to idle a little rough, but when I gas it gas, it would rev up the die down, then rev up and die down - sorta pulsating. I just checked the code for my 2003 PT cruiser by using the run-off-run-off-run method and it came back with a code p 0340. The code chart indicates a misfire in cylinder 4. Does that mean I need to change the spark pulgs? What's

Find your air mass flow sensor in the stiff collar of the air ducting immediately after the air filter. Have the engine running and disconnect the plug to the MAF. If this makes the car run evenly again you need to replace the broken MAF. The misf ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 96 Jeep Cherokee (standard model - no bells & whistles) 4WD, 4.0 engine, suddenly running very rough. Ran errand this morn', ran fine - no indication of a problem. Came home, parked, 3 hours later started it up, idled extremely rough, almost cutting out completely. Can't get it to a smooth idle mode.

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Well...my ball park guess on this is just a tune up. The engine light is usually showing a misfire. If the plugs are bad then the cylinder is not igniting the fuel and it is flooding out. With what is here this makes sense to me. Let me know what i ... Cars & Trucks

Engine cuts out immediately after starting,wont even at least rough idle before engine cuts out. Sometimes you have to go through hard starting before the engine starts then cuts out. It doesnt happen when the engine is cold only happens when the engine is hot when re starting. What I do is wait for the engine to cool a bit after that no problem starting. The car does not experience rough idling but I am afraid one day the engine might just die while sitting in traffic. Some say it could be the

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Hello! Most probable cause is a leak in the vacuum line or broken elbow connection to the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve...Check PCV and its vacuum line...Send results...Guru..............saailer ... 2003 Ford Explorer

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Fuel system On first start engine runs ok with slight vibration. After running for about five minutes the idle begins to drop engine starts running rough then dies. Sometimes if you increase gas engine smoothes out but opon returning to idle runs rough and dies. Often once idle has dropped it will not respond to increased throttle.

Check the fuel system, chenge fuel filter. clean the fuel tank. ... 1994 Toyota T100

Rough Idle I have a 96 Dodge Intrepid that had been sitting in a garage for two years. I got the vehicle started and drove it to a repair shop where I had the fluids, plugs, gas and oil filters changed. After all of this the vehicle started to run rough at idle after having a warm engine. At running speeds the engine runs smooth with no problems it?s just at a standstill when the vehicle starts to run rough. I have also noticed that the gas mileage is lower that I remember. Any suggestions? Than

You might try going to your local auto parts store and purchasing some intake sensor or MAP sensor cleaning spray and clean your input sensors so theyll get an accurate reading to control your engine idle better. It may also be that your idle air con ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Hi everyone i have a iszu trooper 3.0d turbo 4jx1 engine,i have a problem with rough idleing i have cleaned the egr valve and replaced the fuel filters and bleed and all seemed fine when i started her up its only when the engine was getting warm didi i notice there was blue smoke coming out of the exhaust and the engine started to rough idle again she would surge between 750 to 1200 rpm,ive checked all the vac pipes for cracks they all seem fine,i do have a check engine light on but dont have a

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I have a 2000 Jeep Gd cherokee Larado with 177K miles. Recently it will run and idle rough after shutting the engine off and starting again within a few minutes. I do delivers one day a week and do a lot of shutting the engine off for a few minutes and starting again. I do this for about 3 hours and after an hour or so, the engine acts and idles rough.

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When I start the engine cold, at first it revs up and then dies. I have to try to start the engine several times until it finally runs very roughly for a few minutes. If I depress the accelerator peddle when the engine is running roughly, that always makes the engine die, and if it doesn't die, the engine rev's up momentarily when the peddle is released. After a few minutes of very rough idling, the engine runs fine. My mechanic chenged the flow meter, and that didn't make any difference.

Could be a vacume leak. thats what it sounds like. or timing is off, but that "should"show up on a computer. vacume leak wont tho. ... 1987 Nissan 300ZX

1998 dodge ram pickup 318 eng. engine idle rough on warm-up engine idle rough after warm-up shutting off engine and starting back up engine also runs sluggish in over drive at a low idle. I have replaced , plug wires,coil,plugs,distributor cap,rotor,o2sensor, engine runs well over 1500 rpms.

If the engine seems to run fine over 1450 RPM maybe there is a vacuum hose leaking or EGR valve is slightly stuck open. Any help from the OBD II trouble codes? Or is there simply no MIL and no stored information in the OBD II computer read at the loc ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Idle problem i have a 2000 318i e46 with idle problem. when cold it just won't start or start only about 1 second then die. if i push accel pedal a little, it start and the rpm steady at 1000 then slowly dropped to 750 as the engine getting warm, then idle becomes erratic but the engine still running, the exhaust smell raw gas. With air-con on the rpm increase to about 900 but still erratic. No-problem at all when i speed the car, but when the car stop the idle is even worse unless i shift to ne

Check Airflow Meter and your vacuum pipes If they are not sucking air ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

Idle problem i have a 2000 318i e46 with idle problem. when cold it just won't start or start only about 1 second then die. if i push accel pedal a little, it start and the rpm steady at 1000 then slowly dropped to 750 as the engine getting warm, then idle becomes erratic but the engine still running, the exhaust smell raw gas. With air-con on the rpm increase to about 900 but still erratic. No-problem at all when i speed the car, but when the car stop the idle is even worse unless i shift to ne

Check the airflow meter it may be stuck and make sure the electrical connection to it is not loose and also check the hose leading to it are not loose or cracked they tend to crack at the bottom where you cannot see it unless you remove it and check ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

Have 1994 b3000 3.0. repaired broken fuel line. engine cranked fine but would idle very rough. rev engine up and ran ok. took idle air control valve off and cleaned. engine then would crank and idle rough but will not rev up. trying to spit back like timing is off. now engine will only try to start but will not run at all. thanks for any help.

Here is the list that I know that you need to check and test: * Can hear fuel pump running at start, fuel pressure at rail about 55psi. Dumped ispopropyl in full gas tank in case of water, replaced fuel filter. * No spark, even with ... 1994 Mazda 2WD B Series Pickup

Rough start I have trouble starting my car in the mornings when it does start it will idle real rough and the rpm's will go real high them back down to normal then high agian the check engine light will come on then after about 3 starts the light will go out but every morning the same thing high to low idle and rough

Try the plug and wire \015\012then try the cap and rotor ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

1992 Honda Prelude motor twin cam has problem started to shudder and stopped would not start but fired. Replaced distributor rotor as had a crack down it engine started fine after flooding was cleared and run fine then 5 minutes down the road started shuddering and running rough again under load, would not start again if didn't have foot flat to floor. Then when it started would idle and accelerate but as soon as you put it in gear and the engine comes under load it starts running rough again an

Hello! Please let me know if the prelude is a 2.2 VTECGuru....saailer ... 1992 Honda Prelude

Truck has a hard time starting and once the truck starts the idle is extremely rough and it seems as if it will die at any point when accelerator is not engaged.

Check your massive air intake sensor. ... Cars & Trucks

The other day, my 2004 expedition xlt was runnig perfect....the same day i got $20.00 worth of gas and within 20 minutes the car started to run very rough, the check engin lite came on and it keeps stalling out.. but strarts right away.it has a extremely bad idle, the truck only has 78000 miles on it and has always been serviced to the max, what do you think is going on?.....we had severweather, including tornatoes, and i am wondering was the gas contaminated, or is this something else? please

Take it to your local auto parts store and see what code it threw, then i would drain my gas tank and look at the fuel to see what it looks like, then change fuel filter ... Ford Expedition EL
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