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P0303 Same problem. Third time in, they did a compression test. Compression in 3rd cylinder was almost half what it should have been (should be 205, was 115). They had replace spark plugs, coil pack, and finally got around to a bad spring or valve in the third cylinder. We'll see if it works this time.

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P0303 Same problem. Third time in, they did a compression test. Compression in 3rd cylinder was almost half what it should have been (should be 205, was 115). They had replace spark plugs, coil pack, and finally got around to a bad spring or valve in the third cylinder. We'll see if it works this time.

... 2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Just changed spark plugs, around 150 miles later noticed a sputter or mis-fire between 45-60 mph. pulled the plugs when i got home, no obvious issues with the plugs. problem continues to persist and the truck is progressively running worse. the check engine light just now came on. runs rough at idle and all the way through highway speeds. removed all the 10mm bolts to the coil packs and pulled each out one by one. even swapping the packs that were thought to be bad. getting an intermittent spark

Hi, I recommend you get a free scan at your local parts chain and write down the trouble code. I suspect you have a bad crankshaft sensor, but the scan will confirm. Send us the trouble code if you would like further assistance, and thanks for usin ... 2003 Toyota Tundra

Have a 95 Chrysler Lhs was driving on eway bout 70mph and it just died. got it home check for fuel,(use starting fluid) fuel pump turns on. still no start. check for spark at the plugs no spark, checked spark at the coil pack no spark. im think coil pack went bad? is there any thing that would stop the coil pack from sending spark other than it self. theres not a crank censer that feeds the coil pack is there. what do u think i cant afford to pay as i prob. solve. thanks in advance for ur help i

... 1995 Chrysler LHS

1999 Lincoln continental starting problems it will turn really fast like it wants to start but no fire is getting to the spark plugs and it is not back firing. change the spark plugs and the boots but not the coil pack's done the value cover gasket. run and engine diagnois said miss fire in cyclinder 4 coil pack looks bad could it be the timing change

No timing has not changed i would try crank sensor ,and change number 4 plug and coil pack ... 1999 Lincoln Continental

I have a 2001 ford escort I was having some problems with being able to pick up speed and sometime when the car was hot and I came to a complete stop with will die and not start for a while. we started with a tune up replace all spark plugs and spark plug wires. I went to get on the freeway two days after and after getting to about 40 mph it started to hesitate agian and by the time i got to the side of freeway would not start so we replace the coil and the spark plugs just in case they went bad

You are running out of possibilities....check all vacuum lines....then check fuel pressure. Fuel pump efficiency may be low. \012After that, a diagnostics check....maybe computer failure.\012Good luck, Paul ... Ford Escort

My car is Audi A4 avant 30v 2.8 1998 with only 30k miles. It started with misfiring and couple days later one of the coils burned. I got new spark plugs, new coil pack and spark wires. After running for couple weeks the coil burned again (stills 4 cylinders working) but this time with no previous misfire. I took the car to workshop but they couldn't figure out what was the problem. They just told me that ECU was getting code 18010 power supply terminal 30- voltage too low but seems that wiring

I bet that you have removed the battery recently. Or had a dead battery. The coil problem is a major problem on the Audi A4. They have been and still are. One thing that you are suppose to do, that is usually not done when replacing the coil packs is ... 1998 Audi A4

Got a mk3 golf vr6, wont start? been lyin for 8 months, then started first time and ran for 10mins and cut out, hasnt started since. feul pump was not pressuring on ignition so i bridged the fuse to get a constant feed and got fuel to ingection rail and blead it, doesnt seam to be cuming back through the return though?, i have took out the plugs and cleand them up but still no joy. not sure if a spark is present as been warned if you take out the plug and test i could fry the coil pack. really s

Hi I have golf car and I got the same problem.need to check the fuel pump.If it is ok then you need to need to disconnect the oxygen sensor 4 pin found on the left handside of the engine.try this.ok ... 1993 Volkswagen Golf

Hi there my service engine light came on we had it tested and it was cylinder 1 miss fire and we had that fixed she was running rough but not as bad till i went to town and now the service engine light is back on and she is running rough again and missing,i bought brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires and a used coil pack and still running rough and service engine light is back on.And it also takes a while at times to change gear.My car is a 1999 Saturn Sl1 1.9engine single overhead cam cou

Ck compression on cylinder could have burned valve if no could be injector or coil ... 1999 Saturn SC

Car hesitating 2004 Chev. Cav. when i start my car, the engine light blinks and the car putters. When I drive, i smell gas and the car sucks gas bad!! I have changed the ALL the parts that have to do with the spark plugs, includ. the coil pack and boots, spark plugs, the silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack. That silver ignition piece on top of the coil pack screws into the top of the piece that goes over where the cap to the spark plugs go- I changed that and the car worked fine for ab

It might be a long shot, but i have a 04 cavalier and i once smelled gas and had a putter issue. Turns out the fuel pressure regulator basically sits on the fuel rail with one screw on the side. Over time, the regulator either goes bad or becomes u ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 2002 galant motor shakes like a harley.when it started it give me a misfire code 302 it turned out to be a bad injector.i replaced that and no more 302 code but motor runs rough at low idle it felt like the timing was off so i replaced timing belt and all the components that has to do with the timing my wires and coil packs are less than a year old just replaced spark plugs and the problem still there. does anyone have any sugestions?

My first question would be - did you do a compression test before and after you replaced the timing belt ? ... 2002 Mitsubishi Galant

Bad miss and poor performance. timing marks are all on and 2 of the spark plugs were fouled. changed them and didn't help performance. compressions checked in at 145psi so I am thinking the coil packs are bad on them two cylinders. any thoughts?

Compression was 145psi on the cylinders with the fouled plugs? If so I would have to agree that there is something wrong with spark. Check the plug wires for leakage. One trick to doing that is to start your car at night or in a dark garage and look ... 1992 Nissan 300ZX

I have a 2002 model manual Ford Focus. The best way I know to describe what it does is "acts like there is water in the gas". It starts losing power and has a really bad miss. It will finally quit pulling at all and I have to pull over, turn the car off, and sit for a minute or two. When I start the car back, I usually have to rev it and then it will go for 30 or even 60 miles before it happens again. This has happened 3 or 4 times. I have changed the coil, spark plugs and plug wires. (al

Hi...\015\012If you said. The scanner show the code P0304. Missfiring on cylinder # 4.\015\012The first step is: Check Compression on that cylinder.\015\012 Check or replace the FUEL FILTER. \015\ ... Ford Focus

My car has a system too rich bank one code and multiple cylinder misfire. When I purchased it I changed the fuel pressure regulator right away and the oil pressure switch because each had a leak. Oil got into the spark plugs but I dried it up , replaced the plugs, boots , coil packs , housing unit , and had the ignition module tested and it was good. I also changed the fuel filter, and the o2 sensor off of the exhaust manifold. Advanced auto parts told me my timing was jumping from 7 to over

... 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe

My 2003 Mustang Mach 1 has a skip in the engine when I first start it up. After I drive it for a short distance ( about 6-7 miles ) the skip goes away. I thought it might be a bad spark plug, so I replaced the plugs. Still skips. I'm wondering if it might be a weak coil pack. Anyone got any ideas.

I'd suspect a sticking injector--car should have set the check engine light. Read the code(s) to progress further. If the coil pack were a problem, it would not be likely to fix itself. If the codes indicate an injector problem, try an injector clean ... 2003 Ford Mustang

My 1995 mitsu eclipse is sputtering and has trouble staying on when I turn it on for the first time in more than 5 hrs. It also stalls and throws me an oil light. I've changed the spark plugs (which are black after 10,000 miles), the plug cables ( which look rusty after 5k miles) and the ignition coil (coil pack, coilendra, solenoid, whatever you wanna call it). I've changed al that 4 times in the last 30k miles. Except the spark plugs I've changed that 6 times. I've had the check engine light c

... Cars & Trucks

Coil pack on the drivers side wont put out a spark but the passenger side coil pack puts out a spark i have replaced the control module and the timing sensor and the spark plug wires and the spark plugs


CRAP.............. I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain, but when we took everything apart, the timing chain tensior, timing chain, and head, plus all the gaskets had to be replaced. We also replaced the spark plugs. We then went out and purchased coil pack modular. When we take the part that the spark plugs plug into out of the engine, and have it upside down, we have spark, when its in the engine the way it supposed to be, we dont have spark. We can not

Did you check to see if you have fuel pressure to your fuel injectors??? You probably have spark, just no fuel from your fuel injectors. Check that and go through the trouble shotting your fuel system, common for the fuel pump on saturns to wear out ... Cars & Trucks

2007 Chevy aveo,. Ran fine, started missing one day periodically, now it misses all the time computer says coil pack, plugs and sparks plugs. Also and ECU CODE. I haven't replaced the coil pack as of yet but looked at all plugs and plug wires, they are fine. Recently replaced. Cleaned MAP Sensor with appropriate cleaner plus throttle body. Any other suggestions before buying a coil pack ?

... Cars & Trucks

Hi I have a 97 rrv fireblade and I have lost sparks to 1&4 cylinders I have checked all 4 plugs ok then I got a coil pack still no joy swapped 2&3 coil pack onto 1&4 wires still no joy put 1&4 coil pack onto 2&3 wires sparking well now at a lost cause as I no nothing about electrics I did find a earth wire that would reach the coil pack but as I have never had the tank off I don't no if this was ever joined up to anything

... Cars & Trucks

Got a 2001 Chevy blazer 4.3L cranks but does not start. got 62 psi at the fuel rail, replaced plugs and wires, got good spark at coil, replacing car and rotor! if the cam sensor or crank senor are bad willi still have spark and fuel is there a way for me to check injectors? was gas on plugs when i changed them. sprayed either in plugs and still no fire. so I'm leaning toward spark issue and help would be greatly appreciated.

... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

2003 Pontiac Vibe - 4 Cyl. 150k miles. Ignition coils keep going bad - every 4-6k miles. Coil 1 has been replaced 4 times, Coil 3 once. Coil 4 twice in the past year (20k miles). All spark plugs

Install new spark plugs, 4 new coils & replace the oxygen sensorsO2 Sensors are only good for 100,000 miles, then slowdown or quiteNo idea why the coils do not last 5 or 6 yearsCylinder #1 is always at the front on a 4 ... 2003 Pontiac Vibe

I have a 2002 Saturn Vue 2.2L. I thought I needed to replace the timing chain. When we took it apart, we realized that the bolt on the timing chain tensior had snapped off and went into the head. So, we replaced the timing chain tensior, timing chain, the head, all the gaskets. New spark plugs, and a coil pack modular. Now, when we put everything back together, it wont start. When we take the piece that the spark plugs go into, out and turn it upside down, i have spark, but when I put it back in

It sounds like the timing chain was not position correctly. That will cause no ignition spark if the timing is off. Was it positioned correctly upon assembly? ... Saturn Vue

Hi I have a 1996 Mucury Sable it was running rough. It was missing on one spark plug. I found one bad cell in the coil pack so I installed a new coil pack, the car started and ran well. I came back the next day and the car will not start, there seem to be only a weak spark at the plugs.

Hi, did you also change the capacitor that sits on the side of the coil pack? If that capacitor is shorted, it will pull down the power at the coil. You can try disconnecting the capacitor to see if the engine will start, as it is only there to red ... 1994 Mercury Sable

I just got a 97 saturn it cranks but wont start. i replaced the eecm under the coil packs. it sparks 2 times and nothing after that. the battery was bad and i replaced that. same problem.

Make sure ign module bolts ar tight and module is making good contact with trans case, if all is good you probebly have a bad crankshaft position sensor causing no spark. ... 1997 Saturn SL

I have a 2001 Volvo S40 Turbo. Several months ago, My cars turbo didnt seem to be working. and the car was spitting and sputtering. I had the codes checked and found a misfire on Cyl 1 and 2. Or possible bad oxygen sensor. I changed out the coil packs, spark plugs, wires and the oxygen sensor. Cleared the code and it seemed to be better. A few minutes later, the check engine came back on. The spitting and sputering returned. Well, I drove it like that for a long time. I took it into a garage and

Replace the mass air flow meter.Thats the sort of problem you will get when its faulty.And this should be changed every 90.000.I think your fuel consumption has gone up aswell due to the air flow meter.hope that was helpfull.Good luck. ... 2001 Volvo S40
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