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... 2008 Chevrolet Aveo

Does compressor have a pop off valve for when there is to much freon in system i was putting in freon when it poped out back of compressor freon came out for awhile thn stopprd the air is cold so i assume it did not loose all freon so does it have pop off vave

Yes it does have a pressure relief valve so u don't blow the line or canister.Hope this helps clear your mind. ... 1999 Dodge Ram

1999 honda Civic Ex 5sp. I'd like to know how many PSI of freon should i put in the ac lines. I replaced my ac compressor and I have the freon gage (the one that has the blue and red gages). I know how to plug the 2 hoses into the 2 lines. but I'm not sure how much PSI of freon to add. thanks

HI. A good pressure will be near 80 lbs on the blue side and, roughly, 140 Ibs on the red side. Be sure to hook up the A/C gauges to the system with the red line going to the high side (the small line) and the blue line going to the opposite, large-d ... 1999 Honda Civic

My air conditioner is putting out cold air for a few minutes then it's warm for 5 minutes and then it's getting cold again? I had the compressor changed by a mechanic who wasn;t sure how much freon it took. Do you know what the r134 capacity is?

OK, the requirement of Freon is 2 cans...as for the Cold/Hot problem, a little info first; the PCM controls the AC clutch (adjusts the IAC, Idle Air Control valve to speed up the idle when turning on the AC unit, and slows down the idle after turnin ... 1996 Saturn SL

When i turn my air condition on my belts start to scream and it doesn't get that cold, actually it use to get cool and now it doesn't. it seems like my compressor is putting to much tension on my belt. does low freon cause it to do this.

The compressor may be locked up.\015\012With engine OFF try to turn the front of the a/c compressor pulley.\015\012Then start engine , LOOK to see if inner part of pulley is spinning.Turn a/c on , inner part should start and stop.(cycle) ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4WD

How much freon should my compressor on my chevorlet truck holds?

I would look on the lable under the hood. It is required to have one. It can sometimes be back towards the evap near the firewall. Could also be up front on the radiator support. If not there, let me know and I'll see if my books have the exact a ... 1997 Chevrolet C/K 2500

Air compressor when i took the air compressor off of the vehichle i let out all of the oil and freon. I got a bottle of R134a 18oz. can now it says that there is oil in the can but it doesnt say how much. Can u tell me how much oil needs to go into the compressor. Oh and can u tell me if the compressor having no oil in it can keep the car from starting.

It is all preditermined per lb / no but it will make some noise ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Ok i have 1998 bravada its blowing hot air no ac, right now the compressor comes on and the clutch thing comes on and goes off, i don't know if that's a safety thing or what, we put freon w/ stop leak in it and it blew cold for a min and then hot, went to auto part store to get more freon and the guy said we need to replace the compressor, a friend said that theres a leak in the line because he said the neon green stuff around compressor was were someone used stuff w/ dye to probably find a lea

Hi!!\012\012If you have a leak on the system, the R134a refrigerant must be removed by a qualified HVAC technician. He can diagnose the problem more accurrately, then with the system evacuated, you decide wether to do the repairs yoursel ... 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

2000 Ford Taurus AC compressor not working;I tried putting freon......compressor has to kick-in in order to take in the Freon; compressor wouldn't kick in ; by pass the low pressure switch, Comp didn't engage, all fuses , relays good,; Why is the Comp is not kicking in? Help. Robert [email protected] i have the same prob comp. wont kick in dont no were the fuses are

If compressor clutch dont kick in .it has a open in clutch coil. ... 2000 Ford Taurus

2000 Ford Taurus AC compressor not working;I tried putting freon......compressor has to kick-in in order to take in the Freon; compressor wouldn't kick in ; by pass the low pressure switch, Comp didn't engage, all fuses , relays good,; Why is the Comp is not kicking in? Help. Robert [email protected]

... 2000 Ford Taurus

How much oil compessor do i need to put in the new compessor for a lincoln 2001, and also how much 134a do i need to put in the compressor.

Use your dip stick. My Snapon a/c repair kit came with two dip sticks. There might even be more now. any auto parts store will have the oil in stock. When i ask the napa store to bring me some, it came in a qt bottle. With oz marks on the side. I su ... 2001 Lincoln LS

Air cond. if the compressor is not working on my 1997 dodge caravan, will I not be able to charge the system with freon? I know there's a leak somewhere, but it's such an old vehicle, I don't want to invest a lot of money into it. also: should the compressor cycle as freon is being put into system? thanx.

Typically the AC system will protect the compressor when the system has low pressure, no R134. If you have the correct tools you can test the pressure by attaching a gauge to the low pressure side of the system. Anything below 10 psi will typically n ... 1997 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

AC Compressor will not engage in my 2001 Toyota RAV4 and I have added some freon, a small amount as without the compressor not engaging it will not take much freon.

To reset the ac system,remove negative battery terminal for 20 seconds,then put it back on. ... 2001 Toyota RAV4

Car sat up without being be driven or cranked for over 1 year. When we finally charged the battery and got it cranked, the air conditioner compressor would not come on. We put freon in and it started working, but only on one side of the car. But it appears after a day the freon leaked out and the compressor will not cut on again. I was told and O ring could be bad because it sat up for so long. Where is the O ring located?

There are several o - rings in the system .. You really need to give it a charge and put a sniffer to it to find the leak . It could be anywhere from the condenser to core. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

My ac doesnt work in my 2001 tahoe. i bought freon for it. the compressor is not kicking on when i turn the ac on, but the gage shows in the red when i hook it up to try and put freon in it. i shot a little in it and the compressor kicked on and off. the gage then went to the green when it kicked on and then went back to the red when it kicked off. any ideas?

The a/c system needs a minimum pressure before the system will run. the system must have a leak so just buying freon may last a day or a few months depending on the size of the leak. also leaking freon into the air is ozone depleating, it should be r ... 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe

05 kia sedona mini van..a/c compressor wont kick in was ginna put a jumper wire on the drier switch to see if it was bad but its a 4prongstart and ive only done this test to a 2Sharp prong and dont know which holes to put the jumper in...thought it was freon but compressor wont kick in to accept it ...how do i hook up a jumper to test the drier?

... 2000 Kia Sportage

My daughter's 2000 Dodge Neon's air conditioner wasn't cooling very sell so she took it in to have freon added. The shop drained all the freon out and then tried to add new freon but none will go into the system. The only way I could get it to take any was to relieve pressure from the high pressure side while putting freon in the low side. It?s like filling a jug with a hole in the bottom. The system builds pressure but will not cool. I checked the fusses . I don't believe the compressor is enga

... 2000 Dodge Neon

I have a 04 Aveo. I needed to replace the left front strut. A wanna be mechanick took the old one off. Put the new one together, put it on the car. It was put together wrong. three different people have put it together wrong. I need my car very badly. Will you please cend instructions with pictures the correct way to in order the way it should be done. Your right----Iam a girl. I thank you so much. Janie,

... Chevrolet Aveo

I have a 1987 Plymouth reliant with an older a/c compressor. I've had the system evacuated and it holds pressure. I've also had it converted to 134 as well. When I add freon to the system, it registers high but when the compressor turns on, the pressure drops to 0. I also have to bypass the high pressure switch to get the compressor to engage. Before it would re-cycle every 1 minure or so. The parts to the a/c system are very old. Intially, the pressure was about 40 lps and now it shows in the 1

First the low side should read 30 and the high should read 230 PSI or up to 275% f. DEPENDING ON THE AIR TEMP. did you change oil for the R134a? if not you will have to empty the dryer and compressor and replace the oil and you will now have to repla ... 1987 Plymouth Reliant

The A/C is blowing hot air. The compressor comes on, the fan is turning for the A/C and a local Firestone put freon in saying it was low. The Firestone says the compressor or evaporator is bad. I have searched troubleshooting experts whom have told me that it is either the evaporator or a switch (?), not sure of name, could be bad. Because the compressor is coming on and the fan is turning and the unit blows air, hoping it is an inexpensive part. Could you advise, Thanks.

Could be pressure switch. When the guy put 134a in...find out what the pressure readings were on the suction line to find out if the compressor was working. May as well hook up the high side as well to get both readings. If there's a decent sepa ... BMW Z3

My car air conditioner kicks on and off. i tried to put free on in but still does the same. the line where you put it in gets really cold and im guessing i put to much in cause it started shooting free on out the back side of the compressor like a high pressure valve. can this be from the orifice tube or expansion valve?

... 2004 Ford Expedition

2004 Altima won't cool. Compressor runs. It registers 30 psi on low side with compressor off. 0 pos with compressor running. It will not take any more freon.

You do have the compressor On while you are charging the system, right? Since you have 30 psi with the compressor off, and 0 psi with the compressor On, this tells us your compressor is working, and you are nowhere near charged. Keep filling, until y ... Nissan Altima

My 1999 GMC Jimmy's AC is not cooling as well as it should. It did this a few months ago and I put some freon in it, seemed to help the problem, I tried it again a few weeks ago and this time it didn't help. Is there a certain kind to put in it?? Maybe I put the wrong kind in?? Also the air is not coming out as forceful now when it is set on low or med, only when set on high. Is my compressor failing??? Help please Thanks

This Could be And is Normaly Caused by the ORFICE TUBE Getting Clogged up it Must Be Replaced and FREON Replaced R-134A is the FREON Used in this System, The Age of your Vehicle is My Clue that this MAY BE Your Problem ... 1999 GMC Jimmy

Hello. I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 176,000 miles. 4.0 liter engine. The air conditioner has not been as cool as it should so i added a can of 134a freon which made it cooler but not as cool as it should. I bought another can of freon a couple of days later and when i started to put it in i noticed that the air conditoner was just blowing warm air and the A/C compressor was just cutting on and off continually. Apparently the freon is leaking out fast. i have also heard a sqeaking type

You need the proper gauges to do any diagnostics on an a/c system...to do any work on them, you also need an evacuation pump as well as experience. That's the facts!!! I believe that 93 was the cut-off year for r12...mine has r12 in it. Unless your ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My a.c is not cooling i put freon in and my compressor will only come on every now an then i replaced the switch in the dash but still did not help i did use a jumper wire to my compressor and it stillcomes on so i know my compressor is still good

You may not have enough R134a in the system, or you have over charged the system and your high pressure switch is turning your compressor off when the pressure get's to high. \012\012You really need a A/C gauge set to see of your system is over ... 1994 Toyota 4Runner
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