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How to replace radiator hoses on 2007 Volvo xc70

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How to replace radiator hoses on 2007 Volvo xc70

... 2007 Volvo XC70 Cross Country

I've just replaced the radiator on my 1996 Volvo 850 (non-turbo). Mine is (to the best of my knowlege) 2.4 liter, 20 valve with only transmission cooler lines (the radiator has a mounting ear on each side). I rember when I was removing the old one (upper hose connection was snapped off inside of the hose!), there was a small vacuum pulloff dashpot on the driver's side of the fan shroud with a hose attached to it. This had to be removed (along with unplugging all the modules and connections assoc

... 1996 Volvo 850

I have a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo with about 240K on the engine.The water pump was leaking. I drained the coolant by removing the lower radiator hose. I replaced the old water pump (for the first time) with a Hepu pump, removed old gasket material from block area, cleaned the thermostat housing of calcified corrosion, reconnected all coolant hoses, etc, and filled the reservoir with anti freeze. I started the car to check for leaks. No leaks from hoses. But during the idle process of about ten plu

Did you bleed the cooling system after you reinstalled? Chances are high that there are trapped air pockets in the system. Those systems will thump you big time for not bleeding them (sometimes repeatedly) after a water pump change. It's possible, th ... 1994 Volvo 940

Bad hoses i have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee and its got about 150k on it. i was recently informed by my wife that we need to replace the heater hoses and the bottom radiator hose after breaking down and replacing the top radiator hose. i need to know where the heater hoses are located, how many of them are there, and how do i relplace them and the bottom radiator hose. i'd look for it myslef, but im in iraq currently and want to get a visualization of what i'm in for when i get home cause i do n

The lower radiator hose goes to the water pump, will have to drain radiator to replace it. You should hae 2 heater hoses, if your engine is an inline 6 cylinder one hose will go from the frot of engine by thermostate housing to the firewall and the s ... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Upper radiator hose broke onupper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise , i checked the starter it was ok, battery fully charged, spark from the plugs, and gas flowing properly, but the grinding noise is all More upper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise

I would be more apt to think the waterpump has come apart. This should mount to the side of the engine. Double check you're drive belt and see if any of the pullies are sitting crooked. If you need pics of the pump, email me at ... BMW 750

Upper radiator hose broke onupper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise , i checked the starter it was ok, battery fully charged, spark from the plugs, and gas flowing properly, but the grinding noise is all More upper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise

If you checked the starter and it is ok, but you say the starter motor is going fast enough? Do you mean after the engine was overheated and repaired, the engine is now turning very slowly, and the starter is straining to activate? What happens if th ... BMW 750

Upper radiator hose broke onupper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise , i checked the starter it was ok, battery fully charged, spark from the plugs, and gas flowing properly, but the grinding noise is all More upper radiator hose broke on the freeway we coasted to a stop and towed the car home, i replaced the hose and attempted to turn the car on it makes a grinding noise

Yes all cars have timing belts / chains.The problem here seems that the engine overheated. This can have the nasty effect of damaging the cylinderhead gasket, Burning and fracturing the cylinder heard, damaging the pistons. and a whole lo ... BMW 750

Overheating? bought the car with water pump bad the bearing were shot and pulley was very wobbly. replaced water pump fill with cooland and after 2-3mins radiator will have steam coming out with the top hose hot and thermostat housing/water pump housing in back of motor hot. bottom radiator hose and heater hoses are cold replaced thermostat, flushed out radiator with a water hose. jack front of car up waited to see if there was maybe a are pocket shut off let it cool down 4-5times to refill stil

Thermostat temperature senecer needs to be replaced ... Cars & Trucks

I plan to replace the Thermostat housing when replacing the thermostat and upper radiator hose. Questions: - Should sealant be used between the thermostat housing o-ring and the engine sealing surface? If so please advise type and brand name. - Initially I planned to flust the cooling system but reading about air-lock problems decided not to do this myself. Knowing there will be some collant loss when replacing the upper radiator hose and thermostat, I plan to attach the new hose to the replaced

No sealant should be needed.clean both surfaces well.be sure 'o' ring stays in place & thermostat is installed correctly.you'll probably only fill the hose as the thermostat will be closed,but that won't hurt.keep proper level in over flow tank,i ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have just replaced the radiator in my c70 volvo and now the water/coolant is not rotating through the upper hose until the car gets hot and than the water spits out. Could this be my thermostat?

Yes. be sure it is full of water and the engine has no air trapped in the system. ... Volvo C70

2001 volvo s60. i'm trying to replace the alternator but there is not much space. I remove the power steering pump on the top and the alternator is all loose ready to come out. There is a bracket for the power steering pump and the radiator upper hose on the way. what else should i do to remove the alternator? thanks

You need to remove the cooling fan\015\012Remove the charge air intercooler pipe\015\012Remove drive belt and the tensioner\015\012Loosen the lower AC compressor bolts until there is clearance\015\012Disconnect the positve ca ... Volvo S60

My 1995 Riviera is overheating and this has become a head scratcher (engine 3.8). Last year the radiator, water pump, belts and hoses were replaced. About a week ago it started to overheat. I replaced the intake manifold gasket, supercharger gasket, and thermostat. I still have an overheating problem. I just replaced the coolant level sensor on the radiator, checked the radiator cap it?s about 14 PSI, and checked for a bad head gasket by checking the hoses when fired up and they seem soft until

I think you might want to have your cam sensor checked ... 1995 Buick Riviera

2002 Chev Tahoe (4.8 V8eng.) dealership saids my meticulously maintained tahoe may need a radiator hose replacing, based on the current mileage of 73k. On the estimate it's listed as "heater/radiator hose" replacement. apprx $600..?? Tahoe still runds/feels like new. Any ideas, insight? Is this something I can crawl under and sqeeze to check the brittleness of the hoses? Are they accessible? Anyone know of a website that would show a diagram of the 2002 radiator hose connection? Thanks....

Hello. It is possible that your hose may need that but on the other hand many vehicles that are ten years old are still running on the original hoses. Joe\012\012please rate my answer as 4 thumbs up. Thank you. ... 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe

1997 4.0 jeep cherokee sport, replaced the upper and lower radiator hose to fix a leak, leak still there. What does the lower radiator hose fit on the engine block? that's what i need to fix. I also replaced my front shocks and I'm getting a weird vibration from my drive side wheel. I belive I need to replace all of the rubber bushings to fix the problem?

The lower rad hose goes to the water pump, as for the vibration it could be many things, tires, shockbushings, tie rods, ball joints, control arm bushings, you will have to investigate further ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

1997 jeep cherokee sport 4x4, just replaced both upper and lower radiator hoses and i'm still getting a leak from the lower radiator hose, trying to figure out what the part is that the lower hose is going on so I can replace it, all the diagrams don't show the part in question.

I suggtes check in the Service Manual, in this link... Secc-7-Cooling-System ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Radiator replacement I have a 93 grand voyager LE with a 3.3 engine, I got into a small accident and it busted the neck on my radiator, the neck is plastic so I need to replace the radiator. I have taken the fans out and the hoses off, taken off two bolts but still cannot get the radiator to come out, I dont know what else could be holding it, can someone give me step by step instructions on replacing the radiator?

On the side of the radiator there are transmission cooling lines, passenger side. you might have oil cooling lines on the other side. sounds like you have the rest done ... 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Upper hose from Radiator burst today shortly before or after arriving at work. Replaced with a new one but concerned hose is not real problem. aluminum housing on drivers side of upper hose extremely hot, not certain this is normal. Fan for radiator not turning on when car has run for ~10 minutes. Radiator itself didn't feel hot but with the aluminum housing previously mentioned scorching, was concerned. Looking for steps to take to verify whether or not I just had a bum hose. Tha

Keep your eyes on the the temp when driving. sometimes the fan takes a little longer to come on.how bad is the anti=freeze.when was the last time you changed your hoses. every for to 6years hopefully.but be sure the fan does come on before it starts ... 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

96 Crysler lhs over heating. I have replaced the radiator, water pump, timing is correct, all new hoses except heater core hoses, thermostat, cap to resevoir replaced, intake manifold gasket replaced, and all new belts. Also replaced a sensor on back of engine. No white smoke, no water coming from tail pipe and there is no milky oil. The water and antifreeze is bubbling in reservoir and coming out the over flow hose.


My car tends to overheat when climbing hills. It will idle for hours in the driveway without getting hot and only overheats on hills on hot days. I replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator. Today it blew the upper radiator hose, luckily just as I pulled into the driveway. I replaced that and ran the engine with the heater on for about half an hour. The upper hose got hot but the lower one didn't. What's up?

... Subaru Legacy

Overheating The car tends to overheat regardless of whether it is sitting idle, or driving down the road. The fan has been replaced, the fan relay has been replace, now head gasket, new heater hose flange. Radiator is in good shape, no leaks from water pump or radiator hoses. None of the troubleshooting in my Hanes manual seems to fit the thermostat being bad. Please help! It's driving my husband nuts.

I've got the same problem, It's a fun car, and gets great gas mileage, but you need a new engine. My guess is it makes a horrible knocking sound too? ... 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet

Top hose hot and bottom hose cool...replaced radiator,condenser auxillary fan unit/resistor, replaced harness (spliced) from aux fan unit to temp sensor in the radiator...fan wont work and I dont think water circulates...any idea?

Sounds like your water pump is air bound ( there is a air bubble in your cooling system,or your water pump isn't turning.Bleed the cooling system by jacking car upso the antifreeze fill area is the highest point and run the engineat 1500 rpms add wat ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

Cant fix pressure build up in new radiator of 96 maxima radiator cracked and replaced hoses also replaced new radiator blown and replaced now heat not working afraid of pressure build up again why

... 1996 Nissan Maxima

Is it necessary to remove the thermostat housing in order to replace a water pump bypass hose? Mechanic advises that my 2000 Mountaineer's small by-pass hose is leaking. In order to replace it, either the water pump or thermostat must be removed. I am not replacing upper or lower radiator hoses.

In the upper radiator hose to the engine side of an elbow with 2 screws in there is the thermostat and water pump need to remove the fan belt clucht with the fan off the bottom hose that goes from the radiator to the pump to remove the screws remove ... 2000 Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 1997 Chrysler Cirrus 2.5 6 cyl engine that overheats. Replaced the thermostat bought from the crysler dealer $82.00 Still over heats ok. Checked the heater core and water passes thru and the car has no heat. Checked the heater hoses going to the engine. Water passes from one to the other. Checked top radiator hose. Hot at the motor and cooler at the radiator also has pressure when its hot. Bottom radiator hose stays cool. Water doesn't seem to be circulating. When the cap is off the rad

Hi.You probably have a defective water pump. The water pump is pumping out water from the hose at the bottom side of the radiator, in your case it looks like the pump is not working.Check the water pump fuse and test the pump. ... 1995 Chrysler Cirrus

Radiator fan, ac, overheating problem. erradic operation of ac and radiator fan. therostat has been replaced, radiator, hoses and water pump are relatively new. radiator fan was replaced due to old radiator fan failure. new fan has always been erradic in actuating high and low though the fan tests good. now ac runs cold and not so cold. when ac runs warm engine overheats.

Get your A/c recharged ..... ... 1994 Ford Taurus
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