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How to replace 2008 yaris combination switch - 2007 Toyota Yaris

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How to replace 2008 yaris combination switch - 2007 Toyota Yaris

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The combination switch (turn signals, head lights, high beams) on my 1999 Toyota Corolla need to be replace. The dealer wants about $500 to do the job. I can purchase the replacement switch for around $120. Is replacing the switch straight forward or is it something the I should let the dealer do? Where can I find instructions to replace the switch?

Air Bag on steering wheel? disconnect battery for 5 min\015\012then remove carefully...torx screws in back side of wheel?!\015\012Remove wiring loosen nut but do not remove push seat back grasp firmly and tug while rocking wheel not turni ... Toyota Corolla

1994 toyota camry combination switch replacement

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My 2008 Toyota Yaris has 30,000 miles on it. A few days ago the check engine light came on and it appeared to not start up as well as it should. The Toyota dealership scanned for the problem and replaced a sensor but that did not fix the problem. Then they checked the wiring and that did not fix the problem. Now they are replacing the computer. I have not heard back from them yet. Do you know what's going on? Is this normal for a car that is 1 year old?

Check to make sure the gas cap is sealing properly. very simple solution if it works. ... Toyota Yaris

1998 Toyota Corolla, automatic. I have trouble starting my car. When the key is engaged to the start position sometimes I just get a click. I have checked the battery w/ a hydrometer and have cleaned the battery terminals. Sometimes, if I jiggle the automatic gear shift while in Park the car will start. 1) Does the car have a neutral safety switch and if so, where is it located and what's the easiest way to replace it? 2) Are the ignition switch and the neutral safety switch the same thing

\012I tried to find a \012Toyota Corolla \012Wiring Diagram 1998 | If you go to your library y ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Fuel problems 1999 Grand Prix GTP 3800 Supercharged VIN 1: car starts, but shuts down within 10 seconds. You can see the fuel pressure drop within those 10 seconds. If I flutter the throttle, the fuel pressure will jump back up to 50lbs & back down to 0-10. But, you can keep the car running by doing that. I have replaced the fuel filter & helped a little bit, but still shuts down. Replaced fuel pressure regulator & fuel pump & oil pressure switch & still nothing. HELP....

T.p.s. censor ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

I have a 2002 toyota celica gts, and just recently the check engine light came on. I had my friend read the code, and it came up as 301, misfire in cylinder 1. To try and diagnose the problem, I switched coil #1, with coil #4 to see if the problem follows. About a week later, the light comes on again, the same error code 301. The next step I took was to replace the spark plugs, my car has 81k miles on it at this time. And yet again, a few days later the check engine light comes on again. N

Rotate the wires swap #1 with the "bad" one if you can, before you spend money on a new set of wires. This problem usually is caused by: either a broken sparkplug carbon wire coreor, a mis-alined reluctor. ... 2002 Toyota Celica

My toyota tercel 92 front left caliper froze, could an uneven wear of the rotor explain it? (I replaced my brake pads 9 months before switching to new rotors...)If the rotor is the problem: 1- Do I have to replace both rotors? 2- Yet, is there necessarily need to work the brake caliper/ rebuild it?

You should have a 1 year warrenty on the caliper, If it failed just replace one. No reason to replace both. Rotors always warp and have nothing to do with a sticking caliper. ... Toyota Tercel

I have A 2003 toyota Corolla with a no start problem. It wont turn over, so i checked the battery, the starter, the alternator, the starter relay, the neutral safety switch, and replaced the ignition switch to no progress. I also use an OBD II sensor and no codes were found. I tested to see how many volts are going through the starter and found only 1 v. I am at my wits end and would apperciate any help offered.

You need to see how far the power is getting through the circuit. you will need a volt meter and maybe a friend to help. so start at the small wire on the starter. this should have power when you turn the ignition key. no power? then move to st ... 2003 Toyota Corolla

How do i replace headlight dimmer switch for 2007 toyota yaris

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I have a Toyota Landcruiser Prado SX 3.0 1994 Turbo Diesel, Engine No 1 KZ-0065839. The Electric Switches for the 4WD and Hub Lock light up when they are pushed on but the car does not go into 4WD. I have found out that this could mean Carbon strips in the Hubs are not contacting to put the car into 4 WD. Is there a solution if this is the problem and what needs to be done. Other suggestions are to replace these Hubs with Manual onesm

I had the same problem ,brpught manual hubs and used the electric hubs to make the 14mm spacers required as it was cheaper and easier to do and the holes were already there.\015\012also you know when you engage your 4x4 drive that it's going to ... 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser

My car is RAV4 toyota blow fan not working on 1,2,3 but #4 working only I replace switch but same as before,Please would give what I do next. Thank you.

Sounds like you have a bad blower motor resistor (manual HVAC). The resistor is just that a set of resistors in serious that drop voltage to regulate fan speed. Speed one uses all the resistors to drop the voltage the most. Speed for doesn't use the ... 2007 Toyota RAV4

I have toyota yaris 2001 year, 1.0 VVT-I, and I have problem with check engine lamp, that lamp switched and diagnostic said, that is error code P1349 VVT-i. My car dont pull well in a second speed, hear the clicking of something in engine, my mechanic did evrything: replaced engine oil, filters, plugs, one bobin, clean the nozzles, checked valves, chain is new and milled well, cam is good, evrything seems fine, but the engine steel not work well and does not draw well. Bad ignition engines...c

... 2002 Toyota Corolla

1992 1ton toyota PU has no brake lights, the fuse is good and was replaced, the bulbs are new and replaced and the brake light switch was replaced twice, so now I am stuck and my wife wants to take the truck/ motorhome to the local Toyota dealer and get the problem resolved! Please, I went to the pay as you go websites and the final response was to run a wire from the switch to the tail lights but they were forgetting the cruise control so that was not the solution to my problem. Any help beyo

I could be totally wrong but under the dash and above the pedal is there a switch for the brake pedal? it is adjustable is it not? ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

I have a '03 Toyota Celica GT-S with a annoying mis-fire. Started small by replacing all spark plugs - nothing. Replaced the MAF sensor - nothing. Took it to a authorized toyota shop & checked compression which check out good and put the computer on. Computer read mis-fire on cylinder 1, and then multiple misfire (like it would jump around). We went ahead and replaced the fuel injector on cylnder 1 - did not solve problem as when we hook the computer up, misfire seemed tp stay at idle and seem b

Replaced the MAF sensor - nothing. Took it to a authorized toyota shop & checked compression which check out good and put the computer on. Computer read mis-fire on cylinder 1, and then multiple misfire (like it would jump around). We went ahead and ... 2003 Toyota Celica

I have a '92 Toyota Camry LE 4cyl., my passenger side pwr. window motor will go up but not down with the switch. When I use a jumper from the battery it will work great but not with the switch on the wiring system. I've replaced the motor 3 times, tried several diff. switches, replace the wiring system from the kick panel through the door, replaced ''door brain'' on the kick panel and tried several relay replacements. I'm at my wits end. I won't to know if anyone has any ideas, all the other w

Have you tried replacing the master switch in the drivers door? Toyota switches can be dismantled ( carefully ) and the usual problem is dirty contacts. When you dismantle the switches use a small flat blade screwdriver and do the job in ... 1992 Toyota Camry V6

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 94 cadillac seville sts i recently replaced the trans the original trans had a 16 wire circular male connector. The replacement has 2 connector 1 eight pin and 1 six pin, all the colrs match up except 2 when i tried to start the car it just turned over no start the code given was PO%( trans temp switch, on initial start up systems monitor reads (switch problem). will these stop the car from strting? I need a wiring diagram of the 2 connector trans. pls help

Yes they can. You can go to autozone.com and register for full free online repair manual ... 1994 Cadillac Seville

2004 Buick Rendezvous - Heater/AC fan switch shorting out. I had issues with the switch working on only 2 speeds. I then replaced the resistor block. I then got all speeds except 2. The AC Light came on with #2 but blower not working. Also, the AC and other 'directional' switch didn't work either only worked for a 10-30 seconds. I then pulled the dash and found the switch burnt on a couple of pins. I replaced the switch and control head BUT now the fuse keeps blowing the moment of going from 0 t

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2004 XC70 Ingnition Switch will only turn from 0 to 1 position

Sometimes your steering wheel gets turned and locked when the key is put , all you have to do is turn the wheel in a direction that it will move a few degrees to take pressure off whatever it is in the steering/ignition system and you should be able ... 2004 Volvo XC90

84 CK TRK, 2500, 5.7L 55,000 miles have replaced alternator twice - battery still reads 12 volts. Trickle charge on battery OK and engine starts up OK - terminal 1 on alternator wire (brown) reads 2.4volts and wire is good to firewall - I replaced the ignition switch same condition occurs - 2.4 volts at terminal 1 (brown) wire. If I jumper 12volts to the Terminal 1 wire - the alternator puts out 14.4 volts. Take the 12 volts away from terminal 1 battery reads 12.5 volts and starts dropping prett

On some of the older style GM's you can take that brown wire and cut it and take the end leading from the alternator and hook it directly to the hot terminal on the alternator and just leave it hooked up and it will work. But I have ran into the occa ... Chevrolet Silverado 2500

2005 Chevy Colorado Wipers not working properly.New wiper motor replaced 1-month ago.Wiper switch replaced yesterday. With the switch in the off position turn the ignition key on the wipers come on for 3-seconds then go off. wipers do not return to the park position.In the low postion the wipers come on for 3-seconds then go off. In the hi position the wipers come on and stay on but do not return to the park position when turning the wiper switch off.I can monitor the command from the switch and

... Chevrolet Colorado

My car will start sometimes and sometimes it will not, i have replaced main relay, fuel pump,fuel filter and its getting fuel, but when turning the ignition to crank it, it jus spends and will not start or try to start until you let the switch go, so i pulled the #1 spark plug to see ifit was firing and it doesn't fire will the car is cranking over, but it does fire when you let the switch go, so i replaced the ignition switch and it still did the same thing, i tried install a push button switch

The ignition module is bad,they act just like that when they go out,there is a start mode,and a run mode in the ignition module,when releasing the key switch,it contacts the run mode for a second and tries to run,but of course,it will not run,replace ... 1990 Honda Civic

Bank 2 o2 sensor 1 stays around 420 to 480 stuck in lean comes up with p1054 no activity replaced all 3 plugs on that bank very fuel fowled replaced heated o2 sensor a lot of carbon build up no change bank 1 o2 sensor working correctly switching from lean to rich. even swapped both o2 sensors then bank 2 sensor that was stuck started working perfectly on bank 1. engine runs smooth with new plugs not fouling yet. but will not go into closed loop ever

There is either a problem with the wiring between that O2 sensor and the ECM (Engine Control Module) or "Engine Control Computer" (you will need a DVOM "Digital Volt Ohm Meter' to test those wires) or the problem will be the ECM itself, and the probl ... 1994 Chevrolet S-10

I am trying to replace the factory stereo of my 1998 Toyota Windom and the wiring harness is confusing to say the least. I have looked up wiring diagrams for this car and can't seem to find the one that matches the color of wires that I have.The harness that was in the factory radio has 12 wires split into 4 different groups on 2 rows. The top row starts with a group of 3 wires: 1 black, 1 blue, and 1 brown all with gray dots. The second group has 4 wires: 1 black, 1 red, 1 green, and 1 white al

You need a harness adapter you find it at your local auto parts store ... 1998 Toyota Camry
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