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My 2007 Toyota Corolla front wheel drive makes a high speed grinding noise that gets worse when I turn left and goes away when I turn right. What is the cause.

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Answers :

Possible axle shaft, or even a wheel bearing. Get it looked at.
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My 2007 Toyota Corolla front wheel drive makes a high speed grinding noise that gets worse when I turn left and goes away when I turn right. What is the cause.

Possible axle shaft, or even a wheel bearing. Get it looked at. ... 2007 Toyota Corolla

04 cavalier makes grinding noise in front end turn the wheel to the right grinding gets worse turn the wheel to the left grinding stops. it sounds worse at 40mph and above. what would cause this?

3 things to check:\015\012Worn disc brake pads, grinding against the rotor.\015\012Wheel bearing\015\012cv joint.\015\012You posted grinding gets worse turning to the right, the problem is the driver side wheel, but it would b ... 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier

Noisy diff diff is noisy, gets louder when i turn right, when i turn left the noise goes away, diff noise is getting worse

Diff bearings on way out jack both rear wheels off the ground --turn them by hand good chance you will pick up which side and how bad but it wont keep going for long the longer you leave it the more parts could get damaged ... Ford F

I have an 02 impala Service traction control light comes on right away and when your driving down the road it makes a loud roaring sound when you turn to the left and goes away when you turn to the right. Tires are not rubbing and just replaced wheel bearing and cv shaft noise is still there and seems to be getting worse. any ideas????

4T65E, Internal transmission failure, axle shaft is close but it is the differentail section of the transmission ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 2000 Blazer and when I drive down the road I get a kind of grinding noise from the front end. It makes this noise when I drive straight, but if I turn the wheel ever so slightly to the left the noise goes away. It sounds almost like a rubbing of the tires, but I see no evidence of that going on. It seems to be on the left side mostly, although it could be on the right, I just don't sit there.

It might be the hub bearing assembly on the driver side. If you can have someone drive for you so you can check out the other wheel. ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

My 2000 Buick LeSabre makes a high pitched noise when accelerating that gets louder as speed increases, until it sounds like a Go-Kart. When I turn the wheel to the left during a curve, the sound goes away. What could be causing the car to sound like this, & why does it go away when the steering wheel is turned to the right?

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I have a 2002 Toy Camry and today while driving I went to make a left turn. I heard a deep "thud" sound that came the front right-side wheel area and a strange grinding noise that followed also on front right side only . Upon completing the left turn the grinding noise got louder. When I apply the break the grinding gets worse but while driving straight no noise.gringing

Check for failed wheel bearings or loose wheel on studs. Check suspension ball joints and steering joints the problem is serious so have the front inspected by a competent mechanic ... Cars & Trucks

2002 Chevy Cavalier makes Grinding / Vibration noise when steering wheel turns right. Noise goes away when wheel turned to the left. Both Wheel bearings hub assys. Changed 4 mths ago. Noise started 3 mths after changing bearings. Right CV Axle changed last week, noise still the same. Power steering at full level. Any suggestions would be greatful thank you

May be you should\012 make a diagnostic and you can do it in a garage or you can do it by yourself\012 \012 \012 if you want to do it by yourself you need\012 some tools\012 \012 \012 and you can find some good ones here: ... Cars & Trucks

I have a vibration in the front drivetrain on my Sorento. the vibration starts at about 30-35 mph and gets loudest at about 65-70 mph. The weird thing is that teh Vibration and associated noise completely goes away in a left turn. Even a slight turn to the left causes the vibration to go away. any help is appreciated. thanks, Jim

Wear (on a bearing or a pivot) combined with a slight bad geometry on the front suspension and a slightly unbalanced wheel: at lower speeds or very high ones the vibration is too weak to be felt thru the steering. When you turn the wheel the slight t ... 2003 Kia Sorento

I have a squeeling noise going down the road! i turn left or right it goes away. but if i turn left it makes a grinding noise. is it the wheel bearing? 200 chevrolet silverado 1500 z71 with the 5.3. thanks

I'm 99% sure that it is the wheel bearing. That's the only thing that could give you the symptoms of a squealing noise and then the grinding when you are turning. If you aren't sure which side the noise is coming from, I would suggest you have some ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

On April 29, 2011, a clacking sound started coming from the area of my right front passenger side tire. The noise from the right front passenger sided starts the clacking noise every time I make a right or left turn and when I take off from stop. This noise continues until my speedometer gets between 25 mph and 30 mph when it makes a light clicking sound for a few seconds and then stop. The clacking or clicking sounds goes completely away when I am traveling @ 35 mph and above. 2 guys who work

It sounds like your noise is comming from your right axle.More than likely its the inner CV joint;because,I'm guessing it is making noise while going straight and not just in turns, and when the joint is under high load like from a stop. ... 2000 Ford Focus

Steering noise I have a steering noise in my 1999 cougar, problem seems to be speed related, not RPM related. When I get up to speed above about 20mph, noise starts coming from front end with some vibration through steering wheel. Noise becomes louder when turning wheel to left, but goes away when turning to the right. Do you have any suggestions?

If its more of a whining its your power steering pump. ... 1999 Mercury Cougar

Makes a grinding noise when turning left, but, not when turning right. Noise goes away when driving in wet road conditions

The front axles need new nuckles joints or replace the axles. ... 1996 Mercury Sable

Strange noise Round 2...I noticed last month that my car was making this whinning scraping sound from the driver's side front tire that is consistant with the revolving of the tire. I thought it might have been the rotors and come to find out it's not just replaced those today still the same noise. I noticed today that when i accelerate that the noise goes away, but when I slow down it kicks up again wether I apply the brakes or not. as well I noticed that when I turn left it gets worse and bega

I had something similar to this awhile ago... check the splash sheilds on the front calipers to see if they are bent in.\015\012\015\012Robert ... 1993 Nissan Sentra 4 Door

I am having suspension/ball joint issues with my 1995 Lincoln Town Car. I have done some research on pricing but just learnt there is both an upper and lower ball joint to this vehicle, by chance can you help me decifer between the two? The ball joint makes a squeeking noise everytime I turn the wheel to the right or left. It is also causing steering issues when I drive the vehicle. I was told by a guy at the Ford dealership this is the beginning issue before the problem gets worse and causes my

Yes it can be dangerous. I had one come off in the drive way and it only had 50,000 miles on it. Ball joints are difficult to do unless you have the right tools and experience. There are a lot of cheap aftermarket parts out there so be careful whi ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

Grinding noise when driving straight or turning to right goes away when turning left

... Dodge Neon

Grinding noise when turning right goes away when turn left

... 2005 Ford F-150

Hello, when I am driving at relatively high speeds, if I am driving straight or turning left, there is a grinding noise, but it goes away when I turn right. How can I fix this, and do you have any pictures of what things should like like so I can compare them?

It could be brake pads or stablizer link ... 1991 Buick LeSabre

Sounds like a grinding and popping noise coming from the front passenger side. sound changes when I turn to the right & goes away when I turn left. what could it be ?

It's the CV shaft. ( drive shaft). If you ant to replace it your elf. let me know and I will help you threw it.\012Randy ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I hear a grinding sound when driving straight or make a right hand turn, but when i turning left the noise goes away. how do i determine which side it is?

Possible bad wheel bearing on the right side when turning left takes the weight of the right front ... 2003 Ford Explorer

Grinding noise in the left front wheel while turning right - gets more noticeable the harder the turn is. Checked tire clearance - no problem, but it's not a rubbing noise but a grinding noise. No problem turning left. The car is a 1998 Cabrio, so a bit older. Have had the front wheel bearings repaired (packed? replaced?) once but several years ago. Sound like a bearings issue? Or could it be brakes?

Grinding on front wheel is caused by 2 things. \015\012a bad or loose wheel bearing,or worn out brakes, have them both checked \015\012You might also want to check the level of fluid in the power steering \015\012reservoir - low or lack of flui ... 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

I got a Civic '02 the drl sign lights up and loud noise is coming from the glove compartment area. After investigation I found out the right light is not on while the left is fine (when the drl sign shows up and the car makes noise). sometimes switching to high beam for a second fixes this. The noise and sign goes away and the right light appears again. Also putting on the head light turns off the noise but when turning them off the car goes back to the noise/sign showing. eventually aft

The DRL stands for daytime running lights. There is an electronic module that controls the operation of this that is located under the dash, which is probably where your noise is coming from. The noise goes away when you turn your headlights on becau ... 2002 Honda Civic

Ive got a 2000 chevy cavalier that just started having a grinding noise in the front end. it only grinds when i turn the wheel slightly to the left when driving. if the steering wheen is centered it dont make it but any movement to the left even just a couple hairs it starts grinding and the more u turn the louder it gets. i checked brakes they r getting worn but not far enough yet. what could be the cause of it? my son was just born a couple days ago and i need my car because im still have tran

Sounds like there may be a problem with the left front wheel bearing/hub assembly easy to replace only takes about 30-45 min and about $55-125 in parts. Jack both front whels up and with it in drive turn wheels back and forth and listen to each side ... 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a periodic grinding noise in the front end of my 4-wheel drive while riding down the road not using the brakes. It is metal on metal and comes and goes. Mechanic cannot find anything wrong. Gets worse as I turn to right and it can be felt in the steering column some. Sounds like when brake pads are worn out but not the brakes.

... Chevrolet 1500

When I go over bumps or am turning I hear a clunking noise on my front right side. It seems to slowly get worse. It seems like it happens whenever the weight of the car is transferred. If I make a turn really slow and soft I can make it not happen. I checked my axles and they seem intact. My struts seem to be OK, I can push down on my hood and only get 1 bounce. This noise occurs more loudly when curving to the left and then to the right. Weight transfer of some sort. Any Ideas or suggestions?

I had the same clunking issue. People who want to make money off you will tell you anything. First thing to check is the caliper bushing. Easy to do. Take off the tire and grab the caliper, if the caliper rocks easily by hand, then that is the proble ... Chevrolet Cavalier
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